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not stir

A.S. P. C.L. Pickle. How cam'ft thou in this pickle 22 1/12

Ibid. 51 1 22 1113 I have been in such a pickle, I shall not fear fly-blowing Smarting in ling'ring pickle

Ancony and Clep.2 5778126 Pickle-berring. A plague oʻthese pickle-herring

Twelftb Night. 1 5 3112 21

Love's Lab. Lof. 41 31 162 2 23 Pick-purse. Are pick-purses in love, and we deserve to die

As You Like It.3 42392 33 · I think he is not a pick-purse, nor a horse-stealer At hand, quoth pick-purse

· Henry iv. 2 1 448 212 Thou variest no more from picking of purses, than giving direction doth from

Ibid. 21 11 448'2 14 labouring Pick-tbanks. By smiling pick-thanks, and base news-mongers

1 Henry iv. 3) 2 460114 Pickt-batch. A short knife and a thong, to your manor of pickt-hatch, go M.W.of W. 2 2 Picture of nobody

Tempel. 3 2 14,2 17 Vouchsafe me yet your pi&ture for my love

Two Gent. of Verona. 4 2 3912 23 I claim the promise for her heavenly picture

411119 You may come and see the picture, the says, that you wot of

M. W. of Winds.21 2 5412 33 I will go get her picture

M. Ado Ab. Norb. 2 3 131 2133 He hath drawn my picture in his letter

Love's Lab. L. 5 2 1663 53 One of these three contains her heavenly picture

Mer. of Venice. 2 7 206 2 46 Are they like to take dust, like mistress Mall's picture

Twelftb Nigbr. 1 3 3092 44 - We will draw the curtain, and thew you the picture

Ibid. 1 5 31212127 Wear this jewel for my fake, it is my picture; refuse it not, it hath no tongue to vex you

Ibid.31 41 324|2 20. By which means I saw whose purse was beft in picture

Winter's Tale. 4) 3) 35512 13

Macberb. 2 2 370143 The sleeping and the dead are but as pictures Were but his pi&ture left among you here, it would amaze the proudest of you all 1 564 2 49 Come draw this curtain, and let's see your picture

Troi. and Cref:31 2 8731120 Thou picture of what thou seemest

Ibid. 5 1 884127

Liar. 2 His picture I will send far and near

11 93912 47 Pitture-like. It was no better than picture-like to hang by the wall, if renown made it

Coriolanus. :\ 31 707I Piece. And with our company, piece the rejoicing

Winter's Tale. 5) 23601258 out our imperfections with your thoughts

Henry v. I cb 509216 Yet to imagine an Antony, were nature's piece against fancy, condemning shadows quite

Antony and Cleop. 5 2 7992 21 This, like to a murdering piece, in many places gives me superfluous death

Ham. 41 51029143 Pieces out. He pieces out his wife's inclination

Merry W. of Winds. 3 2 591156 Piedness. There is an art, which, in their piedness, shares with great creating nature W.7.4 3 3502 18 Pield priest, dost thou command me to be shut out

i Henry vi. 1 3 547152 Pierce. Can no prayers pierce thee

Mer. of Venice. 4 1 215246

Richard ii, Pierce, Sir, of Exton. D.P.

4131 If Percy be alive, I'll pierce him

i Henry iv. 5 3 4701213 When by and by the din of war 'gan pierce his ready sense

Coriolanus. 2 271512153 How far your eyes may pierce, I cannot tell

Lear. 1 4 93311150 Did your letters pierce the queen to any demonstration of grief

Ibid. 4 3 9551129 Piere’d. It was the nightingale, and not the lark, that pierc'd the fearful hollow of thine

Romeo and Juliet. 3 5 987-36 - I never yet did hear, that the bruised heart was pierced through the car Othelle.1 3.10491 48 Piercing eloquence

Tani. of tbe Sbrew. 2 1 2611225 the Romans

Coriolanus. 1

708 260 Piety. Thou villain, thou art full of piety

M. Ado Ab. Notb. 41 2 14111 I How his piety does my deeds make the blacker

Winter's Tale. 3 2 345 223 O cruel, irreligious piety

Titus Andronicus. I 283311 Pig. The capon burns, the pig falls from the spit

Comedy of Errors. 1 2 1051128 Some men there are love not a gaping pig

Mer. of Ven. 4 1 21517121 Pig nuts.

