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A. S. P. c. L. Obftruet. Being an obstruct 'tween his luft and him

Ant. and Cleop.131 678412161 Obftruétion. To lye in cold obstruction

Meas. for Meas. 31 1

881212 Obrain'd. The other when she has obtain'd your eye, will have your tongue too W.Tale. 5 1 358/243 Occasions. My purse, my person, my extremest means lye all unlock'd to your occasions

Mer. of Venice. I

1 1982 46 O, that woman that cannot make her fault her husband's occasion, let her never nurse her child herself, for she will breed it like a fool

As You Like It. 41 1 243 1/32 I will go fit and weep 'till I can find occasion of revenge Tam. of obe Sbrew. 2

2601146 What occasion now reveals before 'tis ripe

Twelftb Night. 5 Withhold thy speed, dreadful occasion

King Jobr. 412 4041133 And only stays but to behold the face of that occafion that shall bring it on 1 H.iv. 1

31 447 2130 I will allow the occasion of our arms

2 Henry iv. 1 3 4781 57 And are enforc'd from our most quiet sphere by the rough torrent of occasion Ibid. 4 1 493 131 There is occasions and causes, why and wherefore in all things


5371141 And when I give occasion of offence, then let me die

3 Henry vi. 3) 607 2 17 A very little thief of occasion will rob you of a great deal of patience Coriolanus. 211 7121134 He married but his occafion here

Ant. and Cleop. 267801 18 And, I am proud, say, that my occasions have found time to use them toward a supply of money

Tim.of Athens. 12

2 8121126 He hath only sent his present occafion now

Ibid.31 2 813235 Which many of my near occasions did urge me to put off

Ibid. 3 6 8171214 I would breed from hence occasions, and I shall, that I may speak

Lear. 1 31 9342137 , noble Gloster, of some prize

Ibid. 2

94011143 Could not you take some occasion without giving

Romeo and Juliet. 3 1982 123 A finder out of occasions

Orbello. 2 110532 53 Occident. To stain the tract of his bright passage to the occident

Richard ii. 3) 31 429125 Occulted guilt

Hamlet.3) 21019 1 53 Occupation. You that stood so much upon the voice of occupation

Coriolanus. 467312 38 An I had been a man of any occupation

Julius Cæfar." 21 7442 27 'Tis my occupation to be plain

Lear.2 2 941123 Occupy. These villains will make the word captain as odious as the word occupy 2 H.jw.24 485418 And meant indeed to occupy the argument no longer

Romeo and Julier. 241 979 133 Occurrents. So tell him, with the occurrents more or less, which have solicited Hamler. 5 2 10411151 Ocean. She is my prize, or ocean whelm them all

Merry W. of Winds: 2 And calmly run on in obedience, even to our ocean, to our great King John K. Jobu. 5| 41 410130

Alas, poor Duke, the talk he undertakes, is-numbering sands, and drinking oceans dry

Ricbard ii. 21 21 424 1 21 I have seen the ambitious ocean swell, and rage, and foam, to be exalted with the threat'ning clouds

Julius Casar.!! 31 7451 39 At whose burden the anger'd ocean foams

Ant. and Cleop. 2 6779113 The ocean, over-peering of his lift, eats not the flats with more impetuous hafte Ham. 41 51029 151 DEtavia. D.P.

Ant. and Cleop. 7671 Odd. An odd man, lady? every man is odd

Troio and Crell. 4. 5 8812122 The general state, I fear, can scarce entreat you to be odd with him

Ibid.41 5 8832138 Odd even. At this odd even and dull watch of the night

Orbello. 1

110451 8 Odd numbers. They say there is divinity in odd numbers, either on nativity, chance, or death

Merry W. of Windsor. 51 1

70141 Odds. Is most at odds with his own gravity and patience that ever you saw

58 2 1 Then he shall have no odds

Tam. of the Sbrew. 4 3 271 242 Call him a Nanderous coward and a villain, which to maintain, I would allow him odds

