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A.S. P. C. L. Scowl. Hath a heart that is not glad at the thing they scowl at

Cymbeline.[11 11 893

6712 Scrape." If it be but to scrape the figures out of your husband's brains M.W. of Wind. 41 trencher

Tempeft. 122

12 2 17 Those scraps are good deeds past

Troil. and Crep 3) 3 876716 Scratch my head, Peare Blossom

Midf. Nigbr's Dr. 41 1 189 15% Help cavalero Cobweb to scratch

1 1892145 Heaven forbid a shallow scratch should drive the prince of Wales from such a field as this:

i Henry iv. 5 41 470 2126 I'll fcratch their heads

Henry viii. 5| 3 7001255 Scratcb'd. My Lord, I am a man whom fortune hath cruelly scratch'd All's Well. 51 21 3021130 Scritch-owl. The scritch-owl, scritching loud, puts the wretch that lies in woe, in remembrance of a shroud

Midf. N.'s Dream. 52 19512 46 The time when screech-owls cry, and ban-dogs howl

2 Henry vi. 1 4 5772 5 Let him, that will a screech-owl aye be call’d, go in to Troy, and say there--Hector's dead

Troilus and Crel: 511 890 2153 Screens. Your leavy screens throw down, and thew like those you are Macbetb. 5 6 3851222 Screw. But screw your courage to the sticking place, and we'll not fail

Ibid. 11 7 3682120 Scrip. You had best to call them generally, man by man, according to the scrip

Midf. Nigłt's Dream. 2 17712157 Scrimers. The scrimers of their nation, he swore, had neither motion, guard, nor eye, if you oppos'd them

Hamlet. 4 7 1032135 Scrippage. Though not with bag and baggage, yet with scrip and scrippage As Y. L. It. 3 2 23616 Scriptures. The fcriptures of the loyal Leonatus, all turn’d to heresy Cymbeline. 31 41 91011115 Scrivener. My boy ihall fetch the scrivener presently

Tam. of the Shrew. 41 41 272 231
D. P.

Ricbard iii.
Scroll. Here's the scroll, the continent and summary of my fortune Mer. of Venice. 3 2
Sweet scrolls, to fly about the streets of Rome

Titus Andronicus. 41 41 8491 45
Scroop, Sir Stephen. D.P.

Ricbard ii. 413 , Archbihhop of York. D.P.

i Henry iv. -, Lord. D.P.

Henry v. 5091
Scrowl. Here is the scrowl of every man's name

Midf. Nigbt's Dream. 1
Call forth the actors by the scrowl

Ibid. 1

2 178119 - Gracing the scrowl that tells of this war's loss

King Jcbn. 2 2 393/2150 Accept this scrowl, most gracious sovereign

i Henry vi. 3) 1 5561153 Do not exceed the prescript of this scrow!

Ant. and Cleop.13

Scroyles. By heaven these scroyles,—of Angiers flout you, Kings

K. John.2 21 3941115
Scrubbed. I gave it to a youth,-a kind of boy; a little scrubbed boy, no higher than
For that same scrubbed boy, the doctor's clerk, in lieu of this, did last night lie with

Mercb. of Venice. 5 1 220 229
Ibid. 1511

. Nor nature never lends the smallest scruple of her excellence

Mca. for Mea. 1 76121
Nor need you, on mine honour, have to do with any scruple

I know them, yea, and what they weigh, even to the utmost scruple M. Ado Ab. N. 51 142.113
If I lose a fcruple of this sport, let me be boil'd to death with melancholy
No dram of a fcruple, no scruple of a scruple

Tw. N.2 5 317 2 29
For every scruple of her contaminated carrion weight, a Trojan hath been sain

King Jobn.141 1401 261

Troil. and Crep:14) 1878152 Scrupulous. Equality of two domestic powers breeds fcrupulous faction

Cymbeline. 5 5 9252/22 Scul. Till thou the lie-giver, and that lie, do lye in earth as quiet as thy father's fcull

Ant, and Cleo. 1 31 771111 2 - And there they fiy, or die, like scaled sculls

Ricbard ii. 14321 38 Troi. and Crel: 15 5 889124 Romeo and Juliet. 41 1 99021 9

Ibid. 5! 31 996032



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Ibid. 1


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Uncleanly scruples

Ibid. 3


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A.S. P. C. Izdelfth Night: 31-41 324111 Troil. and Cre).

