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Ibid. 2

A. S. P. C.L. Fish. 'To see the fish cut with her golden oars the filver stream

Ibid. 3) 1 1312153 Fish not with this melancholy bait, for this fool's gudgeon, this opinion M. of Ven. I 1198216

All's Well. 31 6 294|1|40 - No more than fith loves water - I will henceforth eat no fish of fortune's buttering

Ibid. 5 2 302 7 - Of a fish that appear'd upon the coast on Wednesday the fourscore day of April, forty thousand fathom above water

Winter's Tale. 4 3 352|1|45 Of a dragon, and a finless fish

1 Henry iv. 3) = 45855 While others fish with craft for great opinion, I with great truth catch mere simplicity

Troilus and Creffida. 4 41 880 2 36 - The imperious seas breed monsters; for the dish, poor tributary rivers as sweet fin

Cymbeline. 4 2 914 2160 To fight when I cannot choose ; and to eat no fish

Lear. 1 41 935 17 'Tis well thou art not fith; if thou hadft, thou hadít been poor John Rom. and Jul. 1 1 968/1/12

Ibid. I Fisher. The fisher with his pencil

53 Fishermen, that walk upon the beach, appear like mice

Lear.4) 6 956230 Fishified. O felh, flesh, how art thou filhified

Romeo and Juliet. 2) 41 978/2/24

Hamlet. 2 2 1011250 Fishmonger. You are a fishmonger Fift. Give me thy fist, thy fore-foot to me give

Henry v. 2 11 51511122 Of fift most valiant

Ibid. 41 5271243 Fiting each others throat

Coriolanus. 41 51 72912/12 Fits. In these fits I leave them

Tempeft. 3 3 151250 She'll fit it

Merry W. of Windjor. 2 I 53113 thy consent to my sharp appetite

Meal for Meal: 121 4 862 46 We'll fit him to our turn

Tam. of the Sbrew. 3 2 2661

All's Well. I These fix'd evils fit so fit in him

1 27811158 It doth not fit me

Twelftb Night. 31 31 822212 Call Gardiner to me my new secretary; I find him a fit fellow

Henry . 2

21 6821/17 Fit you to the custom

Coriolanus. 2 21 7161/32 A better head her glorious body fits

Titus Andronicus. I 2 83312 thy thoughts

1836 1 46 Well said, my lord, well; you say so in fits

Troi. and Crep 3 1 8711236 Fit you to your manhood

Cymbeline. 3) 41 911128 How fit his garments serve me

Ibid. 4) 1914 1/28 Must make content with his fortunes fit

Lear.31 2 9472 Fit of tbe face. All the good our English have got by the late voyage is but merely a fit or two o' the face

Henry vii. 3) 676230 Fits o' the season. Your husband, he is noble, wise, judicious, and best knows the fits o' the season

Macbetb. 41 21 3792130 Ficbew.

Troilus and Cressida.s) 1 88412 41

Lear. 41 6 95811 'Tis such another fitchew, marry a perfum'd one

Otbello. 41 110681243 Fitful. Aster life's fitful fever, he sleeps well

Macbeth. 3 3 3742115 Fitly. Even so most fitly as you malign our senators

Coriolarus. 1 1 704/2/11

Lear. 1 I will fitly bring you to hear my lord speak

2 9341146 Fitment. It was a fitment for the purpose I then follow'd

Cymbeline. 151 51 927259 Fitness. Have you, I say, an answer of such fitness for all questions All's Well. 2 2 285 0156 Their fitness now does unmake you

Macbeth. 1 7 368210 'Tis said a woman's fitness comes by fits

Cymbeline. 41 11 914130 If his fitness speaks, mine is ready

Hamlet. 5) 2103912

8 Fitted with a husband

Much Ado About Noth, 2) - Well fitted in the arts, glorious in arms

Love's Lab. Lof. 2 il 152 153 Well are you fitted, had you but a moor

Titus Andron. s. 2852219 Firreth. It fitteth not a prelate so to plead

i Henry vi. 3) 1 5551210 Firmwater. Lord. D.P.

Ricbard ii.

