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Partialize. Such neighbour hearness to our facred blood, should nothing privilege him, nor partialize

Participation. Thou haft loft thy princely privilege with vile participation
Particular. And every course in his particular

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Richard ii. I

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1 Henry iv.3 2
2 Henry iv. 4
Coriolanus. 5



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Two Gent. of Verona. 2 3


1932 47

is fuch sweet sorrow, that I shall say—good night, 'till it be morrow Rom. and Jul. 22 977133 Partition. It is the wittiest partition that ever I heard difcourfe Midf. Night's Dream.5 1 And can we not partition make with spectacles so precious 'twixt fair and foul Cym. 1 7 899147 Partizans. Clubs, bills, and partizans Romeo and Juliet.1 1698 160 Antony and Cleopatra. 27 780 145 Cymbeline. 42 918261

I had as lief have a reed that will do me no fervice, as a partizan I could not heave

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Who finds the partridge in the puttock's neft, but may imagine how the bird came dead, although the kite foar with unbloody'd beak

Pafb. Thou want'st a rough pash, and the shoots

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2 Henry vi. 3 Winter's Tale. 1 2 335151

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my daughter a sufficient dower

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Lord, let me never have a cause to figh, 'till I am brought to such a filly pafs Ibid. 5
Nay, an thou pass upon me, I'll no more with thee

[blocks in formation]

Please you, that I may pass this doing

What, have his daughters brought him to this pass

Though well we may not pass upon his life without the form of justice

[blocks in formation]

Paffage. This young gentlewoman had a father (O, that had! how fad a paffage 'tis)

Ah, the immortal paffado

Come, fir, your passado

Muft I not ferve a long apprenticehood to foreign passages

O, uncle, 'would fome part of my young years might but redeem the paffage of your


1 Henry vi. 2 5 554 236

If fuch actions may have paffage free, bond-flaves and pagans shall our statesmen


What, ho! no watch? no paffage ?

Othello. I 21046 2 50 Ibid. 5 11074 2 6 I 48210 2 Henry vi. 3 25814 Henry viii. 2 I 67120

Pafs'd. The women have fo cry'd and fhriek'd at it, that it pafs'd Mer. W. of Windf.1

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Merry W. of Windf.4 2
Meaf. for Meaf.5 1

-The king, fir, hath lay'd, that in a dozen passes between yourself and him, he shall not exceed you three hits

Paffetb. But I have that within, which passeth show

Paffing. You apprehend passing shrewdly

For Oberon is paffing fell and wrath

66221 101144

[blocks in formation]

It will be paftime paffing excellent, if it be husbanded with modefty

5 D

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Paffion. Paffion change not shortly

Mu. Ado Abt. Noth. I

There never was counterfeit of paffion came so near the life of paffion

And counfel him to fight against his passion


1123211 Ibid. 2 3 130126

Ibid. 3 1 1322 5

How all the other paffions fleet to air, as doubtful thoughts, and rath embrac'd despair

Merchant of Venice. 32 2102 36
As You Like It. 1 2 227149

What paffion hangs these weights upon my tongue
Methinks, his words do from fuch paffion fly, that he believes himself; fo do not I

If much you note him, you shall offend him, and extend his passion
His paffion is so ripe, it needs must break

'Till that his paffions, like a whale on ground, confound themselves

Her paffions are made of nothing but the finest part of pure love
Our own precedent paffions do inftruct us what levity is in youth
Then be my paffions bottomlefs
Your paffion draws ears hither

[blocks in formation]

2 Henry iv. 4 4 497250 Ant. and Cleop.1 Timon of Athens. 1 2 769255 1804117 Titus Andronicus. 3 Troil. and Creff: 5 2

She was a queen over her paffion; who, most rebel-like, fought to be king o'er her

But paffion lends them power

Give me that man that is not paffion's flave

Well painted paffion


8431 3 887 128

Lear. 4 3 955134 Rom. and Jul.15 974253 Hamlet. 3 2 1019 145 Othello. 411069|2|60 Tit. Andron. 3 2 844141 All's Well. 32 291111

