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Smel. Do you smell a fault
Smelling so sweetly (all mufk) and so runing

Lear. 11
Smiles. Bestow thy fawning smiles on equal mates

Merry W. of Winds. 2 - Loose now and then a scatter'd smile, and that I'll live upon

Two Gent. of Verona. 3

As You Like II. 13 - If you thould smile, he grows impatient

Induc. to Tam. of the Sbrecv. I do pity his diftreffes in my smiles of comfort

All's Well.5 If thou entertaineft my love, let it appear in thy smiling, thy smiles become thee well - And making practis’d smiles, as in a looking-glass

Tw. Nigbt. 2

Winter's Tale. 1 Where we are, there's daggers in men's smiles

Macberb. 2 - Where I firft bow'd my knee unto this king of smiles, this Bolingbroke i Hen. iv. 1 When time fhall serve, there shall be smiles

Henry v. - I can fmile, and murder while I smile

3 Henry vi. - Who durft (mile, when Warwick bent his brow

Ibid. 15 They smile at me, who Mortly shall be dead

Richard in.3 Methought I stood not in the smile of heaven

Henry vili. - With a kind of smile, which ne'er came from the lungs

Coriolanus. And smiles in such a fort, as if he mock'd himself

Jul. Cafur. And some, that fmile, have in their hearts, I fear, millions of mischief Ibid. 14 He smiles valiantly

Troil. and Craffida. They were used to bend, to send their smiles before to Achilles

Ibid. Sit, gods, upon your thrones, and smile at Troy

löid. An thou can'ft not fmile as the wind sits, thou'lt catch cold Mortly

Lear. 11 you my fpeeches as I were a fool

Ibid.)2 Her fmiles and tears were like a better day

Ibid.14 One may smile, and smile, and be a villain

Hamlet. Smiling. Thus smiling, as some fy had tickled number; not as death's dart

Cymbeline. 41 Smilingly. All the regions do smilingly revolt

Coriolanus. 14 Smirch. And with a kind of umber fmirch my face

As You Like Ir. I Smircb'd. The fmirch'd worm-eaten tapestry

Much Ado About Norb. 31 Do, with his fmirch'd complexion, all fell feats

Henry vols Smit. My reliance on his fracted dates has smit my credit

Timon of Arbens. Smith. I saw a smith stand with his hammer, thus

King Fobr. - the weaver. D. P.

2 llenry vi. Smoak. I'll smoak your skin coat

King Jebr. 2 Smock. She will fit in her smock 'till the have writ å Meet of paper Mu. Ado Abi. Noth.2 Die when you will, a smock shall be your throwd

Love's Labor Lot. 5 I Mall stay here the fore horse to a smock, creaking my shoes on the plain masonry, 'till honour be bought up

All's Well. 2

Winter's Talc. 4
You would think, a smock were a Me-angel
Your old smock brings forth a new petticoat

Antony and Cleep. 1

As You Like I. I Smoke. Thus muft I from the fmoke into the smother

K. Yobr.2 They shoot but calm words, folded up in smoke

Cymbeline. And smoke the temple with our sacrifices

Coriolanuso1 Smoking swords

Lear. Smolkin. Beware my follower; peace, Smolkin, peace, thou fiend

2 Henry vila Smootb duke Humphrey

Richard ii. 3 His grace looks chearfully and smooth this morning

Titus Andronicus.14
I can smooth and fill his aged ear with golden promises

Romco and Juliei. 3
What congue Mall smooth thy name
Smoorb'x. That smooth'ft it so with king and common-wealth
Smooth-pates. The whoreson smooth-pates do now wear nothing but high fhoes, and

2 Henry iv. 11

2 Henry vi. 2

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A.S. P. C. L Srail. Ay, of a (nail; for though he comes fowly, he carries his house on his head, a

better jointure, I think, than you can make a woman, besides he brings his destiny
with him

As You Like Ir.141 242 1'23
But I can tell why a loail has a house

Lear. s 9381227 Why, to put his head in; not to give it away to his daughters, and leave his horns without a cafe

Ibid. 1 5 93812'32 Snail-pac'd beggary

Riebard ii.41 3 659 1 26 Bid the fnail-pac'd Ajax arm for Shame

Troil. and Cril: 51 5 8891120 Snail-flow in profit

Mer. of Ven. 21 s 2051219 Srake. And there the snake throws her enamell’d skin; weed wide enough to wrap a fairy in