413 Fixure. Quite from their fixure

Trois and Cref | 31 862229 Flag. This common body, like to a vagabond flag upon the stream, goes to and back

Ant. and Cleop. 1 41 7721123 I must Mew out a Aag and sign of love

Othello. (1) 110451 43 Flagga of rheninh

Hamlet. S) 1103511145 Flakes. Had you not been their father, these white flakes had challeng'd pity of them Lear. 417 9601137 Hlaky. Flaky darkness, breaks within the east

Ricbard is 3 666 2.14 Flarie. Let me not live, quoth he, after my flame lacks oil, to be the snuff of younger spirits

All's Well. I 22801/41 - The honour, Gr, that fames in your fair eyes, before I speak, too threat'ningly replies 1b. 21 31 286313


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Ibid. 2

A. S. P. C. L. Fiame. The premised Aames of the last day knit earth and heaven together 2 Henry vi.151 21 6012139 - The name o'the taper bows toward her

Cymbeline. 2 21 902 7133 Flamens. Seld-shewn Ramens do press among the popular throngs, and puff to win a vulgar station

Coriolanu s. 2 1 7141/19 - Hoar the flamen, that scolds against the quality of flesh

Timon of Arbens. 41 31 8212 8 Flaming. He having colour enough, and the other higher, is too faming a praise for a good complexion

Troilus and Cred.: 2 8592|61 Flaminius. D. P.

Timon of Albens. 803 Flannel. I am not able to answer the Welch flannel

M.W. of Wind/51 5 7311 Flap. Thou green farcenet Aap for a fore eye

Troilus and Crej 5 1 884 155 Flap-dragon. Thou art easier swallowed than a flap-dragon Love's Labor Lop.15 1 16511 To see how the sea fap-dragon'd it

Winter's Tale. 31 31 347 1132 And drinks off candles' ends for flap-dragons

2 Henry iv. 2 41 486 1/43 Flap-eard. A whoreson, beetle-headed, flap-ear'd knave Taming of the Shrew.14

12682134 Flaring. With ribbands pendant, faring 'bout her head Merry Wives of Wind. 4 5 72213 Flash. The flash and out-break of a fiery mind


110091128 Flajbes, Lord Timon will be left a naked gull, which falhes now a phoenix T. of Atb. 2 1810 1 6 Every hour he flashes into one gross crime or other, that sets us all at odds

Lear. I 3 934 2 14 Flafk. A carv'd bone face on a falk

Love's Lab. L .5 2 1721134 Flat. The boy hath sold him a bargain, a goose, that's fiat


1552 33 Nay, I will; that's flat

i Henry iv. I 3 447129 I'll not march through Coventry with them, that's flat

Ibid. 4 2 4652120 Flat-long. An it had not fallen flat-long


9710 Flarly. He tells you flatly what his mind is

Tam. of the Shrew. 2 258 1125 Flatness. That he did but see the flatness of my misery

Winter's Tale. 3

2345 126 Flats. Half my power this night, passing these fats, are taken by the tide

K. Jobr. 15 4101259 Flatter. Think not I fatter, for I swear I do not

Two Gent. of Verona. 4 3 4011 3 To flatter up these powers of mine with rest

Love's Labor Loft.5 2 173256 We thank you both, yet one but flatters us

Ricbard u. 1 1 41411 5 - Should dying men fatter with those that live? --No, no: men living Aatter those that die

1| 420/2/26 'Tis fin to fatter, good was little better

3 Henry vi. 5 6 63112 11 He that will give good words to thee, will fatter beneath abhorring 1 7051123 -I will, fir, fatter my sworn brother the people, to earn a dearer estimation of them

Ibid.2 31 717 1149 - He would not flatter Neptune for his trident, or Jove for his power to thunder Ibid. 3 1 722 11 3 Flatter'd. He that loves to be flatter'd, is worthy o'the flatterer Timon of Alb. 1

il 806112 Flatterers. A thousand fatterers fit within thy crown

Ricbard ii. 2 1420 2/41 When I was a king, my flatterers were then but subjects; being now a subject, i have a king here to my Aatterer

Ibid. 41 1 4342 9 - When drums and trumpets Mall i' the field prove fatterers, let courts and cities be made all of false fac'd soothing