Paffionate. And cannot passionate our ten-fold grief with folded arms
Palport. Look on this letter, madam; here's my pafsport
Pay-mcafure. Then he's a rogue, and a paffy-measure pavin; I hate a drunken rogue

Paft and to come, feem beft; things prefent worst

Twelfth Night. 5 330243 2 Henry iv. 3479221

Pafte. Some model of the barren earth, which ferves as pafte, and cover to our bones

I will grind your bones to duft, and with your blood and it I'll make a paste
Paftics. And make two pasties of your fhameful heads
Paftime of each weary step

Richard ii. 3 2 4272 57
Tit. An. 52
Ibid. 5 2

Till our very paftime, tired out of breath, prompt us to have mercy on him Tw. Night. 3 4 ← Make their pastimes at my forrow: they should not laugh if I could reach them Winter's Tale. 2 Pafter. It is the pastor lards the brother's fides, the want that makes him leave Tim. of Atb. 4 Do not, as fome ungracious paftors do, fhew me the steep and thorny way to heaven

Tr. Cr. 2
Henry v.2 ch

Two Gentlemen of Verona. 2 7
To fee no paftime, I:--what you would have, I'll stay to know at your abandon'd
As You Like It. 5 4

8532 8 853210 32 251

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28671 3


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Paft-proportion. Will you with counters fum the past-proportion of his infinite
Paflure. They fell the pafture now to buy the horse
Pafty. I will confess what I know without constraint: if ye pinch me like a pasty, I
can fay no more

Pat, pat

You fhall fee it fall pat, as I told you

Nor could come pat betwixt too early and too late, for any fuit of pound Henry viii. 2 he comes, like the catastrophe of the old comedy

Now might I do it, pat

Pataie. This daftard at the battle of Fataie-like to a trusty squire did run away
Patch. Scurvy patch

559 244



Patch. So were there a patch set on learning, to see him in a school
A crew of patches, rude mechanicals, that work for bread upon Athenian stalls

A. S. P. C. L.

Love's Lab. Left. 41

1591 7

Midf. Night's Dream. 3 Mer, of Venice. 2

[blocks in formation]

All's Well.45 Macbeth. 5


3 384148

24031 53

The patch is kind enough; but a huge feeder, fnail flow in profit Yonders my lord, your fon, with a patch of velvet on's face; whether there be a fcar under't or no the velvet knows

[blocks in formation]

As patches fet upon a little breach, difcredit more the hiding of the fault, than did the fault before it was fo patch'd

And begin to patch up thine old body for heaven We go to gain a little patch of ground


K. John 4
Henry iv. 2 4 486 124
Hamlet. 4 41027244

Patch'd. Man is but a patch'd fool, if he will offer to fay what methought I had

[blocks in formation]

To melt the city leads upon your pates

[blocks in formation]

K. John. 31396 215
Ant. and Cleop 2 2 7742 54

Tim. of Athens.5 2
Troilus and Creffida. 2 3
Tempeft. I

when he looks fo merrily

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869134 18/2/34

Merry Wives of Windfor.2 I 53144 fault upon my pate Comedy of Errors.1 Ibid. 2



106 217

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You have broke his pate with your bowl

This might be the pate of a politician, which this ass now o'er-reaches

My invention comes from my pate

Hamlet. 5 11034|1|26| 11052132

Otbello. 2

Patent. By his authority he remains here, which he thinks is a patent for his faucinefs


If you are fo fond over her iniquity, give her patent to offend

Path. Go, tread the path that thou shalt ne'er return

For if thou path thy native femblance on

All's Well.45 3011 7
Othello. 4 11067144
Richard iii. 1 1 634256

Julius Cæjar. 2

Path-way. In fuffering thus thy brother to be flaughter'd, thou fhew'ft the naked path-way to thy life

[blocks in formation]

I 747 2 20

[blocks in formation]

My patience, more than thy defert, is privilege for thy departure hence TwoG.of Ver.3 Shew your wifdom, daughter, in your close patience

[blocks in formation]

Bring me a father who fo lov'd his child, whofe joy of her is overwhelm'd like mine, and bid him speak of patience

