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A. S. P. C. L. Incony. My sweet ounce of man's flesh! my incony Jew!

Love's Lab. L.131 11 156|1|27 Most incony vulgar wit!

Ibid. 41 1 1582.15 Incorporate. As if our hands, our sides, voices, and minds had been incorporate

Midf. Nigbt's Dream. 3 2 1871.6 You shall not stay alone, till holy church incorporate two in one Romeo and Jul. 2 668112.40 One incorporate to our attempts

Julius Cæfar. 1 3) 746 2114 I am incorporate in Rome, a Roman now adopted happily Titus Andronicus. 1 21 8361 S The incorporate conclusion

Orbello. 2 11054/1/15 Incorps'd. As he had been incorps'd and demy-natur'd with the brave beast Hamlet. 41 7 1032 120 Incorrect, It Thews a will most incorrect to heaven

Ibid. 1 21002 27 Increase. Lots of virginity is rational increase

All's Well. 1 278 225 Incurr'd. We are not the first, who, with best meaning, have incurred the worst Lear.151 3 962 1 39 Indeed-la

Merry W.of Windfor. 1 48/2 28 Indent. Shall we buy treason, and indent with fears

1 Hen. iv.1 31 446 Is - It shall not wind with such a deep indent, to rob me of so rich a bottom here Ibid. 3 1 4585 Indenture. Upon thy cheek lay I this zealous kiss, as seal to this indenture of my love

K. Fobn. 2

11 390238 Dar'ít thou be fo valiant, as to play the coward with thy indenture, and Mew it a fair pair of heels, and run from it

i Henry iv. 2 41 451 2160 Index. By the way, I'll sort occasion, as index to the story we late talk'd of Ricb. iii. 2 2 646 2/35 The flattering index of a direful pageant

Ibid. 41 41 660 1 12 And in such indexes, although small pricks to their subsequent volumes, there is seen the baby figure of the giant mass of things to come at large Troil. and Cressida. 1 3 86412 48 What act, that roars so loud, and thunders in the index

Hamlet. 31 4 10242137 An index, and obfcure prologue to the history of luft and foul thoughts Orbeilo.2 110541119 India. And, to-morrow, they made Britain, India

Henry vi. 1 1672 1117 Indiar. Thus Indian-like, religious in mine error, I adore the sun, that looks upon his worshipper, but knows of him no more

All's Well. 3) 28259 Or have we some strange Indian with the great tool come to court Henry vi. 5 31 701023 Indies. They shall be my East and West Indies, and I will trade to them both M.W.ofw. 3 49/2 12 Upon her nose

Comedy of Errors. 3) 2 III242 - He does smile his face into more lines, than is in the new map with the augmentation of the Indies

Twelfib Nigbt. 3 2

322/122 Our king has all the Indies in his arms, and more and richer when he strains that lady

Henry vir. 14 1 693)2 35 Indifferent. Their garters of an indifferent knit

Tam. of the Shrew. 4 il 268 117 As the indifferent children of the earth

Hamlet.2 Indifferently. I hope we have reform'd that indifferently with us

Ibid. 3) 21019/114 Indigeft. You are born to set a form upon that indigest, which he hath left so Napelers and so rude

K. John. 5 7 411 134 Indiga. All indign and base adversities make head against my estimation Orbello. 1 31105011 3 Indignation. I'll deliver thy indignation to him by word of mouth Twelfib Nigbr.12 3 314 236 His indignation derives itself out of a very competent injury

Ibid. 31 41 3251 5 Withhold thine indignation, mighty heaven, and tempt us not to bear above our power

King Joba. s 6 4102 56 Indignities. How might a prince of my great hopes forget so great indignities you laid upon me

2 Henry iv. 512 502 232 Indignity. Some strange indignity, which patience could not pass

Orbello. 21 31057130 Indire&t. To mistake again, though indirect, yet indirection thereby grows direct, and faldhood fallood cures

King Jobn. 311 39812-18 Indiscretion. All's not offence that indiscretion sends

Lear.2 41 9441248 Our indiscretion sometimes serves us well, when our deep plots do fail Hamlet. 5 21035118 Iridiftinét. And makes it indistinct as water is in water

