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my poor heart


A.S. P. C.L Satchel. And then the whining school-hoy with his satchel

As You Like It.121 71 233 2125 Sated. When the is sated with his body, he will find the error of her choice Otbello. 1 3 1050/2136 Satban. Exorcism of Dr. Pinch to drive Sathan out of Antipholis Comedy of Errors. 4 4 1152125 Fly thou dishonest Sathan

Twelftb Nigbt. 4. 2) 327 10 Satiety. As he that leaves a Mallow plash, to plunge him in the deep, and with satiety seeks to quench his thirst

Tam. of rbe Sbrew. I 255 1 29 Satire. That is some satire keen and critical

Midf. Nigbt's Dream. s 1 192 2133 Satisfa£tion. Have you receiv'd no promise of satisfaction at her hands M.W.of Wind. 2

5512 55 As she had made the overture, the ceas'd in heavy satisfaction

All's Well. (5 3) 30312 : Satisfied. Indeed, I never shall be satisfied with Romeo, 'till I behold him-dead-is

Romeo and Juliet. 3 5 988133 Satisfy. Do not satisfy your resolution with hopes that are fallible Meal. for Meal-31 1 89 1112 I will satisfy you, if ever I satisfy'd man

As You Like Ir. 5) 2 247 1:36 Satis quod fufficit.

Love's Lab. Loft. 5 1 16439 Saturn. Thou being (as thou say's thou art) born under Saturn M. Ado Ab. Notb. 1 3 124 245 - and Venus this year in conjunction

2 Henry iv. 241 486 214 Though Venus govern your desires, Saturn is dominator over mine Tit. Andron.2 31 8381145 The sweet view on't might well have warm'd old Saturn

Cymbeline. 2) 5906110 Saturninus. D. P.

Titus Andronicus. Satyrs. D. P.

Winter's Tale. 333 So excellent a king; that was to this, Hyperion to a satyr

Hamlet. 1 2 10031 6 Savage sensuality

Much Ado About Norb. 4) 1372 45 If this uncouth forest yield any thing savage, I will either be food for it, or bring it for food to thee

As You Like Is. 2623210139 - I thought, that all things had been savage here; and therefore put I on the countenance of stern commandment

Ibid. 27) 233 1 47 - To fright you thus, methinks, I am too savage; to do worse to you were fell cruelty

Macbetb. 41 21 380 140 - I have savage cause

Antony and Cleop. 311 789 2/26 strangeness

Tro. and Crell: 2 3 8692 34 Ho! who's here? if any thing that's civil, speak; if favage, take or lend Cym.3 6913 1 19 Our courtiers say, all's savage but at court

Ibid. 4 2 914 1156 The time and my intents are savage wild

Romeo and Juliet. 51 31 99511143 Savageness in unreclaimed blood, of general assault

Hamlet.2 110091129 Savag'ry. This is the bloodiest Mame, the wildest savag'ry

K. Jobn. 4 3 40617 While that the coulter rusts that should deracinate such savag'ry

Henry v. 5 2 5381219 Sauce. I'll make them pay, I'll sauce them

M. W. of Winds. 4 3 As fast as the answers thee with frowning looks, I'll sauce her with bitter words

As You Like It. 3 5 240 2/49 - his palate with thy most operant poison

Timon of Athens. 41 31 819 250 Sauced. His folly sauced with discretion

Troilus and Creffida. 1 2 859236 Saucily. This knave came somewhat faucily into the world before he was sent for K. Lear. 1 1929 126 Saucy. When saucy, trusting of the cozen'd thoughts defiles the pitchy night All's Well. 4 4 3001 30 - Or else the world, too saucy with the gods, incenses them to send destruction J. Cafar. 1 31 7451 44 We then have done you bold and saucy wrongs

Orbello. I 11045113 Save in the constant image of the creature that is belov'd

Twelfth Nighr. 2 41 3162-19 Saved. The lieutenant is to be saved before the ancient

