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Ant. ard Cleop. 5
Shame. Go, and say, we purpose her no shame

Ibid. 5
What a wounding thame is this

Timon of Athens. 5
that they wanted cunning, in excess hath broke their hearts
The disdain and Mame whereof hath ever since kept Hector fasting and waking

Trcil. and Creffida.
And think them Mames, which are, indeed, nought else but the protractive trials of

Ibid. 1

31 8612158 great Jove

Ibid. 3 87311113 -'s a baby


4 937 142 The shame itself doth speak for instant remedy


41 9422 44 How, mak'ft thou this shame thy pastime

Ibid. 2
Let Mame come when it will, I do not call it

4 945 1/24

Ibid. 431 9351211 A sovereign thame fo elbows him

Ibid.41 31 955215 That burning shame detains him from Cordelia

Romeo and Juliet. 3

98412 20 He was not born to shame Iago knows, that the with Caffio hath the act of Thame, a thousand times committed

Oibello. 5

210781133 Sbamd. Wherein if I be foil'd, there is but one tham'd that was never gracious

As You Like It. 1

226229 You will be mam'd for ever

Othello. 2 3/1056149 Sbame-fac'd.

81 627|239 Seize on the shame-fac'd Henry, bear him hence

3 Henry vi. 4 Sbameless. Beyond imagination is the wrong, that me this day hath shameless thrown

Comedy of Errors. S

118 225 Shameless-desperate. Grew shameless desperate


51 924151 Sbame-proof. We are shame-proof

Love's Lab. Loft. 5 171125
Sbamest. But, perhaps, my son, thou shamest to acknowledge me in misery Como of Er. 5 119235
Sbanks. My conscience ! thou art fetter'd more than my ihanks and wrists Cymbeline. 5 4 9212151
Shape. For Mape, for bearing, argument, and valour

Mu. Ado About Notb. 3
In the shape of two countries at once


3 133127 And thape his service all to my behests

Love's Lab. Loft. 5

16612124 If sight and shape be true, why then,-my love adieu

As You Like It. 15 2491133 An if my brother had my shape, and I had his, Sir Robert's his, like him K. Jon. I 38913 Take any shape but that, and my firm nerves shall never tremble


3 4 376 1 46 The blood weeps from my heart, when I do shape in forms imaginary 2 Henry iv.14 - I do pronounce him in that very shape, he shall appear in proof Henry viii. 1 1674 19 Nor age, nor honour Tall thape privilege

Titus Andronicus.14 41 849 230 I'll move the king to any Mape of thy preferment

Cymbeline. 1 61 8981241 his old new

Lear. I
Thy noble thape is but a form of wax, digreffing from the valour of a man

Romeo and Juliet. 3
Weigh what convenience, both of time and means, may fit us to our Mape
My hope do shape him for the governor

Otbeilo. 2
Sbap'd. The more of you 'twas felt, the more it shap'd unto my end of stealing them

Cymbeline. 5
Sbard-borne. The Mard-borne beetle, with his drowsy hums

Magerb. 3
Sbarded beerle.

Cymbeline. 31 31 9081140
Sbards. They are his shards, and he their beetle

Ant. and Cleop. 3
For charitable prayers, shards, fines, and pebbles, should be thrown on her Hamles.

Maw and gulf of the ravin'd salt-sea shark

Shark'd up a lift of landless resolutes, for food and diet


Sbarp. A good sharp fellow

Mucb Ado About Norb.
Straining hard difcords and unpleasing Tharps
Sharpens. Now the Tharpens

Romeo and Julier.131 5987121.5
Troil, and Crell: 5

886 1123 Sbarper. This life is best, if quiet life be best ; sweeter to you that have a

Sbarp-provided. With what a Marp-provided wit he reasons ! to mitigate the scorn he

Cymbeline 3 3/ 9031152
gives his uncle
Sbarp-ictb'd unkindness
Sbave. Now, by God's mother, priest, I'll shave your crown for this
Shav'd. Bardolph was fav’d, and lost many a hair

Henry vis2

i Henry iv.
Like the shaven Hercules

3 Sbaw, Dr.

Mucb. Ado Abt. Noib.3

3 Sbea!'d. That's a sheal'd peassad




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Ricbard iii.




