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A. S. P. C.L. Sitb. Talk not of France, fith thou hast lost it all

3 Henry vi. 11 6041239 God is just

Ibid. i 3 6071214 there is no justice in earth, nor hell, we will solicit heaven

Titus Andren. 41 31 8481214 that both charge and danger speak ’gainst so great a number

Lear. 4 94512140 Sitberce, in the loss that may happen, it concerns you something to know it All's Well

. 32812 23 Sitting. I'll write you down: the which thall point you forth, at every fitting what

Winter's Tale. 41 3 355120 you must say

Macbeth. Siward and hus fon. D. P.

363 Six-pence. Thus hath he loft fix-pence a-day during his life Midf. N.'s Dream. 4 2 1912 50 there's a testril for me too

Twelfth Night.2

Coriolarus. 512 734114 Size , With all the lize that verity would without lapsing suffer Our size of sorrow, proportion’d to our cause, must be as great as that which makes

Ant. ard Cleo. 4131 796 2 it

9 With any size of words

Timon of Athens. 512 8261


Lear.2 41 944217 To fcant my fizes

Hamlet. 3) 2110201 Siz'd. And as my love is fiz'd, my fear is so

Romeo and Juliet. 21 41 97912 42 Skains-mates. I am none of his skains-mates

Macberb. 3) 2 374243 Skarf. Come seeling night, skarf up the tender eye of pitiful day

Two Gent. of Verona. 1 Skill, My Thallow limple skill

-511 16

Much Ado About
Go you with me, and I will use your skill
Whate'er he be, it skills not much

Tam. of tbe Sbrew. 3 2 266|


All's Well. 1
Whose skill was almost as great as his honesty

Wi's Tale. 4 3 3511131
I think you have as little skill to fear, as I have purpose to put you to't
It skills not greatly who impugns our doom

2 Henry vi. 3 1 5851259 And all the skill I have remembers not these garments

Lear. 141 71 960224 In mine ignorance your skill ihall, like a star i' the darkest night, stick fiery off indeed

Hamlet. 5) 2104011131

Otbello. 1 3 10501 Skillet. Let housewives make a skillet of my helm Skiil-less. Being skill-less in these parts

Twelfth Nighl. 3 3 3221 39

Troil. and Crep 1 85811 as unpractic'd infancy

5 Skimble-framble. And such a deal of skimble-skamble stuff, as puts me from my faith

i Henry iv.13 11 458 1158 Skin. I have your hand to thew: if the skin were parchment, and the blows you gave

Com. of Errors. 3

1 109 1119

Macberb. 2 3 3711243
Here lay Duncan, his filver skin lac'd with his golden blood
My skin hangs about me like an old lady's loose gown

i Henry iv.131 31 4611224 He shall have the skins of our enemies, to make dogs leather of 2 Henry vi. 4 2 593 1115 Skin-coat. I'll smoak your skin-coat an I catch you right

K. John. 21 39112152

Timon of Athens. 4) 3 8211 Skip. Let not thy sword skip on

I have been the day, with my good biting faulchion I would have made them skip Lear. 5 3 9651 47 Skipp'd. I had rather have skipp'd from fixteen years of age to fixty Cymbeline. 41 21 9162143

Tam. of tbe Shrew. 21
Skipper, stand back; 'tis age that nourisheth
Skipping. 'Tis not that time of the moon with me, to make one in fo skipping a dialogue

Tw. Night. 1 5 312 149 Skir. And make them íkir away, as swift as stones enforced from the old Allyrian Rings

Henry v. 41 71 534 1152

Macbetb. 5) 338412112 the country round Skirts, Hath in the skirts of Norway, here and there, shark'd up a lift of landless re

Hamlet. folutes Skittifo fpirits

Prol. to Troilus and Creil: Skogans. I saw him break Skogan’s head at the court gate, when he was a crack 2 H. iv. 3 2 4891 44 Sky azured vault

