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A, S. P. C. L.

Hamlet.111 211004 1128 Spirit. My father's fpirit in arms ! all is not well; I doubt some foul play

Henry vii. 41 21 695 2 6 Spirits of peace, where are ye ? are ye all gone

Orbello. 3) 3)106322 Spirit-firring. The fpirit-ftirring drum

Tempift. 1
Spiriting. And do my spiriting gently
Spit. She would have made Hercules have turn'd spit; yea, and have cleft his club to

Much Ado About Norb 2 make the fire too


Richard ii. 1 I do defy him, and I spit at him


Lear. 3 2 946 2 46 fire

To have a thousand with red burning fpits come hizzing in upon them


9501 38 Methinks I see my cousin's ghost seeking out Romeo, that did fpit his hody, upon

Romeo and Julier. 41 31 9912 59 a rapier's point

If it be a hot day, an I brandish any thing but my bottle, I would I might never spit white again

2 Henry iv. I

2 47815 Henry v. 2

15151129 Spital. No; to the fpital go Spite. That change is the spite

Two Gent. of Verona. 42 39 1127 The more my wrong, the more his spite appears

Tam. of ibe Sbrew.41 2 270 2 I And that which spites me more than all these wants, he does it under name of per

Ibid.41 31 2702 10 feet love Spleens. Angels with our fpleens would all laugh themselves mortal Meal. for Meal: 2 Ridiculous spleen

Love's Labor Lj.15 2 167 1 21 Brief as the lightning in the colly'd night, that in a spleen unfolds both heaven and earth

Mid. Nigbt's Dream. 1

1 1762 54 My presence may well abate the over-merry spleen, which otherwise would grow into extremes

Induc. to Taming of the Sbrew.

1253147 If you desire the spleen, and will laugh yourselves into stitches, follow me Tw. Nigbt. 3 2 3221110 - Or teach thy hafty spleen to do me thame, I'll strike thee dead King Joon. 4 3 4062) 3

Ibid. 2
With swifter spleen than power can enforce

2 394 2 35 of speed

Ibid. 517 411 1163 Inspire us with the spleen of fiery dragons

Richard iii. 5) 31 669129 Take good heed, you charge not in your spleen a noble person

Henry vii. 1 2 676123 Madam, you do me wrong: I have no spleen against you, nor injustice for you, or

Ibid. 2 any By the gods, you Mall digest the venom of your spleen, though it do split you Jul. Cal. 41 3 759144

Jove forbid, there should be done amongst us such things as would offend the
weakest spleen to fight for and maintain-

Troilus and Creffida. 2 2 867 214


Ibid. 2 2 86811156
Heaving spleens
Patience; or I shall say, you are all in all in spleen

Orbello. 41 11068130

2 Henry vi. 31 2 58811117 Spleenful. Myself have calm’d their spleenful mutiny Spleeny. I know her for a spleeny Lutheran

Henry viii. 31 2 689157 Splenelive. For though I am not splenetive and rash, yet have I in me something dan

Hamlet. 51 1 1036132 gerous

Ricbard iii. 2

21 646 2 Splinted. Lately splinted, knit and join'd together Splinter. This broken joint, between you and her husband, intreat her to splinter Orbello. 2

311057 2158

2 1781125 Split. I could play Ercles rarely, or a part to tear a cat in, to make all split M. Nigbt's Dr. 1

Richard in. 1 3 6401233
When he shall split thy very heart with sorrow
Mine own tongue splits what it speaks

Antony and Cleop.12! 71 7811229 0!-enough, Patroclus : or give me ribs of steel! I thall split all in pleasure of my

Troi. and Crefl: 1 31 863 149 spleen

Ibid. - thy brazen pipe

41 5 Timon of Aib.2

2 811245 Splitb. When our vaults have wept with drunken splith of wine Splitting. Enter'd me, yea, with a splitting power, and made to tremble the region of

