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A.S. P. C.L. Note. These make the men of note, (do you note men?) that are most affected to thefes

Love's Lab. Lef.31. 15412 55 I come by note, to give, and to receive

Mer. of Venice. 3 2 211114 Give order to my servants, that they take no note at all of our being absent hence 16.15 1 22011143 'Tis he, Nink not, and note him

As You Like It. (3) 2 2361252 No note upon my parents; his all noble


3) 282/16 As notes, whose faculties inclutive were more than they were in note

Ibid. 1 31 282 224 Our general bids you answer to what I Mall alk you out of a note

Ibid.41 1298|1|17 Offence of mighty note

Ibid. 51 31 302 2125 My niece shall take note of it

Twelfth Nigbr. 3 2 3212135 Heavens so shine, that they may fairly note this act of mine

Ibid.4 2 3282 46 It is a gentleman of the greatelt promise that ever came into my note Winter's Tale.4 1333216 I have heard, fir, of such a man, who hath a daughter of most rare note Ibid. 41 1 34811151 For which the heavens, taking angry note, have left me issue-less

Ibid. 5) 1 359" 57 If much you note him, you shall offend him, and extend his passion

Macbetb. 3) 41 3752 52 Here is now the smith's note for Moeing and plough-irons

2 Henry iv. 51501125 The king hath note of all that they intend

Henry v.2 2 515242 Upon his royal face there is no note, how dread an army hath enrounded him

Ibid.41cb 5271 27 These exactions, whereof my sovereign would have note, they are most peftilent to the hearing

Henry viii. 1 2 674/2162 High notes ta'en of your many virtues

Ibid. 2 3 683 1 18 They have ta'en note of us

Coriolanus. 41 21 727110 Where never Roman shall take note of him

Julius Cajar. 5) 31 763|2|50 To-night, we'll wander through the streets, and note the qualities of people A6 Cili

1768125 Three in Ægypt cannot make better note

Ibid. 3) 31 783150

Titus Andrunicus. 2
The, my brother, Mall have note of this

8381241 He is one of the noblest note

Cymbeline. 17 899130 And must not soil the precious note of it with a base nave

Ibid.2 31 9032 44 These present wars Mall find I love my country, even to the note o' the king

Ibid. 141 31 91912) 5 That they will waste their time upon our note, to know from whence we are


4 4 9191239

He brags as if he were of note

51 31 921|2|32 His picture I will send far and near, that all the kingdom may have due note of him Lear:12]

1 939|2 49 I do know you; and dare you upon the warrant of my note

Ibid. 3) 1 9461 36

Ibid.4) 5) 956145
Take this note: my lord is dead; Edmund and I have talk'd

Romeo and Julie. 4 5 9931220
Do you note me.--An you re us, and fa us, you note us
Let the world take note, you are the most immediate to our throne

2 1002 220

Ibid. 3/ 21019157
Give him heedful note

Take note, take note, O world, to be direct and honest, is not safe

3) 31063232

Merry W. of Windsor. 1 47115
Note-book. I will make a prief of it in my note-book

Winter's Tale. I 2
Noted. Not noted, is't, but of the finer natures
Come Camillo, and take her by the hand; whose worth, and honesty, is richly noted 16.151 31 3621255

2 444 2 46 I have cases of buckram for the nonce, to immask our noted outward gai ments 1 H. iv. li

41 4552 14 Yet there is a virtuous man, whom I have often noted in thy company

Timon of Aibens. 31 81311 15 I have noted thee always wise

Lear. 1 41 9352 16 I have noted it well

Two Gent. of Verona. 3 i 35 127
Notbing. I'll Atrike nothing

Measure for Measure. 2) i
There was nothing done to her once

Mid, Nigbt's Dreams 1931/18
The kinder we to give them thanks for nothing

I 1982 I do know of those that therefore only are reputed wife for saying nothing M.of Venili

1 19812 22 Gratiano speaks an infinite deal of nothing When I told you my late was nothing, I hould then have told you I was worse


