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Página 508 - Ireland," as the Devonshire skipper expressed himself, it must be confessed that the Spaniards presented a sorry sight. " Their invincible and dreadful navy," said Drake, " with all its great and terrible ostentation, did not in all their sailing about England so much as sink or take one ship, bark, pinnace, or cock-boat of ours, or even burn so much as one sheep-cote on this land.
Página 291 - Elizabeth, (which, unjust as it was in its operation, yet as far as it extended to capital inflictions, had in view the security of the government,) and that which the protestants had sustained in her sister's reign, springing from mere bigotry and vindictive rancour...
Página 57 - Love my memory, cherish my friends; their faith to me may assure you they are honest. But above all, govern your will and affections, by the will and Word of your Creator; in me, beholding the end of this world, with all her vanities.
Página 291 - The catholic martyrs under Elizabeth amount to no inconsiderable number. Dodd reckons them at 191 ; Milner has raised the list to 204. Fifteen of these, according to him, suffered for denying the queen's supremacy, 126 for exercising their ministry, and the rest for being reconciled to the Romish church. l\Iany others died of hardships in prison, and many were deprived of their property.
Página 474 - Before Howard had time to act upon this ill-timed suggestion, — even had he been disposed to do so, — he received authentic intelligence that the great fleet was off the Lizard. Neither he nor Francis Drake were the men to lose time in such an emergency; and before that Friday night was spent, sixty of the best English ships had been warped out of Plymouth harbor.
Página 475 - Hawkins, — from infancy at home on blue water, — was manifest in the very first encounter. They obtained the weather-gage at once, and cannonaded the enemy at intervals with considerable effect; easily escaping at will out of range of the sluggish Armada, which was incapable of bearing sail in pursuit, although provided with an armament which could sink all its enemies at close quarters. " We had some small fight with them that Sunday afternoon,
Página 535 - do I render to Almighty God, by whose generous hand I am gifted with such power that I could easily, if I chose, place another fleet upon the seas. Nor is it of very great importance that a running stream 1 Strada, ii. ix. 564. a Ibid. should be sometimes intercepted, so long as the fountain from which it flows remains inexhaustible.
Página 492 - Farnese as though they had been toys of glass. They knew too that the famous engineer was at that moment in England. In a moment one of those horrible panics which spread with such contagious rapidity among large bodies of men, seized upon the Spaniards. There was a yell throughout the fleet —
Página 48 - For yonder comes Lord Willoughbey With courage fierce and fell, He will not give one inch of way For all the devils in hell.

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