Othello. 2 3 1055 244 Savour. Filths favour but themselves

Lear. 4 2 934 753 Seeking sweet savours for this hateful fool

Midf. Night's Dream. 4 1

190115 Savey. Now go some and pull down the Savoy

2 Henry vi. 41 71 5952/45 Saw. And coughing drowns the parson's faw

Love's Lab. LA. 5 2 174253 Full of wise saws, and modern instances

As You Like Ir. 2 7 2332 36 Now I find thy saw of might

Ibid. 3! 5) 2411110 - We'll whisper o'er a couplet or two of mult fage faws

Twelfth Nigbt.3) 4 326 2 11 Holy saws of sacred writ

2 Henry vi. | 31 574219 Good king, that must approve the common law

Lear. 2 2 9427 40 All saws of books

Hamlet.1 s 1007 2136 Nor do not saw the air too much with your hand

Ibid. 3) 21018 224 Sawcers. Incision would let her out in fawcers

Love's Lalour Loft.4 3 167 2 8 Saw-pit. Let them from forth a saw-pit rus at once

Merry W.of Winds. 4 4 Say. I'll not answer that : but say, it is my humour

Mer. of Venice. 41 1215119 -- to the king the knowledge of the broil, as thou didst leave it

Macbetb. | 2 363 2 2 Thou say, thou serge, nay, thou buckram lord

2 Henry vi. 4 7 59611119 And that thy tongue some say of breeding breathes

Lear.151 31 963l2lj3


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A.S. P. C. L. Say, Lord. D. P.

2 Henry vi. l 5711 Lord, beheaded

Ibid.41 71 597 9 Saying. But in the plainer and fimpler kind of people, the deed of saying is quite out of use

Tim. of Athens. 5) 28252 48 Scab. My elbow itched, I thought there would a scab follow M. Ado Ab. Norb. 31 3 134 2153 Out, scab

Twelfth Night. 2 5 318148 Well said, Wart: thou'rt a good scab

2 Henry iv. 31 21 491 2114 I would make thee the loathsomest scab in Greece

Troil, and i red: 2 1 8652132 Scaffeldage. To hear the wooden dialogue and sound ’twixt his stretch'd footing and the scaffoldage

Ibid. 1 3 863127 Scald. To be revenge on this same scald, scurvy, cogging companion, the host of the garter

Merry Wives of Windsor. 51 1 knave

Henry v. 5 1 537 2/16 And scald rhimers, ballad us out o' tune

Antony and Cleop. 5) 2 8002157 She's e'en setting on water to scald such chickens as you are Tim. of Atbens. 2

810250 Scalded. Oh, I am scalded with my violent motion, and spleen of speed to see your majesty

K. Jobn. 5 7 411 162 Scale. If the scale turn but in the estimation of a hair,-thou diest, and all thy goods are confiscate

Mer. of Venice. 4) 1 217, 2123
We, poizing us in her defective scale, shall weigh thee to the beam All's Well. 2 31 287139
In your lord's scale is nothing but himself, and some few vanities that make him

Richard ii. 3. 4 431|2| 9
In equal scale weighing delight and dole

Hamlet. 1 21001 219 In those crystal scales, let there be weigh'd your lady's love against some other maid's

Rom. and Jul. 1 2 970 2 55 Lord, D. P.

2 Henry vi. 571 Scaled. The corrupt deputy scaled

Measure for Measure. 3 1 892144 Scale's. But since it serves my purpose, I will venture to scale't a little more Cor. 1

Il 704 146 Scaling. But you have found, scaling his present bearing with his past

Ibid. 2 3! 7182144 Scalp. Take this transformed scalp from the head of the Athenian swain M. N. Dream. 4 190 1/31

White beards have arm’d their thin and hairless scalps, against thy majesty Ricb. i7.3 2 427211 Scambling boys

Mu. Ado About Notb. 5 114214 But that the scambling and unquiet time

Henry v. 1 1 5102/10 I get thee with scambling

Ibid. 5. 2 54017 Scamels,

Tempel. 2 2 1224 Scan. I would, I might entreat your honour to scan this thing no further Otbello. 3) 3 1062 136 Scandal. Would the scandal vanish with my life, how happy thon were my ensuing death

Richard ii. 2

il 420 1156 But ne'er, 'till now, his scandal of retire

3 Henry vi. 2 1 6102144 Scann'd. That would be scann'd; a villain kills my father, and for that, I his son, do this same villain send to heaven