Tempeft. 22 Pigeons. Venus' pigeons

Mercb. of Venice. 26 205241 With his mouthful of news-which he will put on us, as pigeons feed their young

As You Like It. 1 2 2252 54 As pigeons bill, so wedlock would be nibbling

Ibid.31 31 23911130 I will be more jealous of thee than a Barbary cock pigeon over his hen Ibid. 41 124311 6 Pigeon-egg. Thou pigeon-egg of discretion

Love's Lab. Loft. S 3165142 Pigeon-liver'd. But I am pigeon-liver'd, and lack gall to make oppression bitter Hamlet. z Pight. Your vile abominable tents; thus proudly pight upon our Phrygian plains

Troilus and Creili's! 111 89111s


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A. 3. P. C. L. Pigbt. When I dissuaded him from his intent, and found him pight to do it

Lear.[2] 1939|2129 Pigmalion. Is there none of Pigmalion's images, newly made woman M.for M. 31 2

9012 Pigmies. Do you any emballage to the pigmies

M. Ado Ab. Norb. 2 1 1272 43 To whip this dwarfish war, these pigmy arms

King Jobn. 5 2 409112 Arm it in rags, a pigmy's straw doth pierce it

Lear. 41 6 9581215 Pegrogrometus. Thou spokest of Pegrogrometus, of the Vapians passing the equinoctial of Queubus

Twelfth Night. 21 31 314 223 Piked. My piked man of countries

King Jubn. 1 13891215 Pikes. You must put in the pikes with a vice, and they are dangerous instruments for maids

M. Ado Ab. Notb. 5) 2 144/2 The soldiers Mould have toss'd me on their pikes, before I would have granted to that act

3 Henry vi. I

1 606 1117 Trail your steel pikes

Coriolanus. 51 51 7392129 Pilate. Though some of you, with Pilate, wash your hands, sewing an outward pity; yet you Pilates have here deliver'd me to my four cross

Richard i. 41 1 433 2134 How fain, like Pilate, would I wash my hands of this most grievous guilty murder donc

Richard i. 1 4 6432 45 Pilcbards. And fools are as like husbands, as pilchards are to herrings Twelfth Nigbr. 3 1 320 1 29 Pilcber. Will you pluck your sword out of his pilcher by the ears Rom. and Juliet. 3 1 98221 4 Pile. Now pile your dust upon the quick and dead

Hamlet. 5) 110361118 Pild. I had as lief be a list of an English kersey, as be pil'd as thou art pil'd, for a French velvet

Measure for Measure. I

762152 · Foundation is pild upon his faith, and will continue the standing of his body w.Tale. :) 2 338 21. Piles. What piles of wealth hath he accumulated to his own portion Henry viii, 31 2 6892 10 Pilgrim. A true devoted pilgrim is not weary to measure kingdoms with his feeble steps

Two Gent. of Verona. 27 32 2125 - I am St. Jaques's pilgrim, hither gone

All's Well. 31 41 292? There are pilgrims going to Canterbury, with rich offerings

1 Henry iv.: 21 4441146 Pilgrimage. For that's the utmost of his pilgrimage

Meas. for Meas:12 1 80145 What lady is the same, to whom you swore a secret pilgrimage Mer. of Venice. I

1 1982 29 For Mowbray and myself are like two men that vow a long and weary pilgrimage R.. 1 3 416 2 33 The ripest fruit first falls, and so doth he, his time is spent, our pilgrimage must be Ib.2.1 42111145 In prison hast thou spent a pilgrimage

1 Henry vi. 21 51 554|2|45 Most miserable hour, that time e'er saw in lasting labour of his pilgrimage R. & F. 41 51 992|2 49 Pill. Large-handed robbers your grave masters are, and pill by law Tim. of Albens.41 181811158 Pillage. Thy sons make pillage of her chastity

Tirus Andronicus. 2) 3 8381153 Pillar. 1 charge you by the law, whereof you are a well-deserving pillar, proceed to judgment

Mercb. of Venice. 4) 1 216 2149 Brave peers of England, pillars of the state

2 Henry vi. 1 11 5721155 And from these shoulders, these ruin'd pillars, out of pity, taken a load would fink a navy

Henry viü. (3) 2 692 142 Pilld. The commons hath he pill’d with grievous taxes, and quite lost their hearts R. . 2 1 422 1 20 And craved death rather than I would be so pill'd esteemed

i Henry vi. 1 41 54811156 Hear me, you wrangling pirates, that fall out in sharing that which you have pillid from me