Ant. and Cleo.4 12 79412 43 Indistinguishable. You whoreson indistinguishable cur

Troil. and Cred: 58841152 Irdite. She will irdite him to some supper

Romeo and Julier.2 4 9791215 Nor no matter in the phrase, that might indite the author of affection Hamlet. (2) 2/1014/2.48 Individ. And he's indited to dinner to the Lubber's-head in Lumbart-street 2 Hen. iv. 2 1479 - 36 Indubitate. The pernicious and indubitate beggar Zenelophon Love's Labor Loft. 4 1 157 228 Induc'd, as you have been; that's for my country

Coriolanus. 1 91 7101222 Indic ment. My son corrupts a well derived nature with his inducement All's Well.3 2 291111st

If this inducement move her not to love, send her a letter of thy noble deeds R. iii. 41 41 662 1 8 Then mark the inducement

Henry viii. 21 41 68512 17 Induction. And our induction full of prosperous hope

i Henry iv. 3 11 457 0 8 Plots have I laid, inductions dangerous

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A.S., P. C.L Induction. A dire induction am I witness to

Richard ii. 141 41 65911139

Hamlet. 41 710331 Indu'da Or like a creature native, and indu'd unto that element

Henry viü. 511 697 2 57 Indurance. And to have heard you without indurance, further Industry. Thine in the dearest design of industry

Love's Lab. Luft. 4 1 1572 50 His industry is up stairs and down stairs

i Henry rv. 2 41 4521217 The sweat of industry would dry, and die, but for the end it works to

Cymbeline. 31 6 913130

Love's Labor Left. 4 11 157|222 Infallible. By heaven, that thou art fair, is most infallible

Hamlet. 5) 21038|221 Infallibly. Your lordthip speaks most infallibly of him

Love's Labor Lof. 5 2 1722139 Infomonize. Doft thou infamonize me among potentates

Two Gent. of Verona. 21 7 33 121 Infamy. Never dream on infamy

Who smear'd thus, and mir'd with infamy, I might have said, no part of this is

Much Ado Ab. Norbing. 41 1 13812) 4

Ibid.41 11391154
The supposition of the lady's death will quench the wonder of her infamy
Look here, I throw my infamy at thee

3 Herry vi. 5) 1 628|2|36

As You Like It. 21 7 2332 23 Infancy characteriz'd by Jaques

Troi. and Crelli 2 21 8671227 Soft infancy that nothing canst but cry

Henry v.31 3 522 119 Infants. Your naked infants spitted upon pikes

Troilus and Cres: 4 21 878/2 12 As infants, empty of all thought

Coriolanus. [2] 1 712 1142 Infant-like. Your abilities are too infant-like, for doing much alone

Mu. Ado Abt. Norb. 2

1 12712121 Infect. She would infect to the North Star This is the very false gallop of verses; why do you infect yourself with them Asr.L.It.3 2 235 2 18

Henry vii. 1
Every day it would infect his speech

2 07512 36

Coriolanus. 1 41 7081159 - And one infect another against the wind a mile - And in the imitation of these twain many are infect

Troi. and Credit 31 86312 59 Infested with the fashions

Tam. of tbe Sbrew. 3 2 265129 Infestion invoked by Caliban to fali on Prospero

Tempeft. 21
Her husband has a marvelous infection to the little page Merry W. of Windsor. 2 2 55113
He hach ta'en the infection

Mu. Ado About Nabing. 2) 3 130 143

Mercb. of Venice. 2/2 20312 36
He hath a great infection, fir, as one would say, to serve
His very genius hath taken the infection of the device

Twelfth Nigbr. 31 4 3232 52
And my approach be sun'd, nay hated too, worse than the great'it infection W. Tale. 1 2 3382 3

Ib. 5) 1 3591153
The blessed gods purge all infe&tion from our air, whilft you do climate here
This fortress, built by nature for herself, against infection, and the hand of war R.ü. 21 4201 32

Ricbard i. 1
Diffus'd infection of a man

21 63611 20

Coriolanus. 3) 1 7222 13
Let his infection, being of catching nature, spread further
What a strange infection is fallen into thy ear