Tempeft. 5) 1 192121 Now by the sky that hangs above our heads

King Jobn.12 2 394 1140

Ibid.41 2 404 14
So foul a sky clears not without a storm
Since the more fair and cryital is the sky, the uglier seem the clouds that in it fly

Ricbard ii. 1 1 4141 21
Men judge by the complexion of the sky the state and inclination of the day Ibid. 3)
Skies look grimiy

Winter's Tale. 3) 31 5461150

Richard ii. 11 31 41724 Sky-aspiring and ambitious thoughts Skyyn. To o'er-top old Pelion, or the skyish head of blue Olympus

Hamlet. 5. 11036 11/20 Slab. Make the gruel thick and fab

Macbeth.41 1 37819 Slack, What a beast am I to dlack it

M. Wives of Wind. 3 4
The duke shall know how llack you have been

Ricbard ü. 1 41 643250
If you come lack of former fervices, you mall do well

Lear.l11 31 934|31199


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631:42 A.S. P.CL

Lecr. 24 4 945 ?
Romeo and Julier.'41 1989 163
Örbello. 4 3.10732

1 89413*

Winter's Tale. 1 359/1131

mage him

1 110118


Slack. If then they chanc'd to nack you, we could controul chem
- And I am nothing now to Qack-his haite

Say, that they Nack their duties
Slackly. That a king's children should be fo convey'd ! fo flackly guarded

Cymbeline. I
Slackness. And these thy offices, fo rarely kind, are as interpreters of my behind-hand

nacknefs Slair. Ay, almoft Rain, for he is taken prisoner

3 Henry vi. 41 462412133 Slake It could not flake mine ire, nor ease my heart

Ibid. 1 3 60727 Siander. Where your good word cannot advantage him, your fander never can enda

Two Vur.13) 237); - If he took you a box o' the ear, you might have your action of dander M. for Meas. 21 Salalis

lives upon succeffion; for ever hous’d, where't gets poffeßion Comedy of Errors. pron His only gift is in deviling impossible Nanders

M, d. A. Norb.

1126225 To flander mufick any more than once


31 1291211 - I'll devise fome honest Nanders

Ibid. 3 1 13226 Chiefly by my villainy did confirm any Nander that Don John had naade


31 1351 $1 Change Nander to remorse, that is some good

Ibid. 4) ) 139726 Thy flander hath gone through and through her heart

Ibid. 15 1 141245 She dy'd, my lord, but wbiles her Nander kiv'd

Ibid. sf 4 146 140 There is no stander io an allowed fool, though he do nothing but rail

Twelftb N. 5 311 15 Till I have told this nander of his blood, how God, and good men, hate fo foul a liar

Ricbard 11.'1

1 404'2: Pierc'd to the foul, with Nander's venom'd spear, the which no balm can cure

Ibid.(1 11 415/1123 A partial Nander fought I to avoid, and in the sentence my own life destroy't Ibid. ) 3 41812 - Exton, I thank thee not, for thou haft wrought a deed of Nanders with thy fatal hand



61 Thou flander of thy mother's heavy womb

Rickard iii. 1 3 6401 And for more Nander to thy dismal seat, we give thee up our guiltless blood to drink

Ibid.3 3 6512 But that Nander, fir, is found a truth now

Henry viii. 2 1 680'?

Troil, and Creil. 2) 3) 8632
Whose gall coins Nanders like a mint
You Thall not find me, daughter, after the Nander of most step-mothers

Cymbeline. 1 2 894,1 characterized

Ibid. 34 9092 fo her judgment, that what's else rare, is choak'd

Ibid.3 5912

When Nanders do not live in tongues

31 2 947 Slanderd. Were you not then as cruel as the sentence that you have flander'd fo