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A.S. P. C. L. Sbeatb thy impatience

Merry W.of Winds: 121 31 5712/32 You Meath

i Henry iv. 2 41 4542 Sbeba was never more covetous of wisdom, and fair virtue, than this pure soul Mall be

Henry vi. 5 4 702 1/21 Sbeen. By fountain clear or spangled star-light theen

Mid. Nigbt's Dream. 2 1179134 And thirty dozen moons with borrowed sheen

Hamlet.3 2102011 45 Sbeep. Nibbling Theep

Tempeft.4 1 Comparison of master and servant with sheep and thepherd Two Gent. of Verona. 1 24 138 Thou peevith sheep

Comedy of Errors. 4 1 1131 42 Love, it kills Meep: it kills me, I a sheep

Love's Labor Loft. 4 31 1602 5 Ba, most filly sheep, with a horn

Ibid. 51 1 16511118 I am a tainted wether of the flock, meetest for death

Mer. of Ven.4 21512 31 - Every 'leven wether tods, every tod yields pound and odd thilling, fifteen hundred fhorn, what come the wool to

Winter's Tale. 41 2 348 2/48 run not half so timorous from the wolf

i Henry vi.

55491214 So first the harmless Meep doth yield the Aeece, and next his throat unto the butcher's knife

3 Henry vi.[5) 5 631 2 18 Sbeep-biter. Would'st thou not be glad to have the niggardly, rascally sheep.biter come by some notable Thame

Twelfth Nigbi. 2 5 317|2|32 Sbeep-biting. Shew your Meep-biting face, and be hang'd an hour Meas. for Meas. 5 | 101023 Sbeep-core. Draw our throne into a Meep-cote! all deaths are too few, the sharpest too easy

Winter's Tal. 41 31 3571121 Sbeep's-guts. That Meep's-guts should hale fouls out of men's bodies M.Ado Ab.No:b.2 3 129 2 37 Sbeep-hearing. What am I to buy for our sheep-learing feast

Wi's Tale. 4 21 3482 51 This your Meep-Mhearing is a meeting of the petty gods, and you the queen on't 16.4 3 349 238 Sbeep-wbifling rogue

Ibid. 4 3 3571117 Sbeers. There went but a pair of Meers between us

Meas. for Mealalt 2 76 2146 Thou sheer immaculate, and silver fountain

Richard i. 5) 3 437"159 Sbeer-ale.

Induc. to Taming of the Shrew. 2 2532121 Sbeet, quibbling on the word

Much Ado About Notb.21 3) 1301 157 Sully the purity and whiteness of my sheets, which to preserve, is neep; which being spotted is goads, thorns, nettles, tails of wasps

Winter's Tale. 1 2 337 1158 My traffick is sheets

Ibid.14 2 34812135 I'll canvas thee between a pair of sheets

2 Henry iv. 2 44861115 When snow the pasture sheets

Ant. and Cleop. 4772 147 - Happiness to their sheets

Obello.2) 3/105511114 Sbelter. Learn this Thomas, and thou Malt prove a Melter to thy friends 2 Herry iv. 4 4 497 2153 The gods to their dear Thelter take thee, maid

1931/41 Sbent. We shall all be Thent

Merry W. of Wind. 41 50 1/43 - I am fhent for speaking to you

Twelfth Night.4 2 328124 Do you hear how we are thene for keeping your greatness back Coriolanus. 5 3 734 247 He Ment our messengers

Troi. and Cref. 21 31 869 443 How in my words soever the be shent, to give them seals never, my foul, consent

Hamler. 3211023223 Sbepberd. But I am Mepherd to another man, and do not sheer the fleeces that I graze

As You Like It. 21 4 231153 's description of his own contented state

Ibid. 3 2 23511 30 the occupation ridiculed by Touchstone

Ibid. 3) 223535 If thou be'st not damn'd for this, the devil himself will have no shepherds

Ibid.31 2.235442 D. P.