Richard i. 1 3 639/1/46 Pillicock fat on Pillicock-hill

Lear. 31 41 94812 23 Pillery. And there I stood amazed for awhile as on a pillory, looking through the lute

Taming of tbe Sbrew.12 Pillow. One turf Mall serve as pillow for us both

Midf. Nigbe's Dream. 2 3 182 1 3 In thy youth thou wast as true a lover as ever figh'd upon a midnight pillow AsT.L.It. 2 423012158 A good soft pillow for that good white head were better than a churlin turf of France

Henry v. 41 1 527/29 Pluck stout men's pillows from below their heads

Tim.of Atb. 41 3 Who is this, thou mak'st thy bloody pillow

Cymbeline. 41 21 Pilct. Be pilot to me, and thy places Mall Atill neighbour mine Winter's Tale. I 2 338 2131

Yet lives our pilot ftill: is’t meet, that he should leave the helm 3 Henry vi. 5 4 62912 52 And, though unskilful, why not Ned and I for once allow'd the skilful pilot's charge

Ibid. 5 41 6304 3 Thou desperate pilot, now at once run on the dathing rocks, thy sea-fick weary bark

Romeo and Juliet. 51 31 9951117 Pilet's thumb. Here I have a pilot's thumb, wreck'd as homeward he did come Macb. 1 3 364/2 27 Pimpernell Henry

Induc. to Tam. of the Sbrew. 2 2541141 Pin. Tut, a pin

Merry Wives of Windsor. 1 1 461233 Then will she get the upshot by cleaving the pia

Love's Lab. Loft.41 11 158121 5

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A.S. P. C. L. Pino Wishing all eyes blind with the pin and web

Winter's Tale.[11 21 3371/16 And with a little pin bores through his castle wall, and-farewel king Ricbard 1.31 2 428 110 My wretchedness unto a row of pins

Ibid. 31 41 43012 37 For his apparel is built upon his back, and the whole frame stands upon pins : prick him no more

2 Henry iv. 3 2 490,154 He gives the web and the pin

Lear. 3 41 949,111 The very pin of his heart cleft with the blind bow-boy's but-Taft Rom. and Jul. 2 4 9781750 Pin's fee. I do not set my life at a pin's fee

Hamlet. 1 41006 157 Pincb. Fairy-like, to pinch the unclean knight

Merry W. of Wind. 4 4

lid. 4.4

681146 And till he tell the truth, let the supposed fairies pinch him sound Pinch Doctor. D.P.

Comedy of Errors. 1031 described by Antipholis of Ephesus

Ibid. 51 1 119111 2 As they pinch one another by the disposition, he cries out, ' no more' Ant. and Cleo.2 71 780138 There cannot be a pinch in death more sharp than this

Cymbeline. 12 89511 Necessity's sharp pinch

Lear.'2 4 945,119 Pincbed. What, have I pinch'd you, Signior Gremio

Tam. of tbe Shrew.2 1 26325 He hath discover'd my design, and I remain a pinch'd thing

Winter's Tal.2 1 3391058 Pincbes. Whose inward pinches therefore are most strong

Tempeft. 51 191265 Here's the pang that pinches

Henry viii. 2 3 682157 Pindarus. D.P.

Jul. Cæsar. 7411 Pine. To love, to wealth, to pomp, I pine and die

Love's Labor Luft. Weary seven nights, nine times nine, shall lie dwindle, peake and pine Macbetb. 1 3 364:2122 Pine [tree] You may as well forbid the mountain pines to wag their high tops M. of Ven.4. 215:151 Behind the cuft of pines I met them

Winter's Tale. 2 1 3391139 Thus droops this lofty pine, and hangs his sprays

2 Henry vi. 3/ 58 1/2/18 This pine is bark'd that over-topp'd them all

Ant. and Cle-p: 410

794 122 Pinion him like a thief


3 7 951.2 20 Pinion'd. Master Ford, you are not to go loose any longer ; you must be pinion'd

Merry Wives of Wirdjor. 41 2 Know, fir, that I will not wait pinion'd at your master's court Ant. and Clespo 5 2 799,118 Pink. This pink is one of Cupid's carriers