Criolanus. ' 91 7101259 When I tell him he hates fiatterers, he says, he does; being then most fattered J.C«f.2 1 7482 43

This is the world's sport; and just of the same piece is every flatterer's foul T.of A. 3 2 814112 Flatteries. He does me double wrong that wounds me with the flatteries of his tongue

Richard ii. 3 2 4281212 Flattering. You are a Aattering boy; now I see, you'll be a courtier M. W.of Wind. 32

591128 Flatteries. Would I had never trod this English earth, or felt the flatteries that grow upon it

Henry viii. 31 1 687 246 - Think'it thou, I am so shallow, so conceitless to be seduced by thy flattery

Trvo Gent. of Verona. 4 2

391158 Even 'till I shrink with cold, I smile, and say this is no flattery As You Like It.2 | 2291118 Having neither the voice nor the heart of flattery about me ·

Henry v. 5 2 54012138 By flattery he hath won the commons' hearts

2 Henry vi. 31 1 583 228 He water'd his new plants with dews of Aattery

Coriolanus. 5! 5 73811115 - I kiss thy hand, but not in flattery, Cælar

Julius Casar. 31 1752216 Flavius. D.P. Jul. Caf. p. 741.

D. P. Tim. of Aibens. 803 Flaunts. Or how should I, in these my borrow'd faunis, behold the steroness of his presence

Winter's Tale. 4 3 35011 5 Flaws. Falling in the flaws of her own youth, hath blister'd her report Meas. fr Mial. 2 3 842 40 Oh, these flaws and starts, (impostors to true fear)

Macbeth. 3 4 3752160 As sudden as flaws congealed in the spring of day

2 Henry in. 41 41 49712 45 Do calm the fury of this mad bred Aaw

2 Herry ri. 3 1 5862117 Like a great sea mark, standing every flaw, and saving those that eye thee 31 735!2/41

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Lear. 2

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A, S. P. C. L. Flaw. Observe how Antony becomes his faw

Ant. and Cleop.131101 788,1123 This heart shall break into a hundred thousand Aaws, or ere I'll weep

41 9452133 The winter's flaw

Hamlet. 5) 110352130 Flawed. For France hath flaw'd the league

Henry vili. 1 673112 There have been commissioners sent down among them, which have flaw'd the heart of all their loyalties

Ibid. I

2 674228 But his flaw'd heart (alack too weak the conflict to support!)

Lear. 5) 31 964 2 1 Flax. I'll fetch some fax, and whites of eggs to apply to his bleeding face Ibid. 3) 7 952 235 Flax-wenib. Deserves a name as rank as any flax-wench

Winter's Tale. I Flay'd. He has a son, who shall be fiay'd alive, then 'nointed over with honey, and set on the head of a wafp's nest

Ibid. 41 31 357 1125 Who's yonder, that does appear as he were flay'd

Coriolanus. I 67091153 Flea. It he have no more man's blood in his belly than would sup a flea Love's L. Loft. 51 21 172 2 53 This is the most villainous house in all London road for Acas

i Henry iv. 2 - 'A saw a flea sticking upon Bardolph's nose, and 'a faid, it was a black soul burning in hell-fire

Henry v. 2 3 518 119 You may as well say that's a valiant fiea, that dare eat his breakfast on the lip of a lion

Ibid. 3) 7 526 232 Fleance. D.P.

Macbeth. Flearing. You speak to Casca : and to such a man, that is no fearing tell tale J. Casar. 1

31 746 1135 Flecked. And fiecked darkness like a drunkard reels

Romeo and Juliet. 2 31 977 1 49 Fled. I have fled myself; and have instructed cowards to run and sew their shoulders

Antony and Cleopatra. 3) 9 7874/7 He fled forward ftill, towards your face

Cymbeline. 1 3 895|2|34 Fleece. Her sunny locks hang on her temples like a golden fleece Mer. of Ven. 1

1 199 1/24 We are the Jasons, we have won the Aeece. Would you had won the fleece that he hath lost