3) 2
than nothing

All's Well. 2 1 2841 3
Thus he his special nothing ever prologues
To say nothing, to do nothing, and to have nothing, is to be a great part of your

41 2882151
title : which is within a very little of nothing
I would have men of such constancy put to sea, that their business might be every





Ibid. 2

811 52


Ibid. 1


Ibid. 51

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A.S. P. C. L. Norbing. Before I knew thee, Hal, I knew nothing

1 Henry iv.11 21 4441111 When yet you were in place, and in account nothing so strong and fortunate as I 16.5 1468 1 6

Coriolanus. 21 21 7152/12
Than idly fit to have my nothings monster'd

Ibid. 41 51 7292113
And wakid half dead with nothing
He was a thing of nothing, titleless

733 1 20 That you do love me, I am nothing jealous

7. Cæjar. 1 2 743 23% Enjoy thy plainness, it nothing ill becomes thee

Ant. and Cleop. 261779 121

Timon of A: bens. 3 1 8131
doubting your present assistance
For these my present friends—as they are to me nothing, so in nothing bless them,

Ibid. 31 6818120 and to nothing are they welcome brings me all things

Ibid. 51 31 827219 Dusty nothing

Troil. and Cred: 3 2 874 57 'Twas but a bolt of nothing, shot at nothing, which the brain makes of fumes Cym. 4. 2918114

Ibid. 41 21 918 2.2%
I am nothing: or if not, nothing to be were better
The wrongs he did me were nothing prince-like

Ibid. 5 5 926234

Lear. I 1 9301149 can come of nothing: speak again

Ibid. 1 2 933 TIL
The quality of nothing hath not such need to hide itself

Ibid. I 21 9331113
If it be nothing, I shall not need spectacles
So much the rent of his land comes to

Ibid. 1 41 936 129

Can you make no use of nothing, nuncle

4 93811/26 almost fees miracles

Ibid. 21 21 9421 46 And I am nothing flow to Nack his hafte

Romeo and Juliet. 41989 1160 We doubt it nothing

Hamlet. 1 210012 48 This nothing's more than matter

Ibid. 41 510101129

Coriolanus. 1 31 707 2 46 Norbing doubt. They nothing doubt prevailing Notice. To my poor unworthy notice, he mock'd us, when he begg'd our voices Ibid. 2 31 7181 % Notify. She gives you to notify

Merry W. of Windf. 2 2

541230 She is stirring, fir; if he will ftir hither, I Mall seem to notify unto her

Othello. 31 11059 5 Noting his penury

Romeo and Julier. 5. 1994 44

Macbetb.31 373 225 Notion. To a notion craz'd

Lear. I 41 937 124 Either his notion weakens, or his discernings are letharg'd Notorious. I would it were not notorious

All's Well. 11 2772 14 Some base notorious knave

Orbello. 4) 2107112.50 Nott-pated.

1 Henry iv. 2 41 452 125 Novelties may move, and parts with person

Troil, and Cres: 4 41 8802 S No-verbs. Shall I lose my priest, my Sir Hugh? no, he gives me the pro-verbs and the no-verbs

Merry W. of Windsor. 3) 1 Novice. A novice to this place

Meas. for Meal, 1 5 79129 Mars doat on you for his novices

All's Well. 21 1 283 2 6 When gallant springing, brave Plantagenet, that princely novice, was struck dead by

Richard iii. 1 41 643145 thee Triple-turn'd whore ! 'tis thou hath fold me to this novice Ant, and Cleop. 4.10 794 1 12

As You Like It. I 1 223/220 Noughe. Marry, fir, be better employ'd, and be nought awhile Nouns. Od's nouns

Merry Wives of Windsor. 4 1 - Talk of a noun and a verb, and such abominable words, as no christian ear can endure to hear

