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K. Jobu. 5

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Cor. 4

Lear. 14

Ibid. 1

A. Seuse. And like an eagie o'er his aiery towers, to fouse annoyance that comes near his

nest South. Wherefore do you follow her like foggy south, puffing with wind and rain

As You Like It. 3 It came o'er my ear like the sweet south, that breathes upon a bank of violets stealing and giving odour

Twelfth Nigbr. 1 Dew-dropping south

Romeo and Juliet. 11 Soutbain.

3 Henry vi. Sourbern clouds. And with the southern clouds contend in tears

2 Henry vi. Sourb-fog. The south-fog rot him

Cymbeline. 2 Soutb-lea. One inch of delay more is a South-sea of discovery

As You Like Ir. 2 Soutbouvell. D.P.

2 Henry vill Sow. Pour in sow's blood, that hath eaten her nine farrow

Macberb. I do here walk before thee, like a sow, that hath overwhelmed all her litter but one

2 Henry iv. 1 Sowle. He will go, he says, and fowle the porter of Rome gates by the ears Sortir will cry upon 't for all this though it be as rank as a fox

Tw. Nigbt. 2 Solid horse Soylure. He merits well to have her, that doth seek her (not making any scruple of her foylure)

Troil, and Creffida. 4 Space. Come on, thou art granted space

All's Well. 2 Since he went from Ægypt, 'tis a space for farther travel

Antony and Cleop. 2 Here is my space Well may we fight for her, whom, we know well, the world's large spaces cannot parallel

Troilus and Creffida. 2 But to look upon him; till the diminution of space had pointed him sharp as my needle

Cymbeline 1 O undiftinguith'd space of woman's will Spain? faith, I saw it not: but I felt it, hot in her breath

Comedy of Errors. 3

ris You Like Ir. Span. That the stretching of a span buckles in this sum of age You have scarce time to steal from spiritual leisure a brief span, to keep your earthly

Henry viur. 3 audit

Timon of Albersels Timon is dead, who hath out-stretch'd his span

2 Henry vi. 4 Spar-counter. Spangle. What stars do spangle heaven with such beauty as those two eyes become that

Paming of the Shrew. 4 heavenly face Spangled. This is Timon's last: who suck and spangled you with flatteries, washes it

Timor. of Alberis. off

Au. do deout Netb.13 Spaniard. A Spaniard, from the hip upward no doublet Spaniel. I am your spaniel; and, Demetrius, the more you beat me, I will fawn on

Midf. Night's Dream. 2 you You play the spaniel, and think with wagging of your tongue to win me Henry viii. s

Antuny and Cleopatra. 4 Spaniel'd. The hearts that spaniel'd me at heels

Rum. and Juliet. Spanish blades,

i Henry iv. 2 Spanish-pouch.

All's Well.4 Spanish fword. Spanned. My life is spann'd already: I am the Madow of poor Buckingham Herry viii. i

Mucb Ado Ab, Norb. 2 Spare not to tell him

Winter's Tale 3 As for life, I prize it as I weigh grief, which I would spare

2 Henry iv. 3 O give me the spare man, and spare me the great ones

Jul. Cajar. 1 - I do not know the man I mould avoid so soon as that spare Calilus

i Henry iv. s Spar'd. I could have better spar'd a better man

Henry viii. 1 Sparing. In him, sparing would thew a worse fin than ill doctrine Searingly. Or shall we sparingly thew you far off the Dauphin's meaning, and our em



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Ibid. 1 3




A.S. P. C.L. Sparrow. She fetches her breath as short as a new ta'en sparrow Tro. and Cre]: 31 2 873|11 4

Ibid. 58 890 1124 Now my double-hen'd ff row

Hamlet. 5) 21039|2|32
There is a special providence in the fall of a sparrow

Otbello. 5) 21079245
Spartan dog. O Spartan dog, more fell than anguish, hunger, or the sea
Spavins. Sped with spavins

Taming of the Sbrew. (3) 2 2651130
One would take it, that never saw them pace before, the spavin and springhalt
reign'd among 'em

Henry väi. 1 3 6762 36

Coriolanus. 2) 2 715 2.14 Spawn. Your multiplying spawn how can he flatter

Meas. for Meal:12 za Spay. Do you mean to geld and spay all the youth in the city Speaks small like a woman

Merry W. of Windjer. 1
scholarly and wisely

Ibid.3) 2
He fpeaks holy-day

Your worship speaks like a most thankful and reverend youth Much Ado A. Norb.15 1 144
You may speak as small as you will

