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A. S. P. C. L. Pr. pinquiry. Here I disclaim all my paternal care, propinquity and property of blood

Lear. I 1 9302 17 Propontic. To the Propontic and the Hellespont

Orbello. 31 3 106421 Proportions. Lay down our proportions to defend against the Scot, who will make road upon us

Henry v. 1 2 512 141 Let our proportions for these wars be foon collected

Ibid. 1

5132/44 Propose. To listen our propose

Mu. Ado About Notb. 3
Be now a father, and propose a son

2 Henry iv. 5) 2

503 112 Propsfing with the Prince and Claudio

Mucb Ado About Norb. 3 1 131/150 Propriery. It is the baseness of thy fear, that makes thee strangle thy propriety T.Nigbt. 51 3301133 Silence that dreadful bell, it frights the ille from her propriety

Otbello. 2 310561211 Propugnation. What propugnation is in one man's valour

Troilo and Cred:12 2 867 257 Prirugue. That Neep and feeding may prorogue his honour

Ant. and Cleop. 2 1 773 251 My life were better ended by their hate, than death prorogu'd, wanting of thy love

Romeo and Juliet. 2 2 976132 Profcription. In our black sentence and profcription

Julius Cæfar. 4 1 75811 Mine speak of seventy senators, that dy'd by their proscriptions, Cicero being one

Ibid. 4 3 7601232 Profecute. That will the king severely profecute 'gainst any of us all, our lives, our children, and our heirs

Richard i. 2 Pruselytes. Make profelytes of who the but bid follow

Winter's Tale. 5) 1 358 2 46 Proferpina. O Proserpina, for the flowers now, that, frighted, thou let'ft fall from Dis's waggon

Ibid. 4) 3) 3502 53 Thou art as full of envy at his greatness, as Cerberus is at Proserpina's beauty

Troi. and Cred: 2 18652 33 Prospect. And, to be king, stands not within the prospect of belief

Macbeth. 11 3 3651 23 - It were a tedious difficulty, I think, to bring 'em to that prospet

Orbello. 3) 3.1063256 Prisper. As I intend to prosper, and repent ! so thrive I in my dangerous attempt R. i. 4466311/29 Prosperity. Welcome the four cup of prosperity

Love's Labor Lot.1

1501142 's the very bond of love

Winter's Tale. 41 31 355,134 So now prosperity begins to mellow, and drop into the rotten mouth of death R. in. 41 41 659135

Coriolanus. I 5 709 1 13 A satire against the softness of prosperity

Tim. of Atb. 5 2 8251258 Prospero, rightful Duke of Milan. D. P.

Tempeft. Prosperous. Sir, be prosperous in more than this deed does require

Wi's Tale. 2 3 343 2/21 Proftrate. And, being proftrate, thus he bade me say

Yul. Cæfar. 31 1 753 49 ProteftThe Lord protect him from that kingly title

Richard in. 4) 1 656156 Pritcttion. There you leave it, without more mercy, to its own protection, and favour of the clime

Winter's Tale. 2 31 343210 Protetor. Henry will to himself protector be

2 Henry vi. 2358154 · I am content he Mall reign; but I'll be protector over him

Ibid. 41 21 59417 47 She is protectress of her honour too; may me give that

Oebello. 41 1106711122 Proteft. I protest he had the chain of me

C-medy of 116 1156 And many unrough youths, that even now protest their first of manhood Macherb. 3 2 3832 52 What Antony shall speak, I will proteft he 1peaks by leave and by permission 7.C.3 1754 56 Rhymes, full of protest

Troil. and Cref: 32 8741 42 - I will tell her, fir, that you do protest, which, as I take it, is a gentleman-like offer

Romeo and Juliet.2 41 98011119 Protestation. A coil with protestation

Two Gent. of Verona.!