Merry W. of Wind. 2 2

50,134 Plumpy Bacchus with pink eyne

Ant. and Cleep. 271 781217 Nay, I am the very pink of courtesy

Romeo and Juliet. 21 41 978 244 Pinnace. Sail like my pinnace to these golden shores

Merry W.of Winds. 1 3
Whilst our pinnace anchors in the Downs

2 Henry vi. 4 1 5911140 Pinned. Our gates, which yet seem Mut, we have but pinn'd with rulhes Coriolanus. I 4 708,135 Pint-pot. Peace good pint-pot, peace good tickle-brain

i Henry iv. 21 41 455 147 Pioneer. A worthy pioneer

Hamlet. 1 5 1008 217 Pionied. Thy banks with pionied and twilled brims

Tempeft.41 16,2 53 Picus Sir.

Measure for Measure. 41 78 222 Pip. Being, perhaps, for ought I see, two and thirty, a pip out Tam, of the Strew. I 21 257240 Pipe. Rather hear the tabor and pipe

Mu. Ado About Noth. 2 31 129149 Thy small pipe is as the maiden's organ, Thrill, and sound

Twelfıb Night. 1 4 3101154 Then we may go pipe for justice

Titus Andronicus. 41 31 848139 That they are not a pipe for fortune's finger, to sound what stop the please Ham. 31 2 1019 143 Why, do you think that I am easier to be play'd on than a pipe

Ibid. 31 2 1022 147 Pipes of corn. Playing on pipes of corn, and versing love

Mid. Nigbt's Dream, 2; 2 179 227 Pipe of Hermes. The baseft horn of his hoof is more musical than the pipe of Hermes H.v.37 5251 55 Pipe wine. I Mall drinkin pipe wine first with him; I'll make him dançe M.W.3f W.312 60 1 Piping. The winds piping to us in vain

Mid. N. Dream. 2179 2 48 - In this week-piping time of peace

Rickard ii. I 1 634 1 10 Pippins and cheese to come

Merry W. of

48 243 Pirate, Thou concludest like the sanctimonious pirate

Meas. for Meal: 1 2 76 227 There be land-rats and water-rats, water-thieves and land-thieves, I mean pirates

Mercb. of Vinice. 1 3 20012121 Notable pirate! thou salt water thief

Twelf b Nigbr.

53292 3 May make cheap pennyworths of their pillage

2 Henry vi. 157312 2.8 And Suffolk dies by pirates

Ibid.4 1 59212131 Hear me, you wrangling pirates, that fall out in Maring that which you have pill d from me

Ricéard 11. 3 6391 45 I must rid all the sea of pirates

Antony and Cleop. 2 77911124 Pisa, renown'd for grave citizens, gave me my being

Tam.of the Shrew.1 1 255,115 Pifanio. D.P.

Cymbeline. 8931 Pisho And made a pilha as chance and sufferance

Mu, Ado About Notbels) al 14111157


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A. S. P. C. Le Pis for thee, Iceland dog

Henry v. 21 11 51412143 Pifmires. Nettled and ftung with pismires

· Henry iv. 1 31 447 53 Piling while

Two Gent. of Verona. 4 3 401 3 Piftol. He that rides at high speed, and with his pistol, kills a sparrow flying 18. iv. 2 41 454248

Nay, Hal, if Percy be alive, thou get'st not my sword; but take my pistol, if thou wilt

Ibid. 51 31 4701153 M.W. of Wind. D.P. p. 45. 2 Henry iv.


Herry vo 509 characterized

Henry v. 3 21 520 2 42 Pistol-proof. She is pistol-proof, fir; you shall hardly offend her

2 Henry iv.2 4 484 235 Pit. Our enemies have beat us to the pit

Julius Cæfar. 55 76514 Pitch. Having waste ground enough, shall we desire to raze the sanctuary, and pitch our evils there

Measure for Measure. 2 2 84/25 How high a pitch his resolution foars

Ricbard ii. 1 1 41412129 What a pitch the flew above the rest

2 Henry vi. 2 1 5781135 And bear his thoughts above his falcon's pitch

Ibid. 2 1 579|1|45 All men's honours lie like one lump before him, to be fashion'd into what pitch he please

Henry viii.2 2 681 145 As high as I could pitch my lance

Coriolanus. 1 7057159 These growing feathers pluck'd from Cæsar's wing, will make him fly an ordinary pitch

