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Otbello. 4

620 1159

A.S. P. C. L. Lineaments. There must needs be a like proportion of lineaments, of manners, and off

And out of you lhe sees herself more proper, than any of her lineament can show bei

As You Like It. 31 5 2402135 I did infer your lineaments, being the right idea of your father Richard iii. 31 7 654 124 Lin'd. Who lin’d himself with hope, eating the air on promise of supply 2 Henry iv. 1 3 478 2/21 Linen. Let Thisby have clean linen

Midj. Night's Dream. 4

2 1922 3 And God knows, whether those that bawl out the ruins of thy linen, Mall inherit his kingdom

2 Henry iv. 2 2 4812 12 Liren-checks. Those linen-cheeks of thine are counsellors to fear

Macbeth.151 3 38417 49 Lines. As many lines close in the dial's center

Henry v.

2 512256 Com'ft thou with deep premeditated lines

1 Henry vi. Yon grey lines that fret the clouds are messengers of day

Jul. Cæfar.2

1 74712 4$ And sends the weapons wrapped about with lines that wound beyond the feeling to the quick

Titus Andronicus. (4) 2 846227 The lines of my body are as well drawn as his

Cymbeline. 4

Il 914 1 34 Ling. Our old ling, and our Ilbel o' the country, are nothing like our old ling, and our Ilbels o' the court

All's Well.

31 2 29012123 Linger. And in Southampton linger your patience on

Henry v.21cb 514-33 Linger'd. We have linger'd about a match between Mrs. Ann Page and my cousin Slender

Merry Wives of Winds: 31 2 592125 - Unless his abode be linger'd here by some accident

2 10722/24 Linguif. By your own report a linguist

Two Gent. of Verona. 4) 1 381 45 The manifold linguist and armipotent soldier

All's Well. 41 31 29911 Link. To link my dear friend to a common ftate

M. Ado About Norbing. 14

1 137250 There was no link to colour Peter's hat

Taming of the Sbrew.41 1 268 2 3 Is Edward your true king? for I were loth to link with him that were not lawful chosen

3 Henry vi.

3) 3 Linstock. And the nimble gunner with linstock now the devilish cannon touches H. v. 31cb 520 1 14 Linsy-worly. But what linsy-woolly haft thou to speak to us again All's Well.14 1 295133 Lion. Had I been seized by an hungry lion

Two Gent. of Verona.5 41 43 161 Like an o'er-grown lion in a cave, which goes not out for prey Meas, for Meas. 1 41 78 228 Run by the hideous law as mice by lions

79|2|23 Doing, in the figure of a lamb, the feats of a lion Mucb Ado About Norbing. 1 12111119 Thus doft thou hear the Nemean lion roar

Love's Labor Loj. 41 1 157 2152 Your lion, that holds his poll-ax fitting on a close-stool, will be given to A-jax Ibid. 512 171 2151 D. P.

Midf. Night's Dream. There is not a more fearful wild-fowl, than your lion living


3) 1 183 1/47 One lion may [speak] when many asses do


5 1 1932 33 When lion rough in wildest rage doth roar

Ibid. 51 194 158 This lion is a very fox for his valour, and a goose for his discretion

Ibid. 5) 1 1942 4 Mock the lion when he roars for prey

Mer. of Venice. 12 1 202 1/50 'Tis the royal disposition of that beast, to prey on nothing that doth seem as dead

As You Like It. 4) 3 244 245 The awless lion could not wage the fight, nor keep his princely heart from Richard's hand

King Fobn.1 I 39012/17 O well did he become that lion's robe, that did disrobe the lion of that robe

1 397 2155 Talks as familiarly of roaring lions, as maids of thirteen do of puppy dogs