2 Henry vi. 471 596 125 Nourish. Our ine be made a nourish of salt tears

i Henry vi. 1 1 544140 Novum. A bare throw at nouum

Love's Labor Loft. 5 21 1712 3 Now. But now a king,-now thus

King Jobnos! 7| 4112 13 When this was now a king, and now is clay

Ibid. 5171 411 2116 And call him noble, that was now your hate

Coriolanus. 11 7051139 Nowl. When I did him at this advantage take, an ass's nowl I fix'd upon his head

Mid. Night's Dream. 3 2 1851 34

Richard iii. 2 Numb-cold night

164311 25 Numbers. Brings home full numbers

Mu. Ado Abr. Norb. I

1201114 And by the ground they hide, I judge their number upon, or near, the rate of thirty thousand

2 Henry iv. 4 1 492 2 22 Now is he for the numbers that Petrarch flowed in

Romeo and Juliet. 2 41 97812/25 Number'd beach.

Cymbeline. 17 899145 Numbness. Bequeath to death your numbness, for from him dear life redeems you w.T.5 31 362 23 Nun. Blessedness of living a nun's life

Mid. Night's Dream. I 1 17611136 A nun of winter's listerhood kisses not more religiousy; the very ice of chastity is in them

As You Like It. 3 4 239 225

All's Well. 21 al 28511 154 - As fit as the aun's lip to the friar's mouch


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A.S. P. C. L. Nuncio. She will attend it better in thy youth, than in a nuncio of more grave asped T.N.(11 41 310|49 Nuncle. How now, nuncle

Lear. 1 41 935253 Nuptial. This looks not like a nuptial

Mucb Ado About Notb.4 1 137 253 A father is, at the nuptial of his son, a guest that best becomes the table W.Tale. 4) 31 3532) 8 Nurse. Which is the manner of his nurse, or his dry-nurse M. Wives of Wind.. 4812134 - I am too old to fawn upon a nurse

Richard ii. 11 31 41712 45 Rude ragged nurse

Ricbard iii. 4

1657 148 Truth thall nurse her

Henry viii. 5) 41 7021 26 Your prattling nurse into a rapture lets her baby cry, while she chats him

Coriol. 2.11 7140II Nurse. D.P. Tit. Andronicus. p. 831.

- to Juliet Romeo and Jul. 967) Nurjer. See where he lies inhersed in the arms of the most bloody nurser of his harms

i Henry vi. 5 1 564145 Nursery. It may well serve a nursery to our gentry, who are sick, for breathing and exploit

All's Well. i 2) 27912 47 Nurfb-a Quickly tell me so much

Merry Wives of Wind. 312 592 33 Nurfing. First pay me for the nursing of thy fons

Cymbeline. 5 5 927115 Nurture. On whose nature nurture can never stick

Tempeft. 41 1 Yet am I inland bred; and know some nurture

As You Like It. 21 71 233 1/35 Nuts. I have a ventrous fairy, that shall seek the squirrel's hoard, and fetch the new nuts

Mids. Nigbr's Drean. 4 2 189 261 There can be no kernel in this light nut

All's Well. 21 5 28912 13 'A were as good crack a fufty nut with no kernel

Troilus and Crell

2 1 866158 - Thou wilt quarrel with a man for cracking nuts, having no other reason but because thou hast hazel eyes

Romeo and Juliet. 311 981 260 Nut-book's humour

Merry W. of Windsor. 1 47 1139

2 Henry iv. 54) 50512123 Nutmeg. A gilt nutmeg

Love's Labor Loft. 5 2 172217

Winter's Tale. 41 21 349 | 3 Nut-shell. Icould be bounded in a nut-sell, and count myself a king of infinite space Ham. 2 2 1012 240 Merry Wives of Wind. p. 45.

Henry v. 509 characterised

Ibid. 31 2 520245 Nymphs, spirits. D.P.

Tempeft. Temperate nymphs

Ibid. 411


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Nym. D.P.