Henry viii. 2 4 635 232 But he returns, splitting the air with noise

Coriolanus. 551738 149

Troi. anu Creili -winds Spail. Is not this an honourable spoil? a gallant prize

i Henry iv. 1 1 442

8 Company, villainous company, hath been the spoil of me

Ibid. 31 31 461 2132
Old age, that all layer-up of beauty, can do no spoil upon my face Henry v. 5 25401136

Coriolanus.31 31 72412115
The spoil gót at the Antiates was ne'er distributed
Our spoil, we have brought home, do more than counterpoise a third part, the
charges of the action

Ibid. 51 51 738|2|25

Richard ji. 41 6422127 Spoke like a tall fellow, that respects his reputation Spoken. Clarence is well spoken

Ibid. 1 3 64111

1134 Spon. I have no long spoon

Tempeft. 2
If you expect spoon-meat, or bespeak a long spoon

Comedy of Errors.141 31 114|2|42





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my breast

31 86211127


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A. S. P. C. L. Spoon. He must have a long spoon, that must eat with the devil Comedy of Errors. 41 31 1141245 Come, come, my lord, you'd spare your spoons

Henry viii. 51 21700 2 27 The spoons will be the bigger

Ibid. 51 3 7011129 Sports. Some sports are painful; but their labour, delight in them sets off

Tempeft. 31 1 1211132 You shall buy this sport as dear as all the metal in your Mop will answer C. of Er.4 113 1128 Very reverend sport, truly

Love's Lab. Loft. 41 21 1581229 There's no such sport, as sport by sport o'erthrown

Ibid. 52 167 1160 The sport beft pleases that doth least know how

Ibid. 5) 2 173939 If our sport had gone forward, we had all been made men Midf. Night's Dr.412 1972 47 Our sport shall be, to take what they mistake

Ibid. 51 1 193 119 And devise sports; let me see; what think you of falling in love As Y.L. II. 2225150 ? of what colour

Ibid. 1

2 2251162 Let her sport herself with that she's big with

Winter's Tale. 21 1 33921 S Who set the body and the limbs of this great sport together

Henry visi.

o 6721147 Sportful. Is sportful Edward come

3 Henry oi. 5 1 628 1115 Spot. Yet here's a spot

Macbeth.5 383737 I must withdraw and weep upon the spot of this enforced cause

K. John. 5 2408125 To rest without a spot for evermore

Ibid. 57 411 2 56 The angry spot doth glow on Cæsar's brow

Julius Cæfar. 2 743256 - Follow his chariot, like the greatest spot of all thy sex

Ant. and Cleap. 4.10 79438 Sporless. I dare my life lay down, and will do't, fir, plcase you to accept it, that the queen is spotless

Winter's Tale. 2 3401/31 Sprüful. So be there 'twixt your kingdoms such a spousal

Henry v. 5 2 54112113 Spouts. And, gasping to begin some speech, her eyes became two spouts Wi's Tale. 3! 31 34612115 Sprag. He is a good sprag memory

Merry Wives of Wind.41 1 65121 Sprang. I sprang not more in joy at first hearing he was a man child, than now in firn feeing he hath proved himself a man

Coriolanus. 11 1707 16 Sprat. When his disguise and he is parted, tell me what a sprat you fall find him A.W.3 61 294/21 1 Sprawl. First hang the child, that he may see it fprawl

Titus Andronicus: 51 1 8501244 Sprawlif thou, take that, to end thy agony

3 Henry vi. 5 56302163 Sprays. Like an executioner, cut off the heads of too-fast growing sprays, that look too lofty in our commonwealth

Ricbard ii. 31 4 4302 47 Shall a few sprays of us—the emptying of our father's luxury

Henry v.3 5 5221255 Thus droops this lofty pine, and hangs its sprays

2 Henry vi. 2 3 58112113 Spriad yourselves

Midf. Nigbt's Dr. 1 2 17819 She is spread of late into a goodly bulk: Good time encounter her Winter's Tale. 3 1 339 113 Sprigbts. We talk with goblins, owls, and elvilh sprights