2 394 2/47 A cased lion by the mortal paw

Ibid. 3) 1 3982 % make leopards tame

Richard ii. 1

1 415136 In war was never lion raged more fierce

1) 421 2 3 The lion, dying, thrusteth forth his paw, and wounds the earth

Ibid. s 1 435 21 S Melancholy as an old lion

1 Henry iv. 21 443 2133 The lion will not touch the true prince

Ibid. 2) 41 454 1 28 A couching lion

Ibid. 3. i 458157 - Valiant as a lion, and wondrous affable

Ibid.31 1 4581214 The king himself is to be fear'd as the lion

Ibid. 3) 31 4632 23 I have check'd him for it, and the young lion repents

2 Henry iv. 1 2 47712147 So that his power, like a fangless lion, may offer but not hold

Ibid. 41 1494 236 The man that once did sell the lion's skin while the beast liv’d, was kill'd with hunting him

Henry v. 4) 3 5311259 The other lords, like lions wanting food, do rush upon us as their hungry prey 1 H. vi. 11 2 545-32 Either renew the fight or tear the lions out of England's coat

4 549/1/18 Renounce your foil, give theep in lion's stead

Ibidili) 5 54912113

Ibid. 1 5



Ibid. 2
Ibid. 2

Ibid. 2

Ibid. I

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3 Henry vi.

A. S. P, C.L. Lioné And, like a hungry lion did commence rough deeds of rage, and fern impatience

1 Henry vi. 41 7 56415 But great men tremble, when the lion roars

2 Henry vi. 31 1 583 1152 That winter lion, who, in rage, forgets aged contusions

Ibid. 512 602 2 7 So looks the pent-up lion o'er the wretch that trembles under his devouring paws

31 607 1144 As doth a lion in a herd of neat

Ibid. 2 1609 1150 To whom do lions cast their gentle looks ? not to the beast that would usurp their den

Ibid. 21 21 611 26 Whilf lions war, and battle for their dens, poor harmless lambs abide their enmity 15.2 5 614 2 22 When the lion fawns upon the lamb, the lamb will never cease to follow him Ibid. 4 81 627 2 34 And in their chain fetter'd the kingly lion

Ibid. 57 632 2 11 So looks the chased lion upon the daring huntsman that has gall’d him Henry viii. 3/ 2 6902 13 He that trufts to you, where he should find you lions, finds you hares Coriolanus. I 1 705125 He is a lion that I am proud to hunt

Ibid. il 1 7052/48 Against the capitol I met a lion, who glard upon me and went furly by J. Casar. 1 3 744 254 He were no lion, were not Romans hinds

Ibid. 1) 31 746 124 (may be betray'd) with toils

Ibid. 2 1 748 2 42 We were two lions litter'd in one day, and I the elder and more terrible

Ibid.21 2 7501214 'Tis better playing with a lion's whelp, than with an old one dying Ant. and Cleop.(3/11 789 2.47 If thou were the lion, the fox would beguile thee

Timon of Aib. 41 31 8231 42 The lion, mov'd with pity, did endure to have his princely paws par'd all away T.A.2) 3 839155 They that have the voice of lions, and the act of hares, are they not monsters

Troilus and Creft:13 2 87326 Thou shalt hunt a lion, that will fly with his face backward

Ibid.41 1 877 2 5 You have a vice of mercy in you, which better fits a lion than a man Ibid. 5/ 31 887 240 And to grin like lions upon the pikes o' the hunters

Cymbeline. 5 3 921 724 in prey

Lear. 31 41 948 247 - Even so as one would beat his offenceless dog, to affright an imperious lion Orbello. (2) 310572 S Lion-mettled. Be lion-mettled, proud; and take no care, who chafes, who frets, or where conspirers are

Macberb. 41 : 3781241 Lion-fick. Yes, lion-fick, fick of a proud heart

Tr. and Cred: 2 31 869251 Lion's-obelp. Stood smiling, to behold his lion's whelp forage in blood of French nobility

Henry 2 512110 Lioness. A lioness, with udders all drawn dry, lay couching, hcad on ground, with catlike watch

As You Like It. 41 31 2442 43 Did he leave him there, food to the suck'd and hungry lioness