Cymbeline. 31 2 90733

Hence; left that the infection of his fortune take like hold on thee

7.14 6 9591142 Take chou some new infection to thy eye, and the rank poison of the old will die

Romeo and Juliet.1 21 970 2 4 Infer the bastardy of Edward's children

Richard iii. 31 5653212 This doth inter the zeal I had to see him

2 Henry iv. 5 5 5061 20 fair England's peace by this alliance

Richard ii. 41 41 662 2 17

Mu. Ado Abt. Norb.2 31 1301123 Infinite. It is past the infinite of thought Infinite malady of man and beast. The infinite malady crust you quite over T.of Aib. 3 6 818 2 6

2 Hen. iv. 2 1 4791161 Infinitive. I warrant you, he's an infinitive thing upon my score Infirmity. She speaks this in the infirmity of sense

Meas. for Meal.51


Twelfth Nigbr. 5) 311|1132 -, that decays the wise, doth ever make the better fool But infirmity (which waits upon worn times) hath something seiz'd his wiin'd

Winter's Tale. 5 11 35911 20 ability

Macbetb.3) 4 376127 I have a strange infirmity, which is nothing to those that know me - If he had done or iaid any thing amiss, he desired their worships to think it was his infirmity

Yul. Cæsar. 1 2 7442 32

Lear.121 41 9432 47 - doth ftill neglect all office, whereto our health is bound Inferr'd. It is inferr'd to us, his days are foul, and his drink dangerous Timon of Atbens. 3 51 8162 57 Infidels. What! think you we are Turks, or infidels

Richard . 3 5 653138

All's Well. 21 1 284229 Infirm. What is infirm, from your sound parts fhall Ay

Macbetb.2 21 370147 of purpose! give me the daggers Infliktion. Our decrees dead to infiction, to themselves are dead

Meas. for Meas. | 4

Coriolanus. 3) 31 72412 14 Inforce him with his envy to the people Informal. I do perceive these poor informal women are no more, but instruments of some more mightier member that sets them on

Meaf. for Meal. 5) 100/116

Coriolanus. 41 61 73111136 Information. Lest you chance to whip your information Infortunate in nothing but in thee

K. Yobn.2 1 392 1133 Henry, though he be infortunate, assure yourselves, will never be unkind 2 Henry uji.l4 91 5986115

Infrancbis d.

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A. S. P. C.L. Infrancbisod with a clog

My. Ado Abt. Nob. 1/ 3/ 125/1) 4 Infusion. And his infusion of such dearth and rareness

Hamlet. 5) 21038/2/17 Ingenious ftudies

Tam. of tbe Sbrew.1 12551/14 Thou, king, send out for tortures ingenious

Cymbeline. 5 5 9252 41 And have ingenious feeling of my huge sorrows

Lear.4 61 95912 41 Ingraft. With one of an ingraft infirmity

Orbello. 21 310561/20 Ingrate. Whose hap shall be to have her, will not so graceless be, to be ingrate T.of Sbr. 2 2591255 As this ingrate and canker'd Bolingbroke

1 Henry iv. 1 31 4461/60 Ingrateful injury

Coriolanus. 2 21 715119 Ingratitude. I hate ingratitude more in a man, than lying, vainness, babbling, drunkenness, or any taint of vice

Tw. Nigbr. 31 41 326114 The fin of my ingratitude, even now, was heavy on me

Macbeth. I 41 366131 is monstrous : and for the multitude to be ingrateful, were to make a monster of the multitude

Coriolanus. 2371612 7 more strong than traitor's arms, quite vanquish'd him

Julius Cæfar. 3 21 7562116 The ingratitude of this Seleucus does even make me wild

Ant. and Cleop. 5 2 800 1 32 These old fellows have their ingratitude in them hereditary Timon of Arbens. 2 2 81212118 - And fo supplant us for ingratitude, (which Rome imputes to be an heinous lin)

Titus Andronicus. 1 2 83512 56 ! thou marble-hearted fiend, more hideous, when thou shew'st thee in a child, than the sea monster

Lear. 11 4 93723 Ingroft. Your mariners are muleteers, reapers, people ingroft by swift impress A. and Cl. 3/7785237 Inbabit. If trembling I inhabit, then proclaim me the baby of a girl