Hamler. 3 310231155 Scant this excess

Mercb. of Venice. 31 2

210 2140 Therefore I scant this breathing courtesy

220 27 not my cups

Antony and Cleup. 4 2 790 2161 And scants us with a single familh'd kiss, distasted with the salt of broken tears 7. &°Cx. 4 41 880130 I have hope, you lefs know how to value her desert, than the to scant her duty Lear.2 41 944131 To scant my fizes

Ibid. 21 41 94412 I And the ihall fcant Thew well, that now shews best

Romeo and Julier. 1

2 9702 58 He's fat and icant of breath

Hamlet. 5 210402119 And heaven defend your good souls, that you think I will your serious and great business scant

Orbello. 1 3 10492 49 Or scant our former having in despight

1073/2/41 Scanted. If my father had not scanted me, and hedg’d me by his will Mer. of Ven. 211

202 137 You have obedience scanted

1 9321/43 Force their scanted courtesy

Ibid. 31 294711 47 Scanter. Be somewhat scanter of your maiden presence

Hamier. 1

31005/2/12 Scantily. Spoke fcantily of me

Ant. and Cleop: 31 41 7832136 Scanting. Doth, like a miser, spoil his coat, with fcanting a little cloth Henry v. 24 5182123 Scantling. For the success, although particular, Mall give a scantling of good or bad unto the general

Troilus and Crep 1 3 864 2 46 Scapes. Thousand scapes of wit

Meas. for Meay 14 1 93149 Shall scape a predestinate scratch'd face

Mu. Ado About Norbi 122 242 Though I am not boukish, yet I can read waiting-gentlewoman in the scape Wi's T.131 3 347|| 6 No scape of nature

K. Jobm.l3l 4l 40112117


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Ibid. 5! 1

Ibid. 41

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Lear. 1


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A.S. P. C.L Scape. The villain thall not scape

Lear.121 1 93912:46 Scap'd. What have I scap'd love letters in the holy-day-time of my beauty

Merry W. of Wind. 2 Sr 142 I wonder, how our princely father scap'd

3 Henry vi.12

160913? Scar. A scar nobly got, or a noble scar, is a good livery of honour All's Well. (41 5! 3011218 Show me one scar character'd on thy skin

2 Henry vi. 3 5861 20 Shew them the unaking scars, which I Thould hide

Coriolanus. 2 2.716140 The scars upon your honour, therefore, he does pity, as constrained blemishes, not as deserv'd

Ant. and Cleo. 311 788 2 54 My scars can witness, dumb altho' they are, that my report is just Titus Andron. 5 3 854240 And hath more of thee merited, than a band of Clotens had ever scar for Cymbeline. s 5) 926250 He jefts at scars, that never felt a wound

Romeo and Jul. 2 2 975 1155 Nor scar that whiter skin of her's than snow

Orbello. 5 2107512 35 Scarce-bearded Cæfar

Ant. and Clespili 1 7672 3 Scare-crow. We must not make a scare-crow of the law

Meal. fur Meaf. 21 80116 No eye hath seen such scart-crows

i Henry iv. 4 2 465|2.19 The scare-crow that affrights our children so

1 Henry vi. 1 4 5482 6 Scarf. Rich scarf to my proud earth

Tempeft. 41 Like a ļieutenant's scarf

Mu. Ado About Notb. 2 1 127|125 The beauteous scarf veiling an Indian beauty

Mer. of Venice. 3 2102126 How it grieves me to see thee wear thy heart in a scarf

As You Like I:. 51 2.2460 57 Yet the scarfs, and the bannerets about thee, did manifoldly dissuade me from believing thee a vessel of too great a burden

All's Well. 2/ 3/ 2872 31 If ever thou be'st bound in thy scarf, and beaten, thou shalt find what it is to be proud of thy bondage

Ibid. 2) 3 297255 That jack-an-apes with scarfs

Ibid. 3 51 2931' 33 You are undone, captain ; all but your scarf, that has a knot on't yet

Ibid. 41 31 299244 Pulling scarfs off Cæsar's images

Julius Cæsar. 1 2 744 2.47 Scarfed. My sea-gown scarfed about me

Hamlet. 51 2 1037'15 Scarlet. Now comes the wanton blood up in your checks, they'll be in scarlet straight at any news

Romeo and Juliet. 2 5 9811129 Scaibe. This trick may chance to scathe you

Ibid. 1 51 97411 23 Scarus. D. P.