Ibid. 41 3] 2442 57 - A lioness hath whelped in the streets

Julius Cæfar. 2 2 750141

Lips is parcel of the mouth

M. W. of Windsor. I 471253 I will open my lips in vain, or discover his government

Meas. for Meal. 3/11

891140 Take, oh take, those lips away, that so sweetly were forsworn

Ibid.47 92 1154 Thy lips, those kiffing cherries tempting grow

Midf. Nigbe's Dream. 31 21 186158 My cherry lips have often kiss’d thy stones

Ibid. 5 | 194 1117 Here are sever'd lips, parted with sugar breath

Merchant of Venice. 3) 2 21012 47 Grapes were made to eat, and lips to open

As You Like It. 5 245 2 60 I will not open my lips fo wide as a bristle may enter in way of excuse Twelftb Nigbt. il s 310 212 A foolish hanging of thy nether lip

i Hen. iv. 21 41 455 156 - Teach not thy lip such scorn; for it was made for kissing, lady, not for such contempt

Richard ü. 1 21 63711 9 · Their lips were four red roses on a stalk

Ibid. 4) 3 6582 36 His coward lips did from their colour fly

Jul. Cæ 2 743|4|52

1 He hangs the lip at something

Troi. and Crep 3 1 872 2 2 Slaver with lips as common as the stairs that mount the capitol Cymbeline. 17 900 131 My lips, two blushing pilgrims ready stand to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss

Romeo and Julier. 1 S 974137 - Have not faints lips and holy palmers too

Ibid. 1 51 974144 And lips, O you the doors of breath, seal with a righteous kifs, a dateless bargain to engrossing death

Ibid. 51 31 995114 To lip a wanton in a secure couch, and to suppose her charte

Orbello. 41 11068111 Lipp'd. A hand, that kings have lipp'd, and trembled kissing Ant. and Cleop. 2 5 777|2|37 Lipfoury pinfold. If I had thee in Lipsbury pinfold, I would make thee care for me Lear. 2 2940|2|12 Liquor. They would melt me out of my fat, drop by drop, and liquor fishermen's boots with me

M. W. of Winif:/41 5 6912/23 Liquor'd. Justice hath liquor'd hor

· Henry iv. 21


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Liquorice draughts
Lijp. He can carve too and lisp
— Look, you lisp, and wear strange fuits


A.S. P. C. Lie Timon of Arbens.141 31 32211 8 Love's Labor Lot. 5 2 169 133 As You Like It. 41 2 242|| 8

6012125 Lifping hawthorn buds, that come like women in men's apparel, and smell like Bucklers

Merry W. of Winds: 3 3

Ibid. SS 71133 bury in fimple time Lift. Elves, list your names Your own (cience exceeds, in that, the lists of all advice my strength can give you

Meas. for Meas. I 75133

Comedy of Errors. 4 1 113150 And teach your ears to lift me with more heed

Tam. of tbe Sbrew. 3 2 2661142 Now take them up, quoth he, if any list

Twelfth Nigbt. 31 | 32012115 I am bound to your niece, fir, I mean she is the list of my voyage

Winter's Tale. 41 I 347 2155 What of her ensues I lift not prophecy

K. Jobr.2 2 39412156 Son, lift in this conjunction, make this match

Ricbard ii. 1 21 416119 And throw the rider headlong in the lists

Ibid. 1 31 416214 Before King Richard, in his royal lifts

Ibid. 1 31 417 2157 Draw near and lift what with our council we have done

1 Henry iv. 3 31 46212/20 Prythee let her alone, and lift to me

Ibid. 41 1 4641141 The very list, the very utmost bound of all our fortunes

2 Henry vi. 1

21 57411147 But lift to me, my Humphrey

Ibid. 21 31 58112727 See the lifts and all things fit

Coriolanus. 1 4 7081 39 What work he makes amongst your cloven army

Ibid.31 31 7251113 to your tribunes

Julius Cæfar. 51 476412 59 a word

Ant. and Cleop.41 91 793152 Stand close and litt him

Lear.151 31 9622 55 That's as we lift to grace him

Ibid. 51 31 96411146 a brief tale Let them take it as they lift

Romeo and Juliet. 1

Hamlet. I 3 1004|215 If with too credent ear you lift his songs

Ibid. 41 s 10291 S
The ocean, over-peering of his lift

Othello. 2
I find it still, when I have list to seep

1 1052|2| 7 Confine yourself but in a patient list

Ibid. 4) 1 1068/1/16 Liftening. As they had seen me, with these hangman's hands listening their fear Macb. 2