Bring him yet to me, and I of him will gather patience

Ibid. 5 1141126 Ibid. 5 141138

"Tis all men's office to speak patience to thofe, that wring under the load of forrow,

We will not wake your patience

I know not how to pray your patience, yet I must speak

Ibid. 5 1 141|1|46| Ibid. 5 I 142 123 Ibid. 51 I 143 223 2151239

I have as little patience as another man; and therefore I can be quiet Love's L. Loft. 1 Mafter Muftard-feed, I know your patience well

Midf. Night's Dr.31

1851 2

Ibid. 3 2 185231

[blocks in formation]

Thou driv'ft me past the bounds of maiden's patience

Her very filence, and her patience, fpeak to the people, and they pity her
herself would ftartle at this letter, and play the fwaggerer
For patience the will prove a fecond Griffel

Think upon patience

She fat like Patience on a monument, fmiling at grief

5 D 2


Our's be your patience then, and your's our parts

All's Well. 32 2911 I Tw. Night. 2 4 317211 Ar's Well.[5] 3 305250



Pattence. Take your own patience to you, and I'll fay nothing

Oh, patience; the ftatue is but newly fix'd, the colour's not dry
Do you find your patience fo predominant in your nature, that you


Yet can I not of such tame patience boast

Call it not patience, Gaunt, it is despair

[blocks in formation]

That which in mean men we entitle patience, is pale cold cowardice breafts

And prick my tender patience to thofe thoughts, which honour and allegiance cannot think

is ftale, and I am weary of it

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Macbeth. 3
Richard ii. I
Ibid. I


3732 30


4141 33 2 415245

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You knew I was at your back; and spoke it on purpose to try my patience 2 H. iv. 2
Though patience be a tir'd mare, yet she will plod

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Henry viii.

- I laugh'd him out of patience; and that night I laugh'd him into patience


is fottifh

Ibid. 2

Ant. and Cleo. 25777223
Ibid. 4 13 797 214

herself what goddess e'er she be, doth lesser blench at sufferance than I do Tr. and Cr.1
Hector, whose patience is as a virtue, fix'd, to-day was mov'd
There is between my will and all offences a guard of patience
Have I hurt him?—No faith, not so much as his patience
Quite befides the government of patience

and forrow ftrove who should exprefs her goodliest

1 858122 Ibid. 1 2 859114 Ibid. 5 2 885255 Cymbeline.1 3 896 2/26 Ibid. 2 4 905250 Lear. 4 3 9551 37

perforce, with wilful choler meeting, makes my flesh tremble in their different

Rom. and Juliet.15974129

But he bears both the fentence and the forrow, that to pay grief, muft of poor
patience borrow

How poor are they, that have not patience

I should have found in some place of my foul a drop of patience

[blocks in formation]

Othello. 1 3 1049 144
Ibid. 2 3 1058/2/13
Ibid. 4 2 1070 251
Ibid. 4 2 10711/10

I will procure-a you de good guest, de earle, de knight, de lords, de gentlemen, my

Sit, my preferver, by thy patient's fide

Therein the patient must minister to himself

Two Gent. of Verona. 2

32 250

[blocks in formation]

Were I as patient as the midnight sleep, by Jove, 'twould be my mind

Patricians. I tell you, friends, most charitable care have the patricians of you
Where great patricians shall attend, and shrug, i' the end, admire
Patrick. Friar Patrick's cell

By St. Patrick

Coriolanus. 3 1 720110

1 704 1 20
Ibid. 19 7102 3
Coriolanus. I
Two Gent. of Verona. 4 3 40136
Hamlet. 151008131

Patrimony. I pray you stand good father to me now, give me Bianca for my patrimony

[blocks in formation]

Patron. And will repute you ever the patron of my life and liberty

As my great patron thought on in my prayers

Tam. of the Shrew. 4 4 272157
Troi, and Cref. 857

Tam. of the Sbrew. 4 2 270150
Lear. 1 1 930250
of bright gold

Pattens. Look, how the floor of heaven is thick inlay'd with pattens

Pattern. Let mine own judgment pattern out my death

[blocks in formation]

