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A.S. P. C.L.

Henry vii.[2] 11 68012/24 Grocus. It grows again fresher than e'er it was

Ibid. 3) 1687 143 They that my trust muft grow to, live not here

Coriolanus. 3 1 719121 4 It is a purpos'd thing, and grows by plot

Hamlet. 5) 210372132
Their defeat doth by their own insinuation grow

Lear. 1 3 9342 36
What grows of it no matter
Growing. Even just the sum, that I do owe to you, is growing to me by Antipholis

Comedy of Errors. 4 1 1121|40

3 Henry vi. 21 21 613120 Or bath'd our growing with our heated bloods Which is a great way growing on the South

Julius Cæfar.2 Il 747 2 5o

W.Tale. 1 21 3381215
Grown. 'Tis safer to avoid what's grown, than question how it was born
Growth. But I, his brother, gain nothing under him but growth; for the which his

As You Like I. 1 1 223119 animals on his dunghills are as much bound to him as I

Ibid. I

2261120 Three proper young men, of excellent growth and presence Grub. There is difference between a grub and butterfly; yet your butterfly was a grub

Coriclanus. sl 31 7377 30 Grudge. If I can catch him once upon the hip, I will feed fat the ancient grudge I bear him

Mer. of Venice. 1 3 2002 45 So perish they that grudge one thought against your majesty

i Henry vi. 3 1 556/2/18 Your private grudge, my lord of York, will out, though ne'er so cunningly you smother it

Ibid.4 1 5601228 Grudging. He eats his meat without grudging

M. Ado About Norbing: 31 41 1361 50
How will their grudging stomachs be provok'd to wilful disobedience i Henry vi. 4) 1 5601262
Grumble. What art thou dost grumble there i' the straw

Lear. 31 41 94875
D. P.

Tam. of tbe Sbrew. 251
Gualtree forest

2 Hen, iv. 4

1 492 1126 Guard. Stands at a guard with envy

Meas. for Meal. 14


59. The damned'it body to invest and cover in princely guards


3 The guards are but flightly basted on

Much Ado About Notbing. I

See to my houre, left to the fearful guard of an unthrifty knave Mer. of Venice. 1 320211
But she is arm'd for him, and keeps her guard in honeftest defence All's Well. 3 51 2931'113
To guard a title that was rich before

King Jobr. 4 2 4030130
I ftay but for my guard; on to the field

Hen. v. 4 2 53012153 As for the queen, i'll take her to my guard

Ant. and Cleop. 5) 2799'135 Guardage.

Run from her guardage to the rooty bosom of such a thing as thou Osbeilo. i 210462117 Guardant. But when my angry guardane stood alone

1 Henry vil4 7 564: You shall perceive that a Jack guardant cannot office me from my son Coriolanus Cor.51 27342? Guarded.

Give him a livery more guarded than his fellows

Mer. of Venice. 21 21 2041 8
Fim not with this melancholy bait, for this fool's gudgeon, this opinion

Mercbant of Venice. 1

I 198/27 Death, in guerdon of her wrongs

Much Ado About Norbing. 5 3 145 147

Love's Labor Lift. 31 11 15612412
And am I guerdon'd at the last with thame
Şee you well guerdon'd for these good deserts

2 Henry vi. 1 4 5771248

3 Henry vi. 3 31

Mer, of Venice. Il 31 200255
the they would yield us but the fuper^uity, while it were wholesome, we might guers,
Here is the guess of their true strength and forces

Coriolanas. 1 703|1123

96112 42 I have a letter guestingly set down

Othello. 31 311061112 Guilheyour guest then, madam; to be your prisoner, should import offending w.Tale. i

Lear. 3 795112153

2 3342-16

Merry Wives of Windfur. 2.

5312 14
My heart with her but as guest-wise sojourn'd
She is a region of Guiana, all gold and bounty

Mids, Night's Dream. 31 2 186227
Merry W. of Winds. 1 3 4912/10
Timon of A:b.