Winter's Tale.

333 Now he thanks the old Mepherd, which stands by, like a weather-beaten conduit of many kings reigns

Ibid. 5 2 3602 3 father to Joan la Pucelle. D. P.

1. Henry vi. 543) Thus is the Mepherd beaten from thy side

2 Henry vi. 31 585-20 What time the thepherd, blowing of his nails, cap neither call it perfect day, nor night

3 Henry vi. 2 5614111 8 - employment and life preferred by Henry to a king's

Ibid.2 s 6140|21 - So flies the reckless Mepherd from the wolf

Ibid. 1 6 631216 The shepherd knows not thunder from a tabor, more than I know the sound of Marcius' tongue from every meaner mans

Ceriolarus. 11 6709|4|57 Like a shepherd, approach the fold, and cull the infected forth, but kill not altogether

Timn of Aibens. sl 6 8294 1 Sbepberdesses. D. P.

Winier's Tale.

3331 Sheriff. D. P. : Henry iv. p. 441, - 2 Henry vi. p.5716

Ricbard ii.


Lear. 1

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A.S. P. C.L. Sberiff. A great power of Englith, and of Scots, are by the sheriff of Yorkshire overthrown

2 Herry iv. 4 4 49811 50 Sberiff's post. He says he'll stand at your door like a sheriff's post, and be the supporter to a bench

Tw. Nigbr. 5 311 2 150 Sberris-fack, excellent effects of on the body and mind

2 Henry iv. 41 3 497115 Sbes. Or I could make him swear the thes of Italy should not betray mine interest, and his honour

Cymbeline. 14 896142 Shews. These thews be not outward, which of you but is four Volces Coriolanus. 67092159 It will shew honesty in us

Timon of Aibens. 5)2 825236 scarce fo gross as beetles

Liar. 4


9561227 Or any shew you'll shew him, be not you asham'd to New

Hamlet. 3 2 10201127 Sbewing. If you will have it in hewing, you shall read it in,-what do you call there!

All's Well.2


2861 Of very soft fociety and great shewing

Hanilet. 5 2703812-8 Sbew-place. l' the common New-place where they exercise, his sons he there proclaim'd, the kings of kings

Ant. and Cleop. 3 67842 Shield thee from Warwick's frown

3 Herry vi. 4 5 625141. Whose honour heaven Thield from foil

Henry viii. 1 21 6741234 However thou art a fiend, a woman's shape doth field thee

Lear.'4 2 9542129 Sbift. I must cony-catch, I muft shift

Merry Wives of Windsor. 1 3' 45124

' A man here needs not live by shifts

Comedy of Errors. 3 2 112218 and save yourself

Ibid. 5 1 11847 Thou ling'st well enough for a Mift

M. Ado Ab. Noth.2 3 129 260 an You have made shift to run into't boots and spurs and all, like him that leapt into the custard

All's Well. 2 5 289124 Not to deliberate, not to remember, not to have patience to shift me 2 Henry iv. 5! 5 5061129 For me, I will make thift for one

2 Herry vi. 4 8 597 157 Curs'd be that heart that forced us to this shift

Titus Andron. 4 18452|33 Sir, I would advise you to shift a Mirt

Cymbeline. I 3

89512119 Sbifred. I shifted him away

Othello. 4! 1 10681/20 Shine. As upon thee, Macbeth, their speeches Thine


3372 2153 Sbins. Frail Thins

Tempefi.41 1
Nay, I shall ne'er be aware of mine own wit, till I break my thins against it

As You Like It.2 4 23111 30
Sbip, lay her a-hold, a-hold; set her two courses; off to sea again, lay her off Tempeft., 1

