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A. S. P. C.L. Worse. Thy master is a wife and valiant Roman; I never thought him worse 7. Cafar. 31 1 753 3 I fear there will a worse come in his place

Ibid. 3/ 2 7551265 Worship. Saving your worship’s reverence

Mer. of Venice. 2 2 2032 45 Look upon him, love him; he worships you

As You Like It. 5 2 246|2|63 Whom I from meaner form have bench'd and rear'd to worship Winter's Tale. 1 2 337 1/43 'Till I have set a glory to this hand, by giving it the worship of revenge K. Jobr. 41 31 406131 Give me worship and quietness

3 Henry vi. 4 3 624 125 As I belong to worship, and affect in honour honesty

Henry viii. 1 1672 133 This double worship, where one part does disdain with cause, the other insult without all reason

Coriolanus. 3 7201223 Turn from me then that noble countenance, wherein the worship of the whole world lies

Ant. and Cleop. 412 795232 And in the most exact regard support the worships of their name

Lear. I 4 937 21 Worfi. And would by combat make her good, so were I a man, the worst about you

Winter's Tale.[231 3421 31 Things at the worst will cease, or else climb upward

Macbetb. 4 2 379239 But if you be afcard to hear the worst, then let the worst, unheard, fall on your head

K. Job. 41 21 4041145 What worst, as oft hitting a groffer quality, is cry'd up for our best act Henry vüi." 2 67511140 If thou hadît not been born the worst of men, thou hadft been a knave, and Aatterer

Tim. of Atb./4/ 31. 8222 40 To fear the worst, oft cures the worff

Troilus and Cref:13 2 873149 Not being the worst, stands in some rank of praise

Lear. 21 41 945|2/ : The worst is not, so long as we can say this is the worst

Ibid. 41 1 953125 Wurfted-stockings. Filthy worsted-stocking knave **

Ibid. 21 21 940|2|20 Worrb. Her whose worth makes other worthies nothing Two Gent. of Verona. 241 311134 If you accept them then their worth is great

Tam. of ibe Sbrew. 2

1) 261 1 3 Sorry your choice is not so rich in worth as beauty

Winter's Tale. 51 1359243 My worth unknown, no loss is known in me

i Henry vi. 41 51 5631121 He hath been us'd ever to conquer, and to have his worth of contradi&ion Cor.3) 31 724 2 46 What dost thou think it worth ?--not worth my thinking

Timon of Atb. 80512 57 Imagin'd worth holds in his blood such swoln and hot discourse Tr. and Cref:2 31 870||27. She is not worth what she doth coft the holding

Ibid. 2) 2 867 1127 Wilt thou undo the worth thou art unpaid for

Cymbeline. 5 5 926 2 54 He, that helps him, take all my outward worth

Lear. 41 41 955 245 Whose worth, if praises may go back again, stood challenger on mount of all the age

Hamlet. 41 71031|2| 9 Wortbies. You shall present before her the nine worthies

Love's Lab. Los 1652 33 Ten times better than the nine worthies

2 Henry iv. 21 4 486 4/10 Wortbießt. We, for the worthielt, hold the right from both

K. Jobri. 2 139335 Worrbily. Wherefore the king, most worthily, has caus'd every soldier to cut his prisoner's throat

Henry v.1417 533|2 53 Wortbiness. Read them; and know, I know your worthiness

Ibid. 21. 21 5162 1' Worrby. I know not the degree of the worthy

Love's Labor Loft. 5 2 17119 Wherein worthy but in nothing

1 Henry iv. 2 41 4561 3 He, that loves to be flatter'd is worthy of the fatterer

Tim. of Arb. 11 806 1 13 This deed of thine is no more worthy heaven, than thou wast worthy her. Orbello. (5) 21077 2 19 Worts. Good worts! good cabbage