Julius Cæfar. I 7421131 To mount aloft with thy imperial mistress, and mount her pitch Titus Andron.2 1836 1 49 I cannot bound a pitch above dull woe

Romeo and Juliet.| 4| 972134 Pircb and pay. The word is, pitch and pay ;-truft none

Henry v. 2 3 518120 The sky, it seems, would pour down stinking pitch


2 129 They that touch pitch will be defild

Mu. Ado About Nob.31 3) 1341216 I am toiling in a pitch; pitch that defiles; defile! a foul word Love's Lab. LA.41 3 1602) 1 This pitch, as ancient writers do report, doth defile

1 Hen. iv. 21 4 45512 S Place barrels of pitch upon the fatal Nake, that fo her torture may be Morten'd 1 5 5681133 - Convers’d with such as, like to pitch, defile nobility

2 Henry vi. 2 il 5801138 So will I turn her virtue into pitch

Oibello. 2 3.1098/2 Pircb-balls. With two pitch-balls stuck in her face for eyes

Love's Lab. L04.3 1 1562/40 Pitcb'd. And all the lands thou haft lie in a pitch'd field

Tim. of A: bens. 1 2 8091 31 Pitcbers have ears, and I have many servants

Tam. of tbe Sbrew.41 41 272 2124 have ears

Ricbard jir. 2 41 647 229 Pitchy day. I will fort a pitchy day for thee

3 Henry vi. 5 6 6321143 night.

All's Well.41 41 3001 31 Night is Aed, whose pitchy mantle over-veil'd the earth

i Henry vi. 2 2 55111119 Pitecus. In an act of this importance, 'twere most piteous to be wild

Winter's Tale. 2

34012/31 Pith. And that's my pith of business 'twixt you and your poor brother M. for M. 151 792 29 Perlaps you mark'd not what's the pith of all

Taming of the Sbrew. 1 1 2561114 Or past, or not arriv'd to, pith and puissance

Henry v. 3, cb 5201 ! And enterprizes of great pith and moment

Hamlet. 3) 110171217 Let it feed even on the pith of life

Ibid. 4 1 1026131 Pitied. Much he spoke, and learnedly for life; but all was either pitied in him, or forgotten

Henry viii. 2 1679 140 Pities. Here's a night pities neither wise men nor fools

Lear. 3 2 9461245 Pitiful. Alas, I should be a pitiful lady

Merry Wives of Winds: 3 3 602) 6 Good ground be pitiful, and hurt me not

King Jobr. 4) 31 405113 Who should be pitiful, if you be not

i Henry vi. 3 3 5561110 He was never but where he meant to ruin, pitiful

Henry viii. 4 2 694 - 57 A fight most pitiful in the meanest wretch; past speaking of in a king Lear. 46959111 ! 'Twas pitiful, 'twas wondrous pitiful

Orbello. 131104812131 Pitifully. He'beat him most pitifully

M.W. of Windf: 42

671 45 Pittance. At so Nender warning, you're like to have a thin and Nender pittance

Taming of the Sbrew. 41 4272233 Pittikins. Ods pittikins

Cymbeline. 4 2 917 252 Pity. I cannot chuse but pity her

Two Gent. of Ver. 41 3 4119 I Mew it inost of all, when I thew justice, for then I pity those I do not know M. for M.2 2 8312143 If I do not take pity of her, I am a villain

M. Ado Ab. Nob. 2 31 131 2132 I take pity for thee

Ibid. 5 4 146 218 - Not wounding pity would not let me do't

Love's Lab. L94.4 1 15711137 - An inhuman wretch uncapable of pity

Mer. of Venice. 4 1214 1155 - If ever from your eye-lids wip'd a tear, and know what it is to pity, and be pitied

As You Like It.271 233:57


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Ibid. 3

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Ibid. 4

A.S. P. C.L. Pity. And pity, like a naked new-born babe

Macbetbol 7 368|1|19 Yet look up, behold; that you in pity may diffolve to dew

Ricbard ii. 5 1 434 1160 Forget to pity him, left thy pity prove a serpent that will sting thee to the heart Ibid. 531 437 155 Too full of foolish pity