Meal, for Meaj. 41


Romi and Jul. 4) 1990 Thy face is mine, and thou haft Nander'd it

K. John.2 Sianderer. Thou monstrous Danderer of heaven and earth

392 Merry W. of Winds. 5) 5

72 Slanderous as satan

Tempeft. Save. Poisonous Nave

Two Gent. of Verona. 3 L 34 Over weening ilave

Mer. of Venice. 45 Shylock's speech on the state of Naves - And let me be a slave, to atchieve that maid whose sudden fight hath thralld my

Tam.of the Sbrezvor wounded eye


All's Well. 41 31 298 What a paft-saving nave is this

K. : 405 - Am I Rome's Nave The llave, a member of the country's peace, enjoys it


41 70 - How have you run from slaves that apes would beat - Mechanic flaves, with greafy aprons, rules and hammers, Talk uplift us to the view

Ant. and z 8c Thou are a flave, whom fortune's tender arm with favour never clasp'd Time of Av. 1 8

99 That laves your ordinance Slaver with lips as common as the stars that mount the capitol





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Henry v. 41

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Lear. 4

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A. S. P. C.L. Slaugbier-man, I'll be thy daughter-man; ny frantick wretch Titus Andronicus.414 849:2'32

Ten, chac'd by one, are now each one the naughter-man of twenty Cymbeline. 5 31 9211:36 Slaugbrer's pencil. Over-stained, with Naughter's pencil

K. Jono 3 398,1.42 Slaugbi'rer. Thou dost wrong me; as the slaught'rer doth, which giveth many wounds when ope will kill

i Henry vi. 25 554 2:37 Slay. The one I'll nay, the other nayeth me

Midf. Nigbt's Dream. 2 Slayer, With plumed helm thy Nayer begins threats

Lear. 41 21 954 217 Slaying is the word; it is a deed in tashion

Julius Cafar. 5 51 764 245

Ma berb, Sleave. Sleep, that knits up the ravell'd Neave of care

2 370722

Hamler. I
Sledded. He fmote the fledded Polack on the ice
Sleek o'er your rugged looks

Macbeth. 3 2 374 2 20 How Neek and wanton ye appear in every thing may bring my ruin Henry vii. 31 21 6902 54 Sleekly. Let their heads be deekly comb'd

Tam. of the Sbrew.j41 1268116 Sleep, a comforter, when it visits sorrow

Tempef. 22

9 1 28 The best of rest is neep

Meas. for Meas. 1871.43

) He that drinks all night, and is hang'd betimes in the morning, may seep the founder all the next day

Ibid. 41 31 95256 His sleeps were hinder'd by thy railings

Comedy of Errors.

5117 2 2 give thee all his rest

Muf. Night's Dr. 2 31 182 1 26 For debt that bankrupt Neep doth forrow owe

Ibid. 31 21 185,2151 'Till o'er their brows death-counterfeiting neep, with leaden and batty wings doth

Ibid. 3 2 188 -157 creep that sometimes shuts up forrow's eye, steal me awhile from mine own company Ibid. 3 2 189129 I have an exposition of Neep come upon me

Ibid. 4 1 190 1 Grim death, how foul and loathsome is thine image Induc. to Tam. of ibe Sbrew.

Winter's Tale. I come to bring him Neep

31 341:2 59 Now o'er the one half world nature seems dead, and wicked dreams abuse the curtain's Necp

Macbeib. 21 369 2 10

bid. 2 There's one did laugh in his neep, and one cry'd murder

237012 characterized

Ibid. 2 2 370 125

Ibid, Shake off this downy sleep, death's counterfeit, and look on death itself

2 3 371150 Take paper forth, fold it, write upon it, read it, afterwards feal it, and again return to bed; yet all this while in a moft fast Neep

1 3831112 Draws the sweet infant breath of gentle Neep

Ricbard i. Il 31 417217 Making fuch difference betwixt wake and Neep, as is the difference betwixt day and night

i Henry iv.