261 2 Protefter. Or did use to sale with ordinary oaths my love to every new protester

Julius Cæfar. 2 743 2 Proteus. Change Mapes, with Proteus, for advantages

3 Henry vi. 31 2 619130 Probeus. D. P.

Two Gent. of Verona. 23 -, character of, by Valentine

Ibid. 24

3011143 , his Soliloquy on his own falsehood and injustice

Ibid 4) 2

382/12 Prairactive. But the protra&tive trials of great Jove

Troil. and Cred: 11 3 861260 Provard. Wito have their provand only for bearing burdens, and some blows for sink. ing under them

Coriolanus. 2

7142) 7 Proud. My wife, not meanly proud of two such boys

Com. of Err. 1 1032 32 I must not seem proud

Miucb Ado About Norb. 2 31 131 131 - of employment, willingly I go

Love's Labor Loft.2 1 152 1/41 I am more proud to be Sir Rowland's son, his youngest fon As You Like It. Making them proud of his humility

All's W d. 1 12801124 You are too proud; but, if you were the devil, you are fair

Twelfth 5] 31212144


be thy pige

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A.S. P. C.L. Proud. Small things make base men proud

2 Henry vi.41 59211155 He is grown too proud to be so valiant

Coriolanus. I

1 7061124

Ibid. 2 2 71412 41
He is vengeance proud, and loves not the common people
Say, 'tis not so, a province I will give thee, and make thy fortunes proud Ant. and Cl. 21 5 778 130
can I never be of what I hate

Romeo and Juliet.3 5 98812137
Chop logick ? --what is this proud-and, I thank you-and, I thank you not-and

Ibid. 3 5 9882139 yet not proud

Ibid. 31 5 988 2 43 -me no prouds Prowdeft. That thou and the proudest of you all Tall find Taming of the Sbrow.4 12681/12

Now let me see the proudeft he, that dares most, but wag his finger at thee H. viii. 5 2 700144 Proudiy. Question her proudly, let thy looks be stern

i Henry vi. 11 2 546112 Proud-minded. I am as peremptory as she proud-minded Taming of the Sbrew. 2 Provender. A peck of provender, I could munch your good dry oats Midj. Night's Dr.418912156 Proverbs. For he was never yet a breaker of proverbs

1 Henry iv. 1 2 444 39 Proverb’d. For I am proverb'd with a grandfire phrase

Rom. and Juliet. 1| 4| 972 153

Winter's Tale. 4 31 35712129 Provided. Let's before, as he bids us : he was provided to do us good He that's coming must be provided for

Macbeth. 1 5 3671 47 Providence. She's mortal, and by immortal Providence The's mine

Tempeft. 51

Ibid. 51 - it is you that has chalk'd forth the way which brought us hither

Ricbard ii. 1 21 41512120 power of, in punishing offenders

Ibid. 1
Acts committed by heaven's substitute, let heaven revenge
The providence that's in a watchful state, knows almost every grain of Pluto's gold

Troi. and Cressida. 3) 3 876 2 9
There is a special providence in the fall of a sparrow

Hamlet. 5 210392133 Provident. It fits us then to be as provident as fear may teach us

Henry v. 2 41 518 154 Provincial. His subject I am not, nor here provincial

Meal. for Meas. 511001239 Provifun. I am sorry, when he sent to borrow of me that my provision was out

Timon of Albens. 13


8172 10 Provocation. Let there come a tempest of provocation

Mer. W. of Winds. 5 5 7112 7. Provokes. My tale provokes that question

Tempeft. 1 2

9 The need we have to use you, did provoke our hafty sending

Hamlet. 2) 2 1010 1 18

Lear.3) 5 9492 49 Provoking merit, set a-work by a reproveable badness in himself Provojt. D. P.