Ibid. 3) 2 211 259 Fler. Never fleer and jeft at me

M. Ado About Noth.15

il 1412 35 To feer and scorn at our solemnity

Romeo and Juliet. I Mark the fieers, the pes, and notable scorns

Orbells. 4 1 1068 124 Fleered. One rubb'd his elbow, thus; and fieer'd and swore Love's Labor Loft. 5 2 1671113 Fleet. And fleet the time carelessly, as they did in the golden world As You Like Ir. 1 . If echo were as ficet, I would esteem him worth a dozen such

Induc. to Tam. of the Shrew. Shall fleet, in dreadful trial of our kingdom's king

King Febr. 2 1 393138 So cares and joys abound, as seasons feet

2 Henry vi. 24 582 140 To darkness fleet, souls that fiy backwards

Cymbeline. 51 31 921111 - (prison.) Go, carry Sir Jolin Falstaff to the Fleet; take all his company along with him

2 Henry iv.s 5 506248 - [of thips.] Our sever'd navy, too, have knit again, and feet, threat’ning most sea like

Ant. and Cleop. 311 790114 Fleeting. Clarence is come--false, fleeting, perjur'd Clarence

Ricbard ii. I And I, irence fieeting, here remain with thee

Ant. and Cleop. 1 3 771/2/18 Fleming. I had rather trust a Fleming with my butter, than my wife with herself

M.rry W. of Windsor. 2

56 2 33 Flemish drunkard

Ibid. 2 Flesh. I am as pretty a piece of Aesh as any is in Messina Much Ado About Norb. 4 2 1410 5

6 Such is the fimplicity of man to hearken after the flesh

Lrve's Labor Lot. 1

1 149 For an equal pound of your fair flesh

Merchant of Venice. 1 3 2012 37 A pound of man's flesh, taken from a man, is not so estimable, profitable neither as ferh of muttons, beefs, or goats

Ibid. 1 3 201 2151 There is more difference between thy flesh and hers than between jet and ivory Ibid. 3) 1 2091/ 4 That he would rather have Anthonio's felh, than twenty times the value of the sum

Ibid. 3) 2 212 143 The pound of flesh which I demand of him, is dearly bought, is mine, and I will have it I am driven on by the feth

Ali's Well. 1 / 3

2802 45 Your flesh and blood has not offended the king; fo your fieth and blood is not to be punished by him

Winter's Tale. 4) 3/ 3561157 Within this wall of flesh there is a soul, counts thee her creditor

King - bn.3) 3) 399 220 And fes his spirit in a warlike soil

Ibid. 5. 1 407242 As if this fieth, which walls about our life, were brass impregnable Richard ii. 3) 2 Huge hill of flesh Thou seest, I have more fleth than another man; and therefore more frailty


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Ibid. 4

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i Henry iv. 21 4 4532 53

Ibid. 3) 3) 463/1/42

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A.S. P. C.L. Figh. Could not all this filesh keep in a little life? Poor Jack, farewel i Henry iv. 51 47112426

There is another indictment upon thee, for suffering flesh to be caten in thy house,
contrary to law

2 Henry iv.241 4872) I Men's flesh preserv'd so whole, do seldom win

2 Henry vi. 3 1586120 On the Alps, it is reported, thou didst eat strange flesh

Ant. and Cleop." 4772,149 With you, goodman boy, if you please; come, I'll Aerh you

Lear.22 941 11 2 Me they shall feel, while I am able to stand: and 'tis known, I am a pretty piece of fiech

Romeo and Juliet. 111 968111 Flef’d. Come, brother John, full bravely hast thou flesh'd thy maiden sword i Hen. iv. 5 4 4712 59 The kindred of him hath been flesh'd upon us

Henry v. 21 41 518237 Flefoed villains.