Midf. Night's Dream. 2

2 18111153 You spotted snakes, with double tongue

Ibid. 121 31 18112 21 I fee love hath made thee a tame snake

As You Like It. 41 31 2441156 About his neck a green and gilded snake had wreath'd itself

Ibid. 41 31 244 2 37 We have scotch'd the snake, not kill'd it, he'll close, and be herself Macbetb.31 21 374/24 Fillet of a fenny snake

Ibid. 4 1 37712151 In my heart-blood warm'd, that fting my heart

Richard i. 3 2 427 2131 I fear me, you but warm the starved snake, who, cherish'd in your breafts, wil sting your heart

2 Henry vi. 3 1 58612 5 Or as the snake, roll’d on a flowering bank, with mining checker'd nough, doth Ning a child

Ivid.31 11 5852 2 - The fnake lies roll'd in the chearful sun

Titus Andronicus. 2/ 3/ 83871127 Comfortless, as frozen water to a starved snake

Ibid. 31 1 843/245 Snap. If the young dace be a bait for the old pike, I see no reason in the law of nature but I may snap at him

2 Henry iv. 3 2 49212 5 Snapper-up. Who being, as I am, litter'd under Mercury, was likewise a snapper-up of • unconfider'd trifles

Winter's Tale. 4 2 34812138 Snare. D. P.

2 Henry is. 473) Svar'd, 'Till they have fnar'd the Mepherd of the flock

2 Henry vi. 212 581117 Snatch. Why then, it seems, some certain snatch or so, would serve your turns Tir. An. 2 1837 1146 Snarcb'd. I am afeard, the life of Helen, lady, was fouly snatch'd

All's Well. 5. 3) 3044 Swatchers. We do not mean the courfing snatchers only, but fear the main intendment of the Scot

Henry v.1 25721146 Sngrches. Leave your snatches, and yield me a direct answer Measure for Measure. 4! 2 931213 She chaunted snatches of old tunes

Hamlet. 41 71033118 Sneak. And see if thou can find out Sneak's noise

2 Henry iv. 2 4 4832 31 Sneak-cup. How! the prince is a Jack, a sneak-cup

i Henry iv. 3 31 462 2 1 Sreaking. What sneaking fellow comes yonder

Troil. and Cref. 2 861

Twelfth Night.2 3 315149 Sneap. I will not undergo this fneap without reply

2 Hemy iv.

2480225 Sresping, Biron is like an envious (neaping frost

Love's Laber L.T
That may blow no sneaping winds

Winter's Tale. 1 2 334 1 26 Srip. Keep not too long in one tine, but a snip and away

Love's Lab. Luft.31 1 154250 Snipe. For i mine own gain'd knowledge Mould profane, if I Mould time expend with such a snipe

Othelio. 1 3 10511116 Stipe-taffata. Your son was milled with a snipt-taffata fellow there

All's Well. 4 5 30011:51 Snere Sleep and snore, and rend apparel out

Mercb. of Venice.21 51 20511:34 Srorting. Fast asleep behind the arras, and snorting like a horse

i Henry iv. 21 41 456123 33 Awake the snorting citizens

Orbello. 1 1104412118 Snow. The white cold virgin snow

Tempeft. 4 T
To kindle fire with snow

Two Gent. of Verona. 2 7

3212:31 Let it snow.eringoes

Merry Wives of Windl. s s 71216 Sap-consuming winter's drizled snow

Comedy of Errors. 5! 4119225 That pure, congealed, white, high Taurus' snow, fann'd with the eastern wind i turns to a crow when thou hold 'At thy hand

Midj. Nigbe's Dream. 5 2 1861-59 Hoc ice, and wond'rous strange snow 21 192 2'43 Black Macbeth will seem as pure as snow

Macbeth 4 3 3811113 As a little snow, tumbled about, anon becomes a mountain

K. John. 31 4 401/24 Oh, that I were a mockery king of snow, standing before the sun of Boling broke, to melt myself away in water drops

Ricbard i. 4) 143312 55 Rush on his host, as doth the melted snow upon the vallies

Henry 3 5 5231 40 Cold snow melts with the fun's hot beama

2 Henry wi 31 5851 55 I thought her chalte as unfunn'd snow

Cymbeline. 21 5 9c6111 He is kind-Right, as snow in harvest

Ricbord it.111 6432.10



Sneck up

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A.S. P. C.L.