2 370 111 Lifted. Ever where his raging eye, or savage heart, without controul, lifted to make a prey

Richard üi. 31 5653/2/21 Literature. Gower is a goot captain, and is goot knowledge and literature in the wars

Henry v. 41 7 5351131 Litber. Two Talbots, winged through the lither sky

i Henry vi. 4 7 56412 3 Litter. Except for her son which she did litter here

Tempeft. 112 412153 To crouch in litter of your stable planks

K. Jobr. 512 4091118 To my litter straight, weakness poffefseth me and I am faint

Ibid. 51 31 40912128 There is a litter ready; lay him in't, and drive toward Dover

9571113 Litter'd. Who being, as I am, litter'd under Mercury, was likewise a snapper-up of unconfidered trifes

Winter's Tale.

41 I would they were Barbarians, (as they are though in Rome litter'd) Coriolanus.31 1 7211237 Little . Hold little faith, though thou haft too much fear

Twelftb Nigbr. 1 1 330211 - A very little little let us do, and all is done

Henry 0.41 2 5302 20 I'll tell you in a little · And found the blefredness of being little

Henry vi. 2 16791/21 His pi&ture in little

Ibid.141 21 694127

Hamlet.21 210141115 Littleft. Where love is great, the littlest doubts are feas Live by bare words

Ibid. 3) 21020157

Two Gent. of Verona. 24 - The practice of it lives in John the Bastard


Much Ado About Notb.14 1 1391 From seventeen years till now almoft fourscore here lived I, but now live here no Let me live, fir, in a dungeon, i' the stocks, or any where, so I may live All's Well.141 31 2991-20

As You Like It. 21 312301219 - How wilt thou live?-as birds do, mother

1 9681 24

Lear. 3


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- Love they


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Ibid. 3


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A, S. P. C. L Live long day.

Troi. and Crell. 31 863|1|18 Livelihood. The tyranny of her sorrows takes all livelihood from her cheeks Alls Well. 1

1 27712 29 Liver. With liver burning hot

M. W. of Winds. 2 521223 If ever love had interest in his liver

Mu. Ado Abt. Notb.41 1139146 This is the liver vein, which makes ferh a deity

Love's Labor Loft. 4 3 161 32 - Let my liver rather heat with wine, than my heart cool with mortifying groans

Mer. of Venice. I 1 1981141 Who, inward search'd, have livers white as milk

Ibid. 3) 2 210/214 - And this way I will take upon me to walh your liver as clear as a sound Meep's-heart

As You Like It. 312 238 145 That wins him liver and all

Twelfıb Nigbt.12 5 318/219 If you find so much blood in his liver as will clog the foot of a fea, I'll eat the rest of the anatomy

Ibid. 13] 2 322' 3 - Were my wife's liver infected as her life, she would not live the running of one glass

Winter's Tale. 1 2 337 1 32 You measure the heat of our livers with the bitterness of your galls 2 Henry iv. I

21 4772123 My knight I will enflame thy noble liver, and make thee rage

Ibid. 51 s 506138 . I had rather heat my liver with drinking

Ant. and 2768 216 Reason and respect make livers pale, and lustyhood deject Troil, and Crel:12 2 867)1 26 Dirt rotten livers

Ibid. 5/ 1 8841/43 Livers (persons alive] pr’ythee, think there's livers out of Britain

Cymbeline. 31 1 91012 29 Livery. It appears by their bare liveries that they live by your bare words

Two Gent. of Verona.2) 3 30/124 Destin'd livery

Measure for Measure.214

86/2 20 The cunning livery of hell

Millike me not for my complexion, the fhadow'd livery of the burnish'd sun M. of v. 2 - I will apparel them all in one livery

2 Henry vi. 41 2] 593210 It is our way if we will keep in favour with the king, to be her men and wear her livery

Ricbard u. 1 1 63412 13 In his livery walk'd crowns and crownets

Ari. and Cleop. 151279912 10 By his attornies general to sue his livery and deny his offer'd homage Ricb. ii. 2 1 4211235 I am deny'd to sue my livery here

