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Fool of fortune. I am even the natural fool of fortune
Fool-bardy. Open the door, fecure, fool-hardy king
Fool's-bead. Did I deferve no more than a fool's-head

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With one fool's head I came to woo, but I go away with two
Fool's-paradife. If ye should lead her into a fool's paradife
Focleries. For all thy by-gone fooleries were but spices of it
Foolery. Now he fhall fee his own foolery
There reft in your foolery

A. S. P. C. L.
Lear.141 6 958|2|30
Richard ii. 5 3 437140
Mer. of Venice. 29 208123
Ibid. 2 9 2082 6

Romeo and Juliet. 2 4 98016
Winter's Tale. 3 2 345239
Merry W. of Windfor. 4 2
Com. of Errors. 4 3 114214

Being fool'd, by foolery thrive! there's place, and means, for every man alive All's W. 4 3 299257
fir, does walk about the orb, like the fun; it shines every where
It was meer foolery, I did not mark it

There was more foolery yet, if I could remember it

Foot. I will kifs thy foot

As much foolery as I havé, so much wit thou lack'st

With a good leg, and a good foot

Thieves do foot by night

Will fpeed her foot again, led by purest love

Nay, but make hafte; the better foot before

[blocks in formation]

Nor attend the foot that leaves the print of blood where-e'er it walks


All's Well.34 292136 King John. 4 2 404223 Ibid. 4 3 405241

This happy day is not itself, nor have we won one foot, if Salisbury be loft 2 H. vi.5 2 602211

I will fet this foot of mine as far, as who goes farthest To the court I'll knock her back, foot her home again Foot-ball-player. You bafe foot-ball-player

Foot-cloth. Thou dost ride on a foot-cloth

Julius Cæfar.1 3 746 137
Cymbeline. 3 5 912231
Lear.1 4 935229
2 Henry vi. 4 7 596133

Foot-cloth boyfe. Three times to-day my foot-cloth horfe did stumble, and started when

[blocks in formation]

There is part of a power already footed

What confederacy have you with the traitors late footed in the kingdom
Footing. Whofe footing here anticipates our thoughts, a fe'nnight's speed

Richard iii. 3 4 652219

2 Henry vi. 4 1 591258 Henry v.2 4 519240 Lear. 3 3 947240 Ibid. 3 7 951250 Othello. 2 11052132 18214 Tempeft. 41

Footfl. Thus have we swept fufpicion from our seat, and made our footftool of fecu-

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Fops. Than doth, within a dull, ftale, tired bed, go to the creating of a whole tribe of
fops, got 'tween fleep and wake

For I have had fuch faults

-we do fear the law

[blocks in formation]

If, for I want that glib and oily art, to fpeak and purpose not
charitable prayers, fhards, flints, and pebbles fhould be thrown on her

Forage, and run, to meet displeasure farther from the doors

[blocks in formation]
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Cymbeline. 4 2 916|1| 9|
Lear. 1 1931238
Hamlet. 11035147
K. John. 51 407229
Henry v.12 512111

Forbearance. One of your great knowing should learn, being taught, forbearance Cym. 2 3 903218

[blocks in formation]

Macbeth. 13 364/2/20

Much Ado About Nothing. 1 1 1232/29

Your gentleness fhall force, more than your force fhall move us to

Mercb. of Venice. 2 9 207253 gentleness

As You Like It. 2 7 233141

What you will have, I'll give, and willing too; for do we muft, what force will have

us do

While we force a play

Richard ii. 33 430158
Henry v. 2 cb 5141 34

If you will now unite in your complaints, and force them with a conftancy H. viii. 32 688143
Why force you this

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He's not yet thorough warm, force him with praifes

[blocks in formation]

I will try the forces of these thy compounds on fuch creatures as we count not
worth the hanging

Forced. By that forced bafenefs which he has put upon't

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3421 55

Cymbeline. 16 898138
Winter's Tale. 23
Trei. and Cres

8842 38

[blocks in formation]

Forces [army. And let us, cyphers to this great account, on your imaginary forces

[blocks in formation]


Ford. I have had ford enough: I was thrown into the ford; I have my belly full of ford

A. S. P. C. L.

Merry Wives of Windfor. 3 5

Fordid. To lay the blame upon her own despair, that the fordid herself
Fordo. Did with defperate hand fordo its own life
Fordoes. This is the night, that either makes me or fordoes me quite
This is the very ecstasy of love, whofe violent property fordoes itself
Fordone. The heavy ploughman fnores all with weary task fordone
Fore-doom'd. Your eldest daughters have fore-doom'd themselves, and

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Fore-advised. Thus to have said as you were fore-advis'd
Fore-end. Than in all the fore-end of my time