Ricbard 111.4 31 658 2130 Flefoes. And this night he fleshes his will in the spoil of her honour All's Well. 41 31 297 1121 Fleshment. And in the Aeshment of this dread exploit, drew on me here again

Lear. 21 21 941237 Flybmonger. And was the duke a Aeshmenger, a fool, and a coward, as you then reported him to be

Meas. for Meal. 5 I Flaw'd [hounds.) So flew'd

Mid. Nigbr's Dream. 4 1 1901135 Flexure. His legs are for necessity, not for flexure

Troie and Crefl: 2 3 869212 Flibbertigibber. This is the foul fiend Flibbertigibbet; he begins at curfew, and walks till the first cock

Lear. 3 41 94919 His operations

Ibid.3 41 949111 - (Fiend of mopping and mowing.) Who fince possesses chambermaids and waiting women

Ibid. 4 1 95312 2 1 Flickering. Like the wreath of radiant fire on fickering Phoebus' front

Ibid. 22

9412 20 Flies. I have been in such a pickle I shall not fear fly blowing

Tempeft. 511

22113 These summer flies have blown me full of maggot ostentation Love's Lab. Loft. 52 1701 14 So we profess ourselves to be the Naves of chance, and Aies of every wind that blows

Winter's Tale. 4
And so I Mall catch the Ay, your coufin, in the latter end, and Me must be blind too

Henry v. 512 541 1 3
The common people swarm like summer Aies

3 Henry vi. 26 6151 52 Then never had they sprung like summer flics

Ibid. 2 6615161
Lie graveless; 'till the fies and gnats of Nile have buried them for prey Ant. and Cleo.311
One cloud of winter Mowers, these flies are couch'd

Timon of Arb. 2
Lamentation on a fly being killed

Titus Andronicus. 3 2 844 236
As flies to the wanton boys, are we to the gods; they kill us for their sport Lear. 4

953 731 And, though he in a fertile climate dwell, plague him with fies

Orbello. Il I 104411 46 Fliers. . He stopt the fliers

Coriolanus. 2

21 715241 Fligbt. Disguifing and pretended Aight

Two Gent. of Verona. 2 6 Fligbry. The fighty purpose never is o'ertook, unless the deed go with it Macbeth. 4 11 379 1 47 Flincb. If I break time, or finch in property of what I spoke, unpitied let me die

All's Well. 2 11 2841251 If he finch, chide me for it

Troi. and Crep: 3 2 8732 26 Fling. Elle would I have a fling at Winchester

i Henry vi. 31 1 5552 17 Flint. Fire enough for a flint

Love's Lab. Loft.4

159/2/20 Rough hearts of Aint

Merchant of Venice. 4 1 215 5 You are yoked with a lamb, that carries anger, as the fint bears fire 9. Cajar.4 31 76015 So light a foot will ne'er wear out the everlasting Aint

Romeo and Juliet. 2 6 981218 Flint caftle. Go to Flint castle, there I'll pine away

Richard ii. 31 2 4281154 Flinty. Then I love thee, because thou art a woman, and disclaim'ft Ainty mankind

Timon of Athens.s 18251118 Flirtgills. Scurvy knave! I am none of his flirtgills

Romeo and Julier. 2 41 979241 Flest. But foat upon a wild and violent sea, each way, and move

Marbeib. 4 2 379 2136 Flock. How will the love, when the rich golden Maft hath kill'd the flock of all affections else

Twelfıb Nighi. I They could do no less, out of the great respect they bear to beauty, but leave their flocks

Henry viii. 1
Fleods. The delighted spirit to bathe in fiery floods

Meas. for Meas. 31
There is, sure, another food to-ward, and there couples are coming to the ark

As You Like It. 51 41 248121
Like a bated and retired flood

King Jobr. 51 41 410:26 Now let not nature's hand, keep the wild flood confind

2 Henry iv. 1 1 4.7511149 Where it shall mingle with the state of foods

5031220 Let floods o'erswell, and fiends for food howl on

Henry o.12 il 5151150 Like a bold flood o'erbeat

Coricianus. 41 51 729'21:9


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Ibid. 5! 2

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Flood. Let me not Air you up to such a sudden flood of mutiny

A. S. P. C.L His youth in Alood, I'll pawn this truth with my three drops of blood

Julies Cæfar:131 21 7562143 Flood-gares. For tears do stop the food-gates of her eyes

Tr. and Cr.1 3 864/21 - For my particular grief is of ro floodsgate and o'erbearing nature

i Henry iv. 12) 41 4551.44 Florence. Duke of. D. P.