1459 119

Ibid. And on your eye-lids crown the god of deep

3) 1 459 117 King Henry's foliloquy on Deep

2 Henry iv. 31 4 487 265

Richard iii. I shall not neep in quiet at the Tower

3 Why didft thou sleep when such a deed was done

Ibid. 41 41 659 459 We did neep day out of countenance

Antony and Cleop.12 kill those pretty eyes, and give as fuft attachment to thy senses as infants empty of all thought

Troi, and Cref: 412 878 2 10 thou ape of death, lie dull upon her

Cymbeline. 2 21 902 147 thou haft been a grandfire, and begot a father to me: and thou hast created a mother

Ibid. 41 922 2 60 If our father would neep 'till I wak'd him, you should enjoy half his revenue for

2 933 133 The fault would not 'scape censure, nor the redresses Deep

ibid. 1 41 937 11 4 dwell upon thine eyes, peace in thy breast

Romeo and Juliet. 21 21 977 1:37

Ibid. If I may trust the flattering truth of Deep

51 1 9931158 Her body neeps in Capulet's monument, and her immortal part with angels lives

Ibid. 16) 1994 1.10 - In Deep I heard him say, - sweet Desdemona, let us be wary, let us hide our loves

Otbello. 311064 1117 Slerping. You ever have wished the neeping of this business

Henry wiii. 21 41 685 2110 Sleepy business. It is not Neepy business; but must be look'd to speedily, and strongly

Cymbeline. 31 5911 2 Sleeve , With a trunk neeve

Tom. of the Sbrew. 4. 3. 271230 - Here Diomed, keep this neeve

Troil, and Craft5 2 8861111 Proud Diomed, believe, I come to lose my arm, or win my Neeve

Ibid. 3/ 888 1152 Diomed has got that same scurvy, doting, foolish, young knave's Neeve of Troy, there in his helm,

Ibid. 4888220 So here comes Deeve and t’other

Ibid.15) 41 888 2:35


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Ibid. 31 41


Ibid. 4



Lear. 2



A. S. P. C. L, Sleeve-band. He fo chants to the fleeve-hand, and the work 'about the square on't

Winter's Tale. 41 2 35112137 Sleive. Thou idle immaterial kein of fleive ailk

Troilus and Cressida. 5 1 8840154 Slender. D. P.

Merry W. of Wind!

451 At fo Nender warning, you're like to have a thin and fender pittance 7.of the Sbr. 4, 41 272 253

Lear. I Sler.derly. Yet he hath ever but Nenderly known himself

932127 Slept. Last night me Nept not, nor to-night Me shall not Taming of the Shrew. 4

1269|123 One that fept in the contriving of lust, and wak'd to do it

Lear. 31 4 9481243 Slice, that's my humour

Mer. Wives of Windfor.1 47 1 3 Slid, 'tis but venturing Slide. Let the world flide

Induc. to Taming of the Sbrew. 1 251 2 3 - Thou may'st Ride from my Moulders to my heel with no greater a run but my head and neck

26711139 Sliding. Rather proved the Niding of your brother a merriment than a vice Meas. for Meas. 2 86 1146 'Slight, I could so beat the rogue

Twelfth Night. 2 5 31815

Ibid. -! will you make an ass of me

13 3211211 Away, Night man

Julius Cæfar. 41 3 759 1132 Slighted. The rogue's slighted me into the rivet

Merry W. of Winds. 3 5 631155 Sligbrly. You have, by fortune, and his highness' favours, gone nightly o’er low steps

Henry vill. 2) 4685117 The king must take it ill, that he, lo slightly valu'd in his messenger, should have him thus restrain'd

2 942119 Slime, An honest man he is, and hates the flime that sticks on filthy deeds Orbello. 210772) 3 Slink. We will Nink away in supper time

Mercb. of Venice. 12 41 2041-39 'Tis he, Nink by and note him

As 7 ou Like It. 2 23612 52 So his familiars from his buried fortunes flink all away

Timor. of Atbers. 4 218191026 Slips. Without any nips of prolixity, or crossing the plain highway of talk Mer. of Ven. 31 1