12/28 - now on the beak, now in the waste, the deck, in every cabin

Ibid. is tight and yare

Tempeft. 51 and sheep, quibbling between the meaning of

Two Gent. of Verona. 1

241138 cannot perish having thee aboard, being destin'd to a drier death on shore

242 56 And left the ship, then finking-ripe, to us

Com. of Errors. I

1 104/1/18 Ships are but boards, sailors but men

Merchant of Venice. I 3 2002 20 Now am I like that proud insulting ship, which Cæfar and his fortune bare at once

i Henry vi. 1 2 5462 46 Like to a mip, that, having 'scap'd a tempeft, is straightway calm’d and boarded by a tyrant

2 Henry vi. 41 9 598 1/21 Q. Margaret's comparison of her state to that of a Mip in danger 3 Henry vi. 5 4 6292 49* Their fhips are yare ; yours, heavy

Art. and Cleep. 371785259 Valour's Thew and valour's worth compard to a large and a small ship in a calm and in a storm

Troil, and Cref 1 3 862112 Shipping. I have seen them in the church together; God send them good shipping

Tam of the Sbrew. 51 1274,135 His shipping, (poor ignorant baublest on our terrible seas, like egg-shells mov'd upon their surges, crack'd as easily 'gainst our rocks

Cymbeline. 31 9c62163 Shipwreck. The direful spectacle of the wreck


2160 Sbij wreck'd upon a kingdom, where no pity, no friends, no hope, no kindred weep for

Henry vii. 3 1 6872 54 Ship wreck. And see his Thipwreck, and his common-weal's Titus Ardronicus. 2

11 836 1159 Sbirrs. I bought you a dozen of shirts to your back

i Henry iv. 31 31 4201141 There s but a shirt and a half in all my company, and the half shirt is two napkins tack'd together and thrown over the Moulders like a herald's coat without sleeves 16.41 21 465223 The shirt of Neffus is upon me

Ant. and Cleop. 410 7941 17 Sbive. And easy it is of a cut loaf to steal a fhive

Titus Ardronicus. 2 1 83711

37 Shiver'd. So many fathom down precipitating, thou liadt niver'd like an egg Lear. 41 6 95711

15 Sboek, Come the three corners of the world in arms, and we shall nock themn K. Jokn.)51 31 4112166


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Ibid. 1

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Sboe. Let me lick thy shoe

A.S. P. C.L. Over Moes in love

Tempoh. 13) 2123124 - Being o'er shoes in blood, plunge in the deep, and kill me too Midf. Nigbe's Dream. 31 2 1854

Two Gent. of Verona. 11 +2345 Or ere those shoes were old, with which the follow'd my poor father's body Hamies. 1 2_i6031116

With two provincial roses on my rayed thoes Sboeing-born. A thrifty Moeing-horn in a chain, hanging at his brother's leg Tr.& Cref 5 ) 884/2135

Ibid. (31 2(1021122 Sboe-maker. It is written, that the shoe-maker should meddle with his yard R. and Jul.[11 21 9761452 Sbe-tye. Brave master the great traveller Skog. Will you log off

Meas. for Meal. 4) 395/224 Shall we thog

Henry v.12) 514/2147 Sboon. Spare none but such as go in clouted thoon

Ibid. 2 3 5187115 - Sandal Thoon

2 Henry vi. 4 2 594/2/14 Sboot. Where you may make the faireft shoot

Hamlet (4 511028/2/23 Thou want it a rough path and the shoots

Love's Lab. Loft. 4 1 257)|17

Winter's Tale. 1 2 3331157 - They Moot but calm words, folded up in smoke Auftria and France thoor in each other's mouth

King Jobn. 2 1 39212135 Shooting. A whole army Mooting at me

Ibid. 2 2 3941/01

Much Ado About Norbing 2 1 1271213 Sbops. And we for fear compellid to shut our tops Sbore. I have labour'd for the poor gentlemen to the extremelt shore of my modesty

i Henry vi. 3) 155524 You have share with thears his thread of filk

Meaf. for Meal. 3) 2

Midf. Nigbi's Drean. 5. 1 1952 And two such thores to two such streams made one

K. Yohn. 2 27 39423 Pure grief thore his old thread in twain

Otbeilo. 5) 2107811 Jane. Night-walking heralds, that trudge betwixt the king and mistress Shore Ruillil if 6342 We say that Shore's wife hath a pretty foot, a cherry lip, a bonny eye, a palling pleasing tongue

Richard iii.