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Than all the fiery O's and eyes of light

M:df. Nigbe's Dream. 3 2 186/2 48 Or may we cram within this wooden O, the very casques that did affright the air at Agincourt

Henry v. 1 cb 5091116 And lighted the little O, the earth

Ant. and Clcop. 5 2 799157 Now thou art an O without a figure

Lear. 11 41 9362 41 Rise and stand; why Would you fall into so deep an O

Romeo and Juliet. 3 3198619 Oak. I will rend an oak, and peg thee in his knotty entrails

Tempeft. 1. 2 514. And rifted Jove's stout oak with his own bolt

Ibid. 5 1 19|2|23 The unwedgeable and gnarled oak

Meal. for Meaf. 2 2 An oak but with one green leaf on it, would have answered her M. Ado Ab. Norh. 2) 12712111 Under an oak, whose boughs were moss'd with age, and high top bald with dry antiquity

As You Like It. 41 31 244/2133 Many strokes, tho'with a little axe, hew down and fell the hardest timber'd oak 3 1 610116 Hews down oaks with rushes

Coriolanus. 1 1 705137 To a cruel war I sent him; from whence he return'd with his brows bound with oak 16.11 31 7071 5. And for his meed was brow-bound with the oak

Ibid. 12 2 715236 He is the rock, the oak not to be wind-thaken

Ibid. 5 2 7351115 When the scolding winds have riv'd knotty oaks

7. Cæfar. 3 745138 When splitting winds make flexible the knees of knotted oaks Troil. and Crell: 1 31 862 128 Clore as oak

Orbeils. 3) 3106112 38 Oak-cliaving thunder-bolts

Lear. 3 2 9462137 Oaken garland. He comes the third time home with the oaken garland Coriolanus. 2

1 3131 26 Oars. To post after with oars

Two Gent. of Verona. 2 3

2912110 Outb. Soliloquy of Protheus, on breaking an oath

Ibid. 216

32131 Twenty thousand soul-confirming oaths

Ibid. 21 6

32) 145 Full of new found oaths

412 3 Thou didst then rend thy faith into a thousand oaths, and all those oaths descended into perjury



Ibid. 41 3


Ibid.15' 41

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my oath

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A. S. P. C.L. Oarb. Your bold-beating oaths

Merry W. of Windf-121 21 5411/20

Love's Lab. L.A. 1472 24 - Your oath is pass’d to pass away from these Having sworn too hard a keeping oath, study to break it, and not break my troth Ibid. 1 1 148414

Ibid. 2 Will shall break it, will, and nothing else

I 1531115 So he diffolv'd, and showers of oaths did melt

Mid. Night's Dream. a 11 1771241

Mercb. of Venice. 21 91 207|2|33 taken by the lovers of Portia

Ibid.41 1
I have an oath in heaven : shall I lay perjury upon my soul
A thing stuck on with oaths upon your finger, and riveted with faith unto your flesh 16.15
Pardon this fault, and by my soull swear, I never more will break an oath with thee Ib. si i

As You Like It. I
When I break my oath, let me turn monster

2 2251 46 The oath of a lover is no stronger than the word of a tapster

Ibid. 31 41 239 240

Ibid. 2 7 233/2 30 Full of strange oaths, and bearded like the pard

Ibid.41 1 243147 So God mend me, and all pretty oaths that are not dangerous With oaths kept waking, and with brawling fed

Tam of the Shrew.41 3 27029 With the divine forfeit of his soul upon oath

All's Well. 3 2932 37 'Tis not the many oaths, that make the truth ; but the plain fingle vow, that is vow'd true

Ibid. 41 2 296159 Your oaths are words and poor conditions, but unseald

Ibid.41 2 29612 7 When he swears oaths, bid him drop gold, and take it

Ibid. 41 31 2981256 He professes no keeping of oaths; in breaking them he is ftronger than Hercules 1b. 4 3 299 4 28 A terrible oath with a fwaggering accent, effect of