Richard i. I 1 414 1143 For I desire nothing but odds with England

Henry v. 2

41 5192/24 Yields up his life unto a world of odds

i Henry vi. 41 41 562232 A poor earl's daughter is unequal odds

Ibid. 5 6 569214 Five men to twenty!--tho'the odds be great, I doubtpot, uncle, of our victory 3 H. vill 2 607 1117 But Hercules himself must yield to odds

1610114 'Twas odds belike when valiant Warwick fied

Ibid. 2

il 610 2142 I do not know that Englishman alive, with whom my soul is any jot at odds Rii. 2 il 644 2129 'Tis honour with most lands to be at odds

Timon of Aibens. 3 51 81711147 Thou hast the odds of me, therefore no more

Tit. Andronicus.15 2 8521115 Odd's bodikins.

Hamlet. 2 2101511134 Odes. Hangs odes upon hawthorns, and elegies on brambles

As You Like It. 31 21 237 2145 Odours. The heavens rain odours on you

Twelfib Nigbl. 31 32012125 - Receives not thy nose, countmodour from me

Winter's Tale.141 31 356/2135





Ibid. 31 1

Ibid. 2

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Odsbody! the turkies in my pannier are quite starv'd

A. S. P. Od's beartlings.

1 Henry iv.1 21 21 448 Ods pitrikins?

Merry W. of Windfor.1 3 4 62 Od's pleffid will

Cymbeline. 41 2 917 Eliads. She gave strange Eliads, and most speaking looks to noble Edmund

Merry W. of Windjur. II O'erborne their way

Lear. 41 5 956

Coriolanus. 41 6731 O'er-charg'd. Her heart is but o'er-charg'd; she will recover O'er-eaten. The bits, and greasy reliques of her o'er-eaten faith

Winter's Tale. 3 2 345 O'er-grown. Yourself, so out of thought, and thereto so o'er-grown, cannot be questions

Troi. and Cref. 5 2 837 O'er-leap. Let me o'er-leap that custom

Cymbeline.[441 919 O'er-leavens. Or by some habit, that too much o'er-leavens the form of plaufive manners Ha. 1

Coriolanus. 12 2) 7161 O'er-mafter. For your desire to know what is between us, o'er-master it as you may Ibid. 51008 O'er-parted. A little o'er-parted

Love's Lab. Loft. 5 21 172 O'er-percb. With love's light wings did I o'er-perch these walls Romeo and Juliet. 2

2 976) O'er-pusting. You may thank the unquiet time for your quiet o'er-posting that action 2 2) 47711 O'er-raugbt. The villain is o'er-raught of all my money Certain players we o'er-raught on the way

Com. of Errors.1

Hamlet. 3 1 10162 O'er-sized. And thus o'er-sized with coagulate gore

Ibid. 2) 2/1015! O'er-skip. The mind much sufferance doth o'er-skip, when grief hath mates Lear. 3) 695111) O'er-teemed. And, for a robe, about her lank and all o'er-teemed loins, a blanket Hamlet. 2 O'er-ween. Or I o'er-ween to think so

Winter's Tale. 4) i 3484 My eye's too quick, my heart o'er-weens too much

3 Henry vi. 3 Off. This comes off well, here's a wise ofñcer

Meas. for Meal.12 802 That's off


2 71511 I will practice the insinuating nod, and be off to them most counterfeitly Ibid.2 31 717119 Offence. A young man more fit to do another such offence, than die for this

M. for M.2 3 84 Hearken after their offence

Much Ado Ab. Norb. 51 14311 That is the way to make an offence gracious; though few have the grace to do it

Love's Labor Loft. 5

I 1651249 - And faster than his tongue did make offence, his eye did heal it up As You L. I.3) 51 241121 Methinks, thou art a general offence, and every man should beat thee All's Well. 2 3

2881133 of mighty note

Ibid. 51 31 302|2|25 Image of offence

Twelfıb Nigbi. 341 324 244 What my offence to him is ; it is something of my negligence, nothing of my purpose 16.31 4 325/1/15 The offences we have made you do, we'll answer