Mid. Night's Dr. 2) 178 1146

Ibid. 1 2) 17811148
I'll speak in a monstrous little voice
An old religious uncle of mine taught me to speak, who was in his youth an inland

As You Like It. 3 2 2372126

Tam. of the Sbrew. 41 31 2711 23
I trust I may have leave to speak, and speak I will
For I can fing and speak to him in many forts of musick

Twelfth Nigbt. 4 2 308 7

Winter's Tale. 41 31 351 1 13
When you speak, sweet, I'd have you do it ever

K. John.2 2 394250
He fpeaks plain cannon, fire, and smoak, and bounce
He that speaks, doth gripe the hearer's wrist, whilft he that hears, makes fearful

Ibid. 4 2 40412147
Nay speak thy mind, and let him ne'er speak more, that speaks thy words again, to

Richard ii. 2 do thee harm

1 422 1 1 Now we speak upon our cue, and our voice is imperial

Henry v. 31 6 5242130 Hence both are gone, with conscience and remorse they could not speak Ricb. iii. 41 31 6582146

4 814 222 Who can speak broader than he that has no house to put his head in Timon of Arb.

Rom, and Jul.
He will speak more in a minute than he will stand to in a month

4 9792 36

Ibid. 31 31 985231 Thou canst not speak of what thou dost not feel

Orbello. 2 310562 22 I cannot speak any beginning to this peevith odds within door

Ibid. 41 2107112155

Ibid. 5) 210792 20
of me as I am
Speaker. A speaker is but a prater

Henry v. 5 2 5392/21
Let me be privileg'd by my place and message to be a speaker free Tr. G Cref. 41 41 88117
Speaking. And speaking thick, which nature made his blemish, became the accents of
the valiant

2 Henry iv. 2 3 483 1/25 is for beggars; he wears his tongue in his arms

Tr. and Cred: 31 31 877 1129

Lear. 41 59561 41 looks Speak-thick. Say, and speak-thick

Cymbeline. 31 2 907 238 Spear. O, fit my husband's wrongs on Hereford's spear, that it may enter butcher Mow

Richard ii. 12 416 1 4
bray's breast
As to o'er-walk a current, roaring loud, on the unsteadfast footing of a spear 1 H. iv. 1 3 446 2160

Ibid. 21 41 454218
Spear-grass. Yea, and to tickle our noses with spear-grass, to make them bleed
Special. We have with special foul elected him our absence to supply Meas. for Meas.|1

752 33 I never yet beheld that special face, that I could fancy more than any other

Tam. of the Shrew./2 Il 260 1 16

All's Well. 2 2 2851134
Why, what place make you special

Love's Labor Lot. 2 1 1532/13
Specialties. Where that and other specialties are bound
Let specialties be therefore drawn between us

Tam.of the Sbrew.2
Troil. and Crel. : 31

Specialty. The specialty of rule hath been neglected


Mer. of Venice. 2 2 2032 35
Specify. As my father shall specify
Speciously. But fpeciously for master Fenton

Merry Wives of Windjor. 3. 4

Ibid. - one of them

4 5 69 238 Spectacles. All tongues speak of him, and the bleared fights are spectacled to see him Cor. 21 714111

As You Like It.21 12291154
Spectacle. But what said Jaques ? did he not moralize this spectacle

And prove a deadly bloodshed but a jest exampled by this heinous fpe&acle K. Febr. 41 31 4061115
The saddest spectacle that e'er I view'd

3 Henry vi. 2

Il 610118

And thou hast oft beheld heart-hard'ning spectacles



Mu. Ado About Notbeli
I can see yet without spectacles

1 123 141
And bid mine eyes be packing with my heart, and call'd them blind and dusky

2 Henry vi. 3 2 587 2.59 And feek for forrow with thy spectacles

Ibid. 5 1 6002 47 . What a pair of spectacles is hore

Troi. and Crefl: 141 8791256


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Ibid. 3141

A.S. P. C.L. Spestacles. And can we not partition make with spectacles so precious 'twixt fair and

Cymbeline.1 8991., foul

Lear. 1 If it be nothing I shall not need spectacles

21 933 00 Spectatorship. Or of some death more long in spectatorship

Coriolanus. 5 2 734 213 Speculation. Thou haft no speculation in those eyes which thou dost glare with Macb. 3 4 376138

