Poems: By Charles Churchill ... With Large Corrections and Additions. To which is Prefixed the Life of the Author


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Página 23 - He twists, he twines, he tortures ev'ry limb, Plays to the eye with a mere monkey's art, And leaves to sense the conquest of the heart. We laugh indeed, but on reflection's birth We wonder at ourselves, and curse our mirth.
Página 20 - Mark'd out her course, nor spar'da glorious fault ; The book of Man he read with nicest art, And ransack'd all the secrets of the heart, Exerted penetration's utmost force, And trac'd each...
Página 13 - Grown old in fraud, though yet in manhood's bloom. Adopting arts by which gay villains rise And reach the heights which honest men despise, Mute at the bar, and in the senate loud, Dull 'mongst the dullest, proudest of the proud, A pert prim prater of the Northern race, Guilt in his heart and famine in his face, Stood forth ; and thrice he waved his lily hand.
Página 31 - Whilst Vaughan * or Dapper, call him which you will, Shall blow the trumpet, and give out the bill There rule secure, from critics and from sense, Nor once shall Genius rise to give offence ; Eternal peace shall bless the happy shore, And little factions break thy rest no more.
Página 112 - And to secure thy credit, blast his own, In Hogarth he was sure to find a friend; He could not fear, and therefore might commend. But when his spirit, roused by honest shame, Shook off...
Página 44 - His voice no touch of harmony admits, Irregularly deep, and shrill by fits : The two extremes appear like man and wife, Coupled together for the sake of strife.
Página 20 - And trac'd each passion to its proper source, Then, strongly mark'd, in liveliest colours drew, And brought each foible forth to public view ; The coxcomb felt a lash in ev'ry word, And fools hung out their brother fools deterr'd ; His comic humour kept the world in awe, And Laughter frighten'd Folly more than Law.
Página 16 - Sense appear'd, by Nature there Appointed, with plain Truth, to guard the chair. The pageant saw, and, blasted with her frown, To its first state of nothing melted down.
Página 46 - If thorough knowledge of the human heart; " If pow'rs of acting vast and unconfin'd; " If fewest faults with greatest beauties join'd; " If strong expression, and strange pow'rs which lie " Within the magic circle of the eye ; " If feelings which few hearts, like his, can know, " And which no face so well as his can show ;
Página 71 - Give them but credit for a statesman's brains. All would be deem'd e'en from the cradle fit To rule in politics as well as wit. The grave, the gay, the fopling, and the dunce, Start up (God bless us !) statesmen all at once.

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