1 8062132 Cymbeline. 8931



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explained by Costard

Guess. By the near guess of my memory


they relieved us humanely

Though I, perchance, am vicious in my guess



Guide. Give them guide to us

D. P.
Guildenstern. D. P.
Guildford, Sin

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A.S. P. C. L. Guiltiness. Why should I fear, I know not ; since guiltiness I know not

Opbello. 5) 2107611:30 I will not reason wliat is meant hereby, because I will be guiltless of the meaning R.iii. 1 41 642 132

Many worthy and chaste dames, even thus, all guildess meet reproach Orbello. 41 11067|223 Guilty. Wherein I confefs me much guilty, to deny so fair and excellent ladies any thing

As You Like It. 1

2 2262 25

Lear. 1 We make guilty of our disasters, the sun, the moon, and the stars

2.933 2 49 Guilty-deeds. It presses to my memory, like damned guilty deeds to finners minds

Romeo and Juliet. 31 21 98412.42 Guilty-like. I cannot think it, that he would steal away so guilty-like

Orbello. 3) 31105912 43 Guinea ben. Ere I would say, I would drown myfelf for the love of a Guinea hen, I would change my humanity with a baboon

Ibid. 1 3 1050 1154 Guinever. That was a woman when queen Guinever of Britain was a little wench

Love's Labor Loft. 41 1 15811141 Guise. This is her very guise; and upon my life, fast asleep

Macberb. s 1 383124 Is this the guise, is this the fashion in the court of England

2 Henry vi. 11 3 57512 3 How rarely doth it meet with this tune's guise

Tim. of Athens. 5 I 824 2146 To shame the guise o' the world

Cymbeline. 5 1 9201153 Guifës. Throw your vile guifles in the devil's teeth

Orbello. 3) 4/1066228 Gules. With man's blood paint the ground, gules, gules

Timon of Athens. 4 3 820 138 Head to foot now is he total gules

Hamlet.- 210157145 Gull. 'I mould think this a gull

Much Ado Abcut No:bing. 21 31 1301 40 If I do not gull him into a nay word

Twelfth Night.2 31 3151242 You gull, Malvolio is turned heathen

Ibid. 3 21 322|1|11 A thin-fac'd knave, a gull

Ibid. 5 11 331 12 The most notorious geck and gull that e'er invention play'd on

Ibid. 51 "Tis a gull, a fool, a rogue

Henry v. 31 6 524/1/21 Clarence, whom I, indeed, have laid in darkness, I do beweep to many simple gulls

Ricbard ii. 1 3 6411112 Lord Timon will be left a naked gull, which fashes now a phænix Timon of Atb.2 1 8101

5 O gull! o dolt!

Oibelio. 5) 21070224 Gull-catcber. Here comes my noble gull-catcher

Twelfth Night.2 51 319 220 Gum. The gum down raping from their pale dead eyes

Henry v. 41 25301239 Our poefy is, as gum which oozes from whence 'tis nourished Timon of Arbens. 1 80320 Guns. But for these vile guns, he would himself have been a soldier i Henry iv. 1 3 445|2|39 - As if that name, shot from the deadly level of a gun, did murder hier R.and Jul.3 31 986724 Gunpowder. And touch'd with choler, hot as gunpowder

Henry v. 4 53512 3 - I am afraid of this gunpowder Percy, though he be dead

i Henry iv. 54 47112147 Shall never back, though it do work as strong as aconitum, or rash gun-powder 2 H. iv.4) 4498114 Gurnet. If I be not asham'd of my soldiers, I am a souc'd gurnet

i Henry iv. 4 1 4651148 Gurney, James. D. P.

