United States Congressional Serial Set

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1941
Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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Preliminary report of Special Committee to Investigate OldAge Pension
Creating special committee to investigate gasoline and fueloil shortages
Manning requirements on vessels
Able seamen on seagoing barges
Dispensing with clearance and entry for U S vessels which touch at
Revenue bill of 1941 4
Increase of pensions to dependents of veterans of Regular Establishment
Amending act of Mar 3 1927 granting pensions to soldiers who served
Making provision for construction activities of Army
Establishment of national cemetery at Honolulu Hawaii
Amending act to provide for Union Railroad Station in D C so as to provide
Increase of pension to Mary W Osterhaus widow of Hugo Osterhaus
Increase of pension to Inez C Bandholtz widow of Harry H Bandholtz
Increase of pension to Elizabeth P Menoher widow of Charles T Menoher
Increase of pension to Ethel H Wise widow of Frederic M Wise
Relief of John P Murray
Relief of William D Warren
Relief of Raymond J McMahon
Authorizing transfer of enlisted men of Naval and Marine Corps Reserves to Regular Navy and Marine Corps
In 4 parts Bound in 4 separate volumes 715 Authorizing construction or acquisition of certain naval local defense vessels
Amending soldiers and sailors civil relief act of 1940 rel to protection of insurance policies
Amending Federal explosives
To amend Public Law 74 77th Congress relating to wheatmarketing quotas 719 Making permanent temporary judgeship in Massachusetts 720 Conve...
Second supplemental national defense appropriation bill 1942
Relief of Arthur G Moyer
Relief of heirs of Donald Crump and others 726 Relief of estate of Max A Shepard 727 Relief of Towne school district no 6 Fractional Monroe Town...
Relief of W L B Van Dyke
Relief of Catharine Schultze
Court of Claims to hear claim of Albert M Howard 731 Relief of Augusta Brassil
Relief of Arnold H Sommer
Relief of Lueberta Wilson
Relief of estate of John K Blackstone 736 Relief of Frank E
Relief of J R Giles
Relief of Canton Exchange Bank and First National Bank of Canton Miss 739 Relief of Alex Papana 740 Relief of Kula Sanatorium
Reimburse personnel of Army for losses in fire at Fort Benning Ga Apr 11 1940
Relief of Lloyd Bryant
Relief of William Schoeb
Relief of John C Martin
Relief of H L Reppart and others
Relief of Kehl Markley
Relief of Louise L Kapfer
Relief of Alta Ledgerwood
Relief of Lawson Coffee Company Incorporated 750 Relief of Hattie Dillon
Relief of Merchants Distilling Corporation
Relief of Hugh G Nicholson 753 Relief of estate of 0 K Himley 754 Relief of Regis Moxley and Frances Moxley
Relief of Alexander Kehaya
Relief of Delbert E Libbey
Relief of J A Sandell and Frances Sandell 758 Relief of Elsie M Hugaboom
Relief of Anthony OHara and Stephen F Maroney
Relief of Portland Sportwear Manufacturing Company
Declaring abandoned title of Marquette Mich to certain land to be used
Leasing lands in Sepulveda and Hansen Dam and Reservoir projects to Los Angeles Calif
Relief of Gordon Smith 805 Relief of James R Smith
Relief of Anna Aebi and Fred Aebi 807 Relief of Della Thompson
Relief of Carmella Ridgewell
Relief of Lena B Crouch
Relief of James A Sweeney
Relief of Lillian Korkemas and Rose Grazioli
Relief of estate of James C Harris 813 Relief of Fred Farner and Doris M Schroeder
Relief of Ray C McMillen
Relief of Elizabeth Ayers
Relief of Albert DeMatteis
Relief of Fred Pierce sr and Mary Pierce
Defining and punishing vagrancy in District of Columbia 822 Amending Hawaiian Homes Commission act of 1920
Transportation of Government employees in Alaska on vessels of Army Transport Service
Authorizing Kauai County Hawaii to issue improvement bonds 825 Transportation of Alaska Road Commission employees
Additional district judge for district of New Jersey 827 Regulating rents in District of Columbia 828 Suspension of certain Philippine export taxes
Conveyance of lands to Kemmerer Wyo 830 Authorizing Jupiter Fla to lease certain land patented to such town
Increase period for which leases may be made of public lands granted to Idaho for educational purposes
Relief of Dora Thompson
Confirming claim of Patrick Morgan and Daniel Clark to lands in Louisiana 834 Confirming claim of Patrick Morgan and Daniel Clark to lands in L...
Validating conveyance of land in Truckee Calif by Central Pacific Ry to Summit Lodge No 54 Knights of Pythias
Mineral resources of public lands of United States and their development 839 Posthumous appointment to commissioned grade of certain enlisted men
To authorize interdepartmental procurement by contract 841 Consenting to compact between Colorado Kansas and Nebraska with respect to waters o...
Operation by United States of nationaldefense plants
Prohibiting use of cameras in Panama Canal
Amending Canal Zone code rel to trial of joint defendants fugitives from
Amending Canal Zone code with respect to chattel mortgages and taking
Amending Canal Zone code
Conservation payments to farmers whose crops have been acquired under
Authorizing advancements from Federal works administrator for defense
Additional powers to Board of Public Welfare D C
Providing aviation education in senior high schools of D C
Relief of Willard R Centerwall
Relief of Francis H Robinson
Authorizing employment of nationals of U S on any public work of U
Advancement on retired list of certain officers of Navy and Marine Corps
Permitting 15round championship boxing bouts in Alaska and Hawaii
Relief of Homer C Chapman
Authorizing citizens of foreign countries who are graduates of Air Corps
Third supplemental national defense appropriation bill 1942
Granting easement in lands of Veterans Administration Facility Tuskegee
Hospitalization of retired officers and enlisted men who are war veterans
Protection of persons and property from bombing attacks
Expediting production of equipment and supplies for national defense
Increasing motorvehiclefuel taxes in District of Columbia
Prohibiting possession of dangerous weapons and explosives on certain
Fixing responsibilities of disbursing and certifying officers
Amending act to expedite provision of housing in connection with national
Additional appropriations incident to national defense 1942 and 1943
Overtime pay for certain employees of National Advisory Committee
Authorizing commissioners of D C to acquire and operate public offstreet

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Página 21 - The amount of any judgment shall be placed in the Treasury of the United States to the credit of the Indians of California and shall draw interest at the rate of 4 per centum per annum and shall be thereafter subject to appropriation by Congress for educational, health, industrial, and other purposes for the benefit of said Indians...
Página 46 - ... (b) NONINTEREST-BEARING OBLIGATIONS ISSUED AT DISCOUNT. If, in the case of a taxpayer owning any noninterest-bearing obligation issued at a discount and redeemable for fixed amounts increasing at stated intervals, the increase in the redemption price of such obligation occurring in the taxable year does not (under the method of accounting used in computing his net income) constitute income to him in such year, such taxpayer may, at his...
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