Ibid. 2/ 3/ 425146 To sue his livery and beg his peace

i Henry iv. 41 31 44412/25 Living dead-man

Comedy of Errors. 5] | 11911 Living death. Now they kill me with a living death

Ricbard in. I

21 636 2 49 Living reason. Give me a living reason that Me’s difoyal

Orbello. 31 31064111 Lizard's leg

Macberb.4. 1 37814 - Their Toftest touch, as smart as lizard's stings

2 Henry vi. 31 2 590111 As venom'd toads, or lizard's dreadful stings

3 Henry vi. 2 2 612 241 Lo. Why, lo you now, I have spoke to the purpose twice

Winter's Tale. 1 2 335 123 - you, my lord, the net is fallen upon me

Henry viii.

1 67411119 Loach. And your chamber-lie breeds feas like a loach

i Henry iv.12 1 448127 Load. I chiefly, that set thee on to this desert, am bound to load thy merit richly Cym. 1 61 898 244 Loan. For loan oft loses both itself and friend

Hamlet. 1 3 1005/?19 Lsatb. How mine eye doth loath his visage now

Midf. Night's Dream. 41 1 190 1.48 She's gone; I am abus'd; and my relief must be to loath her

Othello.(3) 31062/210 Loarbed. Thou loathed issue of thy father's loins

Ricbard i. 1 31 64015 Why Mould our endeavour be so lov'd and the performance fo loath'd Tr. and Cred: 51 8913 3 Loatbly. The people fear me, for they do observe unfather'd heirs, and loathly births of nature

2 Henry iv. 41 41 4982 26 Loathsome. This loathsome world

Romeo and Juliet. 5) 1994 2 16 "Loarbsomeness. The loathsomeness of them offends me more than the stripes I have receiv'd

Winter's Tale. 41 21 3491113 Loaves. There shall be in England seven half-penny loaves sold for a penny 2 Henry vi. 41 2 5932 1 Lob. Farewel, thou lob of spirits, I'll be gone.

Midf. Nigbt's Dream. 2 I 179 121 Their poor jades, lob down their heads, dropping the hide and hips Henry v. 41 2 5301238 Lock. Wherefore didst thou lock me forth to day

Comedy of Errors. 4 4 11616 I know him, he wears a lock

M. Ado Ab. Notb. 3) 3) 135/24 He wears a key in his ear and a lock hanging by it

1 144115 And so locks her in embracing, as if he would pin her to her heart Winter's Tale. 51 21 3601225 And pluck up drowned honour by the locks

i Henry iv. 1 3) 447 112 I will lock his counsel in my breast

1 Henry vi. 21 5 55412 47 Good wax, thy leave ;-bleft be the bees, that make these locks of counsel Cym. 3 2 907-13 What pleasure Thall we find in life, to lock it from action and adventure Ibid.41 41 9192.16


Ibid. 5


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A.S. P. C. L. Lock. You thall not now be Atolen, you have locks upon you

Cymbeline.151 4 92112141
- Thy knotty and combined locks to part, and each particular hair to stand on end, like
quills upon the fretful porcupine

Hamlet. I 51007 1 3
Lock and key. This is a subtle whore, a closet lock and key of villainous secrets Orbello.41 2107028
Lockram. The kitchen malkin pins her richeft lockram 'bout her recky neck Coriolanus. 2 1 714114
Lecufts. The food that to him now is as luscious as locusts, shall be to him shortly as bit-
ter as coloquintida

Orbello. 1 3 1050|2|34
Lode-ftars. Your eyes are lode-Stars

Mid. Night's Dream. 1 1 177 1 34 Lodge. You have broke open my lodge

Merry Wives of Windsor. 1 462 36 We'll make foul weather with despised tears, our fighs, and they, shall lodge the fummer corn

Richard ii. 3) 31 429/2163 And by whose power I well might lodge a fear to be again displac'd 2 Henry iv. 41 4 500 223 Bid the commanders prepare to lodge their companies to night

Jul. Caf. 41 3 760143 Let me lodge Lichas on the horns o' the moon

Ancony and Cleop. 4 10 7942 2 Lodged. Though bladed corn be lodged

Macbetb. 41 1 378 1151 Lodgers. Nor (hall my Nell keep lodgers

Henry v.12 15141232
Lodging. This lodging likes me better fince I may say now lic I like a king Ibid. 4) 1 527|210
Lodovico. D. P.