Twelfth Night. 341 324148

Winter's Tale. I
Though you would seek to unsphere the stars with oaths

2334/27 Not for Bohemia, nor the pomp that may thereat be glean’d, for all the sun sees, or the close earth wombs, or the profound sea hides in unknown fathoms, will I break

Ibid.41 31 354 1164 . I have a king's oath to the contrary

King John.31139611128 On keeping prior oaths before subsequent ones

Ibid.31 1 39827 Thy voluntary oath, lives in this bosom, clearly cherished

Ibid. 3 3 39912123 Upon your oath of service to the pope, go I to make the French lay down their arms 16.5 1 4071141

Engaged by my oath (which heaven defend a knight should violate)

31 416159 And let him ne'er see joy that breaks that oath

Ibid. 2 31 42529 And givest such farcenet surety for thy oaths, as if thou never walk'dft further than Finsbury

i Henry iv.31 11 459210 Broke oath on oath, committed wrong on wrong


41 34671 You swore to us, and you did swear that oath at Doncaster

Ibid. 146811 Sword is an oath, and oaths must have their course

Henry v.21 5152 For oaths are straws

Ibid. 21 3 51811122 Only downright oaths, which I never use till urg'd, nor never break for urging lbid. 52

5392 6 And may our oaths well kept and prosp'rous be


5 21 541 2 26 of the Governor of Paris to Henry VI.

Henry vi. 41 1559 147 As doth a ruler with unlawful oaths



61 569210 Salisbury's reasons for breaking a sinful oath

2 Henry vi. For a kingdom any oath may be broken: I'd break a thousand Oaths to reign one year

3 Henry vi. An oath is of no moment, being not took before a true and lawful magistrate Ibid. 1

21 60612121 The world goes hard, when Clifford cannot spare his friends an oath

Ibid. 21 61 61618 Tell me not then, have you not broke your oaths



16171130 To keep that oath, were more impiety than Jepthah’s when he sacrificed his daughter 16.56281244 Breaking his oath and resolution, like a twist of rotten Gilk

Coriolanus. 5573812 48 What other oath than honesty to honefty engag'd

Julius Cæfar. 2 1 7481112 To think, that, or our cause, or our performance did need an oath

1 748122 You have broke the article of your oath

Antony and Cleop. 2 2 775 1127 - An ideot holds his bauble for a god, and keeps the oath, which by that god he fwears

Titus Andronicus. 5 1 8511115 As if I borrow'd my oaths of him, and might not spend them at my pleasure Cym. 2 11 901|1|34 Whose false oaths prevail'd before my perfect honour

Ibid. 33 908238 Swore as many oaths as I (pake words, and broke them in the sweet face of heaven Lear. 31 41 948240 Oa: bable. You are not oathable,-although, I know, you'll swear Timor of Atb. 4 3 82111133 Oats. The oats have eaten the horses

Tam. of tbe Sbrew. 3 2 266 2 30 I cannot draw a cart, nor eat dried oats; if it be man's work, I will do it Lear. 51 31 962 225 Oatcake, Hugh

M. Ado About Nothing.3 3 134120 Obcuracy. Thou think'st me as far in the devil's book, as thou and Falstaff for obdù-1 racy and persistency

2 Henry iv. 2 2 4812134 Obdurati. Withal obdurate, do not hear him plead

Ricbard in. / 31 64111133



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Ibid. 2

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A.S. P. C.L
Obedience. I am your wife in all obedience

Indue. to Teming of the Sbrew.) 21 2541718
From whose obedience I forbid my soul

King fobn.4 3 406|1|23
Our people quarrel with obedience

Ibid. (5) 1 407|1|27
And true obedience, of this madness cur’d, stoop tamely to the foot of majesty 2 H. iv.4 21 495|123
To which is fixed, as an aim or butt, obedience

Henry v. 1 2 512/2/33
Tractable obedience is a Nave to each incensed will

Henry vir) 2 675119
The hearts of princes kiss obedience, so much they love it

Ibid. 31 1 688-19 I am old, my lords, and all the fellowship I hold now with him is only my obedience 16.131 687/2/22 I hourly learn a doctrine of obedience

Ant. and Cleop:15 2 798/2/44 You ain against obedience, which you owe your father

Cymbeline. (2 31 903235 Obedient as the scabbard

Ibid. 3) 41 9101112 Oteisance. Do him obeisance

Induc. to Tam.of sbe Sbrew. 1 253/7/17
Oberon. D. P.