Antony and Clcopo 767 Scaib. To do offence and scath in christendom

K. Joon.2 3911143 Scaibe. All these could not procure me any scathe, so long as Iam loyal, true, and crimeless

2 Henry vi. 24 582 243 A virtuous and a christian-like conclusion, to pray for them that have done feathe

Richard i. 1 3640 - 50 - And, wherein Rome hath done you any fcathe, let him make treble satisfaction

Titus Andronicus. 5) 18502 34 Scachful. With which such scathful grapple did he make

Twelfth Nigbi. 1 329 150 Scatter'd. From France there comes a power into this scatter'd kingdom



1 946147 Scere. Our fcene is altered, from a serious thing, and now chang'd to the beggar and the king

Ricbard ii. 5 3 43713 19 Scepter. Thou a scepter's heir, that thus affect'st a sheep hook

Winter's Talc. 41 3 353) 41 Sceptre. A sceptre snatch'd with an unruly hand, muit be as boisterously maintain'd as gain'd

K. Jobr.314 401145 Now by my sceptre's awe I make a vow

Ricbard č. 1 1 4142 33 Wipe off the dust that hides our fceptres gilt

Ibid. 21 1 422 2 23 No hand of blood and bone can gripe the sacred handle of our sceptre, unless he do prophane, steal, or usurp

Ibid. 3 3 42939 My fceptre, for a palmer's walking staff

Ibid.31 3 4201231 Thy golden scepter for a leaden dagger

i Henry iv. 2 4 455 27 Now by my sceptre and my soul to boot, he hath more worthy interest to the state, than thou the shadow of succession

Ibid. 312 460235 A scepter shall it have, have I a foul; on which I'll toss the flower-de-luce of France

2 Henry vi. 5 2599132 - A scepter, or an earthly sepulchre

3 Henry vi. i 4 607245 With a much larger list of scepters

Ant. and Cle:p.131 6783|1.17 It were for me to throw my scepter at the injurious gods

Ibid. 4173) 797 2 SI Schedule. Have sworn to keep those statutes that are recorded in this schedule here

Love's Lab. Lof. T 147113 The portrait of a blinking idiot, presenting me a schedule

Mer. of Vezice. 2 920811119 I will give out diverse schedules of my beauty

Twelfile Nigbi.li1 sl 31212;

to us

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Merry W. of Windsor. 13

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A.S. P. C.L. Schedule. Then tako, my Lord of Westmoreland, this schedule į for this contains our

1 general grievances

2 Henry iv. 4 1 494 143 Scholar. Some scholar would conjure her

Much Ado Abr. Notb. 2 1 127 228 -'s melancholy, which is emulation

As Tvu Lile It. 4) 1 2411160 · Thou art a scholar, let us therefore eat and drink

Twelfth Nigbr. 2 31 314210 Never was such a ludden scholar made

Henry v. 1 1 510139 From his cradle he was a scholar, and a ripe and good ono

Henry viii. 41 21 6951112 Thou art a scholar, speak to it, Horatio

Kamler. 11000 118 Scholarly. Speak scholarly and wisely

48 242 School. My dearest coz, pray school yourself

Macberb. 4 2 379228 Like a school broke up, each hurries towards his home, and sporting place 2 H. iv. 4 2 4752160 His bed shall seem a school, his board a fhrift

Orbelio. 31 310592 25 School-bsy. To figh like a school-boy that has lost his A. B. C. Tivo Gent. of Verona. 21

271150 Transgression of a school-boy

Mucb Heio Ab. Notb. 2 1 12711:57 And then, the wining school-boy with his fatchel

As You Like It. 2 7 2332 25 - A peevish school-boy, worthless of such honour, join'd with a masker and a reveller

Julius Cæfar. 5 1 762221 Scbosl-boy's tears take up the glasses of my fight

Coriolanus. 3 21 7241123 Sebsol-days. Thy school-days, frightful, desperate, wild, and furious Richard ii. 41 41 66012 54 School-day friendship described.