Let the world nip; we shall ne'er be younger Induc. to Tam. of ihe Sbrew. 25412149 Let him let the matter Nip, and I'll give him my horse

Twelfth Nigbr. 314 325149 But fourishes in thee, and in thy fons; fair nips of such a stock 2 Henry vi. 21 21 580 2154 These nips have made him noted long

Titus Andronicus. 2/ 31 8381273 Brave sip, sprung from the great Andronicus

Ibid. 51 9501136 We'll Nip you for a reason

Cymbeline. 4 31 91911136 - What counterfeit did I give you ?-the flip

Rom. and Juliet. 21 4 9781235 Such wanton, wild, and usual nips, as are companions noted and most known to youth and liberty

Hamlet. 21100916 Slipp'd. We, in pity of the gentle king, had flipp'd our claim until another age 3 2 613 12

If I could have remember'd a gilt counterfeit, thou would'It not have Nipp'd out of my contemplation

Troilus and Créffida.2 3868 2146 Slipper. I do adore thy sweet grace's Nipper

Love's Labor Lof. 51 2 17212129 Standing on flippers, (which in nimble haste had falsly thruft upon contrary feet)

King Jobn. 4/ 2 40412 54

Winter's Tale. I Silppery. My wife is Nippery

2 33612155 And he that stands upon a nippery place, makes ņice of no vile hold to stay him up

K. Febn. 31 4 401 47 O, world, thy Nippery turns

Coriolanus. 41 7281133 Our slippery people

Ant. and Clepot 7701737

Tim. of Aibens. 1804 125 When they fall, as being Nippery standers, the love that lean'd on them as Nippery too

Troi, and Crej 3 3 875129 As Nippery as the Gordian knot was hard

Cymbeline. 2

2) 9021 A Nippery and fubile knave

Orbello. 21 1105312152 Slip-food. Thy wit shall not go Nip-shod

Lear. 11 5 938121 Slipe. If he had been as you, and you as he, you would have slipt like him Meas. for Miaf. 2

831159 Sliver. She that herself will liver and disbranch from her maternal fap, perforce must wither

Lear.14 2 9541143 There on the pendant boughs her convent weeds clambering to hang, an envious diver broke

Hamler. 4. 71033114 Sliver'd. Slips of yew, Niver'd in the moon's eclipse

Macberb. 41 13781115 Slobhery. But I will tell my dukedom, to buy a Nobbery and a dirty farm, in that nookfhotten isle of Albion

Henry v.3) 5 522 264 Slops. As a German, from the waist downwards, all flops Mu. Ado Ab. Norb. 31 2 Disfigure not his Nop

Love's Labor Loj. 41 3 1601012 - What said malter Dombledon, about the fattin for my mort cloak and Nops H. 21 47611lzo








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A. S. P. C. L. Slop. Bon jour ! there's a French falutation to your French Nop Romeo and Juliet.f21 41 9781213! sloth. Weariness can snore upon the flint, when resty noth finds the down pillow hard

Cymbelinc. 31 913133 Slovenry. And time hath worn us into Novenry

Henry v.41 31 532121 $loxgb. Cast thy humble Nough, and appear freth

Twelftb Nigbr. 21 5 319020. Cast thy humble slough, says the

Ibid. 3) 4 323145 And newly move with cafted Nough and fresh legerity

Henry v. 4 52712 17 Slow. I am nothing Now, to nack his halte

Romeo and Juliet. 41 1 9891160 $It'd. I would I knew not why it thould be now'd

Ibid.4 1 98912161 Slower. To leave this keen encounter of our wits, and fall somewhat into a nower method i

Richard u. 1 263612 7. Slubber. Slubber not business for my fake'

Mer. of Venice. 2 82072-3 You must therefore be content to Rubber the gloss of your new fortunes