2 Henry vi. 3) 1585157 Henceforth I will not have to do with pity

Ibid. 5 2 6012 54 Such pity as my rapier's point affords

3 Henry vi. 1 31 607219 Thou hast one son, for his fake pity me

Ibid. 11 3 6072 13 Harmful pity

Ibid. 21 21 611 2 5 My pity hath been balm to heal their wounds

Ibid. 41 81 627 2 26 No beast fo fierce, but knows some touch of pity

Ricbard ji. 1 21 63611112 I spy some pity in thy looks

Ibid. 1 4 643 235 A begging prince what beggar pities not

Ibid. I 41 643238 Tear-falling pity dwells not in this eye

Ibid. 42 65811113 Since that I myself find in myself no pity to myself

Ibid. 5) 31 667 2144 Those that can pity, here may, if they think it well, let fall a tear Prol. to H. viii. 67111 S After this process, to give her the avaunt! it is a pity would move a monster Ibid. 2

31 682219 So much the more must picy drop upon her

Ibid. 21 31 68212 21 And pity to the general wrong of Rome (as fire drives out fire, so pity, pity) hath done this deed on Cæsar

Julius Cafar. 3 1 753239 All pity choak'd with custom of fell deeds

754/2/28 You feel the dint of pity

Ibid. 3) 2 7561225 Men must learn now with pity to dispense; for policy fits above conscience T. of A.3 2 814136 For pity is the virtue of the law, and none but tyrants use it cruelly Let's leave the hermit pity with our mother

Troil. and Cred: 51 31 88712150 Whilft I am bound to wonder, I am bound to pity too

Cymbeline. 1 7 9001 Your cause doch strike my heart with pity, that does make me fick

Ibid. 1 71 9001|47 Took pity from true wretchedness

Ibid. 31 41 9091249 But if there be yet left in heaven as small a drop of pity as a wren's eye

2 91811 9 When I desired their leave that I might pity him, they took from me the use of mine own house

Lear. 3) 31 9472129 Let pity not be believed

Ibid. 41 31 95511153 This judgment of the heavens, that makes us tremble, touches us not with pity Ibid. 51 31 96412 47 Is there no pity fitting in the clouds, that sees into the bottom of my grief R. & Jul. 31 5 989138

That he is mad, 'tis true; 'tis true, 'tis pity; and pity 'tis, 'tis true Hamlet. 2. 2/1011'113 Pirty-wary.

Merry W. of Winds. 3) 1 9 Pix. For he hath ftol'n a pix, and hang'd must'a be

Henry v.36 5232151 Place. This is no place, this house is but a butchery

As You Like It. 2 3] 2307132 Who were below him he us'd as creatures of another place

All's Well. 1 2 280 122 Be pilot to me, and thy places shall still neighbour mine

Winter's Tale. 1 21 3381231 When yet you were in place, and in account nothing so strong and fortunate as I i Hiv. 5) 1 468116 'Tis but the fate of place

Henry viii. 1 2 675132 Left, perchance, he think we dare not move the question of our place Tr. and Cr. 21 3 8691145 Confider, when you above perceive me like a crow, that it is place which lessens and sets off

Cymbeline. 3) 3 908133 Due reference of place

Orbelio. 3 1049/2/15 Placed. My resolutions plac'd

Ani, and Cleop. 5) 2 801 30 Plackets. Dread prince of plackets

Love's Lab. Lo. 31 115612/27 Will they wear their plackets, where they should wear their faces Winter's Tala 4 3 3521113 You might have pinch'd a placket, it was senseless


31 35512120 The bone-ache ! for that, methinks, is the curse dependant on those that war for a placket

Troil, and Cred: 2

3 Keep thy foot out of brothels, and thy hand out of plackets

Lear. 3) 4 948250 Plague. O plague right well prevented

Mu. Ado About Noth.


134|?| 3 They have the plague, and caught it from your eyes

Love's Lab. Loft. 5 2 1701 29 How now? even so quickly may one catch the plague

Twelfib Nigbr. 1 - on't


3 4 32511/46 Thou wast born to be a plague to men

3 Henry vi. 5) 5 630/2 49 Herds of boils and plagues plaster you over

Coriolanus. I

41 708156 The hoarded plague o' the gods requite your love

Ibid. 2 7271:2 of Greece be upon thee

Troil. and Crelli 2 i 865144 Let your brief plagues be mercy

Ibid. 511 8901245 Wherefore Mould I stand in the plague of custom

Lear. 1 2 932230 'Tis the time's plague, when madmen lead the blind


11 95312 3 Plague fure, Thou art a bile, a plague fore, an emboss'd carbunele

Ibid. 21

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