Snerve Whose blush doth thaw the confecrated snow that lies on Dian's lap Tim. of Arbolel 81 82als

In winter with warm tears I'll melt the inow
- Whiter than new snow on a raven's back
Snow-wõite band. To the snow-white hand of the most beauteous lady Rosaline

Titus Androm. 31
Romeo and Jul. 3

Love's Labour Loft.441 2 160 16

Ibid. 1 1 149123

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Merry Wives of Windfor. 31 56342

Meas. for Meas. 5 7940 Mid. Night's Dream.

Love's Labor Loft. 51 226611

Snow-wbite pen. That draweth from my snow-white pen the ebon-colour'd ink
Snow-balls. My belly's as cold as if I had swallow'd know-balls for pills to cool the

Snow-broth. A man, whofe blood is very snow-broth
Snowt. D. P.
Snuff. . You'll mar the light, by taking it in snuff
- He dares not come here, for the candle you see it is already in fnuff M. Night's Drillil 1942

Let me not live, quoth he, after my. fiame lacks oil, to be the snuff of younger
Who therewith angry, when it next came there, took it in snuff
To hide me from the radiant fun, and solace i' the dungeon by a snuff
What hath been seen, either in snuffs and packings of the dukes

My snuff, and loathed part of nature, Mould burn itself out
Snug. D. P.

Midj. Night's Dream.

Quibble upon so
It may be fo, &c. A play upon the word
we seem to know, is to know itraight our purpose

Even so muit I run on, and even so stop
- I am quickly ill, and well, so Antony loves

Either he so undertaking, or they so suffering
Seal. Not on thy foal, but on thy soul, harsh Jew, thou mak't thy knife keen

All's Well.1 21 2801 1 Henry iv. 1 3 445 Cymbeline. 1 7 900

Lear. 31
Ibid. 4


Mucb Ado About Notb. 1 1 129
Love's Lab. Lit. 1 1 149

All's Well. 41 11 295

K. Fobr. 5 7 411 Ant. and Cleop. I 3) 77

Cymbeline. 4) 2916



74 2 IO!

Merchant of Venica 4
Julius Cajar.1

Coriolanus. 21
Richard iii)
2 Henry w.4 31 49

Richard m.i 46
Merry W.of Windsor.13 4

Love's Labor Loft.

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Indeed, fir, a mender of bad foals

Nor the foals of her (Fortune's] hoes
Soaring. When his soaring infolence Thall reach the people
Soars. How high a pitch his resolution foars
Sober-blooded. This fame young sober-blooded boy doth not love me
Sobs. And swore, with fobs, that he would labour my delivery
Societies. My wild societies
Society, (faith the text) is the happiness of life

To make society the sweeter welcome, we will keep ourself till fupper time alone

is no comfort to one not fociable
Sod. Twice sod fimplicity, bis coétus
Sodden business
Sodden-witted. Thou sodden-witted lord
So-forib. Sicilia is a fo-forth
Sofi. Soft, no hafte

And this soft courage makes your followers faint
Farewel. Yet soft

Of very soft fociety
Sofren. We do not know how he may soften at the fight o' the child
Softly and swiftly
-, you ha' done me a charitable office

Speak your griefs softly

Lead your battle foftly on
Soil. That would be as great a foil in the new gloss

of your marriage With Ado Ab. Norbil
The only soil of his fair virtue’s gloss, (if virtue’s gloss will itain with any foil)



Macbeib. 31 1

Love's Labor Loft.42
Troil, and Crefl: 2

Ibid. 2
Winter's Tale. 2
Mer. of Ven. 4

3 Henry vi. 2 Troilus and Cres 3

Winter's Tale. 2
Tom. of tbe Sbrew. S

Winter's Tale.
Jul. Cafar. 4

Ibid. 5



Love's Labor Loft.

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A. S. P. C. L. Sclace. We will with some ftrange pastime solace them

Love's Labor Lol.14 31 1641295 Sorrow would folace, and mine age would ease

2 Henry .vi.f21 31 5811 50 For, with his soul, fied all my worldly folace

Iit. 31 2 588 1 45 This fickly land might solace as before

Richard H. 21 31 647 1123 Sald. I know not how they fold themselves; but thou, like a kind fellow, gav'ft thyself away

2 Henry iv. 141 31 4962 41 Sader. Wars 'twixt you twain, would be as if the world thould cleave, and that Nain men should folder up the rift

Ant. and Cleop. 31 41 7841 1 Soldiers. Like Pharaoh's soldiers in the reechy painting Much Ado About Noth.31 31 135 226 As it is base for a soldier to love ; fo I am in love with a base wench

Love's L. Loft. 1 2 150248 characterized by Jaques

As You Like It. 21 7 2332129 -'s melancholy, which is ambitious

Ibid. 41 24112147
D.P. All's Well. p. 277. - Macbeth. p. 363.