Orbello. 1 3 1049125 Slug. Fie, what a sug is Hastings ! that he comes not

Richard 1.31 16481147 Sluggard. : 'Cry, mercy, lords, and watchful gentlemen, that you have ta’en a tardy Auggard' here:

Ibid. 51 36681.8 Sluggardiz'd at home

Two Gent. of Veruna. 1 1

23/11a. Sluic'd. Holds his wife by the arm, that little thinks the hath been Quic'd in his absence

Winter's Tale. 1 2 336 722

Ricbard ii. 1 11 4142 23 - out his innocent soul through streams of blood Slumbers. In thy faint Numbers, I by thee have watch'd, and heard thee murmur tales of iron wars

i Henry iv.12 31 450249 O murd'rous Number ! lay'st thou thy leaden mace upon my boy, that plays thee musick

Jul. Cafar.41 31 761215 That I may number in eternal Neep

Titus Andronicus. 2 5 841120 When will this fearful Number have an end

Ibid. 3) 1 8432 42 Slumbry. In this numbry agitation

Macbeth. 511 383 1115
Slunk. Or Runk not Saturnine, as Tarquin erst, that left the camp to fin in Lucrece

Titus Andronicus. 14 al 8451221
Sluttery, to such neat excellence oppos’d, should make desire vomit emptiness Cym. 1 789926
Slutrijh. Truly, fortune's displeasure is but fluttish, if it smell so strongly as thou
speak'st of

All's Well. 51 21 302'). 5
Set them down for Nutrilh spoils of opportunity

Troi. and Cred: 141 5881248 Slartishness. Praised be the gods for thy foulness, Quttishness may come hereafter

As You Like It.31 31 238245 Sly, Christopher. D. P.

Induc. to Tom. of obe Sbrew.

251 Account of himself

Ibid. 2 2532115 Stephen

Ibid. 2 254140
Smack. All feats, all ages smack of this vice

Meas. for Meal. 2 2
Thou hart to pull at a smack of the contrary

All's Well. 2 31 28712154
Nothing the does, or seems, but smacks of something greater than herself W. Tale.f4 31 355138
So well thy words become thee, as thy wounds! they smack of honour both Macb. 2 36418

For it is but a bastard to the time, that doth not smack of observation K. Jobuil 1 3892 29 - it not something of the policy

Ibid. 2 2 394139 Your lordship, though not clean past your youth, hath yet some smack of age in you

2 Henry iv. 1 Thy life hath had some smack of honour in it

Julius Cæfar. 5 5 7651133 Smacking of every sin that has a name

Macberb.f41 31 381 121 Small. You may speak as small as you will

Midf. Nigba's Dream. 1 2 178146 Small-beer, Doth it not Thew vilely in me, to defire small-beer

2 Henry iv. 2 2 4811156 And I will make it felony to drink small-beer

2 Henry vi. 4 2 59312 3 To suckle fools, and chronicle small-beer

Orbello.2 11105311117 Smalos. Where the warlike Smalos, that noble honour'd lord, is fear'd, and lov'd W. Tale. 5 + 359 1159 Smatter with your gollips, go

Romeo and Juliet. 31 5 98917 ? Smear'd. Who smear'd thus, and mird with infamy

Much Ado Ab. Notb.4 138124 Triumphant death, smear’d with captivity

i Henry vi. 41 71 564111 I Smells. He smells April and May

Merry Wives of Windt.132 59236 There was the rankest compound of villainous smell that ever offended noftril Ibid. 3) s 641113 of calumny

Mcaj. for Meas. 2. 4 8612144
Thou lose it thy old smell

As You Like It. 1 2
You finell this business with a sense as cold as is a dead man's nose Winter's Tale. 2 1 3401155
I smell it; upon my life, it will do well

i Henry iv.1 31 4471231 Go, thrust him out at gates, and let him smell his way to Dover

Lear. 3 795212 18 Thy counsel, lad, imells of no cowardice

Titus Andronicus.!21 183712/26



21 4761253

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