Comedy of Errors. 2 2 108 2 23 Now the graves all gaping wide, every one lets forth his spright Mid. N. Dr. 5) 21951252 A tad tale's best for winter; I have one of sprights and goblins Winter's Tale. 2 1 339126 Do your best to fright me with your íprights; you're powerful at it

Ibid. 2 1 339 1129 Malcolm! Banquo! as from your graves rise up, and walk like sprights, to countenance this horror

Macbeth. 2 31 3731153 Come, lifters, cheer we up his sprights

Ibid. 4) 1 379 122 Sprighted. I am sprighted with a fool

Cymbelire. 2 3 9041/ 5 Sprightful. Spoke like a sprightful noble gentleman

King Joba. 4/ 2 4042 31 Sprightly. Address yourself to entertain them iprightly

Winter's Tale. 41 31 3501142 Be sprightly, for you fall 'mongst friends

Cymbeline. 3 6

9132) 30 Sprightly froews. With other sprightly News of mine own kindred

Ibid. 5 5 92811 23 Spring. So from that spring, whence comfort seem'd to come, discomfort swells

Macbeth.02 363 224 - Fetch from false Mowbray their first head and spring

Ricbard i. 1 41412117 We as the spring of all, fall pay for all

i Henry iv. 5 2 469 1123 The purelt spring is not so free from mud, as I am clear from treason to my sovereign

2 Henry si. 3) 1 584 1 49 Now stops try spring; my sea shall suck them dry

3 Henry vir 4 8 62712 43 All springs reduce their currents to mine eyes

Ricbard iii. 2 2 646 11 3 - cut into fast gaiç

Henry viii. 3 21 08912 21 Here stands the spring whom you have stain'd with mud

Titus Andronicus. 5 2 853 0153 That good effects may spring from words of love

Lear. 1 1 9311146 Like the spring that turneth wood to stone

Hamlet. 41 711031121 Spring (the scaron.] The spring is near, when green geese are a feeding Li's L. Lat.1 1 14811147 The middle summer's spring

Mid. Nighi's Dr.2 21 1791242 Four lagging wiaters and four wanton Springs, end in a word, fuch is the breath of kings

Ricbard wil 31 41811:33


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A.S. P. C. L. Spring. He that hath suffer'd this disorder'd spring, hath now himself met with the fall off leaf

Ricbard ii. 31 41 43012161 A cause on foot lives so in hope, as in an early spring we see the appearing buds

2 Henry iv. 1 3 478 2 32 When we saw our sun-fhine made thy spring

3 Henry vi. 2

21 613 114 And in his spring became a harvest

Cymbeline. 1894 1:16 Springe. If the springe hold, the cock's mine

Winter's Tale. 4 2 3482149

Hamlet. 1 3 1005 21 5 Springes to catch woodcocks As a woodcock to my own springe

Ibid. 5) 210402 46 Spring balt. One would take it, that never saw them pace before, the spavin and spring balt reign'd among 'em

Henry viii. 31 67612137 Sprinkle. You great benefactors Tprinkle our society with thankfulness Tim. of Atb.31

Mid. N. Dr. 2 Sprite. You are that shrewd and knavilh sprite callid Robin Goodfellow

1 1791 38 Teaching all that read, to know this quintessence of every sprite As You Like It. 31 21 235 245 Spruce. Now my spruce companions, is all ready, and all things neat Tam. of tbe Sbr. 41 1268 1140 Spunge. I will do any thing, Neriffa, ere I will be married to a spunge Mer. of Venice. 1 Befides, to be demanded of a spunge

Hamlet. 3/ 2 1026233 A spunge-that soaks up the king's countenance, his rewards, his authorities Ibid. 31 2 10262 27 Spungy. What not put upon his ipungy officers : who fhall bear the guilt of our great quell

Macberb. 1 7 368230 There is no lady of more fofter bowels, more spungy to fuck in the sense of fear

Troilus and Crep : 2 21 866 2 47 From the spungy fouth

Cymbeline. 4 2 9182 1 Spurs. By the spurs pluck'd up the pine and cedar

Tempeft. 51 19225 He doth with holy abstinence fubdue that in himself which he spurs on his power to qualify in others