Ibid. 2 1 866) Romeo and Juliet.2

Orbello.! ( 2110452

Ibid. 14/2 1071259

Ibid. 141 2(1072(+13+ Merry W. of Wind. 2) 3) 572 9 Mercb. of Venice.14/218 2/14

Othello. 4) 1106811 Merry W. of Wind.5 51 7114 Love's Labor Loft. 51 21 171|2|30



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Scuroy. Youth, whatsoever, thou art but a curvy fellow
- I am a rascal; a scurvy railing, knave : a very filthy rogue
- Lord

He prated, and spoke such scurvy and provoking terms

979-14 Scme scurvy fellow - By t'ris hand, I say, it is very scurvy Seurwy-juk dog-prieft. 'Scuje. That "scuse serves many men to save their gifts

I thifted him away, and laid good 'scuse upon your ecstacy Scut. My doe with the black icut "Scutcbeon. My 'scutcheon plain declares, that I am Alisander - And we your ’scutcheons, and your ligns of conquest, shall hang in what place you

please şcylia. Thus when I fun Scylla, your father, I fall into Charybdis, your mother

Ant. and Cleop. 151 21 804(1 10

Merchant of Venice. 3 51 213259 Scyon. Whereof I take this, that you call—love, to be a fe&t or scyon

Orbello. 1 311050,217 Scythian. The barbarous Scythian Mall to my bofom be as well neighbour'd Sea. Now would I give a thousand furlongs of sea for an acre of barren ground Temper. (i

1930--C I would have funk the sea within the earth

Ibid. 1 2
The always-wind-obeying deep
The wide sea hath drops too few to wah her clean again; and salt too little, which

Com. of 1 104? may season give to her foul tainted Aeth

Mu. Ado About Notb.41 1 238 The rude sea grew civil at her song

Midf. Night's Dream. 21 2 1802 - The watry kingdom, whose ambitious head spits in the face of heaven, is no bar to stop the foreign spirits

Mercb. of Venice. 2 7 206 - 4 You may as well go stand upon the beach, and bid the main-food bate his usual height - Have I not heard the sea, puff'd up with winds, rage like an angry boar, chafed

Ibid. 4) 1 2151 with sweat

Tom. of ibe Sbrew.)? 2 259 You may as well forbid the sea for to obey the moon

Winter's Tale. 1 2 338 I am put to sea with her, whom here I cannot hold on shore

Ibid. 4 3) 3542 The sea enraged is not half so deaf

King Jobr. (2) 2 3942 Being governed as the sea is, by our noble and chaste mistress the moon

1 Hen. iv. 1) 2 443)? As is the ouze and bottom of the sea with sunken wreack, and sumless treafuries

Henry v.fil 28 122 The pretty vaulting sea refus'd to drown me

2 Henry vi. 3/ 2 58712 Now sways it this way, like a mighty fea, forced by the tide to combat with the wind

3 Henry vi. 2 5 614) Thy brother Edward; and thyself, the sea, whose envious gulph did swallow up his life

Ibid. 51

6 6312 Let us be back'd with God, and with the seas

Ibid. 41 1

6222 Richmond is on the seas.--There let him fink, and be the seas on bim

Ricb.iii. 44 6632 The sea's a thief, whose liquid surge resolves the moon into falt tears

T. of Alb. 4) 3 8242 What fool bath added water to the sea

Titus Andronicus. (31 1 84211 For now I stand as one upon a rock, environ’d with a wildernefs of fea

Ibid.31 1 8421 If the winds rage, doch not the sea wax mad, threat’ning the welkin with his bigfwoln face

loid. 3

1 8432 Haply, you may find her in the sea; yet there's as little justice as at land

Ibid. 4. 3 84811 compared to valour's Thew, and valour's worth

Troilus and Craft 3


307) Sea-sapiain. D.P.

Twelfth Nigbs. Sea-maid. Some report a sea-maid spawn’d him

Meas. för Mual32 Sea-marge. And thy fe.n. Marge, steril, and rocky hard

Tempeft. 41 Sea mark. And stick i'the wars like a great sea-mark, standing every flaw

Coriolanus. 5 3.7352 The yery sea-mark of my utmost fail

Orbello. 5

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911 17/1

2 107812

Ibid. 3

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A. S. P. C.L. Soal. Hear the king's pleasure, cardinal: who commands you to rend up the great feal

Henry vi.2.1 3 2 6901239

Ibid. 31 2 691 2 26 You made bold to carry into Flanders the great seal

Coriolanus. 2

31 71712 1 I will not seal your knowledge with Thewing them

172012123 What may be sworn by, both divine and human, real what I end withal

Ant. and Cleop. 412 795143 then, and all is done Nay, he's your brother by the surer fide, although my seal is stamped in his face