Merry W. of Wird. 17

462145 Wot. 'Tis nameless woe, I wot

Ricbardid 22 423|1|23 I wot not what

Ibid. 21 42211 25 Welcome, my lords, I wot your love pursues a banith'd traitor

Ibid.23 424 233 Well, I wot that Henry is no soldier

3 Henry vi. 47 627 124 But a greater soldier than he, you wot one

Coriolanus. 4) 5 729255 More water glideth by the mill than wots the miller of

Titus Andrex. 2 1 837 136 Wotting. The gods themselves, wotting no more than 1, are ignorant Winter's Tale. 3) 3 344|238 Woven. No man living could say, this is my wife, there; all were woven so strangely in one piece

Henry viii. 41 1694 119 Would. Is he yet poffefs d how much you would

Mer. of Venice. 1 2001 That we would do, we Mould do when we would; for this would changes Hamlet. 4710322) 4 Wound. The private wound is deepest

Two Gent. of Verone. $141 432 45 by hear-fay

Mu. Ado About Noib. 3 1 1312153 Alas, poor Mepherd! searching of thy wound, I have by hard adventure found my

As You Like Ir. 2 4 2311015 I then, all (marting, with my wounds being cold

1 Henry juill sl 445labas


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A. S. P. C. L. Wounds I will lend the French instead of eyes, to weep their intermiffive miseries

i Henry vi.! Send succours, lords, and stop the rage betime, before the wounds do grow incurable, for being green there is great hope of help

2 Henry vi. 3 1 586116' The wound that bred this meeting here, cannot be cur'd by words

3 Henry vi. 2

2 612220 Ibid. 5 1

628 1:58 This hand, faft wound about thy coal-black hair See, see! dead Henry's wounds open their congeal'd mouths, and bleed afresh

Richard iii. 1 263512:56 - He had before this laft expedition, twenty-five wounds upon him Coriclanus. 2 Il 713 1:57

I have some wounds upon me, and they smart to hear themselves remember'd Ibid. 1 971012:35
Nor Thewing (as the manner is) his wounds to the people, begs their stinking breaths

Ibid. 2

714|146 I had rather have my wounds to heal again, than hear say how I got them Ibid. 2 715159

If he new us his wounds and tell us his deeds, we are to put our tongues into those "wounds and speak for them

Ibid. 21 31 71625 · I cannot put on the gown, stand naked, and entreat them for my wounds' fake to give their suffrage

Ibid. 2 2 716125 I have wounds to thew you, which shall be yours in private

Ibid. 2 31 71711 26 Think upon the wounds his body bears, which thew like graves i' the holy churchyard

Ibid. 3) 31 7251127 I have made strong proof of my constancy, giving myself a voluntary wound, here

1 in my thigh

Julius Cæfar.2 174912 32 Over thy wounds now do I prophecy,—which like dumb mouths do ope their ruby lips

Ibid. 131 11 754 2 18 Shew you sweet Cæsar's wounds, poor poor dumb mouths

Ibid. 3 2 7502'58
And put a tongue in every wound of Cæsar, that should move the stones of Rome
to rise and mutiny

Ibid. 31 2 757 1
I had a wound here that was like a T, but now 'tis made an H Ant. and Cleop. 4717922 36
Those wounds heal ill, that men do give themselves

Troilus and Crels 3 87612 46
What wound did ever heal but by degrees

Othello. - 3105812,14 Wow. True? pow, wow

Coriolanus. 2 7131 44 Wrangle. Yes, for a score of kingdoms, you should wrangle

Tempel. 5 2012:58 It makes me almost ready to wrangle with mine own honesty Merry W.of Wind. 2 521144 You still wrangle with her

Love's Lab. Lyf. 4 1 158735 You shall have time to wrangle in, when you have nothing else to do Ant. and Cle p. 2 2 7751156

Men's natures wrangle with inferior things, though great ones are their object 0.6.3 41066 127 Wrangler. Tell him, he hath made a match with such a wrangler, that all the courts of France will be disturbed with chaces