Mafure for Measure. 75 Prowess. Nor should thy prowess want esteem and praise

2 Henry vi. 5) 2 6011215 Prunes. Three veneys for a dish of stew'd prunes

Merry Wives of Windfor. I
Longing (saving your honour's reverence) for stew'd prunes Meas. for Meat. 2

81 116 Cracking the stones of the foresaid prunes

Winter's Tale. 4 2 34911 5 Which makes him prune himself and bristle up the crest of youth against your dignity

i Henry iv. il 4421233 There's no more faith in thee than in a few'd prune

Ibid. 3 3 4622 38 He lives upon mouldy stew'd prunes, and dry'd cakes

2 Henry iv. 241 485 116 His royal bird prunes the immortal wing, and cloys his beak

Cymbeline. 5. 41 922 2154 Pruning. Or spend a minute's time in pruning me

Lave's Lab. Loft. 4 3 162 145 Prunt. It is not so with thee, but, poor old man, thou prun'st a rotten tree

As Yuu Like It. 2 3] 230210 Pry'd. I pry'd me through the crevise of a wall

Titus Andronicus. 51 185111158 Pr’ytbee no more pratling

M.W. of Windsor. 51 7011138 Pjalmift. Death, as the Pfalmift faith, is certain to all

2 Henry iv. 3 2 489 52 Pfalterys

Coriolanus. 51 41 73712116 Prisick. A whoreson ptisick

Troil. and Credils 31 888158 Prolemy. To Ptolemy he allign'd Syria, Cilicia, and Phoenicia Antony and Cleop. 31 678412

5 Publican. How like a fawning publican he looks! I hate him, for he is a Christian

Mer. of Venice. : 31 2001239 Publius. D. P. J. Cæfar. p. 741.

- D. P.

Titus Andron.cus. 831 Pucelle, account of herself

i Henry vi. 5 5 5681/10 Puck, or Robin Good-fellow. D. P.

Midf. Nigbt's Dream.

175 his avocations

Ibid. 2 1 1791 45 various characters and appearances assumed by him

Ibid.31 1 1841123 Puddings. Reveng'd I will be, as sure as his guts are made of puddings M. W. of w. 2

5112150 Bless'd pudding

Otbello. 12

110541 5 Puddled. Or some unhatch'd practice, made demonstrable here in Cyprus to him,hath puddled his clear spirit

Ibid. 3) 4110661 26 Pudency. Did it with a pudency fo rofy

Cymbeline. (27 51 906|1|





Ibid. 2

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A. S. P. C.L. Pue-fellow. And makes her pue-fellow with others moan

Ricbard iii.41 41 559|245 Puff. Goodman Puff of Barson

2 Henry iv. 5) 31 50513

Ibid. 51 31 50516 in thy teeth, most recreant coward bare Puff'à Aquilon.

Troi. and Crel: 41 5 881/144 And like the devil, from his very arm puff 'd his own brother

Otbello. 31 4 1066/1 19

Winter's Tale. 4 2 3482 17 Pogging toob.

King Job.3 Puillance. Go draw our puissance together

399 126 That he thould draw his several Itrengths together, and come against us in full puiffance

2 Henry iv. 1 3 4791113 Have of their puissance made a little taste

Ibid. 2) 31 483155 And make imaginary puissance

Henry v. 1 cb 509/28

Or past, or not arrived to, pith and puissance

3 cb 5201 · But that my puiffance holds it up

2 Hinry vi. 41 2 5941133 Puissant. The queen is coming with a puissant hoft

3 Henry vi. 2 1611146 By this at Daintry, with a puissant troop

Ibid. 1 627 2 61 His grief grew puissant, and the strings of life began to crack

Lear. 51 31 9642123 Pake-ftocking

i Henry iv. 2 4 452 125 Puling. To speak puling like a beggar at Hallowmass

Two Gent. of Veruna. 2 1 27 154 Leave this faint puling, and lament as I do, in anger, Juno-like Coriolarus. 14/2 7271218 He, like a puling cuckold

Troil, and Cred: 4 2 878145 Pull. When such profound respects do pull you on

King Yobn. 3) 1 3992 Pull'd the law upon you

Mcaf. for Meal: 21 801123 Pullet sperm. I'll no pullet-fperm in my brewage

Merry Wives of Wind. 31 5 63/2/13 Pulpits. Some to the common pulpits and cry out, “ liberty, freedom, and enfranchisement!"