Titus Andronicus. 41 284712 8

2 10222124 How in my words foever she be shent, to give them seals never, my soul, consent Ham. 3

Ibid. 3/ 4 1024 146 A combination, and a form, indeed, where every god did seem to set his seal

100 1117 Seald. Testimonies against his worth and credit, that's seald in approbation M. for M. 51 Here had the conquest fully been seal'd up

i Henry il 54515 Cymbeline. 3)

6 - And had the virtue which their own conscience feal'd them


Ibid. 31 2110191138 - Her election hath feal'd thee for herself

Winter's Tale.11
Sealirg. And thereby for sealing the injury of tongues

22337 8 Sealing-day: By the next new moon, (the sealing-day betwixt my love and me)

Midl. Nigbt's Dream. 1

17611151 Seam, Bastes his arrogance in his own seam

Troilus and Cred: 2 31 8701141

Othello.41 2110712 57
Seamy. Some fuch squire he was, that turn'd your wit the feamy fide without

Winter's Talc. 2 1 33912 24
Calumny will rear virtue itself
Thy crown does fear mine eye-balls

Macbeth.141 379 1
My May of life is fallen into the sear, the yellow leaf

Ibid. 51 3) 384157 Were red hot steel to lear me to the brain

Ricbard iii. 4 1 65711 up my embracements from a next with bonds of death


285412142 Search, seek, find out

Merry Wives of Winds: 31 361213 It is a thing of his own search

As You Like Ili 2241241 Seared. My maiden's name feared otherwise

All's Well. 2 1 28412 36 Seafon. Virtuous season

Measure for Measure. 2

84121.3 - Was there ever any man thus beaten out of season

Comedy of Errors. 2

107154 Time is a very bankrout, and owes more than he's worth, to season

Ibid. 41 211411123 That you frame the season for your own harvest

Mucb Ado Ab. Notb. 1 3 12412 59 Through this distemperature we see the seasons alter

Mid. Night's Dream. 2

2 18011115. - Change of seasons ascribed to diffention of the fairies

Ibid. 2 180 120 How many things by season season'd are to their right praise, and true perfection

Mercb. of Venice. 1 1 220 125 The season's difference; as the icy fang, and churlith chiding of the winter's wind

As You Like Ir. 2 1 22911S I am not a day of season, for thou may'st see a sun-line and a hailin me at once All's W. S 31 3021248 All this to season a brother's dead love

Iw. Nigbr.? 130712113 You lack the season of all natures, sleep

Macbeth.13/ 4 376 238 - The reasons change their manners as the year

2 Henry iv. 41 41 49812/27 the Naves for tubs and baths

Tim. of Athens. 14 3

Is not birth, beauty, &c. the spice and salt that season a man Troi. and Crop 21 861148
Blefied be those, how mean soe er, that have their honest wills, which seasons comfort
And with what intimation you can borrow from youth of such a season

Cymbeline. 11 21 899 1112

Ibid. 31 41 9116 You are my father too; and did relieve me to see this gracious season - your admiration for a while with an attent ear

Ibid. 5 5 927/2 47

Hamlet. In
My bleiling season this in thee

21003/28 - As you may season it in the charge

Ibid. 1 3 1005114

Ibid. 21 1100911 23
And who in want a hollow friend doth try, directly seasons him his enemy
Seaford. This fuit of your's, fo season'd with your faithful love to me

Ibid. 3/ 2 10202138
To take him in the purging of his soul, when he is fit and season'd for his passage Ham. 3. 310232

Ricbard ii. 31 76551156 Sears. For your great feats, now quit you of great Thames na For on thy shoulder do I build my leat

Henry v.13 5 523 37 Seated. And make my feated heart knock at my ribs against

3 Henry vi. 2 6 біб2








All's Well.f41 31 297 Winter's Tale. 31 31 347

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Ibid.) ) 1

Ibid. 12

1 74 1 74


Secrecy. When you have spoken it, 'tis dead, and I am the grave of it

A.S. P. - We are lucky, boy; and to be fo ftill requires nothing but secrecy

And for secrecy, no lady closer; for I well believe, thou wilt noć utter what thou doft not know — Upon my secrecy to defend mine honesty

1 Henry iv. 2 31 451

Troil, and Crep 1) 2 861 And your secrecy to the king and queen moult no feather

Hamlet. 2) 2 1015 Secrets. An unmannerly save that will thrust himself into secrets

Two Gent. of Ver. 31
Be secret false

Comedy of Errors.13 2 110
What secret hath held you here

Mu. Ado About Norb. 1) 1 129
I can be secret as a dumb man
No words of other men's secrets