Mear. for Meal: 42 94147 'Tis long of you that spur me with such questions

Love's Lab. Loft.2 1 153526 As a puny tilter that spurs his horse but on one side

As You Like I.34240 His heels have deserv'd it, in usurping his spurs so long

All's Well. 41 31 29712153 You may ride us with one soft kiss a thousand furlongs, ere with four we heat an

Winter's Tale. 2335111 Which is another fpur to my departure

Ibid. 4! 1 348 113 First the fair reverence of your highness curbs me, from giving reins and spurs to my free speech

Richard ii. 1 1414 1136 Finds brotherhood in thee no Marper spur

Ibid. 1 21 4152123 He tires betimes, that spurs too fast becimes

Ibid. 2 1 4201125 And spur thee on with full as many lies as may be halloo'd in thy treacherous ear 1b. 4 1 432 121 And that young Harry Percy's (pur was cold

2 Henry iv. 1 11 474 146 to the rescue of the noble Talbot; who now is girded with a waist of iron i 41 31 562122 Her fume can need no spurs

2 Henry vi. 1 3 5761214 through Media, Mefopotamia, and the shelters whither the routed fly Ant. and Cleo.

3781 2 57 Each man to his stool, with that spur as he would to the lip of his mistrets T.of A. 3 61818112 A spur to valiant and magnanimous deeds

Troil, and Cref:21 2 868160
Discover to me what both you (pur and stop

Cymbeline. 1 7 9001 24
I do note, that grief and patience, rooted in him, both mingle their spurs together 15.4 2 9151 31
The profits of my death were very pregnant and potential spurs to make thee feek

Lear.2 1 939|240
Spurio, Capt.

All's Well.2 1 2832 1 Spurn. You spurn me hence, and he will spurn me hither

Comedy of Errors. 2

1 1062 24 Who even but now did spurn me with his foot

Midf. Night's Dream.31 2 187123 To spurn at your most royal image

2 Henry iv. 512 503 9 And spurn in pieces ports of adamant

i llenry vi. 1

41 548215 · I know no personal cause to spurn at him, but for the general

Jul. Cæfar.2 17462156 I fpurn thee like a cur out of my way

Ibid. 3

1 7251219 Or I'll spurn thine eyes like balls before me

Ant. and Cleop. 2 57781 22 And spurns the run that lies before him

Ibid. 3) 5 7841 her home to her father

Cymbeline. 41 1.9141144 Who dies, that bears not one spurn to their graves of their friends gift T. of Atb.1

2 808134 That which gives my soul the greatest spurn

Titus Andronicus. 31 18422

3 The spurns that patient merit of the unworthy takes

Hamler.31 1101750 envioully at straws

Ibid. 141 510281'48 Spurring.' Bloody with spurring; fiery red, with haste

Richard ii. 2 3 424 232 Strike their sharp shins, and mar men's spurring

Tim. of Arbens. 413 8212

5 Spy. I do spy fome marks of love in her

Much Ado About Norb.121 31 131215



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136 A.S. P. CL Macbetb.3) 374145 Troil. and Creg:31 87211 Romeo and Juliet.

41 3 Henry vi. 41 Mer. of Venice. (14 34 2001-19

As You Like It. 2) 7) 23223 Mu. Ado About Norb. 1 1 122143

Mid. Night's Dream. 21 17911135

Ibid. 21

Lear. I

Spy. Acquaint you with the perfect spy o'the time

I spy,—you spy? what do you spy - I do spy a kind of hope Spying. By spying and avoiding fortune's malice

990|1e Squander'd. And other ventures he hath, squander'd abroad

62772 Squandering glances Squarer. Is there no young squarer now

They do square, that all their elves for fear creep into acorn cups, and hide them there - It is not so with him that all things knows, as it is with us that square our griefs byl shows

All's Well. 21 1 284 211 He so chants to the Neeve-hand and the work about the square on't

Wi's Tale.14 3 351(210 If I travel but four foot by the square further afoot, I shall break my wind

