A Reply to the Strictures of Lord Mahon and Others on the Mode of Editing the Writings of Washington

J. Bartlett, 1852 - 35 páginas

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Página 15 - However superior to me in general knowledge and experience the respectable body of this House may be...
Página 16 - ... by half ones, and by companies at a time. This circumstance of itself independent of others, when fronted by a...
Página 22 - Britain on their left, instead of throwing stumblingblocks in their way, as they now do, should hold out lures for their trade and alliance? What, when they get strength, which will be sooner than most people conceive (from the emigration of foreigners, who will have no...
Página 8 - That the General Assembly of this colony, together with his majesty or his substitutes, have, in their representative capacity, the only exclusive right and power to lay taxes and imposts upon the inhabitants of this colony...
Página 51 - This unhappy and devoted Province has been so long in a State of Anarchy, and the Yoke of ministerial Oppression been laid so heavily on it that great Allowances are to be made for Troops raised under such Circumstances : The Deficiency of Numbers, Discipline and Stores can only lead to this Conclusion, that their Spirit has exceeded their Strength.
Página 22 - I need not remark to you, Sir, that the flanks and rear of the United States are possessed by other powers, and formidable ones too; nor how necessary it is to apply the cement of interest to bind all parts of the Union together by indissoluble bonds, especially that part of it, which lies immediately west of us, with the Middle States.
Página 14 - They planted by your care ! — No, your oppressions planted them in America ! They fled from your tyranny to a then uncultivated and inhospitable country, where they exposed themselves to almost all the hardships to which human nature is liable ; and, among others, to the cruelties of a savage foe the most subtle, and I will take upon me to say the most formidable, of any People upon...
Página 24 - ... of rendezvous, and found no command for them in that grade, turning into the ranks and proceeding as private soldiers, under their own captains ; and of numbers possessing the first fortunes in...
Página 76 - Notwithstanding all the public spirit that is ascribed to this people, there is no nation under the sun that I ever came across, which pays greater adoration to money than they do.
Página 17 - ... stroke endeavor to cut this army in pieces and secure the collection of arms and stores which, they well know, we shall not be able soon to replace.

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