Julius Casar. 3 1 7522 49 Pulje. E'or your pulse twice beat

Tempeft. 51 20131 beats as of Aesh and blood

Ibid. 51 1 Daughter, and mother, so strive upon your pulse

All's Well. 1 3) 282 120 For no pulse shall keep his natural progress, but surceafe to beat Romeo and Juliet. 41 1 99012/25

My pulse, as yours, doth temperately keep time, and makes as healthful music Ham. 3) 410251 22 Pulfidge. Your pulfidge beats as extraordinarily as heart would defire 2 Henry iv. 21 4 483244 Pummel. The pummel of Cæsar's faulchion

Love's Labor Loft. 51 2 172133 Pumps. New ribbons to your pumps

Midf. Night's Dream. 4 2 1921 7' Then is my pump well-flower'd

Romeo and Juliet.21 4 97812147 Pampion. This gross wat’ry pumpion

Merry Wives of Winds: 3 31 60 150 Pun. He would pun thee into Mivers with his fift, as a sailor breaks a basket T. & C. 21865 2 43 Punched. When I was mortal, my anointed body by thee was punched full of deadly holes

Richard iii. 5 3 667 1 4 Punish them unto the height of pleasure

Measure for Mcafure. 5 1 1001 It Thou art only mark'd for the hot vengeance and the rod of heaven, to punish my mistreadings

i Henry iv. 3 2 459 245 To punish me for what you make me do is most unequal

Ant. and Ciesp. 2 5 7781219 Punished. Fools do those villains pity, who are punith'd ere they have done their milchief

Luar.4 2 954/2113 Punifoment. Almost at fainting, under the pleasing punishment that women bear

Comedy of Errors 1 1 103|219 That were a punishment too good for them

M. Ado Ab. Noib. 31 31 13413 Brave punishments

Ibid. 51 4 1462 56 Having received the punishment before for what I did then

Cymbeline. 51 5| 927138 Punk. She may be a punk; for many of them are neither maid, widow, or wife

Meal. for Meal:5 Marrying a punk, my lord, is pressing to death, whipping, and hanging

Ibid. 51 Punto. To see thee pass thy punto

Merry W. of Wind. 2 2 reverso.

Rumeo ard Juliet. 241 97812 8 Puny. And twenty of these puny lies I'll tell

Mer. of Venice. 31 41 2132 28 - Then know me not; left that thy wives with spits, and boys with stones in puny battle niy me

Çorulanus. 4 41 7281124 Pupil. Shall king Henry be a pupil still

2 Henry vi. 1 3 5752 13 Pupil-like. And wilt thou, pupil-like, take thy correction mildly

Richard ii. 51 1 4351 8 Puppets. Demy-puppets

Tempeft. 51 Exceeding puppets

Two Gent. of Verona. 2

28 1190 -- Fie, fie! you counterfeit, you puppet, you !

Midl. Nigbt's Dream. 3 2) 1872 34 Why give him gold enough, and marry him to a puppet, or an aglet-baby

Tame of the Sbrew.z! 21 258|1/27



99/2] 8



19 162


1 67312144



true man

grace itself

A. S, P. C. L. Puppet. Be-like, you mean to make a puppet of me

Tam. of the Sbrew., 41 31 271|1153 Thou, an Ægyptian puppet, shalt be shewn in Rome as well as I Ant. and Cleopo 5 2 800 2 49 - I could interpret between you and your love, if I could see the puppets dallying

Hamlet.31 2 10211/22 Puppy. Now this follows, which, as I take it, is a kind of puppy to the old dam, treason


Tem.pift, 2
Puppy-beaded monster
Pur. Here is a pur of fortune's, fir, or of fortune's cat, but not a musk-cat All's Well. 5 2

302121 Purblind. The truth appears so naked on my side, that any purblind eye may find it out

i Henry vi. 2 41 55212 21 Purchase. Your accent is something finer than you could purchase in so removed a