1 H.10.2) 2) 449))3 'Twere pregnant, they should square between themselves

Ant. and Cleop.21 11 7741 She's a most triumphant lady, if report be square to her


2) 2 77611) I have not kept my square; but that to come shall all be done by the rule

Ibid. 2/ 37765 No practice had in the brave squares of war

Ibid. 131 91 787 Mine honesty, and I, begin to square

Ibid. 301 7882 For those that were, it is not square, to take, on those that are, revenges T.of Arb82842 That will not suffer you to square yourselves

Titus Andronicus. 2) 1 897) And are you such fools, to square for this

11 837 How frantickly I square my talk

Ibid. 3) 2) 8443 To square the general sex by Cressid's rule

Troil, and Cref:15 2 886 I profess myself an enemy to all other joys, which the most precious square of sente poffeffes

1 9301 Squar'd. Dreams are toys. Yet, for this once, yea, superstitiously I will be squard by

Winter's Tale. 3) 31 346 - O that ever I had squar'd me to thy counsel

Ibid. 5 1 358 Squash. I pray you commend me to mistress Squash your mother, and to mafter Pear. cod your father

Mid. Nigbt's Dr.3 184 As a squash is before 'tis a pearcod

Twelfth Nigbt.1 51 315 How like, methought, I then was to this kernel, this squash

Winter's Tale. 1 2

334 Squele, Will, a Cotswold man

2 Henry iv. 3 2 48 Squier. Do not you know my Lady's foot by the fquier

17 Squiny. Dost thou squiny at me Squires. Let not us, that are squires of the night's body, be call'd thieves of the day":

beauty - You call'd me yesterday, mountain-squire; but I will make you to-day a squire or low degree

Henry v. 51 1 53 Some such squire he was, that turn'd your wit the seamy fide without

Otbello. Squirrel. The other squirrel was stolen from me by the hangman's boy in the market place

4 I have a venturous fairy that hall seek the squirrel's hoard, and fetch thee new nuts

18 Her chariot is an empty hazel nut, made by the joiner squirrel Stabs. And every word stabs

His ganh'd ftabs look'd like a breach in nature, for ruin's wasteful entrance
It may chance cost some of us our lives, for he will stab

470 To stab at half an hour of my life Stabbed. O, I am stabb'd with laughter

166 If Cæsar had stabb'd their mothers, they would have done no less

with a white wench's black eye Stables. If your husoand have Itables enough, you'll look he shall lack no barns

we that dwell in't, jades


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Love's Labour Laft. 51 3


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1 Henry io. Il

21 44


2 107

Two Gent. of Ver.4.3



Midf. Nigbt's Dream. 4 I

Romeo and Juliet. il 41 972 Mu. Ado Ab. Notb.2

Macb. 2 3 371 2 Henry iv. 2

Ibid. 41 41 499 Love's Lab. Loft. 51 2

7. Cæsar. 2) 744 Romeo and Juliet. 2 41 978

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Much Ado Ab.


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A.S. P. C.L. Staff. A staff is quickly found to beat a dog

2 Hen. vi.|31 11 58412161 Staff of office. For you my staff of office did I break in Richard's time 1 Henry iv. 5 1 4681 3 Stafford. Sir Humphrey, and young Stafford. ' D.B.

2 Henry vi.

571 Lord. D.P.

3 Henry vi. Stag. A poor sequester'd stag, that from the hunter's aim liad ta'en a hurt, did come to languith

As You Like Ir. 2 1229743 Stage. I love the people, but do not like to stage me to their eyes Meas. for Meas. 11

761155 This green plot Mall be our stage

Mid. Nigbt's Dr.3 1 1831119 I hold the world but as the world, Gratiano; a stage where every one muft play a part, and mine a sad one

Mer. of Venice. (of 1 1981 37 All the world's a stage

As You Like I 21 7 233219 A kingdom for a stage, princes to act, and monarchs to behold the bleeding scene

Henry v. 1 cb 5091 3 Stag'd. Yes, like enough, high battled Cæfar will unftate his happiness, and be itag'a to the shew against a sworder