Midf. N.'s Dream.3) 21862;62 Schooled. Yet he's gentle; never school'd, and yet learned

As You Like It. 122511% Well, I am school'd; good manners be your speed

i Henry it.31 453/2 37 Schooling. You Thail go with me, I have somre private schooling for you both 1 176223 Scbool-maids. As school-maids change their names

Meas. for Meas. I 5 79214 Seboolmaster. You will be schoolmaster, and undertake the teaching of the maid

Taming of the Sbrew. 1 1 2562 44 And offer me disguis'd in sober robes, to old Baptista as a schoolmaster, well feen in music

Ibid. 1 2 2592 22 Sciatica. Which of your hips has the most profound sciatica Meas. for Meal 1 2

77 1:23 Thou cold sciatica, cripple our senators

Timon of Aib.41 1 818 2.49 Sciaticas.

Troi. and Cref: 51 884 444 Science. Since I am put to know, that your own science exceeds in that M. for M.1 75132 Scimitar. By this scimitar, that new the Sophy and a Persian prince Mer. of Venice. 2 1 Scoff. All dry-beaten with pure scuff

Love's Labor LA.151 21 168222 Scoffer. Foul is most foul, being foul to be a scoffer

As You Like It. 3 5 240241 Scold. I had rather hear them scold than fight

Merry W. of Winds.21 53230 Mark'd you not how her sister began to scold; and raise up such a storm, that mortal cars might hardly endure the din

Tam. of ibe Sbrew. I 1 2562 21 I know she is an irksome brawling scold

Ibid. 1 2 259 120 Thou unadvised (cold

King Jobn. 2 1 192 147 For God's sake, take away this captive scold

3 Henry vi. 5 5 630251 Scolding. An me knew him as well as I do, she would think scolding would do litile good upon him

Tam. of the Shrew. 1 2 258/1/58 winds

Julius Cæfar. 1 31 7451 37 Sconce. I shall break that merry sconce of yours

Comedy of Errors. 1 2 105219 That word played upon

2 107 1:42 At such and such a sconce

Henry v. 3 6 5241129 Must I go Mew them my unbarbed sconce

Coriolanus. 3 2 72411.1 Why does he suffer this rude knave now, to knock him about the sconce with a dirty shovel

Hamlet. S 11034 2 5 Scone. Whom we invite to see us crown'd at Scone


5 71 386258 Scope. Your scope is as mine own

Meal for Meal i 76153 So every scope by the immoderate use turns to restraint

77 2 48 'Twas my fault to give the people scope

78:243 A restraint, though all the world's vaftidity you had, to a determined scope

88110 Give me the scope of justice

Ibid. 51 - As you do answer, I do know the scope, and warrant limited unto my tongue K. 7.5 2 408 2 60 - Swell’At thou, proud heart, I'll give thee scope to beat, fince foes have scope to beat both thee and me

Ricbard i 3) 31 4292 39 And curbs himself even of his natural scope, when you do cross his humour iH.10.3 1 4582 18 And the offender granted scope of speech

2 Henry vi. 31 585 114 Cut my lace afunder, that my pent heart may have some scope to beat Ricbard u. 41 656237 Be angry when you will, it Mall have scope

7. Cafer. 41 31 7601 "'Tis conceiv'd to fcope

Tumom of Albons. iil 804 1147 SI


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Ibid. 2

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Ibid. 1 3
Ibid. 141
Ibid. 41 0

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A.S. P. C. Scope. Making your wills the scope of justice

Timon of Atb. 6828/2/10 An the agree, within her scope of choice Mes my consent

Romeo and Juliel. I 2 979023 In the gross and scope of mine opinion

Hamlet. 1 1 1000157 Scoreb. To scorch your face, and to disfigure you

Comedy of Errors. 51

11821 Score me up for the lying'st knave in Christendom

Induc. to Tam. of ibe Sbrew. 2 253122: After he scores, he never pays the score

All's Well. 41 31 298128 That thou doft love her, strikes some scores away from the great compt

Ibid. 51 3 303117 They say he parted well, and paid his score

Macbet b. 5 7 38612 31 All thall eat and drink on my score

2 Henry vi. 4 2 59329 Let us score their backs, and snatch 'em up, as we take hares, behind Ant, & Cles. 41 7 79212 4+ And thou Malt have more than two tens to a score