K. J bn.

3871 Gup. He hath the gift of a coward, to allay the gur he hath in quarrelling Tw. Nigbl. 31 308 2 50

Winter's Tale. 1 'Tis far gone, when I fall gust it last

21 33611152 Like a rigour of tempestuous gusts

1 Hen. vi. 51 61 56911147 But curs'd the gentle gusts

2 Henry vir 3 2 5872134 · Commanded always by the greatest gust

3 Henry vi. 3 1 6171139 By interims, and conveying gusts, we have heard the charges of our friends

Cor. 167091130 - To kill, I grant, is fin's extremest guit

Timon of Arbens. 31 5 8162 37 Gufy. Upon a raw and gutty day

Fulius Cafar. 1 27437130 Guts. Reveng'd I will be, as sure as his guts are made of puddings Merry Woof Winds: 2 512150 That stuft cloak bag of guts

i Henry iv. 24) 45512151 Who wears his wit in his belly, and his guts in his head

Treil, and Crif:12] 1 366726 Guts-griping.

Ibid. 5) 1 8841141 Gutter'd rocks and congregated sands

Orbello. 2 110521123 Guy, Sir. I am not Sampson, Sir Guy, nor Colbrand, to mow 'em down before me H. viii. 5 31 7011111 Gybes. Ready in gybes, quick answer'd, saucy, and as quarrelous as the weazel Cym. 31 41 91012150 Gybing. And gave his countenance against his name, to laugh at gybing boys Hen. iv. 31 41 4602 3 Gypes. He was full of jests, and gypes, and knaveries, and mocks

Henry v. 417 534/2136 Gypsies. Both in a tune, like two gypsies on a horse

As You Like I:. 51 3247121 > And is become the bellows, and the fan, to cool a gypsy's blust Ant. and Clopot 767015 Gyves. If you will take upon you to allift him, it Mall redeem you from your gyves

Meas. for Mo 42

93/224 Nay, and the villains march betwixt the legs, as if they had gyves on i Henry in. 4 2 4651221 Must I repent? I cannot do it better than in gyves

Cymbeline. 5 4 921456 Like a poor prisoner in his twisted syves

Romeo and Juliet.[2] 2 9771127


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Gyves. Convert his gyves to graces
- I will syve thee in thine own courttip

A. S. P. C.L. Hamlet. 41 7,1037121 % Orbello.2 11053127



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Haberdafber. D.P.

Tame of the Shrew. 251 There was a haberdasher's wife of small wit near him

Henry vui.|5| 3| Toil |37 Habiliments My riches are these poor habiliments

Two Gent. of Verona. 141 38111 Even in these honeft mean habiliments; our purses Thall be proud, our garments poor

Tam. of tbe Sbrew. 41 31 272 1 1 Thus placed in habiliments of war

Richard i. ! 31 416219 In this strange and sad habiliment will I encounter with Andronicus Titus Andron. 5 2 85112153 Habit. You know me by my habit

Henry v. 3


5242120 Coftly thy habit as thy purse can buy, but not express'd in fancy

Hamlet. 1 31100513 My father, in his habit as he liv'd

Ibid.31 41025715 Habited. She shall be habited as becomes the partner of your bed Winter's Tale. 41 31 355? 3 Hack. These knights will hack

Mer. Wives of Windl. 21 521112 Let them keep their limbs whole, and hack our English

Ibid. 31 1

58 226 Look you, what hacks are on his helmet

Troil, and Crefl: 1 2 86012 49 Héck'd. Is hack'd down, and his summer leaves all faded

Ricbard ii. 1 2 4151234 Hacket, Marian, the fat ale-wife of Wincot

Induc. to Tam, of the Shrew.

2 253219 --, Cicely. Sometimes you would call out for Cicely Hacket


2 254135 Hackney. The hobby-horse is but a colt, and your love, perhaps, a hackney Love's L. Loft. 31 415515 Hag. Blue-ey'd hag

Tempeft. 1 4240 A gross hag

Winter's Tale.23 34212133 How now, you secret, black, and midnight hags

Macbeth. 4 1 378 1:43 Foul fiend of France, and hag of all despight

i Henry vi. 31 2 557152 Fell, banning hag! enchantress hold thy tongue

Ibid. 514 566135 And wedded be thou to the hags of hell

2 Henry vi. 4 | 592 1:27 - You unnatural hags

Lear. 21 4 945 226 Hagfed.