K. John. p. 387.
Henry v. p. 509.
i Hen. vi. p. 543.

3 Henry vi. p. 603.
Richard ii. p. 633.

Coriolanus. p. 703.

Ant. and Cleo. p. 767.
Titus Andron. p. 831.

Cymbeline. p. 893.


9291 Well enter'd foldiers

All's Well.2 1 283 1115 You have fome stain of soldier in you

Ibid. I 1 2781219 This is your devoted friend, fir, the manifold linguist, and the armipotent soldier Ib. 41 31 299 111 Fie, my lord, fie! a soldier, and afraid

Macbetb. 5) 1 383 1 43 Your son, my lord, has paid a soldier's debt

Ibid. 15 71 386213 The swords of foldiers are his teeth, his phangs, and now he feasts, mouthing the flerh of men

K. Zobr.2 2 393255 As not a soldier of this season's stamp Tould go fo general current through the world

i Henry iv. 41 1463160 press'd by Falstaff

Ibid. . 41 21 465147 - I have got in exchange of a hundred and fifty soldiers, three hundred and odd pounds

Ibid. 41 2465 150 A soldier is better accommodated than with a wife

2 Henry iv. 3 2 48912 27 I am a foldier, (a name, that, in my thoughts, becomes me best)

Henry v.3) 3 521 2 48
Whiles yet the soldiers are in my command

Ibid. 3) 3) 5221110
Look to fee, the blind and bloody soldier, with foul hand, defile the locks of your
Thrill thrieking daughters

Ibid. 31 31 522 1116
For soldiers ftomachs always serve them well

i Henry vi. 2 31 55211150 I am a soldier ; and unapt to weep, or to exclaim on Fortune's fickleness Ibid. 51 41 5671 19 Our soldiers' like the night-owl's lazy fight

3 Henry vi. 2

1 610223 Or die a soldier, as I liv'd a king

Richard iii. 3) 1 649.1 20 Thou wast a soldier, even to Cato's with

Coriolanus. 1 41 708 230 We thank the gods our Rome hath such a soldier

Coriolanus. I 91 71029 But he's a try'd and valiant soldier.So is my horse

Julius Cæfar. 41 1758124 as little should brook wrongs, as gods

Timon of Aibens.31 51 817 148 But when they would seem soldiers, they have galls, good arms, strong joints, true swords

Troil. and Crefy: 1 3 8632 si - And may that soldier a mere recreant prove, that means not, hath not, or is not in love

Ibid. 1 31 864 147 Cymbeline lov'd me; and when a foldier was the theme, my name was not far off

Cymbeline. 3) 3 908/230 I am foldier to, and will abide it with a prince's courage

Ibid. 3) 41 911119 I am, fir, the soldier that did accompany these three in poor beseeming Ibid. 5 5 927258 Your fifter is the better foldier

Lear. 4) 51 9561115 Soldier-broeder. Thou muft, therefore, needs prove a good soldier-breeder Henry v. 5 2 54011| 9 Soldier's eye. I looked upon her with a soldier's eye

Much Ado About Notb. I

124 1130 Soldiership. And put we on industrious foldiership

Macbetb. 5 4 385 110
His foldiership is twice the other twain

Ant, and Cleopo 2
Mere pratele, without practice, is all his soldiership

Othello. 1 1 1043 2715 Solemn. All folemn things Tould answer folemn accidents

Cymbeline. 41 2916235 temples

Tempeft.141 17:2/47 Sdemnity. Rare solemnity

Two Gent. of Vircra. 51 41 44232 Solemnness. Pr’ythee, Virgilia, turn thy solemnness out o' door, and go along with us Cor. 31 707 2 55 Soles. You have dancing shoes, with nimble soles; I have a soul of lead Rom. and Yaler. 14 972;1126 Solicited. So tell him, with the occurrents, more or less, which have solicited Hamlet. 5 21041 152 Solicitor. Our best-moving fair folicitor

Love's Lab. Loft.2 1 152 135 Thy solicitor bad rather die than give thy cause away Scljcits. How he solicits heaven, himself best knows

Macbeth.141 31 381261


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Oibello 3

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h.S P. C.L Solicits. Frame yourself to orderly solicits

Eymbeline.p21 31 903||13 Soliciting. This fuper-natural soliciting cannot be ill

Macbeb. 1 3 36513133 Solidares. Here's three solidares for thee

Timon of Arbens. 31 1813 123 Sulinus, Duke of Ephesus. D. P.