Merchant of Venice. 5 1 219 2 37
Meaf. for Meaf2 1
Ibid. 3 2
922 21
to take fpec-

Which is more than history can pattern, though devis'd and play'd


By the pattern of mine own thoughts I cut out the purity of his
-Behold th's pattern of thy butcheries

Pattern'd by that the poet here describes

[blocks in formation]

Winter's Tale. 3 2 3441 57

Ibid. 4 3 353 154

2 6352 54


845 2 14

Richard in.
Titus Andronicus. 4
Merry W. of Wind.1
Love's Lab. Left. 4 2 160 152

Induc. to Tam. of the Shrew.

Whose hearts have left their bodies here in England, and lie pavilion'd in

1 the fields of France

1 462 44

I 2512 2

Henry v1 2 512|1|39|

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Pavin. Then he's a rogue, and a paffy-measure pavin; I hate a drunken rogue
Paul's. I bought him in Paul's

Now, by St. Paul, that news is bad indeed
By holy Paul

A. S. P. C. L.

Tw. N. 5-13302 42 Henry iv. 12 476 $3 Ricbard iii. 1 1 635123


Off with his head:-now, by Saint Paul I fwear, I will not dine until I fee the

Ibid. 1 3

638 49

[blocks in formation]

Paunch, Sir John. What a coward, Sir John Paunch
Paunches. Fat paunches have lean pates

1 Henry iv. 2 2

Love's Labor Loft.


449 246 1472 1

Paufe. (Without any pause or staggering) take this basket on your shoulders M.W.fW.3 3


Hadft thou but shook thy head, or made a pause
It may be I will go with you-but yet I'll pause
And paufe us, 'till thefe rebels, now a foot, come underneath the yoke of govern-

[blocks in formation]

I'll pawn the little blood that I have left to fave the innocent
To lie like pawns, lock'd up in cheft and trunks

If guilty dread hath left thee fo much strength, as to take up mine honour's pawn,
then stoop

There is my honour's pawn, engage it to the trial if thou dar'st

- By this heavenly ground I tread on, I must be fain to pawn both my plate, and the
tapestry of my dining chambers

2 Henry iv. 21 480 246

He would pawn his fortunes to hopeless restitution, so he might be call'd your

- me to this, your honour,

Coriolanus. 3 1719 125 Timon of Athens. 1 1805134 Tr. & Cref.13 864 2 Lear. 1 1

His youth in flood, I'll pawn this truth with my three drops of blood
My life I never held but as a pawn to wage against thine enemies

Pawn'd. Have I not pawn'd to you my majesty

- I rais'd him, and I pawn'd mine honour for his truth

Pays. He pays you as furely as your feet hit the ground they step on

[blocks in formation]

9311 7 397 110

K. Jobn. 31
Coriolanus. 5 5

[blocks in formation]

1 Henry iv. 2 4
Ibid. 3 3



157 129

12251 5


Love's Labor Left. 41
wrestle for prize
As You Like It.

Peace. You have yourself been a great fighter, though now a man of peace M. W. of W.2 3

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And come ye now to tell me, John has made his peace with Rome: what is that
peace to me

[ocr errors][merged small]

To awake our peace, which in our country's cradie, draws the fweet infant breath
of gentle fleep

To fright our native peace with felf-born arms

341726 Ibid. 2 3424 257 Ibid. 41 432 248

Richard i. 1

fhall go fleep with Turks and infidels

Our peace will, like a broken limb united, grow stronger for the breaking
Deliver to the army this news of peace; let them have pay and part

is of the nature of a conqueft, for then both parts nobly are fubdu'd, and
party lofer

But peace puts forth her olive every where


Ibid. 4 4 498 147

In peace, there's nothing fo becomes a man, as modeft stillness and humility Henry v.3
5 D 3

1 5200128 Peace

Not to break peace, or any branch of it, but to establish here a peace indeed 2 Hen. iv. 4 1 493 144
Our peace shall stand as firm as rocky mountain

[blocks in formation]

Ibid. 4 2 495238

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