Macbeth. 31 4 379 149 Inbabitable. On any other ground inhabitable

Richard i. Il 1 414 1146 Inbabitants. That look not like the inhabitants o' the earth, and yet are on's Macb. 1 3 3641243 Inbibited. The most inhibited fin in the canon

All's Well. 1 1 2782 44 An abuser of the world, a practiser of arts, inhibited and out of warrant Orbello. I 3 1046 226 Inbibition. Their inhibition comes by the means of their late innovation

Hamier. 21 2101323€ Inberit her

Two Gent. of Verona. 31 2 3712 31 It must be great that can inherit us so much as of a thought of ill in him Ricb. 1 414/2) S Inberitor. But think how I may do thee good, and be inheritor of thy desire Ricb, iti. 4 3 659 1 2 Inboop.d. His quails ever beat mine, inhoop'd at odds

Ant. and Cle p. 21 3 777 1133 Injeinted. Have there injointed them with an after-feet

0:bello. I 3 10471 47 Iniquiry. Which is wiser here, justice or iniquity

Meuf. for Meal. 2 811226 The prince himself is about a piece of iniquity

Winter's Tale. 4 31 356140 And iniquity's throat cut like a calf

2 Henry vi. 4 2 5931 19 Thus, like the formal vice, iniquity I moralize,--two meanings in one word R. ii. 3 16491) 9 Initiate. My strange and self abuse is the initiate fear

Ma: berb. 31 41 3761241 Injunction. And, with a kind of injunction, drives me to these habits of her liking Tw. N. 2 5 319 441 Injurer. Thou monstrous injurer of heaven and earth

K. Jobr.21 392 1 28 Injuries. To wilful men, the injuries, which they themselves procure, must be their schoolmasters

Lear. 2 41 946 2160 Injurious Hermia ! most ungrateful maid

Midf. Night's Dream. 31 2 duke, that threat'ft where is no cause

2 Henry vi. 1| 45772 51 Till the injurious Roman did extort this tribute from us, we were free Cymbeline. 3 1 9062144 Injury. Even in the strength and height of injury

Comedy of Errors. 5 1 118 223 Such an injury would vex a saint, much more a shrew

Tam. of the Shrew. 31 2 2652 4 If thy pocket were enrich'd with any other injuries but these, I am a villain : H. iv. 31 31 4631 36 What with the injuries of a wanton time

Ibid. 511 4681 19 We thought not good to bruise an injury 'till it were full ripe

Henry v. 31 6 5242129 His injury the goaler to his pity

Corlulanus. 5117332|29 The record of what injuries you did us, though written in our fleth, we Mall remember as things but done by chance

Ant. and Cleop. 5) 2799 247 None but the fool, who labours to out-jest his heart-struck injuries Lear. 3. 1946 133 Injustice. Heaven will take our fouls, and plague injustice with the pains of hell R.:. 31 1 426 142 Ink. Write, till your ink be dry; and with your tears moist it again Two Gent. of Ver. 3 2

37 219 I have your hand to thew: if the skin were parchment, and the blows you gave were ink

Comedy of Errors. 31 109119 - 0, she is fallen into a pit of ink! that the wide sea hath drops too few to wath her clean again

Mu. Ado About Norb. 41 138/2011 The ebon-colour'd ink

Love's Labor Loft. 1 1 149 33 He hath not cat paper, as it were, he hath not drunk ink


2) 158 2 54 Beauteous as ink; a good conclusion

Ibid. 52.16611 56 Taunt him with licence of ink

Teelfib Vight.13? 2) 3212 45



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Ibid. 1

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Ibid. 5

1 697 120,

A. S. P. C. L. Lk. Let there be gall enough in thy ink

Tw. Nigbt.131 32712149 Turning your ink to blood

2 Herry iv. 4 4931 7 that her hand! in whose comparison all whites are ink Troi. and Creffida. 185811152

2 894 2 21 - And with mine eyes I'U drink the words you send, though ink be made of gall Cym. 1 Inkbare mate. To be disgraced by an inkhorn mate

i Henry vi. 31 5552158

Winter's Tale. 41 31 351 2134 Inkles. 704 111 Inkling. They have had inkling this fortnight, what we intend to do

| 6802| 5 - Yet I can give you inkling of an ensuing evil, if it fall, greater than this Henry viii. 2

