The Public Characters, Volumen3

J. Moore, 1801

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Página 39 - O happy age ! when Hope's unclouded ray Lights their green path, and prompts their simple mirth; Ere yet they feel the thorns that lurking lay To wound the wretched pilgrims of the earth, Making them rue the hour that gave them birth And threw them on a world so full of pain, Where prosperous folly treads on patient worth, And to deaf pride misfortune pleads in vain ! Ah! for their future fate how many fears Oppress my heart and fill mine eyes with tears ! CHARLOTTE SMITH : Happiness of Childhood.
Página 391 - ... laboured. At another end of the blanket was extended a girl about five years old; it had rolled from under this covering, and was totally naked, except its back, on which a blister plaster was tied by a piece of packthread crossed over its breast; and, though labouring under this dreadful fever, the poor creature was asleep.
Página 53 - On every occasion his bravery and skill procured him the warmest praise of the commander in chief, and of the army. In the unfortunate retreat from Holland, in the winter of 1794, the guards as well as the sick were left under his care, whom, he conducted with the utmost humanity, amidst many painful scenes, during the disastrous march from Deventer to Oldensall. In 1795, he was made knight of the Bath, and appointed commander in chief of the forces in the West Indies.
Página 28 - ... to bring in a bill to prevent the further importation of African negroes into the British colonies, was lost by a majority of 75.
Página 215 - ... into oblivion. Kings and princes derive their power from the people, and to the people alone, through the organ of their representatives, did it appertain to decide in cases for which the constitution had made no specific or positive provision.
Página 95 - ... support any matter that is not charged in the indictment: that is to say, distinctly and precisely charged, and not by mere epithets or general words, such as oppression, sedition vexation, or the like. 6thly, Because, in like manner it is not (nor ought to be) competent for a...
Página 215 - By that report they had ascertained the incapacity of the sovereign : and he advanced as a proposition dcducible from the principles of the constitution, and the analogy of the law of hereditary succession, that whenever the sovereign was incapable of exercising the functions of his high office, the heir apparent, if of full age and capacity, had as indisputable a claim to the exercise of the executive authority, in the name and on the behalf of the sovereign, during his incapacity, as in the case...
Página 427 - Mr. Skinner was again returned by the Livery of London, in conjunction with Mr. Coombe, to the Court of Aldermen, for their choice of one of them to be Lord Mayor, when the Court elected the former a second time in preference to Mr.
Página 29 - that no such argument will be used this night; for what is it but to establish a competition between God and Mammon, and to adjudge the preference to the latter ? What but to dethrone the moral governor of the world, and to fall down and worship the idol of interest ? What a manifesto...
Página 310 - ... philosophy, formed alone the appropriate objects of the Royal Society. The lead among them was taken by Horsley, afterwards Bishop of St Asaph, who made no secret of his indignation at the elevation of Sir Joseph to the Presidency. He declared " that science herself, had never been more signally insulted, than by the elevation of a mere amateur to occupy the chair once filled by Newton.

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