Orbello. 1043
Loffe. Then the whole quire hold their hips and loffe

Mid. Nigbt's Dr. 2 1 1792 10
Logs. I have a head, fir, that will find out logs

Romeo and Julier. 41 41 992|||34 Loggats. Did these bones cost no more the breeding, but to play at loggats with them

Hamlet. 5/ 1 1034 1 40 Logger bead. You whoreson logger head

Love's Labour Loft. 4 3 162 216 With three or four logger-heads, amongst three or four score hogsheads i Hen. iv.21 41 4512 13 A merry whoreson! ha, thou shalt be logger-head

Romeo and Jul. 41 41 992137 Logger-beaded. You logger-headed and unpolish'd grooms Tam. of tbe Sbrew.4 12681154 Logick. Talk logick with acquaintance that you have

Ibid. 1 11 255139
Log-man. For your sake, am I your patient log-man

Tempeft. 31 1
Loins. This shame derives itself from unknown loins

Much Ado About Nob. 4 1 1382 6
That from his loins no hopeful branch may spring

3 Henry vi. 3) 2 618/2 28 Loiter. Sir John, you loiter here too long, being you are to take soldiers up in counties as you go

2 Henry iv. 2 14811136 Loiterer. Illiterate loiterer

Two Gent. of Verona. 3) I 3618 Lolling the tongue through Alaughtering

Cymbeline. 5 3 920 253 Lolis. So hangs, and lolls, and weeps upon me

Orbello. 41 1106812135 Lombardy. Fruitful Lombardy, the pleasant garden of great Italy Tam. of tbe Sbrew. 1 1 255218 Londen hath received, like a kind host, the Dauphin and his powers

K. Yobr. 5 4071150 The mayor, and all his brethren, in best fortz-like to the senators of antique Rome

Henry v. 5 cb 53714
Lord Mayor of. D. P.

1 Henry vi. 543
London bridge. Jack Cade hath gotten London bridge, the citizens fiy him and forsake
their houses

2 Henry vi. 41 4 5951142 Go and set London bridge on fire

Ibid.41 65952135 London-stone. Sitting upon London stone i charge and command


595|2|19 Loneliness. Now I see the mystery of your loneliness

All's Well.1 31 282 1122 Lone cvoman. A hundred mark is a long loan for a poor lone woman to bear 2 Henry iv.12 1 4792141 Long. But he did long in vain

Ibid. 2/ 3483 1115 I long to see my prison

2 Henry vi.12 41 5832 19 '- of her it was, that we meet here so strangely

Cymbeline. 5 5 926 21 7 Longaville. D.P.

Love's Lab. Loft. 147 his character

Ibid. 2 1 152 1148 Long-during. As motion, and long-during action, tires the finew vigour of the traveller

Ibid. 41 31 163223 Longed. Ne'er longed my mother so to see me first, as I have now Cymbeline. 3 4 9091139 Longer liver take all

Rom. and Jul. 1 5| 9731156 Long'/. Who long'it-o, let me 'bate, but not like ; yet long'ft, but in a fainter kind

Cymbeline. 31 21 907 2136 'Longerb. Bless you with soch grace as 'longeth to a lover's blessed case Tam. of the Sbr. 4 2 269 232 Longings. I have immortal longings on me

Ant. and Clesp. 5 2 80112118 Sir, you have fav'd my longing, and feed most hungrily on your fight Tim. of Aib. 1

I have a woman's longing, an appetite that I am fick withal Troil. and Cred: 31 31 87612155 Lungly. You look'd so longly on the maid, perhaps you mark'd not what's the pith of all

Tam. of the Sbrow. 1

1 25611113 Long-rongud Warwick, dare you speak

3 Henry viol2 61211149


Ibid. 4

il 806 147

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