Winter's Tale. 1 2 334250 Thou art the issue of my dear offence

King To do offence and scath in Christendom

Ibid. 2 1 397043 Now that their souls are top-full of offence

Ibid. 3) 41 401 244 If thy offences were upon record, would it not shame thee in so fair a troop, to read a lecture of them

Ricbard i. 14332 25 For what offence have I, this fortnight, been a banish'd woman from my Harry's bed

I Henry iv. 2 31 45012 40 That argues but the shame of your offence, a rotten case abides no handling 2 H. iv. 41 4941/35 All offences, my liege, come from the heart

Henry v. 41 8! 5361 % Had you been as I took you for, I made no offence

Ibid. 41 81 536112 And when I give occasion of offence, then let me die

3 Henry vi. 1 3 6072/17 A gracious king, that pardons all offences, malice ne'er meant

Henry viii. 2

2] 681213 If no great offence belongs to't, give your friend some touch of your late business

Ibid. s 1 696160 'Twas folly for one poor grain or two to leave unburnt, and Itill to nose the offence Cor. 1733 1136 That, which would appear offence in us, his countenance like richest alchymy, will change to virtue and to worthiness

Julius Ca far.1

34 7462/38 No, my Brutus; you have some fick offence within your mind

Jbid. 2

1749 1154 So Thall he waste his means, weary his soldiers, doing himself offence

Ibid. 41 31 76012 59 It is not meet that every nice offence should bear his comment


31 7582 63

1 390218 P.:

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A.S. P. C.L. Offence. O, my offence is rank, it smells to heaven

Hamlet.[3) 31102311/14 In the corrupted currents of this world, offence's gilded hand may thove by justice

Ibid. 31 310231/36 And, where the offence is, let the great axe fall

Ibid. 41 s 10301235 The business of the state does him offence, and he does chide with you Orbello. 41 2 1072121 Offenceful. Your most offenceful act was mutually committed Measure for Measure. 2 831 4 Offend. To offend and judge are diftin&t offices, and of opposed natures Mer. of Venice. 2 208125 I'll so offend, to make offence a Kil

i Henry iv. 1 24451/24 I must offend before I be attainted

2 Henry vi. 2 41 582 240 Offender. Let him approach, a stranger, no offender

All's Well. 51 31 30212 38 We would have all such offenders so cut off

Henry v. 3

524/2/11 I should melt at offender's tears, and lowly words were ransom for their faults

2 Henry vi. 3 il 5841215 Offer. If you omit the offer of the time

Henry vit. 3/ 2 688145
Offered. Who seeks, and will not take when 'tis offer'd, Mall never find it more A. &C. 21 778111118
Offerf. Welcome young man; thou offer'st fairly to thy brother's wedding As Y.L.Ir. 5| 41 2492130
Offering. We of the offering fide, must keep aloof from strict arbitrement i Henry iv. 41 1 464127
Office. Modeft office

Much Ado About Norb./2
This is thy office, bear thee well in it

Ibid. 3 1 131 160
Time was I did him a desired office, dear almost as his life

All's Well. 41 41 30011110 Dost thou put upon me at once both the office of God and the devil? one brings thee in grace, and the other brings thee out

Ibid. 5) 2 30254 For little office the hateful commons will perform for us

Richard ii. 2

2 423/1/12 Master Robert Shallow, chuse what office thou wilt in the land, 'tis thine 2 Hen. iv.15 3 5051148 We shall forget the office of our hand, sooner than quittance of desert and merit H.v.2 2) 516120 I'll bear thy blame, and take thy office from thee, on my peril

Richard in. 4

1 6561163 The office did distinctly his full function

Henry viii. 1 6721 43 Then our office may, during his power, go seep

Coriolanus. 2 11 714 135 We charge you, that you have contriv'd to take from Rome all season'd office 15.131 31 725143 You shall perceive that a Jack guardant cannot office me from my son Coriolanus Ib. 5 2 73412 10 To sell and mart your offices for gold to undeservers