1 634 I never look'd for better at his hands, after he once fell in with mistress Shore Ibid.s) 5) 653) Sbort. Leonato's thort daughter

Much Ado Ab. Norb. I I shall mort my word, by length’ning my return

Cymbeline. 71 goll Sbort-arm'd ignorance

Troil. and Cre2


868 Short-cake, Alice

M.Wives of Windis

47 Short-graffed, green

Tempel. 41 17 Sborten. No prince, nor, peer, thall have just cause to fayz-heaven Morten Harry's happy life one day

2 Hen. iv. 5) 2 504 Sbor." *Tis the rarelt argument of wonder that hath shot out in our later times All's W. 2 Near or far off, well won is still well thot

King Jobn. 11 0, give me always a little, lean, old, chopp'd, bald shot

2 Henry iv. 3 2 49 Safe out of fortune's thot

Titus Andronicus.12 - If I prove a good repast to the spectators, the dim pays the shot

Cymbeline. 5 4 92 thorough the ear with a love song

Romeo and Juliet.2 41 97 Sbor-free. Though I could 'scape Thot-free at London, I fear the mot here

i Henry iv. 5). 31 47 Sbould. This should is like a spend-thrift figh that hurts by easing

Hamler. 14 71103 Şboulder. Let him be clapp'd on the thoulder and callid Adam Much Ado Ab. Norb. 1 Her shoulder is with child

Love's Lab. Loft. 44 3 Thotten

Taming of tbe Sörew. 3 Weak shoulders, over-borne with burth'ning grief

I Henry vi. 21.5 5 This shoulder was ordain'd so thick to heave; and heave it fall some weight, or break my back

3 Henry vi. 517 - From there shoulders, these ruin'd. pillars, out of pity, taken a load would fink a navy

Henry viii. 3 The wind fits in the shoulder of your fail

Hamier. 31 Sbculder-blade. I fear, fit, my shoulder-blade is out

Winter's Taic.42 Sboulder-clapper.

Comedy of Errers.)
And almost shoulder'd in the swallowing gulph of dark forgetfulness and

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A. S. P. C. LE Storvers. See, fèc, wliat showers arise, blown with the windy tempeft of my heart

3 Henry vi. 21 S 614235 Once more I shower a welcome on you

Ilenry viii.

41 6781130 I'll set thee in a shower of gold, and hail rich pearls upon thec Ant. and Cleop.121 51 777255

He and nyell, have travell'd in the great shower of your gifts Tim. of Aib. 51 2 826239 Sbrver'd. My sovereign, I confess, your royal graces, shower'd on me daily Henry viii. 3 2 69c26 Sbowift. Have more than thou shower

Lear. 1 41 936113 Sérids. With these Mreds they vented their complainings

Cyriolanus. 1 1705-10 Shrw.. In such a night did pretty Jeffica, like a little shrew, Nander her love M. f V.5 1 219 145 Is the so hot a threw as The's reported

Tam. of tbe Shreau. 4 267146 By this reckoning, he is more shrew than the

Ibid. 14 il 268 110 He that knows better how to tame a threw, now let him fpeak; 'tis charity, to shew

Ibid. 4) 1 2691-136 Your husband, being troubled with a Mrew, measures my husband's forrow by his

Ibid. 512 27512,2 Now go thy ways, thou hast tam'd a curft Mrew

Ibid. 5. 2) 2762162 Blefs you, fair fhrew

Twelfth Night. - 31 3091 S me if I would lose it for a revenue, of any king's in Europe

