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A.S. P. C.L. Deal. Then away the started to deal with grief alone

Lear.43) 9551156 Dealing with witches and with conjurers

2 Henry vi. 2 1 580112 Lo, Jupiter is yonder, dealing life

Trei. and Cref. 41 5 8831115 Dealt. From the king I come to know how you have dealt for him King Jobu. 51 2408 2 59 Dear. Your worth is very dear in my regard

Mercb. of Ven. I I 1981-18

Ricbard i. 1 Upon remainder of a dear account

1 4142150

Ibid. 51 51 439111 8 The cheapest of us is ten groats too dear

Coriolanus. I They think we are too dear

1 703 725 And strain what other means is left unto us in our dear peril Timon of Arb.5 31 8281| 8 With this dear fight, struck pale and bloodless

Titus Andronicus. 3 843 2146 Confort with me in loud and dear petition

Truie and Cref. 51 31 88724 But the dear man holds honour far more precious-dear than life

Ibid. 51 31 88712125

Lear. 1 - When the was dear to us, we did hold her so

1 931125 Some dear cause will in concealment wrap me up awhile

Ibid.41 31 955 2 23 This is dear mercy, and thou seeft it not

Romeo and Juliet. 31 31 985153

Ibid. 51 21 994-145 - Of dear import A ring, that I must use in dear employment

Ibid. 51 31 995 136

Orbello. 310492 40 And I a heavy interim fhall support by his dear absence Deared. Come dear'd, by being lack'diri

Ant. and Cleop.24772122

Lear.1 il 9301|12 Dearer than eye-light, space and liberty Shall it not grieve thee dearer than thy death

Julius Cæsar. 31

7541 9 Dearet. He hath no friends, but who are friends for fear; which, in his dearest need

Ricbard iii. 5 2 66529 will Ay from him

Hamler. I 'Would I had met my dearest foe in heaven


As You Like I. 1 31 228 1 Dearly. My father hated his father dearly Which held thee dearly, as his soul's redemption

3 Hinry vi. 2

1 6101157 And greets your highness dearly

Cymbeline. Il 7 899119 grieve

Hamlet. 4) 3 1027 1146

Much Ado About Noth.32 1331229 Dearness of heart hath holp to effe& your ensuing marriage Dearib. Pity the dearth that I have pined in

Two Gent. of Verona. 217 32123

Coriolanus. 1 For the dearth, the gods, not the patricians, make it

170411 26 Death. He that dies, pays all debts

Tempeft. 3 2 1412121 to die, is to be banished from myself

Two Gent. of Verona. 31 1 3412 56 I suffer'd the pangs of three several deaths

Merry Wives of Wind. 31 5 characterized

Meafure for Measure. 3 i

Ibit. 41 2 A man that apprehends death no more dreadfully, but as a drunken Necp

941257 Rise and be put to death

951237 What life is in that, to be the death of this marriage Much Ado About No:b. 2 2 is the fairest cover for her shame

Ibid. 41 131146 And then grace us in the disgrace of death

Lour's Labour Lof.


7 A carrion death, within whose empty eye there is a written scroll Mer. of Ver.21 7 207

As You Like It.21 623211141 Hold death a while at the arm's end

All's W. 1 27712S Mould have play'd for lack of work Would, for the king's fake, he were living ! I think, it would be the death of the

Ibid. 1 1 27711130 king's disease Let the white death fit on thy cheek for ever

Ibid.121 31 286 2 2 Let me live, or let me see my death

Ibid.14 31 2992128 A present death had been more merciful

Winter's Tal..121 31 343 216 I will devise a death as cruel for thee, as thou art tender to it

Ibid. 4 3 3532444 Threatens them with divers deaths in death

135912:26 -Now doth death line his dead chaps with steel

King John.22 3932154 Addressed by Constance

Ibid.64 400 1153 - And in his forehead fits a bare-ribb'd death

Ibid. 51 2140 159 Have I not hideous death within my view, retaining but a quantity of life