For speculation turns not to itself, till ic hath travell’d, and is marry'd there where it may see itself

Troi. and Crep 31 3 875 235 - Which are to France the spies and speculations intelligent of our state Lear. 3 H 946|1|42 Sped. So be gone, fir, you are sped

Mer. of Venice. 21 91 2082 3 - with spavins

Taming of the Sbrew. 32 265 130 · I am hurt ;-a plague o' both the houses !- I am sped

Romeo and Juliet. 3 1 9822 16 Speech. But if you fail-—without more speech my lord-you must be gone from hence immediately

Mer. of Venice. 2 9 2072 31 You know your father's temper: at this time he will allow no speech Winter's Tale. 4 3 354 136 Thy speeches will bring me to consider that, which may unfurnish me of reason 16.5 1 358 zos There was speech in their dumbness

Ibid. 5) 21 3601117

Ricbard ii. 1 Heaven be the record to my speech

1414110 Could not find his hour of speech a minute

Henry wi.

2 67 51223 His speech sticks in my heart

Art. and Clery s 773117 7 And your large speeches may your deeds approve

Lear. I 931 1/44

Orbello. I Rude am I in my speech, and little bleit with the set phrase of peace

3 1047 250 Speechless. What is thy sentence then but speechless death, which robs my tongue from breathing native breath

Ricbard 7.11 31 41723 47 Speed. D.P.

Two Gent. of Verona. 231 You shall know how I speed

Merry W. of Windfor. 2 2 5511155 Heaven so speed me in my time to come

62148 Your wit's too hot, it speeds too fast, 'twill tire

Love's Labor Loft.2) 1

IS31 28 Bootless speed! when cowardice pursues, and valour fies Mid. Nigbr's Dream. 2 2) 181128 The prince your son, with mere conceit, and fear of the queen's speed, is gone Wi’sT.3/2 345155 When he, wafting his eyes to the contrary, and falling a lip of much contempt, speeds from me

Ibid. 1 21 3372152 So hot a speed with such advice dispos'd

King Jcbr. 31 4 400 1136 The copy of your speed is learn'd by them

ibid. 4/ 2 404|1|20 * And 'tis no little reason bids us speed

i Henry iv.1 3 4471239 Good manners be your speed

Ibid.31 1 4582138 How now good Blunt, thy looks are full of speed

Ibid. 3 2 4611.53 And leave your brothers to go speed elsewhere

3 Henry vi. 4) 16222129 The devil speed him

Henry cut. Il 67221 Well may'st thou woo, and happy be thy speed

Tam of the Sbrow. 2 1261 1 45 How you'll speed in your journey's end, I think you'll never return to tell one Cym. 51 41 92326 I pray you, have a continent forbearance, 'till the speed of his rage goes Nower Ler. 2 934144 St. Francis be my speed

Roneo and Juliet. 5/ 3 996 1124 O most wicked speed

Hamlet. 1 2 1003 124 Speeded. I have foeeded hither with the very extremest inch of possibility 2 Henry iv. 41 3 496216 Speedief. Go, and, with your speediest, bring us what the says Ant. and Cleep. 51 798046 Speeding. Is this your speeding ? nay, then, good night

Tam. of the Sbrew. 2 The Ny whorefons have got a speeding trick to lay down ladies Henry viii. 1 3 677 117 Spells. She works by charms, by spells, by the figure and such daubery M.W.of Wind. 41 2 She would spell him backward

Mucb Ado About Nabing.13 1 132-35 Start not; her actions shall be holy, as you hear my spell is lawful Winter's Tale. 5 3 36226 Now help ye charming spells and periapts

i Henry vi. 54) 5651248 Is it possible, the spells of France should juggle men into such strange mysteries H. vii 3 676223 His spell in that is out

Ibid. 3 2 688 2 6 'Tis a spell you see of much power

Coriolanus. 5) 2734 2145 Ah, thou spell! Avaunt

Ant, and Cleop. 4.10 794134 She is abusid, stolen from me, and corrupted by spells and medicines bought of mountebanks

3 1047025 Spell-flopp'd.

Tempeft.SI 1912 45 Spelling. Unchain your spirits now with spelling charms

i Henry vi. 541 566 1124 Spencer.