Julius Cæfar. 1+1 31 759 3 It is thought abroad, that 'twixt my sheets he has done my office

Orbello. I

310511118 You, mistress, that have the office opposite to Saint Peter, and keep the gates of hell

Ibid. 41 2110711144 Officed. Although the air of paradise did fan the house and angels offic'd all All's Well. 32 291235 Officer. What wilt thou do thou peevith officer

Comedy of Errors.141 41 1161129 Fee me an officer, bespeak him a fortnight before: I will have the heart of him, if he forfeit

Merchant of Venice. 3) 209|2|33 of a Court of Judicature D. P.

Winter's Tale. 333) Each takes his fellow for an officer

1 Henry iv. 2 245011159 Cæsar and Antony have ever won more in their officer, than person Ant. and Cleop. 3 1782 1 8 Officers a: arms. Lord Marshal, command our officers at arms, be ready to direct these home alarms

Ricbard ii. 1 1 415|210 Offspring. Accurs'd the offspring of so foul a fiend

Titus Andronicus.14/2 84711125 Oil-dry'd lamp

Richard ii. 1 3 418140 Oily. If for I want that glib and oily art, to speak and purpose not

11 93112138 Old. Here will be an old abusing of God's patience and the king's English M.W.OfW.1 50119 In Ephesus I am but two hours old

Comedy of Errors.12 21 108136 If a man were porter to hell-gate he would have old turning the key Macbeth. 21 31 3701218 Why art thou old, and want'it experience

2 Henry vi. 5 11 6002153 The Gods keep you old enough

Timon of Arbens: 31 5 817 : 34 Thou should'st not have been old before thou hadít been wisc

9382116 Old age. That which should accompany old age, as honour, love, obedience, troops of friends, I must not look to have

Macbetb. 5 3 38411158 that ill layer-up of beauty, can do no more spoil upon my face

Henry v. 512 540 1135 0!d folks may fcign as they were dead : unwieldy, Now, heavy and pale as lead R. 7. 2 5 98012/24 Old lad of the castle

i Henry iv. 1 2 443133 An old man is twice a child

Hemler. 2 1014 137 Oldness. Keeps our fortunes from us 'till our oldness cannot relish them

2/ 93311127 Olives. If you will know my house, 'tis at the tuft of olives

As You Like It. 3/ 5/ 240 11 4 I hold the olive in my hand: my words are as full of peace as matter

Tw. Night. I

51 3122 3 Peace puts forth her olive every where

2 Henry iv. 41 41 4981 47 Prove this a prosperous day, the three-nook'd world shall bear the olive freely

Ano and Cleop.41 63 79211145



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Lear. 1

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Old man.

Lear. 1

SC a

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2 444

A, s. Olive. I will use the olive with my sword

Tim. of Athens. 51 61 Olive-branch. To whom the heavens, in thy nativity, adjudgid an olive-branch and laurel crown

3 Henry vi. 4/6 Oliver. D. P.

As You Like I:.
England all Olivers and Rowlands bred

i Henry vi.
Olivia. D. P.

Twelfth Nigb.
O Lord, fir, a general answer to every question

All's Well.2
Olympian games. Promise them such rewards as victors wear at the Olympian games

3 Henry vi. 2 3 Olympian wrestling. Like an Olympian wrestling

Troilus and Cressida. 41 518 Olympus. As if Olympus to a mole-hill should in supplication nod

Coriolanus. 51 37
Now climbeth Tamora Olympus' top

Titus Andron. 2
To o'er top old Pelion, or the skyish head of blue Olympus

Hamlet. 5/ 1 10
Omen. And prologue to the omen coming on

Ibid. 1
Ominous. For Glofter's dukedom is too ominous

3 Henry vi. 2

61 61 Thy mother's name is ominous to children

Ricbard in. 4

165 This day is ominous, therefore come back

Troil. and Cref: 51 31 88 Omiffion. To do what is necessary seals a commission to a blank of danger Ibid. 3 31 87 Omit him not; blunt not his love