Henry u. 1 513 2 2 The reas and winds, (old wranglers) took a truce, and did him service Tr. and CD 2 857153 Wrangling queen

Ant. and Cle po

1 768 118 Wrap. Some dear cause will in concealment wrap me up awhile

Lear.4 31 95512234
Why do we wrap the gentleman in our more rarer breath

Hamlet. 2 10382122

2/2 61 Wrath. Come not within the measure of my wrath

Two Gent. of Verura. 14 441 42 They are in the very wrath of love, and they will together As You Like It. 5 21 24-12-17 If thou refuse, and wilt encounter with my wrath, say so

Wi's Tale. 2

3 3431112 Be thou the trumpet of our wrath

1 3872115

I'id.41 31 400 !! 8 Harry Monmouth; whose swift wrath beat down the never-daunted Percy to the

2 Henry iv. 475|1| 3 Hence, heap of wrath, foul indigested lump

2 Henry vi. (002138 3 Henry vill


1129 All this from my remembrance brutis wrath sinfully pluck'd

Richard iii. 2

1 645 126 Why mould wrath be mute, and fury dumb

Titus Andronicus. 53 85512114 Troi, and Crey 588211|37 2 Henry vi. 2

45S2139 Wrath-kindled gentlemen be rul'd by me

Then if thou hast a heart of wreak in thee, thou wilt revenge Coriolanus.
And Rome for this ingratitude Titus Andronicus.

5 7291130

31 84811119
Shall we be thus afflicted in his wreaks
To wreak the love I bore my cousin
Tybalt, upon his body that hath Naughter'd him


988 1141 Timon if dibens.

827144 By working wreakful vengeance on thy foes

Titus Andron.)

21 85211125



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Wrapped in fecret studies

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Lear. 4

A. S. P. C.L. Wreck of all my friends

Temper.f. 21 71s Example, that so terrible Thews in the wreck of maidenhood

All's Well.3) 51 292 211 A wreck past hope he was, his life I gave him

Tw. Nigbt. 5123292/14 Or with both he labour'd in his country's wreck, I know not

Macbetbe 1 3 365215 We see the very wreck that we must suffer

Richard u. 2) 1 4222145 Ay, as the rocks cheer them that fear their wreck

3 Henry vi. 2 2 61 1 61 There eyes could not endure that beauteous wreck

Ricbard ül.1 2.6362/19 Hume's knavery will be the dutchess' wreck

2 Henry vi. 12 Found thee a way, out of his wreck, to rise in; a sure and safe one Henry vii. 312 692|2|40 What wreck discern you in me, deserves your pity

Cymbeline. 17 900-6 - I fear'd he did but trifle and meant to wreck thee

Hamlet. 110IOLI Wreck'd. Even as men wreck'd upon a land, that look to be walh'd off the next cide

Henry v. 4 1 528744 Wren with little quill

Midf. Night's Dr.13 1 184/145 Look where the youngest wren of nine comes

Twelfth Nigbr. 31 2.322 11 8 The poor wren, the most diminutive of birds, will fight, her young ones in her nest, against the owl

Macbctb. 4) 1

379 2121 The chirping of a wren

2 Henry vt. 3 2 1 587 147. may prey where eagles dare not perch

Ricbard i. 1 31 638213 The wren goes to't, and the small gilded Ay does lecher in my light

957|239 Wrencb awe from fools

Meas. for Measure. 2 41 8511144 For thy revenge, wrench up thy power to the highest

Coriolanus. 18 710 1/43 A noble nature may catch a wrench

Tim. of Atb.2 2812210 Wrencbing. Sir John, Sir John, I am well acquainted with your manner of wrenching the true cause the false way

2 Henry iv. 2 1 48012/12 Wrencbing iron. Give me the mattock and the wrenching iron Romeo and Juliet. 5 31 995: 26 Writ once the law to your authority: to do a great right, do a little wrong Mer.of Ven. 4 1 216/2/22 He'll wrest the sense, and hold us here all day