Ricbard i.5 43912:29 Spend. We number nothing that we spend for you

Love's Labor L. 5 2 167254 He shall spend mine honour with his shame

Richard ii. 31 4372 5 We may boldly spend upon the hope of what is to come in

· Herry iv. 4 1 464 1 45 · I will but spend a word here in the house

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Oibello. 1

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Ibid. 2


A.S. P. C.L. Spend. And spend your rich opinion, for the name of a night-brawler Othello.121 31105612133 Sperd-ibrift. What a spend-thrift is he of his tongue

Tempefi. 2 71156 Spent. You shall go, Mouldy, it is time you were spent

2 Henry iv. 3 21 490 1126 Almost spent with hunger, I am fallen in this offence

Cymbeline. 31 61913213 Sperrs. With massey staples and corresponsive and fulfilling bolts, sperrs up the sons of Troy

Prologue to Troil, and Grey

857 2 3 Spberes. If he, compact of jars, grows musical, we Mall have mortly discord in the spheres

As You Like It. 2 7 232 159 In his bright radiance and collateral light must I be comforted not in his sphere All's W.11

12781143 I had rather hear you to solicit that, than musick from the spheres Twelfth Nigbt. 3) 1 320253

To be call'd into a huge sphere, and not to be seen to move in't Ant. and Cleopo 2171780 147 Spbered. Blow, villain, till thy sphered bias cheek out-swell the cholic of puff'd Aquilon

Troil. and Crefl: 4) 5 881143 Spberical. She is spherical, like a globe

Comedy of Errors. 3 2 111223 Knaves, thieves, and treachers by spherical predominance

Lear. 1 2 933/2153 Spbery. That wicked and dissembling glass of mine made me compare with Hermia's sphery eyne

Midf. Night's Dream. 2/ 3/ 1822 6 Sphinx. [Love] subtle as sphinx

Love's Lab. Loft.41 3 164 14 Spials. The prince's spials have informed me

i Henry vi. 1 4 5481129 Spices. For all thy by-gone fooleries were but spices of it

Winter's Tale. 3) 2 345 239 For all this spice of your hypocrisy

Henry viii. 2

3 But, one of these, (as he hath spices of them all, not all)

Coriolanus. 4) 71 732 249 Spicery. Where, in that neft of spicery, they shall breed selves of themselves, to your recomforture

Richard iii. 41 41 663|158 Spider. Here in her hairs the painter plays the spider; and hath woven a golden mesh to entrap the hearts of men

Mer. of Venice. 3 21 21012 50 There may be in the cup a spider, steep'd, and one may drink; depart, and yet partake no venom

Winter's Tale. 21 1336146 I have drunk, and seen the spider

1 336 1151 Let thy spiders, that fuck up thy venom, and heavy-gaited toads, lie in their way R. i. 3) 2 426/2 22 My brain more busy than the labouring spider, weaves tedious snares to trap mine enemies

2 Henry vi.


1 586121 Why strew'st thou sugar on that bottled spider, whose deadly web ensnareth thee about

Richard Miili 31 640120 That bottled spider, that foul bunch-back'd toad

Ibid. 41 41 660 17 But spider like, out of his self drawing web, he gives us note


1 6721214 Spies. True fpies

Tempeft. 5 1 212 46 The heaven sets spies upon us, will not have our contract celebrated Wi's Tale.

1 35912 28 l'll fill these dogged spies with false reports

Il 403119 Servants, who seem no less; which are to France the spies and speculations intelligent of our state

1 946 742 Spight. Be it for nothing but to

Comedy of Errors. 3 11026 The more my spight


4 2 113 2 16 of your heart

Mu. Ado About Notb.51 21 1442152 I'll find Demetrius and revenge this spight

Midf. Nigbt's Dream. 3 2 18917 Fauconbridge, in spight of Ipight alone, upholds the day

K. Joon. 51 41 409235 This is the deadly spight that angers me, my wife can speak no English, I no Welt

i Henry iv. 3) 1 458241 The spight of a man prevaileth against me

i Henry vi.