Tempest. 1

512 33 Hagar's. What says that fool of Hagar's offspring, ha?

Mer. of Venice. 2 5 205 215 Haggards of the rock

M. Ado About Notb.31 11321) 9 Another way I have to man my haggard

Tam. of the Sbriw. 41 269118 This proud, disdainful haggard

Ibid. 14. 2! 26912126 - And, like the haggard, check at every feather that comes before his eye Tzv. Nigbt. 31 1 320/160

If I do prove her haggard, though that her jesses were my dear heart strings, I'd whistle her off

Oibello. 3! 3 106221 %. Haggish. But on us both did haggish age seal on, and wore us out of act All's Well. I 2 280 Haggled. Suffolk first dy'd; and York, all haggled, over comes to him Herry v.41 653312 11 Hail kissing comfits

Merry IV. of Viraj: 55 71121 6 He hath hail'd down oaths, that he was only mine

Midji Night's Dream. 177-39 Did they not sometimes cry, all hail! to me? So Judas did to Christ Richard ii.

1.4 11 433 6120 From my cold heart let heaven ingender hail, and poison it in the source Ant. and Cleop.311 7901 Hailfone. Vanith like hailstone

Mer. Wizes of Windl: 11 31 491224 You are no surer, no, than hailstone in the sun

Coriolanus. 11 70511130 Hair. Upstarting then, like reeds, not hair

Tempest. 1 411122 -- I'll knit it up in filken strings

Tava Gent. of Verona.27

321261 There's not a hair on's head, but 'tis a Valentine

Ibid. 31 1

351115 Her hair is auburn, mine is perfect yellow

4212 If you should fight, you go against the hair of your professions Mer. Wives of Windfo21 31 57:32 She has brown hair

Ibid. 1 1 461121 Dialogue on the loss of hair, and various causes of it

Comedy of Errors. 21 21 1072119 Spread o'er the silver waves thy golden hair, and as a bed I'll take thee, and there

Ibid. 312

IU13 Let her hair be of what colour it please God

Mu. Ado About Norb. 2 3 1271217 If the hair were a thought browner

Ibid. 31 4 13512 33 Her amber hair, for foul hath amber coted

Love's Lab. Loft. 41 31 161450 Her sunny locks hang on her temples like a golden feece

Mer.of Ven. 1991123 Thou hart got more hair on thy chin than Dobbin, my thill-horse, has on his tail Ib. 21 220321 1 So are those crisped snaky goiden locks, which make such wanton gambols with the wind

Ibid.3 2 2101220 Here in her hairs the painter plays the spider

Ibid. 131 21 210 2:49



Ibid.4 3



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A. $. P. C.L. Hair. But well I know, the clerk will ne'er wear hair on his face, that had it M. of Ven. 11 2202125 - His very hair is of the dillembling colour, something browner than Judas's

As You Like It. 31 41 23912 16 Your chesnut was ever the only colour

Ibid.3) 41 2392/20 Black fik hair

As You Like I!. 31 5| 24012125 It hangs like fax on a diftaff; and I hope to see a housewife take thee between her legs, and spin it off

Twelfth Nigbt. 1 3 309|2|18 Have made themselves all men of hair ; they call themselves, Saltiers Winter's Tale.(4! 31 35212 44 My fell of hair

Macberb. 3851132 The quality and hair of our attempt brooks no division

1 Henry iv. 4 01 464 1152 How ill white hairs become a fool, and a jetter

2 Henry iv. 5) 5 5061160 And these grey locks, the pursuivants of death

i Henry vi. 21

553/2 42 His hair uprear'd

2 Henry vi. 3 588/27 My hair be fix'd an end, as one distract

Ibid.31 2 5901414 My hair doth stand on end to hear her curses

Richard in 1 31 6402137 And not a hair upon a soldier's head, which will not prove a whip

Coriolanus.4 His filver hairs will purchase us a good opinion

Jul. Cæjar.12 11 74811131 Yea, beg a hair of him for memory, and, dying, mention it within their wills ibid. 3) 2 75612 My very hairs do mutiny

Anz. and Cleop. 31 91 7871114 Merry against the hair

Troi. and Crefl: 1

2 8595149 These hairs, which thou doft ravish from my chin, will quicken, and accuse thee Lear.