Midf. Night's Dream. 175)
Obey. Let them obey, that know not how to rule

2 Henry vi. 5 1 599|1|28 Do your best wills, and make me blest to obey

Cymbeline. 5 1 9201|36 'Tis proper I obey him, but not now

Orbello. 5 2 1078|1113 Obidicut, (Fiend of luft)

Lear. 41 11 953|2|19
Objet. Rare note-worthy obje&t

Two Gent. of Verona. 1
Could thought without this obje&t form such another

K. Jobri. 41 31 406113
Have now the fatal obje& in my eye, where my poor young was lim’d, was caught,
and kill'd

3 Henry vi.'s6 6312/28 His eye revil'd me as his abject object

Henry viii. 1 1 673248 A barren-spirited fellow; one that seeds on objects, arts, and imitations 7. Cafar. 4 11 758 732 Swear against objects

Timon of Arbens.(41 31 8211116 This object, which takes prisoner the wild motion of mine eye, fixing it only here 7) 900|129 The object poisons fight

Orbello. 5 2 1079|2|48 Objekted. It is well objected; if I have fewest, I subscribe in filence

i Henry vi. 2) 41 552245 Objections. Speak on, fir ; I dare your worst objections

Henry viii. 31 2 6912 13 Oblique. All is oblique; there's nothing level in our cursed natures, but direct villainy

Timon of Atbens. 4 31 8192 45 The primitive statue, and oblique memorial of cuckolds

Trulus and Crefida. s 1 8841234

Tam. of the Sbrew.41 12681
Oblivion. Which shall now die in oblivion

The nature of his great offence is dead, and deeper than oblivion we do bury the
incensing relicks of it
Nor from the dust of old oblivion rak'd

Henry v. 2

41 519 112 O, my oblivion is a very Antony, and I am all forgotten

3 7712 And blind oblivion swallow'd cities up

Time hath, my lord, a wallet at his back, wherein he puts alms for oblivion, a great fiz'd monster of ingratitude

Ibid. 3) 3) 8761 What’s past, and what's to come, is strew'd with husks, and formless ruin of oblivion Ib. 41 51 882 2 Obloquy Which were the greatest obloquy i' the world in me to lose

2 2692

i Henry vi. 2
Which obloquy set bars before my tongue
Obscenely. When it comes so smoothly off, so obscenely, as it were, fo fit

Midf. Nigbe's Dream. 1

1582 There we may rehearse more obscenely, and courageously

1782 Obscured in the circle of this forest Who hath moft fortunately been inform’d of my obscur'd course

3 Henry vi. I

942 1 Obsequies. These tears are my sweet Rutland's obsequies

41 609 What cursed foot wanders this way to-night, to cross my obsequies, and true love's

Her obsequies have been as far enlarg'd as we have warranty
Obsequious. You are obsequious in your love

And so obsequious will thy father be

Obsequiously. Whilft I awhile obsequiously lament the untimely fall of virtuous Lancaster

Merry Wof

2 6352 Chlorvance. Followed her with a doting observance

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AN's Well. 5) 3) 302

Ani. and Cleop. 1
Troilus and Cressida. 31 2 874

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All's Well. 4

51 554 Love's L.L.4 I


As You Like It. 51 4 248 1

Lear. 2




Romeo and Juliet. 51 3 995

Hamlet. sl 1103572 Merry Wives of Winds. 4 2 6512

3 Henry vi. 21 51 6153

Hamlet. I


Ricbard iii. I

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