Lear. 1 493612 Scorld. Have you scor'd me? well

Orbello, 41 11068129: Scoring. Here's no scoring, but, upon the pate

i Henry iv. 51 31 470 | 30 Scorn bought with groans

Two Gent. of Verona. 2

23211 Woman (corns sometimes what best contents her

Ibid. 3 1

3439 - at first makes after love the more

Ibid. 31 1

34141 - I would not spare my brother in this case, if he should scorn me so apparently Coof Er. 41 1 11314

And art confederate with a damned pack, to make a loathsome abject scorn of me 16.41 4 136113 Become the argument of his own scorn

Much Ado About Norb, 2) 3) 1291746 Encounter'd him with scorn

Ibid. 21 31 130 451 Stand I condemn’d for pride, and scorn so much

Ibid.3 1 132-133 Bruise me with scorn

Loue's Labor Lol. 5 2 170113 Have you not fet Lyfander, as in scorn, to follow me, and praise my eyes and face

Midf. Nigbt's Dream. 31 2 187120 and derision never come in tears

Ibid. 3 2 186 1133 Had his great name profaned with their scorns

Henry iv. 3) 21 460 And take foul scorn, to fawn on him by sending

i Henry vi. 41 41 56212 Dare he presume to scorn us in this manner

3 Henry vi. 3 3 621118 Who knows not, that the gentle duke is dead? you do him injury, to scorn his corle

Ricbard iii. 2 He hath refifted law, and therefore law Mall scorn him further trial Coriolanas. 31 1722 123 Thou com'ft not to be made a scorn in Rome

Tirus Ardronicus. I

2 834/112: Let Paris bleed: 'tis but a scar to scorn

Troilus and Cres: 1

1 858!2.5 - To scorn at our solemnity this night

Romeo and Juliet. 11 5 973125 Mark the fieers, the gibes, and notable scorns

Orbella. 4) 110681-5 But (alas !) to make me a fixed figure for the time of scorn to point his now unmoving finger at

Ibid.4) 210702153 Scorned a fair colour, or expressed it stolen

Alls Well. 5 31 303150 Scornful. Sing a scornful rhime

Merry W.of Wind: 51 5

721129 Scurpions. O, full of scorpions is my mind

Macbeth.32 374 - Seek not a scorpion's neft, nor set no footing on this unkind shore 2 Henry vi. 312 5871252 Was as a scorpion to her light

Cymine. 5) 51 92403 Scot. By heaven, he thall not have a Scot of them; no, if a Scot would save his soul

i Herrgia 1 3 4475 'Twas time to counterfeit, or that hot termagant Scot had paid me scot and lot too Ib. 51 41474259 Scotcb jig. Wooing, wedding, and repenting, is as a Scorch jig

M. Ado Ab. Norb. 2 Scotobed. We have scotch'd the snake, not kill'd it, she'll close, and be herself Macbeth. 3 2 37494 He scotch'd him and notch'd him like a carbonado

Coriolanus. 4 5 730129 I have yet room for six scotches more

Ant and Clesp. 47 792/4442 Scotland ? I found it by the barrenness; hard, in the palm of the hand C. of Errors. 3 2 1112

From Scotland am I stol'n even of pure love, to greet mine own land with my withful fight

3 Henry vi. 161615 hath will to help, but cannot help

Ibid. 3 3.61912-1 Sccttijh Lord described by Portia

Mler. of Venice. I 2 Scour. Never saw I men scour fo on their way

Winter's Tals.2 1.33914 Scourge. Is Talbot llain; the Frenchman's only scourge

i Henry virs 1 564/4145 Capulet ! Montague !_sec, what a scourge is laid upon your hate Rome and Jul. 15 3 991/4142 Securg'de Yet nature finds itself scourg'd by the fequent effects Scouring. And fearful scouring doth choak the air with duit

Tim. of Arb. 5 4 8281453 Scout me for him at the corner of the orchard

Twelfth Nigbt. 31 4 3344 - Are not the speedy scouts return'd again

i Henry vi. 41 31 5611 Scotul. The hue of dungeons, and the scowl of night

Love's Laber L.4 3 Even so, or with much more contempt, men's eyes did scowl on Richard Ricb.ii. 5) 21 436) See how with signs and tokens me can scowl

Tues Andronicus.121 51 841 il


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Lear. 1

2 933


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