3 951214 Your bedded hair, like life in excrements, starts up, and stands an end

Hamlet. 31 410242157 Had all his hairs been lives, my great revenge had stomach for them all Otbello. 5) 21076 2 2 Hair-brain'd. Let's leave this town, for they are hair-brain'd Naves

i Henry vi. 1 2 5452 4 Hairy. We are but plain fellows, fir.A lie ; you are rough and hairy Winter's Tale. 4) 3) 356212 Halberts. Guard with halberts

Comedy of Errors. 5 I 11812 Halcyon. Renege, affirm, and turn their halcyon beaks with every gull and vary of their masters

Lear. 2

2 94111 Haligon beaks Halcyon days

1 Henry vi. 1 2) 546/2 Hale. That sheeps guts Mould hale souls out of men's bodies

Much Ado About Nurb. 2/ 3/ 12912 I'll hale the Dauphin head-long from his throne

i Henry vi. 1 5451 Although ye hale me to a violent death

Ibid. 5 5 56811 The name of Henry the fifth hales to an hundred mischiefs

2 Henry vi. 41 597 To hale thy vengeful waggon, swift away

Titus Andronicus. 51 285211 Hither hale the misbelieving Moor

Titus Andron. 51 31 855 1 Halld. Thus strangers may be hald and abus'd

Taming of the out to murder

Winter's Tale. 2

31 345? Even like a man new haled from the rack

i Henry vi. 21 5 55312 Half. And made her half myself

Much Ado About Nothing.2 31 1301 - I am half yourself, and I must freely have the half of any thing that this fame paper brings you

Mer. of Venice. 3 heart, half hand, half Hector comes to seek this blended knight, half Trojan, and half Greek

Troil. and Crep: 4 58821 Half-bloodud fellow

Lear. 5 3 9631 Half-can. Wild Half-can, that stabbed Potts

Measure for Measure. 4) 3 Half-caps. With certain half-caps, and cold moving nods, they froze me into filence

Timon of Athens. 212

81212 Half-faced. With that half-face, would he have all my land, a half-fac'd groate five hundred pound a year

King Yoon. 1

38812 But out upon this half-fac'd fellowship

1 Henry iv. 1

31 4471

Mu. Ado About Nob. 2 Half-pence. She tore the letter into a thousand half-pence

31 13212

As You Like I..3
They were all like one another, as half-pence are
Halfpenzy-purse. He cannot creep into a halfpenny purse, nor into a pepper-box

Merry W. of Windfor. 3

Ibid. 12







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Ibid. 3

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A.S. P. C. L. Hallonu-mas. Whose father dy'd at Hallow-mas

Meas. for Meal. 2 1 8111133 Halt. O, let me see thee walk : thou dost not halt

Taming of tbe Sbreu. 2

126252 It is no matter, if I do halt; I have the wars for my colour, and my pension Mall fcem the more reasonable

2 Hen. iv.1 2478 1143 My free drift halts not particularly

Timon of Arbens. Il 1804-19 Halter. My master's a very Jew, give him a present! give him a halter Mer. of Ven. 2 2 2032 14

And humbly thus, with halters on their necks, expe&ts your highness' doom, of life or death

2 Henry vi. 41 9 597 2 57 A halter pardon him! and hell gnaw his bones

Orbello. 41 2 1071|244 Halring. A halting sonnet of his own prize brain

Mu. Ado Ab. Norb. 51 4) 1461211 No further halting: satisfy me home, what is become of her

Cymbeline. 3 5 912132 Halves. I'll have no halves; I'll bear it all myself

Tam. of the Sbrew. 5 2 2751264 HAMLET.