Fore-fend. But by (as heaven fore-fend!) your ruin

Now heaven forefend! the holy maid with child
Which peril heaven forefend

632 22 Lear. 5 3 965 116 Hamlet. 5 11035237

[blocks in formation]

Midf. Night's Dr. 5 2
defperately are

Lear. 5 3 965210
Coriolanus. 2 3 718140
Cymbeline. 3 3 908246

Winter's Tale. 4 3

3542 47

1 Henry vi. 55

568 140


3 Henry vi. 2 Tit. Andron. I 2 835242 Othello. 5 2 10761 19

The gods of Rome forefend, I should be author to dishonour you Heaven forefend! I would not kill thy fpirit Fore-fended. But have you never found my brother's way to the fore-fended place Lear. 5 1 961130

Forego. My manors, rents, revenues, I forego

-Muft I needs forego fo good, so noble, and so true a master
Fore God.

[blocks in formation]

Foregoers. Honours best thrive when rather from our acts we them derive than our foregoers

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Troil. and Creff: 2286824

Forebead of the morning. One that converfes more with the buttock of the night than with the forehead of the morning

Foreborse. I fhall stay here the forehorse to a smock

Foreign man. Kept him a foreign man still; which so griev'd him that he ran mad, and dy'd

Foreign travail, benefits of

Fore-knowing that the truth will fall out fo

Foremost. Goes foremost in report through Italy

What, shall one of us, that struck the foremost man of all this world
Fore-paft. My fore-paft proofs, howe'er the matter fall, shall tax my fears of little vanity

Fore-run. O, this fame thought did but fore-run my need
Fore-runner. Arthur, that great fore-runner of thy blood

Ibid. 1

1 123 256

[blocks in formation]

There comes with them a fore-runner, my lord, which bears that office Tim. of Atb. 1 2

·Fore-running more requital

Meafure for Menfure. 5 1

8081 5 97265

[blocks in formation]

Macbeth. 13 364239

Forefpent. His goodness forespent on us, we must extend our notice

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[ocr errors][merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

Ferefwore. never profper'd fince I forefwore at Primero
Fore-thinking this, I have already fit

Merry W. of Wind.4 5
Cymbeline. 3 4



9111 2

[blocks in formation]

Fore-warned. We were forewarned of your coming and shut the gates for fafety of our-

Forfeit. Your brother is a forfeit of the law

Troilus and Creffida. 5 3




208 218

4 04

Forfeit. All the souls that were, were forfeit once

Stand like the forfeits in a barber's fhop, as much in mock as mark
Thy flanders I forgive, and therewithal remit thy other forfeits
Let the forfeit be nominated for an equal pound of your fair flesh
The forfeit, fovereign of my servant's life, who flew to day a riotous
Forfeiture. What should I gain by the exaction of the forfeiture
- I am fure, the Duke will never grant this forfeiture to hold
Forge. Come to the forge with it then, shape it

- To me, the difference forges dread

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[blocks in formation]

Mer. of Venice.
gentleman R. iii. 2 16451 6
Mer. of Ven. 13 2012 50
Ibid. 3 3 212256

Merry W. of Wind.4 2
Winter's Tale. 4 3

Macbeth. 4 3

349 255

381146 537112 7221 6

Henry v.5 cb
Coriolanus. 3 I
Titus Andron. 5 2 85224
Troilus and Cref:45 883227
Orbello. 4 2 1071122

Forg'd. The best wishes that can be forg`d in your thoughts, be fervants to you

[ocr errors]

I should make very forges of my cheeks

I will turn thy falfhood to thy heart, where it was forged

[blocks in formation]

He was a thing of nothing, titlelefs, till he had forg'd himself a name i' the fire of burning Rome

Forgeries of jealousy

Coriolanus. 5733121 Mid. Night's Dream. 2 2 179241

Put on him what forgeries you please; marry, none fo rank as may difhonour him

In forgery of fhapes and tricks

Hamlet. 2 11009114
Ibid. 4 7 10321 22

Forget. But we now forget our title to the crown; and only claim our dukedom 3 H. vi. 4 7 626240
Urge me no further, I shall forget myself
When I do forget the least of these deferts, Romans, forget your fealty to me

[blocks in formation]

Forgetive. Make it apprehenfive, quick, forgetive, full of nimble, fiery, and delectable

Forgive. I as free forgive you, as I would be forgiven: I forgive all
Forgiveness. Exchange forgiveness with me, noble Hamlet

Forgot. That is not forgot which ne'er I did remember

How comes it, Michael, you are thus forgot

Fork. The foft and tender fork of a poor worm

[ocr errors]