Oibello. 1 3 10471217

All's Well. Florentine. I never knew a Florentine more kind and honest

277 - The Florentines and Senoys are by the ears

Oibello. 31 11059 1 19

All's Wdl.1 Florentius. Be she as foul as was Florentius' love

2 2792 27

Tam. of ibe Sbrew. 2 2581117 Floricel. D. P.

Winter's Tale. Flore. Mediterranean Alote

333 Flour. All from me do back receive the flour of all, and leave me but the bran

Temper. 1


Cor. 1 Flouret's eyes


Mid. Nigbt's Dream. 4 1 190 122 Flouris. Šith that the justice of your title to him doth flourish the deceit Nea. for Mea. 4 1

93217 Lend me the flourish of all gentle tongues

Looi's Lab. Loft.4 31631 Poor painted queen, vain flourish of my fortune

Ricbard ii. 1 3 640 119 I called thee then, vain flourish of my fortune

Ibid. 41 41 6601 8 To this effect, fir; after what flourish your nature will

Hamlet. 5 21039132 Flout. What, wilt thou fout me thus unto my face

Comedy of Errors.1 2 1052 31 Dost thou jeer and fout me in the teeth

Ibid. 2 2 1071 28 Ere you fout old ends any further

Much Ado Ab. Notbeli

124/1/18 That lye, and cog, and flout, deprave and Nander

Ibid. s . 142115 A college of wit-crackers cannot fout me out of my humour

Ibid. 5) 41 146/2 27 O, poverty in wit, kingly-poor fouts

Love's Labor LAS 2 1682 30 Full of comparisons, and wounding fouts

Ibid. 5) 2 174727 Where the Norweyan banners flout the sky, and fan our people cold Macberb. I 2 36411,29 By heaven, these scroyles of Angiers flout you, kings

King Jobr. 2 21 3941115 I could have given my uncle's grace a flout

Richard M.2 41 647|213 You bring me to do, and then you flout me too

Troio and Cres. 4 2 8782 40 Flovted. Why, madam, have I offer'd love for this, to be fo flouted in this royal presence

Richard iii. 2 1 6442,35 Shall I be flouted thus by dunghill grooms

i Henry vi. 1

31 5471 27 Sorrow flouted at, is double death

Titus Andronicus. 3) 1 8432 34 Flouting Yack. Do you play the flouting Jack

M. Ado Abt. Norb. I

1 1231136 We shall be flouting; we cannot hold

As You Like Il. 1245156 Flower. This is the flower that smiles on every one

Love's Lab. Loft. 5 2 169141 This by the flower of odious savours sweet

Midf. Nigbt's Dream. 3 1 1832 49 and their qualities ascribed by Perdita

Winter's Tale. 41 3 359 2 1 Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it

Macbetb. i 5 367146 My unblown fiowers, new-appearing sweets

Richard i. 44659 1 45 Flower of warriors, how is't with Titus Lartius

Coriolanus. 1 6709215 Strew flowers before them

Ibid. s. 41 737 238 That's Æneas; is not that a brave man? he's one of the flowers of Troy Tr. & Whiles yet the dew's on ground, gather those flowers

Cymbeline. 1 61 8981|17 These filowers are like the pleasures of the world, this bloody man, the care on't Ibid.4 2 917|2 57 Verona's summer hath not such a flower

Romeo and Juliet. 1 3 9712132 Sweet flower, with flowers I strew thy bridal bed

Ibid. 5 3 995112 Flower-de-luces. Cropp'd are the flower-de-luces in your arms

i Honry vi. 1 Flower-fof: hands

Ant. and Cleop. (2) 2 77621 Flown. Having flown over many knavish professions, he settled only in a rogue W. Talc. 4 2 349/2 1 Fluellen. D.P.

Henry v. 5091 Flung. All these accus'd him strongly, which he fain would have flung from him, but, indeed, he could not

Henry viii. 2) : 6791 37 He's flung in rage from this ungrateful feat of monstrous friends

Timon of Atb.42 8192 11 And Auch youth revolt

Aniony and 41 77231

61 828/2 14

2 860/2/28

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1 544/2/11

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