Love's Labor Lit. 1 1 145
Oh, let me live, and all the secrets of our camp l'll new

All's Well. 41 ? 29€ What I am, and what I would, are as secret as maiden-head Twelf:b Nigbt. 5313 Sir, there lies such secrets in this farthel, and box, which none must know but the king

Winter's Talco 4 3 35 Had I been the finder-out of this secret, it would not have relish'd among my other discredits

Ibid. 5) 21 36 This secret is so weighty, 'twill require a strong faith to conceal it

Henry vüi. 2 1 68
Is it excepted, I thould know no secrets that appertain to you

7. Cæfar.12
Can I bear that with patience, and not my husband's secrets
Thou wilt not truft the air with secrets

Titus Andronicus. 4 2 845 This secret will force him to think I have pick'd the lock, and ta’en the treasure of her honour

Cymbeline. 2 290 I'll have this secret from thy heart, or rip thy heart to find it

Ibid. 3) 5) 91 Secretly. A juggling trick, to be secretly open

Trsi, and Crep 5 2 88 Secret things. Those secret things all but what the has with her

Winter's Tale.141 31 35 Sect. This is a creature, would the begin a sett, might quench the zeal of all professors elle

Ibid. 5) 11 35 Whereof I take this, you call love to be a sect, or scyon

Oibello. 1 So are all her sea; if they be once in a calm, they are fick

2 Henry ir. 241 48 And we'll wear out, in a walled prison, packs and seats of great ones

Lear. 51 31 96 Sestary. My lord, my lord, you are a fe&tary, that's the plain truth

Henry viii. 5 2 69 How long have you been a sectary astronomical

Lear. 1 2 93 Securely. 'Tis done like Hector; but securely done

Troi. and Crejl: 14 ) 88 Saurity. And you all know, security is mortal's chiefest enemy

Macbetb. 3/ 5/ 37 I look'd he should have sent me two and twenty yards of sattin, as I am a true knight, and he sends me security

2 Henry iv. 1

247 - gives way to conspiracy

Julius Cæfar.2

31 75 Sedge. Giving a gentle kiss to every sedge

Two Gent. of Verona.27 Now will he creep into sedges

Mu. Ado Abt. No:b. 2 And Cytherea, all in sedges hid; which seem to move and wanton with her breath,

Induc. to Tam. of the Sbrew.

225 even as the waving ledges play with wind Sedg'd crowns

Tempeft.4) 3 Seduc'd. For who fo firm, that cannot be reduc'd

Julius Cæ

74 Seducer. Otherwise a seducer flourishes, and a poor maid is undone

All's Well. 51 31 30 See. I am a brother of gracious order, lately come from the see, on special business from his holiness

Meaj. for Meal: 3 2 You lord archbishop,—whose fee is by a civil peace maintain'd

2 Henry iv. 41 149 If they be fill and willing, I'll undertake, may see away their thilling richly in two short hours Henry viti.



Jóid. 51 This morning see you appear before them - I see before me, man, nor here, nor here, nor what ensues

Cymbeline. 31 2 96

Lear. 4 6 99
I see it feelingly
Seeds. If you can look into the seeds of time, and say which grain will grow, and

Macberb. 1
which will not, speak then to me
Seeded. The seeded pride that hath to its maturity blown up in rank Achilles Tr.& Crili
Scedrejs. As blossoming time, that from the feedness the bare fallow brings to tecming

Meas. fur Meaf

5 foyson Seeing. But the wiseft beholder that knew no more but seeing, could not say if the

Winter's Tale. 5 importance were joy or sorrow

Lear. 1 Seek. Why fo earnestly seek you to put up that letter

Ant. and Cl. 5! 2 Seel. I had rather feel my lips, than, to my peril, speak that which is not

Otbello. 3 To feel her father's eyes up, close as oak

trorf in the tender eye of pitiful day

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Lear. I

Ibid. 2

A.S. P. C.L.