3 4242 7

Othello. 2 3 1056226

Meaf. for Meaj3| 1| 87142
Lear. 1 1930253

Let it fall rather, though the fork invade the region of my heart
Behold yon fimpering dame, whofe face between her forks prefageth fnow Ibid. 14 6957246
Winter's Tale. I 2336113
Otbello. 3 31062 218

Forked. Inch thick, knee deep! o'er head and ears a fork'd one
Forked plague. This forked plague is fated to us, when we do quicken
Form. Be my aid for such disguife as, haply, fhall become the form of my intent

Twelfth Night. 1
How eafy is it, for the proper false in women's waxen hearts to set their forms Ibid. 2
All form is formlefs, order orderiefs, fave what is oppofite to England's love K. John. 3
In this the antique and well-noted face of plain old form is much disfigured
Acquitted by a true fubftantial form

[blocks in formation]

For now a time is come to mock at form, Harry the fifth is crown'd
Take to you as your predeceffors have, your honour with your form
Fain would I dwell on form, fain fain deny what I have spoke Romeo and Juliet. 2
Who ftand fo much upon the new form that they cannot fit eafy upon the old bench

Ferm of Wax. Even as a form of wax, refolveth from his figure 'gainst the fire

[blocks in formation]

Thou should'st come like a fury crown'd with snakes, not like a formal man

Fornication. Condemn'd upon the act of fornication to lose his head
What a fry of fornication

Forfaken. And thou, poor foul, art then forfaken as thou went'ft forlorn
Ferfootb. I thank you, forfooth

[blocks in formation]

Terfpent. After him, came, spurring hard, a gentleman almost forspent with speed 2 H.iv. 1 I 474141 with toil, as runners with a race

·Forfpoke. Thou haft forspoke my being in these wars Forfwear. Your cath once broke, you force not to forfwear

[blocks in formation]

A. S. P. C. L.

Forfwear. Thou ufeft to forfwear thyfelf; 'twas fin before, but now 'tis charity 3 5 5 631|1|46 Forfwore. And that self chain about his neck, which he forswore, most monstrously, to


Comedy of Errors. 5 1 116254 Ibid. 5.1 118237

Forfworn. They are both forfworn, in this the madman justly chargeth them
-So you may miss me: but if you do, you'll make me wish a fin, that I had been for-

Never was forfworn


Merchant of Venice. 3 2 209 2 57
Macbeth. 4 3 381233

1 Hen, iv. 2


Coriolanus. 5 3 735250 Meaf. for Meal. 5 1

I have forfworn his company hourly any time this two and twenty years The things, I have forsworn to grant, may never be held by your denials Forted. It deferves with characters of brafs a forted refidence

[blocks in formation]

Fortnight hold we this folemnity, in nightly revels, and new jollity M. Night's Dream. 5
Forth rights and meanders

If you give way or hedge aside from the direct forthright, like to an entred tide, they
all rush by

[blocks in formation]

Fortify. Or else we fortify in paper, and in figures, ufing the names of men instead of

[blocks in formation]



Ibid. 5


Coriolanus. I


100 1 28 7072 34

Jul. Cafar.

[blocks in formation]

Cymbeline. 4



2 Henry vi. 2 Tim. of Ath. I


580119 18041 20

[blocks in formation]

Fortress. This fortrefs built by nature for herself, against infection, and the hand of war

[blocks in formation]

Richard ii. 2

All my fortunes are at fea; nor have I money, nor commodity to raise a prefent fum

[blocks in formation]

Or give me the poor allotery my father left me by teftament; with that I will go buy my fortunes

and nature the diftinct offices of each

Yet fortune cannot recompense me better, than to die well, and not my master's


Give me your hand, and let me all your fortunes understand

He comes armed in his fortune


Ibid. 2 3 230223 Ibid. 2 72421I Ibid. 41 242 135 2 259124 Ibid. 5 2 276 127 All's Well. 1 I 2792 12

My father dead, my fortune lives for me; and I do hope good days Tam. of the Sh.1
The fouler fortune mine

The mightiest space in fortune nature brings, to join like likes

The faid was no goddess, that had put fuch difference betwixt their two eftates Ibid. 1
Muddy'd in fortune's moat

[blocks in formation]


Ibid. 5 2
302 1
Ibid. 5 2


302 I


Ibid. 5 2

302 116

Ibid. 5 2

302 120

Ibid. 5 2

Twelfth Night. 2 5

319130 302 1 29 338223 Macbeth. I 2 363212 K. Jobn. 3 396229

I'll put my fortunes to your fervice, which are here by this difcovery loft W.'s Tale. 1 2 on his damned quarrel fmiling, fhew'd like a rebel's whore