2 Henry iv. 41 41 497 Omittance is no quittance

As You Like I.3) 5 24 Omnipotens. This is the most omnipotent villain, that ever cry'd, stand, to a true man

i Henry iv. 1 Once. I pray thee once to night give my sweet Nan this ring

Merry W. of Wind. 31 4

63 If he do require our voice we ought not to deny him

Coriolanus. 2

31 716 One. Griev'd I, I had but one? Chid I for that at frugal nature's frame? O one too much by thee! why had I one

Much Ado About Notbing. 41 1 138 - As I have made ye one, so one remain

Henry viii. 5 2 700 One trunk-inheriting Nave

2 940 Oncyers. But with nobility, and tranquility; burgomasters, and great oneyers 1 Hen. iv. z

1 448 Onims. Eat no onions and garlick, for we are to utter sweet breath Midf. Night's Dr. 4


Induc. to Tam. of tbe Sbrew. - An onion will do well for such a shift


All's Well. 51 3) 305 - Mine eyes smell onions, I mall weep anon

Ant. and Cleop. I
The tears live in an onion that should water this forrow

2/ 770 Onion-ey'd. Look, they weep; and I, an ass, am onion-ey'd

2 7915 Two Gent. of Verona. 3 2

3712 Onset. And give the. onset to thy good advice

Titus Ardron. 1
And, for an onset, Titus to advance thy name

2 8332

M. Ado About Notb.
Onward. When you went onward to this ended action

Tempeft. 1
Ooze of the salt deep
My son i' th' ooze is bedded

71 78011 As it ebbs, the seeds-man upon the nime and ouze scatters his grain Ant. and Cleop. 2

Timon of Arbens. 1

1 80312 Our poely is as a gum, which oozes from whence 'tis nourish'd

Cym. 4 2 9162
The ooze, to thew what coast thy Nuggish crare might easiliest harbour in

Tempeft. 511
Opal. The taylor make thy doublet of changeable taffata, for thy mind is a very opal

Twelfth Night. 21 41 3171

Com. of Errors. 3
Ope. I'll break ope the gate

Mercb. of Venice. 1

198115 When I ope my lips, let no dog bark

2 Henry vi. 41 9 59712 59 Then, heaven, set ope thy everlasting gates

3 Henry vi. 2/ 3/ 613223 Yet that thy brazen gates of heaven may ope

Julius Cæfar. 1

2 7441225 He pluck'd me ope his doublet, and offer'd them his throat to cut Open. If I cry out thus upon no trail, never trust me when I open again

Merry Wives of Windsor. 41 2

67/141 Meas. for Meas: 2

801 28 What's open made to justice that justice seizes

Henry viii. 2

1680/2142 are to open here to argue this

Lear. 2


Ibid. 4

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Ibid. 3 3



Osozy bed.

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Ibid. 2




A.S. P. C. L. Opinin. And will not once remove the root of his opinion, which is rotten, as ever oak or stone was found

Winter's Tale. 2) 3) 3422 11 I have bought golden opinions from all sorts of people

Macbetb. 1 7 368 1 34 Makes found opinion fick

K. John. 4 2 4031 47 that did help me to the crown, had still kept loyal to poffeffion i Henry iv. 3 2 4601 32 Thou hast redeem'd thy loft opinion

Ibid. 5 41 471118 If I, my Lord, for my opinion bleed, opinion shall be surgeon to my hurt i Hen. vi. 21 41 5521255 He is return’d, in his opinions, which have satisfy'd the king for his divorce H.viü. (3) 2 68917 His own opinion was his law

Ibid. 41 2 694 2 54 By your teaching and your chaplains' (for so we are inform’d) with new opinions, divers and dangerous

Ibid. 5) 2 699 1 26 that so sticks on Marcius, shall of his demerits rob Cominius