Hamlet. 11 211002 1 38 Inky cleak. 'Tis not alone my inky cloak, good mother

As Tu Like It. 2 2372 27 Inland man. In his youth an inland man Inlay. For they are worthy to inlay heaven with stars

Cymbeline. | 59270147 Inly. I have inly wept

Tem eft. 511 - To see how inly forrow gripes his soul

3 Henry vi. 11

2 609 211 Inmanity. That such inmanity and bloody ftrife should reign among professors of one faith

i Henry vi. 5 2 5651 21 Lor. Thou moft beauteous inn, why should hard favour'd grief be lodg'd in thee R.:.


4342 49 Shall I not take mine eafe in mine inn

1 Hen. iv. 31 31 4622 2 This our court, infected with their manners, thews like a riotous inn

Lear. 11 41 9371|40 Inescence. O, and is all forgot i all school-day friendship, childhood innocence M.N.'s Dr. 3 2 186 262 . O, take the sense, sweet of my innocence

Ibid. 2) 3) 1821 1 By innocence I swear, and by my youth

Twelfıb Nigbt. 3 1 321 1146 What we chang'd, was innocence for innocence

Winter's Tale.

2 334 2 32 beautifully described

21 337 1158

Ibid. 2
The filence often of pure innocence persuades, when speaking fails

21 341 1 46 I doubt not then, but innocence mall make false accusation bluth

Ibid. 3 2 344 151 Who has not only his innocence (which seems much) to justify him

Ibid.) 21 360 2112 Whose white investments figure innocence

2 Henry iv. 14

4931 The truft I have is in mine innocence

2 Henry vi. 41 41 59511154 It will help me nothing, to plead mine innocence

Henry viii. 1

11 674 1127 God and your majesty protect mine innocence

Rich, ir. 11 31 417110 Innocency. Mine innocency, and Saint George to thrive Thou know'ft, in the state of innocency, Adam fell

i Henry iv. 3 3 4631 40 Innocent. Says my poor prisoner, I am innocent as you

Winter's Tale. 2

21 341 132 Incapable and shallow innocents, you cannot guess who caus'd your father's death

Richard iv. 2 2 645 2111 Some innocents 'scape not the thunderbolt

Ant. and Cleop. 2 5 778 1142 Innovation. Which gape and rab the elbow of the news of hurly-burly innovation 1 Hoiv. 1 468 1 47 Their inhibition comes by the means of their late innovation

Hamlet. 21 210132 32 Myself attach thee, as a traitorous innovator, a foe to the public weal Coriolanus. 31 | 52111 3 Inns of cuurt. Others to the ions of court; down with them all

2 Henry vi. 47 595-45 Inoculate. For virtue cannot so inoculate our old stock, but we shall reliMh of it

Hamler. 3 11017244

Oibello. 2/ 3/1057 2140
Inørdinate cup. Every inordinate cup is unbless’d, and the ingredient is a devil

Macbetb. 1 3 3651135
Insane rost. Or have we eaten of the insane root
Infanie. It infinuatech me of insanie

Love's Lab. Lost. 5 1 164 2 46
Titus Andronicus.

58511 25 Infariate. O most insatiate, luxurious woman Infconce. An you use these blows long, I must get a sconce for my head, and infconce it too

Com. of Errors. 21 21 107|||45 Inferoll’d. Your answer had not been infcroll d

Mercb. of Venice. 2 7 207111
Infoperate. That a thing inseperate divides far wider than the sky and earth Tr. and Cr. 51 2 8862 53

Infinuation. Their defeat doth by their own insinuation grow

2 103712132 Inffure

Troilus and Criffida. 3 862214 Infolence. Whence grows this insolence

Taming of the Shrew. 2 1 260 1 31 And pursy insolence shall break his wind with fear and horrid fight Timon of Ath. 51 68282/18 This insolence draws folly from my lips

Trail. and Crcd4 5 883230 Infootb. Sir, understand you this of me, insooth

Tam. of the Sbrerv. 1 21259240
Inspiration. How can the thus then call us by our names, unless it be hy inspiration