That ftrumpet Fortune

When Fortune means to men moft good, she looks upon them with a threatning eye

As thy caufe is right fo be thy fortune in this royal fight

And crofsly to thy good all fortune goes

It rain'd down fortune showering on your head


Ibid. 3 4 401129 Richard ii. 1 3416242

Ibid. 2 4 425259 14681 16

Will Fortune never come with both hands full, but write her fair words still in fouleft


1 Henry iv. 5

[blocks in formation]


Fortune. The goddes Fortune described and moralized

A. S. P. C. L.

Henry v.3 6 523|2|36

Though Fortune's malice overthrow my state, my mind exceeds the compass of her

Thus far our fortune keeps an upward course
Since you will buckle Fortune on my back, to bear her burden whe'er I will or no,
I must have patience to bear the load

Richard iii. 3 7656113

3 Henry vi. 4 3
Ibid: 5 3

[blocks in formation]

Coriolanus. 14

666 2 17 708210 7091 9 726 133

And put thy fortune to the arbitrement of bloody ftrokes and mortal staring war Ib. 5 3 "Tis for the followers Fortune widens them, not for the fliers fall deep in love with thee; and her great charms guide thy oppofers fwords Ibid. 15 's blows, when most struck home, being gentle wounded craves a noble is merry, and in this mood will give us any thing Give me good fortune.-I make not, but forefee You have feen and prov'd, a fairer former fortune than that which is to approach ĺb. 1 2 768228 Our fortune lies upon this jump

Our fortune on the fea is out of breath, and finks most lamentably
knows we fcorn her most, when most she offers blows

cunning Ibid. 41
Julius Cæfar. 3 2 757145
Ant. and Clep.I 27682 6

Ibid. 3 8 786146

Ant. and Cleop.38 7862 36

Ibid. 3 9 787 226

It much would please him, that of his fortunes you would make a staff to lean upon

[blocks in formation]

Let me rail fo high that the false hufwife fortune break her wheel

Whom Fortune with her ivory hand wafts to her

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

How fome men creep in skittish Fortune's hall, while others play the ideots in her


brings in fome boats that are not steer'd

A good man's fortune may grow out at heels
-, good night; fmile once more; turn thy wheel
that arrant whore, ne'er turns the key to the poor
Myfelf could elfe out-frown falfe fortune's frown
O, Fortune, Fortune! all men call thee fickle

In the fecret parts of Fortune? O, most true; she is a ftrumpet

Ibid. 3 3 876 Cymbeline. 4 3 91917

Lear. 2 2 942135 Ibid. 2 2 9422 4 Ibid. 2 4 9431 43 Ibid. 5 3 962 141 Rom. and Jul. 3 5 987244 Hamlet. 2 2 1012219

What have you, my good friends, deserved at the hands of Fortune, 'that the fends
you to prison hither

And let her down the wind to prey at Fortune

That handkerchief thou speak'ft of, I found by fortune

Fortune's alms. And shut myself up in some other courfe, to Fortune's alms

Fortune's cap. On Fortune's cap we are not the very button
Fortuned. You will wonder what hath fortuned

Fortune's-fool. O! I am fortune's fool

[blocks in formation]

Fortune's-knave. 'Tis paltry to be Cæfar; not being Fortune, he's but Fortune's knave

Antony and Cleopatra. 5 2 7982 8

Fortune's ferard. My lord Shallow, be what thou wilt, I am Fortune's steward 2 H. iv. 5 3 505149
Fortune-telling. We do not know what is brought to pass under the profeffion of for-

Forty-pence. How taftes it? is it bitter? forty-pence, no
Foreary'd, in this action of swift speed

[blocks in formation]

Foftered. For that our kingdom's earth should not be foil'd with that dear blood which
it hath foftered

One bred of alms, and foster'd with cold dishes, with fcraps o' the court
Fofter-nurfe. Which I did store, to be my fofter-nurse
Our fofter-nurfe of nature is repose

Richard 13 417 1 59
Cymbeline. 2 3 9032 37

As You Like It. 2 3 230147
Lear.4 4 953 244

Fought. He hath fought to-day, as if a god, in hate of mankind, had deftroy'd in fuch
a shape

Ant. and Cleop. 4

Foul words are but foul wind, and foul wind is but foul breath, and foul breath is

[ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]


Mu. Ado Abt. Nothing. 5 2 144 2/35

As You Like It.35 240 241

Fye, fye on all tired jades! on all mad masters! and on all foul ways Tam. of the Sh.41 267125

I am a foul way out

Fair is foul, and foul is fair; hover through the fog and filthy air

So foul and fair a day I have not seen

Twelfth Night. 2 3 316146
Ibid. 364/2/38


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