Coriolanus. 1 1706146 Every one doth wish you had but that opinion of yourself, which every noble Roman bears of you

Julius Cæfar. 2 7472131 His filver hairs will purchase us a good opinion, and buy men's voices to commend our deeds

1748132 The great Achilles, whom opinion crowns the finew and the forehand of our host

Treil. and Cred: 3 863114 crowns with the imperial voice

Troi. and Crej).(1 3 863 1 58 Though't be a sportful combat, yet in this trial much opinion dwells Ibid. 1) 31 86412 41 A plague of opinion! a man may wear it on both sides, like a leather jerkin Ibid. 3 3 877 1/24 That lady is not now living; or this gentleman's opinion, by this, worn out Cym. 1 5 897|1|17 If not, the foul opinion you had of her pure honour, gains or loses your sword or mine

Ibid. 21 41 9041247 Some blood drawn on me would beget opinion of my more fierce endeavour Lear. 2 11 9391 44 Yet opinion, a sovereign mistress of effects, throws a more safe voice on you Orbello. Il 310492 3 And spend your rich opinion for the name of a night-brawler

Ibid. 21 31056/2 33 Opinion'd. Let them be opinion'd

Much Ado About Notbing. 4

140250 Opportunity. To trust the opportunity of night

Mid. Nigbt's Dream. 2

181 1 17 The double gilt of this opportunity you let time wash off Twelftb Nigbr. 3 21 32112 24 Set them down for sluttish spoils of opportunity, and daughters of the game 1.6 C.4 58812 48

That opportunity, which then they had to take from us, to resume we have again Cym. 3 1 906448 Oppose. I do oppose my patience to his fury.

Mercb. of Venice 4) 1 214161 thy stedfast-gazing eyes to mine

2 Henry vi.4.10 5982 35 not Scythia to ambitious Rome

Titus Andron. 1 28331 3 Most just and heavy causes may oppose

Lear.s 1961 1149 Opposed. And embrac'd, as it were, from the ends of opposed winds Winter's Tale. 1 11 333/2110 eyes.

i Henry iv. 1 1 44726 Whereby we stand opposed by such means as you yourself have forg’d against yourfek

1 468 136 Not from one opposed

Lear. 31 71 951|2|55 Oppsling freely the beauty of her person to the people

Henry viii. 41 1694 16 Opposite. You imagine me too unhurtful an oppofite

Meal, for Meas. 3 2
Be opposite with a kinsman

Twelfib Night. 21 5 319 1122 Your opposite hath in him what youth, strength, skill, and wrath, can furnish man withal

Ibid. 3 4 324/248 The most skilful, bloody and fatal opposite

Ibid. 31 4 325 1127 Being opposites of such repairing natures

2 Henry vi. 5) 26022 30 Thou art as oppofire to every good, as the Antipodes are to us 3 Henry vi. 41 608257 To be thus opposite with heaven for it requires the royal debt it lent you Richard iii. 2 21 646124 Daring an opposite to every danger

Ibid. 5 41 669 139 And leave nothing undone, that may fully discover him their opposite Coriclanus. 2

2 71412 57 He's opposite to humanity

Timon of Athens.

8062/12 Seeing how lothly opposite I stood to his unnatural purpose

93 12/12 You have the captives who were the opposites of this day's strife

Ibid. 5 31 962231 By the law of arms chou wait not bound to answer an unknown opposite Ibid. 51 31 964/1/11 So opposite to marriage 21046214 Oppositions. More remarkable in single oppositions

Cymbeline. 4 1 91438 The opposition of your person in trial

Hamlet. 5 2.0391123 Oppress. Why dost thou so oppress me with thine eyes

Tr. and Crelli 4 5 883210 Opprethon. Cæsar himself has work, and our oppression exceeds what we expected

Ant. and Cleop. 47 79212 29 Opprobriously. Was not incensed by his subtle mother, to taunt and scorn you thus opprobrioufly

Richard iii. 31 1 64912131 SC 3


Ibid. 51


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