999 Hammer'd. Who but to-day hammer'd off this design

Winter's Tale. 2 2 341|'|ss Hanımering. Whereon this month I have been hammering Two Gent. of Verona. 1 3 And wilt thou still be hammering treachery

2 Henry vi. I 2 574 1160 Blood and revenge are hammering in my head

Titus Andronicus. 21 31 838153 Haymes' Castle. Away with Oxford to Hammes' Castle

3 Henry vi. 515 6301215 Hamper. She'll hamper thee, and dandle thee like a baby

2 Henry vi. 1 3 576218 Hams. Such a case as yours constrains a man to bow in the hams Romeo and Juliet.2 4) 9782.40 Hard, the agent of her heart

Two Gent. of Verona. 1 3 He is as tall of his hands, as any is between this and his head Mer. W.of Winds. 1 4 5011130 Wringing their hands, whose whiteness so became them, as if but now they waxed pale for woe

Two Gent. of Verona. 3 351151 He is at two hands with me

Comedy of Errors. 2 I have your hand to thew: if the skin were parchment and the blows you gave were ink

1 109 119 in hand in sad conference

Mucb Ado About Notbing. 1 3 12527 Here's this dry hand up and down

Ibid. 2 Bear her hand, until they come to take hands

Ibid. 4 1 140 1 1 Let them be in hand

| 1402151 A giving hand, though foul, thall have fair praise

Love's Lab. Loft. 41 1157 1132 Wide o' the bow hand! Ifaith, your hand is out

Ibid. 4) 1 1587161 Therefore, of all hands, we must be forsworn

Ibid. 41 3 1622 37 White handed mistress, one sweet word with thee

Ibid. 5 2 Man's hand is not able to taste what thy dream was

Midf. Night's Dream. 4 1 1912 18 You salute not at the court, but you kiss your hands; that courtesey would be uncleanly, if courtiers were shepherds

As You Like I:.31 2 2352 2 She has a leathern hand, a free-tone coloured hand; I verily did think that her old gloves were on, but 'twas her hands; she has a huswife's hand As You Like It.14) 3 2441 S Whose hand (sne being now at hand) thou shalt foon feel Tamo of the Strew. 4 1 267 1156 Let him fetch his drum in any hand

All's Well. 6

293250 By the hand of a soldier



2941125 Your gentle hands lend us, and take our hearts

Ibid. 51 3) 305 2151 I take thy hand; this hand, as soft as dove's down, and as white as it, or Ethiopian's tooth, or the fanned snow

Winter's Tale. 41 31 3537 28 Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood clean from my hand ? No

Macb. 22 3701150 apo My hands are of your colour, but I shame to wear a heart fo white

Ibid. 2

370 1156 How you were borne in hand

Ibid. 3 All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand

138321 6 And by this hand I swear, that sways the earth this climate over-looks K. John. 21 21 393245 This hand of mine, is yet a maiden, and an innocent hand

Ibid. 412 4051157 Shall that victorious hand be feebled here, that in your chambers gave you chastifement

Ibid. 512 4091124 His hands were guilty of no kindred's blood, but bloody with the enemies of his kin

Ricbard ii. 2 1 4212 12 No hand of blood and bone can gripe the handle of our sceptre, unless he do prophane, ftcal, or usurp

Ibid. 31 31 42938 And if I do not, may my hands rot off, and never brandish more revengeful feel over the glittering helmet of my foe

Ibid. 4) 1 432 1.16 He hath a tear for pity, and a hand open as day for melting charity 2 Henry iv. 414 497241 By the white hand of my lady

Henry v.3) 71 526 1124 Lay not thy hands on me, forbear, I say; their couch affrights me as a serpent's Iting

2 Henry vi./31 21 587111st



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Ibid. 5

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