Comedy of Errors. 2
Holy men, at their death, have good inspirations

Merchant of Venice. I 19921
Infall'd. He smiles, and says-his Edward is install'd

3 Henry vi. 3 Instance. My desires had instance and argument to commend themselves M.W. of Wird. z One of our convent, and his confeffor, gives me this instance Maf. for Meal. 413

96,2125 Offer them instances

Mu. Ado About Norb. 2 12311 14 Yet doth this accident and flood of fortune fo far exceed all instance, all discourse

Twelfth Nigbr.14/ 31 328212


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A.S. P. C.L. Inftance. I have received a certain instance that Glendower is dead

2 Henry iv.13) Gave thee no instance why thou should'st do treason

Henry v. 2 2 5162156 Tell him his fears are shallow, wanting instance

Richard 01.31 21 650217 But not with such familiar instances, nor with such free and friendly conference, as he hath us'd of old

Julius Cæfar.141 21 7581216 The instances, that second marriage move, are base respects of thrift, but none of love

Hamlet. 31 2 10202/10 Inftant. Any unreasonable instant of the night

Mu. Ado About Norb. 2 2 128|2|53 Take the instant way

Troi. and Cref: 3) 31 8761/23 - The Name itself doth speak for instant remedy

Lear. (11 41 9371|43 Inffinet is a great matter ; I was a coward on inftinet

· Henry io. 2) 41 4541/29 By divine instinct, men's minds miftrust ensuing danger

Richard . 2 3 647/1/36 'Tis wonderful, that an invisible instina should frame them to Royalty unlearn'd

Cymbeline. 4 2 916|2/11 - O rare inftin&! when shall I hear all through

Ibid. (s 59272|23 Inftru&t. He'll then instru&t us of this body

Ibid. 4 2 918/2/14 Inftrufted. A power I have ; but of what itrength and nature, I am not yet instructed

Measure for Measure. 1) 761215 Let thy soul be instructed

Orbello.2 1|1053213 Inftructions. I cannot say,'tis pity the lacks instructions; for She seems a mistress to mon that teach

Winter's Tale. 41 3) 3551" My queen and Eros have, by their brave instruction, got upon me a nobleness in record

Ant. and Cleop. 4/12 795|2| Inftrument. What, to make thee an instrument, and play false strains upon thee

As You Like It. 4) 3) 244) But loth am to produce so bad an instrument

Als Well. S 31 30415 I partly know the instrument that screws me from my true place in your favour

Twelftb Nigbt. 51 330 We'll make an instrument of this

Winter's Tale. 41 31 355
So that all the instruments, which aided to expose the child, were even then loft 16.5) 21 360
And oftentimes, to win us to our harm, the inftruments of darkness tell us truths

Macbeth is ripe for shaking, and the powers above put on their inftruments

Ibid. 41 31 38
Or like a cunning instrument cas'd up

Ricbard i. 3) 4° May these fame instruments which you prophane never found more

Coriolanus. 1

91 7 The genius, and the mortal instruments, are then in council

Julius Cæfar.

7 What a poor instrument may do a noble deed

Ant. and Cleop. 5) 218 hung up in cases; friends not used compared to them

Timon of Arbens. 21 & Our instruments, to melancholy hells

Romeo and Juliet. 4) 5) Have your instruments been at Naples, that they speak i'the nose thus

Orbello. 3 111 I kiss the instrument of their pleasures

Ibid. 14 il If, haply, you my father do suspect an instrument of this your calling back, lay not)

Ibid.142 your blame on me Infubftantial pageant

Tempeft.4 Injuil. And, in fine, her insuit coming with her modern grace, subdu'd me to her rate

All's Wdi. 5) 3 Insult. Who might be your mother, that you infult, exult, and all at once, over the wretched

As You Like Ic.3 Hath that poor monarch taught thee to infult

3 Henry vi. 1

Cymbeline.3 Infullment. My speech of insultment ended on his dead body

5. Cajar. 2 Injuppreffive mettie of our spirits Infurrection. Never yet did insurrection want such water colours to impaint his caure

1 Henry is. 5 - But now the bishop turns insurrection to religion

2 Henry iv. Ef base and bloody insurrection, with your fair honours

3) 36

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Ib. 14

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