3 577 128 Of spight needs must I rest a while

3 Henry vi. 2 3 613141 Oh, unbid spight! is sportful Edward come

Ibid. 5116281115 Deliver'd letters, spight of intermission, which presently they read

4 943123 - A villain, that is hither come in spight, to scorn at our folemnity this night R. & Yul. I 51 9731254

The tears have got small victory by that; for it was bad enough, before their spight Ib. 4. 1990 114 Spigot, Ohase Gongarian wight! wilt thou the spigot wield Merry W.of Windjur. 1 3 491110 Spills. Friend, or brother, he forfeits his own blood, that spills another T. of Arbens. 3 51 817114

So full of artless jealousy is guilt, it spills itself, in fearing to be spilt Hamlet.14 5102812 13 Spin. Mount them, and make incision in their hides; that their hot blood may spin

Henry v. 4 21 5301150 Spinster. Nor the division of a battle knows more than a spinster


110431-12 Spirits. Light and spirits will become it well

Mer. Wives of Winds. 1 2

70260 are not finely touch'd but to fine issues

Meajure for Mecure. I 761120
The delighted spirit

I have spirit to do any thing that appears not foul in the truth of my spirit

1 89!1:53


K. Jobr. 4)

Lear. 3

ght my wife


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Lear. 2

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in English eyes

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Ibid. 31


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Ibid.5 41

A.S. PC Spirit. I measure him, says she, by my own spirit

Mu. Ado Abt. Notb.121 31 130 I would have thought her spirit had been invincible against all assaults of affection 16.21 3136 The man, as you know all, hath a contemptible spirit

Ibid. 2) 3 130 Her spirits are as coy and wild as haggards of the rock

Ibid. 31 11 132 His jefting-spirit

Ibid. 3) 2) 13 These things come thus to light, smother her spirits up

Ibid. 4/ 1178 Summon up your dearest spirits

Love's Labor Loft.2 | 15 Allay with some cold drops of modesty thy skipping spirit

Mer. of Venice. 2 2 20 All things that are, are with more spirit chased than enjoy'd

Ibid. 21 61 20 The spirit of my father, which I think is within me, begins to mutiny against this servitude

As You Like It. 1 1 22 The spirit of my father grows strong in me

Ibid. 1) 1) 25 Young gentleman, your spirits are too bold for your years

Ibid. 1 21 22 I would your fpirit were easier for advice or stronger for your need Winter's Tale. 41 31 3 Your fpirits shine through you

Macbetb.31 1 3 A braver choice of dauntless fpirits

King Jobr.21 113 - With my vext fpirits I cannot take a truce


31 The spirit of the time shall teach me speed

Ibid. 412 His fpirit is come in that stood fo out against the holy church

Ibid. 5) 2 A jewel in a ren-times-barr’d-up cheft, is a bold spirit in a loyal breast Ricbarà ri. 1 I have a thousand spirits in one breast, to answer twenty thousand such as you

Ibid. 41 1 Thy fpirit within three hath been fo at war

i Henry iv. 2 3 I did not think thee lord of such a spirit 4 Undaunted spirit in a dying breast

i Henry vi. 3) 2 And ye choice spirits that admonith me He dares not calm his contumelious spirit

2 Henry vi. 3) 2 I have not that alacrity of spirit, nor cheer of mind, that I was wont to have Ř. ii. 5 3 - A noble fpirit, as yours was put into you, ever cafts such doubts, as false coin,

Henry viii. 3 1 from it

Julius Cæfar. 4 3 0, I could weep my spirit from mine eyes

Tro. and Creff: 45 Her wanton spirits look out at every joint and motive of her body That gallant fpirit hath aspir'd the clouds, which too untimely here did scorn the

Rom. and Jul 31 1 earth

Tempeft. 1 Spirits [of the air] confined in a cloven pine

Ibid. 2 2 ufe not their power unless commanded to do it invulnerable

Meas. for Meas. 4 2 The best and wholsomest spirits of the night envellop you

All's Weli. 2 Methinks, in thee some blessed spirit doth speak Some powerful spirit instruct the kites and ravens to be thy nurses Winter's Tale. 2 3

Macberb. 1 5 You spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here

i Henry iv. 3 1 I can call spirits from the valty deep

Henry v. 2 Thy spirits are most tall Now ye familiar spirits that are culld out of the powerful regions under earth 1 H. vi. 54 Unchain your spirits now with spelling charms I never had to do with wicked spirits A spirit rais’d from depth of underground, that shall make answer to such questions

2 Henry vi. I Raising up wicked spirits from underground

Henry viii. 31 2 Some spirit put this paper in the packet, to bless your eye withal Thy spirit is all afraid to govern thee near him, but, he away, 'tis noble. Ant. & Cleo. (21 3 Thy spirit walks abroad, and turns our fuvords in our own proper entrails 7. Cæfar.)

Cymbeline. 41 2 Most willing spirits that promise noble service At his warning, whether in sea or fire, in earth or air, the extravagant and erring



Ibid. 3 3

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Ibid. 51 4 Ibid. 51 5

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Ibid. 2


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