2 Henry, vi. 3) 158511115 Nor make a sign, but I of these will wrest an alphabet

Titus Andronicus, 31 2 84412 18 But this Antenor, I know, is such a wrest in their affairs, that their negociations all muft naok

Troil. and Cref: 3 387412 56 Wicfile with affection

M. Ado Abt. Nob. 31 1 1321115 - If ever he go alone again, I'll never wrestle for prize more As You Like It. 2225116

I wrestle for my credit; and he that cicapes me without some broken limb, thall acquit him well

Ibid. 11234|232 I'll wrestle with you in my arength of love

Arts and Cleop. 31 278312 Othey take the part of a better wrestler than myself

As You Like It.1 34 22712150 Wrestling. 'Twill be a good way; and to-inorrow the wrestling is

Ibid..) 2241115S Yet tell us the manner of the wrestling


22261118 Wrech. A needy, hollow-ey'd, sharp-looking wretch

Comedy of Errors. 5 1.1191 S Every wretch, pining and pale before, beholding him, plucks comfort from his looks

Henry v.4cb 527733 Excellent wretch! perdition catch my soul, but I do love thee

Orbell. 3311060147 Wretebel. O, how wretched is that poor man, that hangs on princes' favours. H. viii. 31 2 692 0122. Wrachid". He was the wretched'st thing, when he was young, so long a growing, and to leisurely

Richard H. 21 4 647125 Hietchedness. Wliat can happen to me, above this wretchedness

Henry viii. 31. 16871223 Is wretchedness depriv'd that benefit, to end itself by death

Lear.4.6 9570126 Wrings. It is a hint that wrings inine eyes to 't

Tempeftalt 2

31211 'Tis all men's office to speak patience to those that wring under the load of sorrow

Mu. Ado About Nerb. ST 1141247 Your over-kindness doth wring ecars from me

Ibid. 5) 1 1432/47 And wring the awful fceptor iron his fift

3 Henry vi. 211

6102 48 Which God dcfend that I should wring from him

Rickard 1.3 1655217 He wrings at some distress

Cymbeline. 3 694312137 Wliy dof thou wring ty hands

Rom. and Jul. 2! 29$41117 Let me avring your heart; for so I Mall, if it be made of penetrable stuff Himlet. 3. 4|192411117 "iinger. Which is the manner of his wringer

Merry W. of Wind.1 482136 Wringing. Whose sense no more can feel but his own wringing

Henry v.14 529 212 Wrinkled. More grave and wrinkled than the aims and cods of burning youth

Meal. for Meas: 11 41 28 3110 decp in time

Ars, and Clep i5 7784250 prinies. With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come

Miercb. of Venice. I 1980 40 So you liad her wrinkles and I had her money, I would mę did as you say l's Wel21 41 2881444




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A.S. P. C. L. Wrinkles. The wrinkles id my brows, now fill'd with blood, were liken'd oft to kingly sepulchres

3 Henry vi. 15

21 629 139 Bury'd this figh in wrinkle of a smile

Troilus and Crelli

1 8581134 Let it ftamp wrinkles in her brow of youth

Lear.1 41 937 2131 Wrir. And writ as little beard

All's Well.12 3 2861153 Then all too late I bring this fatal writ, the complot of this timeless tragedy Tit. A.2 41 84024 - O, give me thy hand, one writ with me in four misfortune's book Rom. and Jul. 51 31 9952 37 We did think it writ down in our duty, to let you know of it

Hamlet.11 2'1003 2.42 - For the law of writ, and the liberty, these are the only men

Hamler. 2 2 10142 S Write and read comes by nature

Mu. Ado Ab, Norb.31 3 134 124 . Go write it in a martial hand

Twelfth Nigbr. 312 32 112 42 from it if you can, in hand or phrase

Ibid. 5) '1 3321 17 * To write, and read, be henceforth treacherous

Cymbeline. 4 2 9181/22 - I once did hold it, as our ftatists do, a baleness to write fair