As You Like I.3 2 23712/24 dwelling Get themselves a good report after fourteen years purchase Twelfth Night. 4 326248 Thou shalt have a share in our purchase, as I am

i Henry iv. 2

144911115 They will Iteal any thing, and call it-purchase

Henry v. 31 2520 252

Otbello. 5) 211078126 Pure grief shore his old thread in twain

Love's Labor Loji. 31 1 1561 Purgation. You will be my purgation and let me loose Thus do all traitors; if their purgation did consist in words, they are as innocent as

As You Like It. 3] 2281/26

Ibid. 51 41 248137 If any man doubt that, let him put me to my purgation

Winter's Tale. 3 1 3441125
Even to the guilc or the purgation
For me to put him to his purgation, would, perhaps, plunge him into more choler

Hamlet. 31 2 10211232

Winter's Tale. 21 31 342 111 Purge. To purge him of that humour that presses him from Deep And with him we pour in our country's purge

Macbeth. 5 2 384121

Ricbard ii.
Let's purge this choler without letting blood

1415112 I can purge myself of many I am charg'd withal

i Henry iv. 3 2 4601

9 Mightier crimes are laid unto your charge, whereof you cannot easily purge yourself

2 Henry vi. 31 1 58412125 Then to purge his fear, I'll be thy death

3 Henry vi. 51 6632145 Where, I know, you cannot with such freedom purge yourself

Henry vii. 516971-35

Coriolanus. 151 51 7371456
Hoping to purge himself with words
And here I stand, both to impeach and purge

Romeo and Juliet. 5 3 997140 Purged. You must be purged too, your fins are rank

Love's Labor Loft 51 21 173260 And but in purged judgment, trusting neither

Henry v. 2

21 517112

Ricbard iii. 2
My soul is purg'd from grading hate
Purgers. We shall be call'd purgers, not murderers

Julius Cæfar.2 748 212,

Obell. 41 3.107312 24 Purgatory. I hould venture purgatory for’t. Purifying. One good woman in ten, madam, which is a purifying o' the song All's W. 1 3 281147 Puritan. Marry, fir, sometimes he is a kind of Puritan

I welfıb Night. 12 31 31512148

Winter's Tale. 4 21 3482158 But one Puritan among them, and he fings psalms to horn-pipes

Much Ado Abt. Noth. 41 5 1311130 Purity. Thou pure impiety and impious purity Purity. I love thee in so strain’d a purity

Troilus and Cressida. 4 4 8805 Purlicus. In the purlieus of this forest, stands a sheep-cote, fenc'd about with olive

As You Like I!.4) 3 24412 3 trees Purples. And long purples, that liberal shepherd's give a grosser name

Hamie:. 41 7103311110

Ibid. 2 Purport. With a look fu piteous in purport, as if he had been loosed out of hell

1|1004, 225 Purposes. I endow'd thy purposes with words

Tempeft. 1
We'll touze you joint by joint, but we will know this purpose Meas. for Meas. 5
People fin upon purpose

M. Ado Abt. No:l. 21 12712131
My purpose is, indeed, a horse of that colour

Twelfth Night. 2 31 316 127 The better act of purposes mistook, is to mistake again

King Jobm. 3 1 3981217 Our purposes God juftly hath discover’d, and I repent my fault more than my death

Henry v. 2 5171127 So barr'd, it follows nothing is done to purpose

Coriolanus. 3 720230 This shall make our purpose necessary, and not envious

7. Cafar. 2 1 74810 'Tis a brave army, and full of purpose

Artony and Cleop. 41 31 791148 The purpose is perfpicuous, even as substance

Troi. and Crel 11 31 8642127 It is the purpose that makes strong the vow

Ibid. 51 31 881120

Lear (114) 9371135 I do beseech you to understand my purposes aright is but the Nave to memory


Lear.214) 94:45 Purposed. I am so purposed Purre! the cat is grey

Ibis 31 6 95 118 Purse. Slow purse

Two Gent. of Verona." 2412134


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Hamler. 3




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Purse. Open your purse, that the money and matter be both at once deliver'd