Ant. and Cleop.311 7882 14 Stagger. A man may, if he were of a fearful heart, stagger in this attempt As You L. Ir. 3 2 238 253 Stark spoiled with the staggers

Taming of the Sbrew. 3 2 2657131 I will throw thee from my care for ever, into the staggers, and the careless lapse of youth and ignorance

Ail's Well.2 31 287 1 44 That hand shall burn in never quenching fire, that ftaggers thus my person Ricb. ii.5 51 439 160 The question did at first so stagger me

Henry viii. 2) 41 68617 How come these staggers on me

Cymbeline. 5 5 9261117 Staggering (Without any pause or staggering,) take this basket on your shoulders

Merry W. of Windsor. 3 3

601 21 Staid. You have staid me in a happy hour

M. Ado Ab. Norb. 4 1 13912,41 Thou haft ftaid us here too long

Titus Andron. 21 31 839/225 Stain. Do no ftain to your own gracious person

Meas. for Meal. 31 1 - You have some stain of soldier in you

All's Well. 1 12781219 Here is such ado, to make no ftain a stain, as passes colouring Winter's Tale.2

2 341 1/21 Sightless stains

King Jobr.31 1 396 213 O, let her live, and I'll corrupt her manners, stain her beauty

Ricbard iii. 41 41 661140 That great men shall press for tinctures, stains, relicks and cognisance Jul. Cæfar. 2 rl raise the preparation of a war shall stain your brother

Ant. and Cleop: 3 41 7841 It doth confirm another stain, as big as hell can hold

Cymbeline. 21 41 9052 35 Stained with the variation of each soil

1 Henry iv. 1 1 442152 Stairs of fand

Mercb. of Venice. 3) 2 219 2 12 And in these degrees have they made a pair of fairs to marriage

Ibid. 5) 2 2462 14 Stake. I will die in it at the stake

Mucb Ado Ab. Notb. 1 1|123/2/25 No, we shall ne'er win at that sport, and stake down

Mercbant of Venice. 3 2 2112 29 Or elfe a fool; that feest a game play'd home, the rich stake drawn, and tak’it it all for jest

Winter's Tale. 1 2 336228
Stale to catch thieves

Tempeft. 41 1
Poor I am, but his stale

Comedy of Errors.21 1106242
A contaminated ftale

Much Ado Ab. Notb. 21 21 128 2161 - I ftand dishonoured, that have gone about to link my dear friend to a common ftale 16.4 1 1372 50 Eaft bind, fafi find, a proverb never ftale in a thrifty mind

Mer. of Venice. 2 5 205 2 26
Is it your will to make a stale of me amongst these mates T'am. of the Sbrew." 1 2552 10
Yet if thy thoughts, Bianca, be so humble, to caft thy wandering eyes on every
ftale, seize thee that lift

Ibid.31 1264/2/29
So stale and cheap to vulgar company

1 Henry iv. 3 2 460131 Had he pone else to make a stale, but me

3 Henry vi. 3) 31 6212 54 Or did use to stale with ordinary oaths my love to every new protester 9. Cæfar. 1 2 7421 Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety Ant. and Cleop. 2 2 776 229 Was there none else in Rome to make a stale of, but Saturnine Titus Andron. 1 2 834/2 11 This thrice worthy and right valiant Lord must not so stale his palm, nobly acquir'd

Troilus and Crep:2 31 8701147 Poor I am ftale, a garment out of fashion

Cymbeline. 31 41 9091238 Stale of barses. Thou didst drink the stale of horses

Ant. and Cleop. 1 41 7721143 Staid. Which out of use, and stald by other men, begin his fashion 7. Cæfar. 41 75811133 Stalk on, ftalk'on, the fowl Gits“

Mu. Ado Ab. Nob. 2! 3129 12 I talk about her door, like a strange foul upon the Stygian banks staying for wattage

Troilus and Cre/lida 3 2 872 2137 See! it falks away

Hamlet.1 110001129 Stalking herjee He ufes bis folly like a stalking horso

As You Like It. 15! 41 249|1|12


2 750 260


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5 M

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