Ricbard i. 51 61 4392138 Seely, Sir Bennet Seem. I must not seem proud

Much Ado Ab. Notb.2 3 131 131 I'll make him glad to seem Vincentio

Tam. of the Sbrew. 4 2 269 261 More than I seem, and less than I was born to

3 Henry vi. 3 1 617 1 3

Hamlet. 1
Nay, it is; I know not seems

2 1002 1 37 These, indeed, seem, for they are actions that a man might play

Ibid. 1 2 1002 1 44 Seemed I ever otherwise to you! -Out on thy seeming-You seem to me a Dian in her orb

Mucb Ado Ab. Norb. 4 I 1371239 Seemers. Then shall we see if power change purpose what our seemers be

M. for M.14

7911 2 Secming. Pluck the borrow'd veil of modesty from the so seeming Mrs. Page M.W of w. 31 2

592) 8 False seeming

Meaf, for Meas. 21 4
Bear your body more seeming

As You Like Ir. 5 4 248 2116
For you there's rosemary and rue, these keep seeming and savour

Wi's Tale. 41 31 350 2 2 And to raze out rotten opinion, who hath writ me down after my seeming 2 H.iv. 5 2 503 2 18 You sign your place and calling, in full seeming, with meekness and humility H. viii. 21 41 6851113 Such to-be-pitied, and o'er-rested seeming he acts thy greatness in Tr. and Cr.1 31 863 128 He hath a kind of honour sets him off, more than a mortal seeming Cymbeline. 1

900 2 46

Not seeming so worthy as thy birth

915224 Nor my heart that thought her like her seeming

Ibid. 5 5 924 1160 This hath some seeming

Ibid. 5) 51 9281151 If aught within that little seeming substance, or all of it

11 93126 That under covert and convenient feeming hast practis'd on man's life

Ibid. 31 21 947 1135 Unseemly woman, in a seeming man

Romeo and Juliet. 3 3 986-134

Hamlet. 1 5 1007 1/35 My moft seeming-virtuous queen . We will both our judgments join in censure of his seeming

Ibid.31 210192 3 Than these thin habits and poor likelihoods of modern seeming

Orbello. Il 3104811122 Putting on the mere form of civil and humane seeming

1|10532150 She that, fo young, could give out such a seeming, to feel her father's eyes up, close

Ibid. as oak

3) 310612 31 Seen. Then to have seen much, and to have nothing, is to have rich eyes, and poor hands

As You Like It. 4 1 245257 As a schoolmafter well seen in music

Taming of the Sbrew. 1 2 258 2/23 Seetb. Go fuck the subtle blood o' the grape, till the high fever seeth your blood to froth

Timon of Arbens.4 31 82424 I will make a complimental assault upon him, for my business seeths Troi. and Cref.31 11 8712 17 Seerbing. Lovers and madmen have such seething brains Midf. Night's Dream. 5 - 1921 19

Orbello. 2 Segregation. A segregation of the Turkish fleet

110511143 Seiz'd. Did forfeit with his life, all those lands, which he stood seiz'd of

Hamlet. I 11000 2119 Seizure. To whose soft seizure the cygnet's down is hars, and spirit of sense hard as the palm of ploughman

Troil, and Crelli 18581153 Seld. If I might in entreaties find success, (as seld I have the chance)

Ibid. 41 51 882 2 28 Seld-bown famens do press among the popular throngs

Coriolanus. 2) 1714 119 Seleucus. D. P.

Ant. and Cleop. 767 Self. My other self

Richard iii. 21 2 646 237 I have a kind of self resides with you

Troil. and Crefl: 32874111 Swear by thy gracious self, which is the God of my idolatry Romeo and Jul.2 21 976 2 10 Self affairs. Being over full of self affairs, my mind did lose it Midf. Nigbi's Dr.1 1176 220 Self afumption. In self assumption greater, than in the note of judgment

Tr. and Cr. 21 31 869231 Self-bounty. I would not have your free and noble nature, out of self-bounty, be abus'd

Otbello. 31 3 1061223 Unless self-charity be sometime a vice

Ibid. 2) 31056 2141 Self-comparisons. Confronted him with self-comparisons

Macbetbe 1 2 3641135 Self-cover'd. Thou changed and self-cover'd thing

Lear. 41 ? 9542|24

M. Ado Ab. Norb.31 1 132 1129 Self.endear'd. She is so felf-endear`d Self-exbibition. To be partner'd with tom-boys, hir'd with that felf-exhibition which your own coffers yield

Cymbeline. 1171 9001155 Self-hgur'd. To knit their souls in self-figur'd knot

Ibid. 2 31 9032 43 Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a fin, as self-neglecting

Henry 0.21 41 519-16 - He that is truly dedicate to war, hath no felf-love

2 Henry vi. 5) 2 601235

Ricbard ii. Self-mis-us'd. Thyself is felf-mis-us'd

14) 41 66314 Self-mould. That self-mould that fashioned thee, made him a man

Ricbard ii. 1 21 4152 38 Self-reproving. He is full of alteration and self-reproving

Lear. 51 1961 121 Sdf-Daughter. Against self-Naughter there is a prohibition so divine, that cravens my weak hand

Cymbelinc.131 41 giolil 9


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