Comedy of Errors.

1031 Slomon. Profound Solomon tuning a jigg

Love's Labor Loft.4 3 16229 Solon. But fater triumph is this funeral pomp, that hath aspir'd to Solon's happiness

Titus Andronicus. 1 283352 So!us. Egregious dog! O viper vile! the folus in thy most marvellous face Henry v. 2

1 514||49 Salyman, Sultan

Mer. of Venice. 2 Somerse!, Duke of. D. P. i Hen. vi. p. 543

D. P. 2 Henry vi.

571 D.P.

3 Henry vi. Duke, let him Mun castles ; safer Mall he be upon the sandy plains, than where castles mounted stand

Ibid. 1 41 5772132 kill'd

Ibid. 5) 2 602 1 6 Two of thy name, both dukes of Somerset, have sold their lives unto the House of York; and thou thalt be third, if this sword hold

3 Henry vi. 1628|2/21 For Somerset, off with his guilty head

Ibid. 5) 5 63012116

Somerville, Sir John. D.P.
Sumet bing. That we may bring you something on the way Measure for

761149 This is something that you gave me for nothing

Comedy of Errors. 2

2) 107159 It must be done to-night, and something from the palace

Macbeth.311 374126 I something fear my father's wrath

Cymbelinc. 1 2 894-6 Somet bing-fettled. Variable objects shall expel this something-settled matter in his heart

Hamlet. 3 110181153 Somerin:es from her eyes I did receive fair speechless messages

Mer. of Verice. 1 199|17 My fometime general

Ceriolanus. 4) 1 726149 As thou, my sometime daughter

Lear. I 1930-24 Our sometime fister, now our queen

Hamlei. 1 21001-14 Summe. He hath pass’d the river Somme

Henry v.3 si 522151 Son. Being an honest man's son, or rather an honest woman's son Mer. of Venice. 22

20212142 Had I as many ions as I have hairs, I would not with them to a fairer death

Macbenb. 517 3862125 He talks to me, that never had a son

K. Jobr. 3 41 400263 Can no man tell of my unthrifty fon? 'tis full three months fince I did see him lant

Ricbard ii. 5 3 436 2153 Come, my old son, I pray heaven make thee new

Ibid. 51 31 43811136 A son, who is the theme of honour's tongue

i Henry iv. 1 1 442215 The son compellid been butcher to the fire

Ricbardi. 5) 41 6691234 Had I a dozen fons, I had rather have eleven die nobly for their country, than one voluptuously surfeit out of action

Coriolanus. 1/ 31 7071116 - of fixteen, pluck the lin'd crutch from thy old limping fire, with it beat out his brains

Timon of Arbens.1481811159 For two and twenty fons I never wept, because they died in honour's lofty bed

Titus Andrenicas. 31 1 8420153 I have, fir, a son by order of law, fome year elder than this

1 9291123 Son of England. Shall the son of England prove a thief, and take purses i Henry iv. 2 41 453/2 + Songs and fonnets, book of

Mer. Wives of Wirdf. I 4712121 Both warbling of one song

Midf. Nigbt's Dream. 3) 2 187 1.4 That old and antique fong we heard last night

Iw. Nigbr. 24 3162) : He has songs for men and women of all sizes

Winter's Tale. 41 3) 354211 Songs. A cup of wine that's brisk and fine-Silence's

2 Henry iu 5 31 5042 ? A pick-axe and a spade, a spade-Clown's



I 1034145 An old hare hoar-Mercutio's

Romeo and Juliet. 21 4 9791221 And let me the canakin clink, clink-lago's

Orbello. 2 3 1055]: 1 And will he not come again-Opbelia's

Hamlet.4.51030 | 3 Be merry, be-merry, my wife has all-Silence's

2 Henry iv. 5 31 504:45 Black spirits and white-Hecate's

Macberb. 378135 Blow, blow, thou winter wind-Amien's

As You Like I. 21 7 233|2153 By thallow rivers-Evan's

Merry W. of Windfor. 31 58121 Come away, come away, death-Clown's

Twelfıb Nigbt2 41 317 1 3 Come, thou monarch of the vine-Erobarbus's

Antony and Cleopo 2 778 112ió Come unto these yellow sands-Ariel's

Tempeft. 1 2 $ 249 Cuckow long

Love's Labor Loft.51 21 1742 23 Earth's incrcase and foison plenty-Ceres'

Tempefi.141 1711150




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