Hamlet. 5) 2103712 3. Writing on a forgotten matter, we can hardly make distinction of our hands Tw. Nigbi.21 31 316 120 I will be satisfied, let me fee the writing

Ricbard it. 51 21 436 0143 deftruction on the enemies castle

Titus Andron. 3 21 84311 Written. More l'Il intreat you written to bear along

All's Well. 3 2 2911159 Wrizled. It cannot be, this weak and wrizled Thrimp should frike such terror to his enemies

i Henry vi. 21 31 551 2:49 Wrong. Knowing my mind, you wrong me, master Fenton Merry Wives of Windsor. 3 4 63/1) 4

And do him right, that, answering one foul wrong, lives not to act another M.for M.2 8312 45
She is a virtuous and and a reverend lady; it cannot be that she hath done thee wrong

Comedy of Errors.15 1 118 110
My wrongs might make one wiser mad

Ibid. 51118242 Your wrongs do make a scandal on my sex

Mid. Nigbt's Dr. 2


1135 To do a great right, do a little wrong

Mercb. of Venice. 4

1 216223 I shall do my friends no wrong, for I have none to lament me As You Like It. 1 2 226231 Why doft thou wrong her that did ne'er wrong thee

Taming of the Shrew.2 il 2601135
The more my wrong, the more his spite appears

Oh, my brother! (good gentleman) the wrongs I have done thee, stir afresh within

Winter's Tale. 51 3591 23 For, without my wrong, there is no tongue hath power to curse him right K. Jibn.3 139712 42 - All things that you should use to do me wrong, deny their office

Ibid. 4) 1402261 Why then your fears, which as they say, attend the steps of wrong

Ibid. 4 O fit my husband's wrongs on Hereford's spear, that it may enter butcher Mowbray's breast

Ricbard ii. 1 2! 416114 Now afore heaven, tis shame such wrongs are borne

Ibid. 2

14221112 Look on my wrongs with an indifferent eye

Ibid. 12 - He does me double wrong, that wounds me with the flatteries of his tongue "Ibid. 3

3! 425133 Broke oath on oath, committed wrong on wrong For it is plain pocketing up of wrongs

i Henry iv. 4

3 46714 If his cause be wrong, our obedience to the king wipes the crime of it out of us 16.41 5282 21

Henry v. 31 2 5211 5
Thou never didd them wrong, nor no man wrong
I do the wrong, and first begin to brawl

2 Henry viil 11 585141 hath but wrong, and blame the due of blame

Richard u. 1
Think'st thou it honourable for a noble man till to remember wrong.

Ibid. 5 11 665134 - Know, Cæfar doth not wrong; nor without cause will he be satisfied

Coriolanus.s1 3.73612113 I rather choose to wrong the dead, to wrong myself, and you, than I will wrong such

7. Cafar.3 I mine enemies? and, if not ro, how should I wrong a brother

Ibid. 3) 2 756117 And make his wrongs his outsides; to wear them like his raiment carelessly

Ibid.141 2 7582 33 - If wrongs bę evils, and enforce us kill, what folly 'tis to hazard life for ill

Timon of Athens. 312 816214 Now breathless wrong Mall fit and pant in your great chairs of cafe



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1 752 2/10

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honourable men

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A.S. P. C.L Wing-incensed peers

Richard ii.[2] 11 644/2.8 Wrib. I'll keep my oath, patiently to bear my wroth

Mer. of Ven. 2 920829 Wrougbt. Who wrought it with the king

Richard i. 41 1.4312151 That, if we wrought our life, 'twas ten to one

2 Henry iv. 1 1475/213 O, let me v.ow has visage being dead, that living, wrought me such exceeding trouble

2 Henry vi. 51 Without the king's affent or knowledge, you wrought to be a legate Henry vir. 2 69112127 Wrought he not well that painted it ;--He wrought better, that made the painter

