Regulations for the Army of the United States, 1908

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1908 - 363 páginas

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Página 87 - prizes in the cases in which restoration shall be adjudged ; and also for the purpose of preventing the carrying on of any such expedition or enterprise from the territories or jurisdiction of the United States against the territories or dominions of any foreign prince or state, or
Página 268 - States, receives his discharge, or is dismissed from the service, he shall continue to be" liable to be arrested and held for trial and sentence by a court-martial, in the same manner and to the same extent as if he had not received such discharge nor been dismissed. [Act of March 2, 1901, 31 Stat. L,.,
Página 272 - but the truth. So help you God." ART. 93. A court-martial shall, for reasonable cause, grant a continuance to either party, for such time, and as often, as may appear to be just: Provided, That if the prisoner be in close confinement, the trial shall not be delayed for a period longer than sixty days. ART. 95.
Página 88 - with foreign nations, Is hereby declared to he illegal. Every person who shall make any such contract or engage in any such combination or conspiracy, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor,
Página 76 - by the employment of the militia or the land and naval forces of the United States, or of either, or by other means, as he may deem necessary, for the suppression of such insurrection, domestic violence, or combinations. [Act of January 21, 1903.] Be it enacted by the Senate and
Página 88 - or the due execution thereof, or impedes or obstructs the due course of justice under the same, it shall be lawful for the President, and It shall be his duty, to take such measures, by the employment of the militia or the land and naval forces of the
Página 122 - 717. Any officer of the Army detailed to conduct an investigation, and the recorder, and, if there be none, the presiding officer of any military board appointed for such purpose, shall have authority to administer an oath to any witness attending to testify or depose in the course of such investigation.
Página 274 - 122. If, upon marches, guards, or in quarters, different corps of the Army happen to join or do duty together, the officer highest in rank of the line of the Army, Marine Corps, or militia, by commission, there on duty or in quarters, shall command the whole, and give orders for what is needful to the service, unless otherwise
Página 272 - 92. All persons who give evidence before a court-martial shall be examined on oath, or affirmation, in the following form : " You swear (or affirm) that the evidence you shall give, in the case now in hearing, shall be the truth, the whole
Página 89 - telegraph line, and transport mails, troops, and munitions of war, supplies, and public stores upon said railroad for the Government, whenever required to do so by any department thereof, and that the Government shall at all times have the preference in the use of the same for all the purposes aforesaid. « * « (5) The following sections of an act approved July 27,

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