A.S. P. C. Did you pick master Slender's purse

Two Gent. of Verona. I 241237
It is false, if it is a pick-purse

Merry W. of
I will go purse the ducats strait

Ibid. Il

47430 Shew the inside of your purse to the outside of his hand

Mer. of Venice. 31

28/2/60 We that take purses, go by the moon and seven stars; and not by Phoebus i H. iv.1 21 443147

Winter's Tale. 41 31 357) There is my purse, to cure that blow of thine - and brain both empty: the brain the heavier for being too light; the purse too light,

Richard ii. 4 4 664/2) 2 being drawn of heaviness His purse is empty already; all his golden words are spent

Cymbeline. 51 4 923145 Who steals my purse, steals trash

Hamler. 5 2 1038/2/30 Purs'd. When the first met Mark Antony, the purs'd up his heart

Otbelio. 3) 3/1061126

Ant. and Cleep. (22 7764 34 Purfents. For every one pursents three

Love's Lab. Lot. 51 2 1703 52 Pursue we him on knees

Troil. and Crops 31 88712 5 Pursues. Your sense pursues not mine,

Meaj: for Meas. 2 4 86/11 Pursuivant. And these grey locks, the pursuivants of death

i Henry vi. 21 5 553)- 42 D. P.

Ricbard ii. 633) Send out a pursuivant at arms to Stanley's regiment


666_0136 Pursy insolence

Timon of Aibers. 15 6 828/2/18 In the fatness of these purfy times

Hamlet. 34 10251 35 Purveyor. Where's the thane of Cawdor? we cours’d him at the heels, and had a purpose to be his purveyor

Macberb. 16 367]2 33 Puh. We may as well push against Paul's as ftir 'em

Henry vii. 51 31 7011: 4 We'll put the matter to the present push

Hamlet. 5 1 10362/33 Puppes. This feffion even pushes against our heart

Winter's Tale. 3) 2 34411/20 Put. Since I am put to know

Meas. for Meas: 751119 us in readiness

Taming of the Sbreço. 1
There's in him ftuff that puts him to these ends

Henry 1 672219
Thou art here put to thrash Trojans

Troilus and Cressida. 2

86512157 to him all the learning that his time could make him the receiver of

Cymbeline. I 1893-13

1 | You put me to forget a lady's manners

Ibid. 2/ 3/ 90312/27 And put upon him such a deal of man, that that worthy'd him

Lear.[2] 294112135 Put on. The powers above put on their instruments

Macberb.4 382 2 57 Gods! if you should have ta'en vengeance on my faults, I never had liv’d to put on this

Cymbeline. 5) 1920|1|27 - For you proteết this course and put it on by your allowance

Lar. 11 41 937 1 % If it be so, as it is put on me

Hanler. 1) 3 10051130 Of deatlis put on by cunning

Ibid. 5) 210412/28 Put up. Nor am I yet persuaded to put up in peace what already I have foolishly fuf. fer'd

Orbello. 4. 2 1072138 You are abus’d, and by some putter on, that will be damn'd for't

Wi's T.2) 1340|1/44 My good lord Cardinal, they vent reproaches most bitterly on you as putter on of these exactions

Henry viii. 1 2 674/2132
Putter out of five for one

Tempeft. 3 3
Putring on. Awakens me with this unwonted putting on

Meas. for Meajure.f42
Putrock's. Who finds the partridge in the puttock's nest, but may imagine how the bird
was dead

2 Henry vi. 3 2 5882132

Troilus and Cref:51 1 884/2/42
I chose an eagle, and did avoid a puttock
Puzzel. Pucelle or puzzel
Pye. A filken pye

Tam. of the Shrew.41 31 271113,
The chattering pyes in dismal concord sung
No man's pye is free'd from his ambitious finger
There they are both, baked in that pye; whereof their mother daintily hath fed

Titus Andronicus. 5 3
Py'd Ninny

Tempeft. 3) 2
Pyramid. They take the flow o' the Nile by certain scales i' the pyramid Ant. and Cleopa 2

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Cymbeline. 1) 21 8951-16 1 Henry viltl 41 549|1|20

3 Henry vi. 5 6 631 2162 Henry

1 67221

[blocks in formation]


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