Timon of Albens. 1 180512 41 For it wrought on her the form of death

Rain. and Jul. 51 31 9971160 That we have wrought so worthy a gentleman to be her bridegroom

Ibid. 3) 51 9882 33 That there he dropp'd it for a special purpose, which wrought to his desire Oibcll. 5) 21079|1156

Of ore not easily jealous, but, being wrought, perplex'd in the extreme Ibid. 52/107912/24 by'rang. He wrung Batanio's hand, and so they parted

Mer. of Venice. 2 8 20712 13 Thy place is ald, thy scepter wrung from thee

3 Herry vi. 31 1 616 1153 with wrongs more than our backs can bear

Tirus Andronicus. 41 3 848122 He hath, my Lord, wrung from me my Now leave, by laboursome petition Hamlet. 1 21CO2 114 Wrying. If each of you would take this course, how many must murder wives much better than themse.ves for wrying but a little

Cymbeline. 51 | 920123 We All the water in Wyc cannot wash your majesty's Wellh plood out of your pody

Hiary v.417 53412 44 X

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"PPE. As curît and threwd as Socrates' Xantippe, or a worse, she moves

Tam. of the Sbrew.2 2581 19

me not



21 2 2

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2°ARD. Loves her by the foot—he may not by the yard

Love's Lab. Loft. 5 2 172 231 Yare. Our thip is tight and yare

Tempeft. 51
If you have occafion to use me for your own turn-you shall find me yare M, for M. 42

94 126 Dismount thy tuck, be yare in thy preparation

Tw. Nigbr. 314 32412 40 Their thips are yare ; your's heavy

Ant. and Cleop.371 78512139 Were like a halter'd neck, which does the hanginan thank for being yare about him

Ibid. 3/11 789121-9 Yare, good I was quick

Ibid. 5 2 3011122 Förely. Fall to it yarely

Tempeft." 118 The vilken tackles fwell with the touches of those Aower soft hands, that yarely frame the office

Ani, and Cleup.2.2.7761212 Yarn. They say, all the yarn the spun in Ulysses' abfence, did but fill ithaca full of moths

Coriolanus. 3 7072/28 Yawn. Kifies the gathes that bloodily did yawn upon his face

Ileriy v.41.6.5331-14 And that the aifrighted globe thouid yawn at alteration

Oibe!!. 51 2110762156 Yamuning muth.

2 Ilimy vi. 4 5921-20 Y-olad. Her words y-clad with wisdom's majesty

Ibid. 1 1 5721 7 Peped. It is yeleped thy park

Love's Labor Lo.149429 I. Judas I am, ycleped Macclabæis

Ibid. 21.17217 ria. In ruffet yeas, and honeft kerfey nues

Ibid. 5) 2

17011/20 Yes.farfutbe A rascally yea-forsooth knave

2 Henry is. 14761136 Prika ard' nay. By yea and nay, fir, then I swore in jest

Love's Lab. Lol.1 1 147229 nad Miller 1

Merry W. of Windo 47 1127 1 ti's hut young, but his experience old

Two Gent. of Verona. 24 30 150 Somne Dick that smiles his check in years

Love's Labor L.51.2 17012 24 aan At sevepteen years many their fortunes feek; but at fourscore, it is too late a week

As You Like It.2 3 23°12 20 - Sir, the year growing ancient-not yet on fummer's death, nor on the birth of frembling winter

Winter's Tale. 41 21 350 28 • As the year had found some months asleep, and leap'd them over 2 Henry iv. 414.438227 'Tis not the difference of a year, or two, make me less gracious, or thee more fortu

Titus Ardronicus.

28351236 tells of mothers, maids nor babes

Tinion of Arvens. 4/382118 With like timorous accent, and dire yell, as when by night and negliger.ce, the fire is py'd in populous cities



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