Cymbeline. 2 31 904119 Shriwd. Yet, in other places, she enlargeth her mirth so far, that there is shrewd construction made of her

Merry W. of Wirdfor.122 5601 Cæfar

Measure for Measure. 12
If thou be'st fo Mrewd of thy tongue

Mucb Ado About Noth. 2 125/1156
O, when she's angry, she is keen and shrewd

Mid. Night's Dream.3 2 18810 There are some shrewd contents in yon fame paper

Mercbunt of Venice. 3) 2) 211|2160 Every of this happy number, that have endur'd threwd days and nights with us, shall Mare the good of our returned fortune

As You Like It. 541 24912136 - Petruchio, fall I then come roundly to thee, and with thee to a shrewd ill-favour'd wife

Tan, of ibe 21 258 11 8 She is intolerably curít and shrewd and froward

Ibid. 1

2125811133 This young maid might do her a Mrewd turn if the pleasid

All's Well. 31 5 29316 Ah foul Mrew'd news

King John.1515 41058 And Humphrey Duke of Gloster scarce himself that bears so threwd a maim 2 Hen.zi. 2 3 5811214 . Do my lord of Canterbury a Mrewd turn, and he is your friend for ever Henry viii. 21700239 You are too shrewd

Ricbard in. 2) 41 64712 27. The last day was a shrewd one to us

Antony and Cleop-141 91 793 49 Shrewdiy. You apprehend passing threwdly

Much Ado debiut Nob. 2 1 126 127 He's threwdly vex'd at something

All's Well. 3/ 51 29337 Ay, but these English are shrewdly out of beef

llenry v.31 71 52012139 My misgiving till falls Mrewdly to the purpose

Julius Cæfar. 753 2112 My fame is shrewdly gor'd

Troilus and Creig: 3 3 876243 Sbrewish. My wife is Mrewith when I keep not hours

Comedy of Ermrs. 31 1 11 8 Sbrewisbly. He speaks very shrewithly

Tweljeh Nizbr. 5 312/13 Sbrewishness. I have no gilt at all in threwithness

Mid. Night's Dream. 3 21 18712 47 Sbrewsoury. Douglas, and the English rebels met, the eleventh of this month at Shrewsbury

i Henry iv. 3 2 461121 I But we rose both at an instant, and fought a long hour by Shrewsbury clock Ibid. 151 41 4721122 Sbrieks. With mrieks the melted into air

Winter's Tale. 31 31 3462125 Then I'd thriek, that even your ears Mould rift to hear me

Ibid. SI 3581154 What Mould it be, that they so Mriek abroad

Romeo and Juliet. 51 31 996258 Shrift. I will give him a present thrift, and advise him for a better place Meas. for M:01:43 The ghostly father now hath donc his fhrift

3 llenry vi. 31 2 618 2 2 Make a short Thrift; he longs to see your head

Richard ii. 3) 41 652231 I would, thou were so happy by thy stay, to hear true Mrift Romeo and Juliet. 1 969137 Riddling confeflion finds but riddling Thrift

31 977245 Bid her devise fome means to come to Mrift this afternoon

Ibid. 249801122 - Have you got leave to go to shrift to day

It id. 2 5 981724 - His bed shall seem a school, his board a shrift

Orbell.. 31 31059225, Shrills. How poor Andromache Thrills her dolours forth

Trcilus and Crelida. 51 388811133 Sbrill-fbrieking daughter

Henry v.31 3 5221116 Sbrill-tongued. Is the thrill-tongued or low

Antony and Cleop. 31 31 783 124 Shrimp. When he was a babe, a child, a shrimp; thus did he strangle serpents in his

Love's Lab. L. 51 21.172 | 9 It cannot bé, this weak and wrizled thrimp would Arike such terror to his enemies

1 Henry will21 31 5511-143 5 K 2


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Ibid. 2


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