Ilit. 51 41 40912155 And blindfold death, not let me see my son

Richard ii. 11 31 418:43

Ibid.12 More are men's ends mark d, than their lives before

14792161 Though death be poor, it ends a mortal woe

11 421 143

Ibid. 31 2427 21 2 The worst is death, and death will have his day And nothing can we call our own but death

Ibid. 3 2 4272155 And fight and die, is death destroying death, where fearing dying, pays death servile breath

Ibid. 31 24281 26 And on my face he turn'd an eye of death

I Henry ini. 31 4461217 I knov his death will be a march of twelve score

Ibid. - 4456 2.52 Why, thou owest heaven a death

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Ibid. 15

Ibid. 2

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Ibid. 4

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Ibid.) 3


ibid. 31

Deatb. Where hateful death put on her ugliest malk to fright our party 2 He

Then death rock me aseep, abridge my doleful days
Signs of approaching death recited, by Quickly in her account of the death of F

Here was a royal fellowship of death
Just death, kind umpire of men's miseries

1 Her Now thou art come unto a feast of death Had death been French, then death had died to-day By the death of him who dy'd for all

2 Hem For by his death we do perceive his guilt For in the Made of death I shall find joy

C Ah, what a lign of evil life, when death's approach is seen so terrible

16 So bad a death argues a monstrous life

leia - I am resolv'd for death or dignity

Ibid Away! for death doth hold us in pursuit

3 Henry vi Dark cloudy death o'ershades his beams of life

Ibid. - hath (natch'd my husband from my arms, and pluck'd two crutches from my feeble) hands

Ricbard in.2 In such a desperate bay of death, like a poor bark, of fails and tackling reft Brave death outweighs bad life

Coriolanus. 1 · Present me death on the wheel, or at wild horses heels; or pile ten hills on the Tarpeian rock

It seems to me most strange that men should fear; seeing that death, a necessary end, will come, when it will come

Julius Cæfar.)2 He that cuts off twenty years of life, cuts off so many years of searing death The next time I do fight, I'll make death love me; for I will contend even with his peftilent scythe

Ani, and Cleop./3/11/ 7 - of one person can be paid but once; and that she hath discharg'd

Ibid. 4 1 79 Then is it fin to rush into the secret house of death, ere death dare come to us

Ibid.413 79. The Atroke of death is as a lover's pinch, which hurts and is defir'd

Ibid. (si 2 801 He had rather groan so in perpetuity, than be cur’d by the sure phyfician death, who is the key to unbar these locks

Cymbeline. 41 921/ Your death has eyes in's head then

Ibid. si 4 923) Death will seize the doctor too

loid.s) 5 924/7 Your's in the ranks of death

Lear.[41 21 95411 Then love devouring death do what he dare

Romeo and Julier.) 2) 6) 981/2 And with a martial scorn, with one hand beats cold death alide

Ibid. 13/1983/1/42 - World's exile is death


3) 3) 985)1/45 - And in this borrow'd likeness of shrunk death thou shalt remain full two and forty hours

Ibid.4 1 9902/33 lies on her, like an untimely frost upon the sweetest Aower of all the field Ibid.) 5) 992/2/27 O son, the night before thy wedding day hath death lain with thy bride Ibid. 14 992/2/39 is my son-in-law, death is my heir; my daughter he hath wedded


S] 9922 How oft when men are at the point of death, have they been merry Ibid.5 31 995/2/44 -'s pale fag is not advanced there

Ibid. 5 31 995252 This fight of death is as a bell that warns my old age to a sepulchre Ibid. 5 3 997/1/18 The king's observation on the commonnels of death

Hamber. I 2/100221 - As this fell ferjeant, death, is strict in his arrest

Ibid.) s 2 1041/1/23 Dearb’s-bead. I had rather be married to a death's-head with a bone in his mouth

Merchant of Venice. 1 2 1992/34 Peace, good Doll! do not speak like a death's-head

2 Henry in./2/ 4 486/1/29 Dearbos-man. And I would rob the death's-man of his fte

2 Henry vil3 2 588261 As death's-men! you have rid this sweet young prince

3 Henry vil 5 s/631/1/34 - I am only sorry he had no other death's-man

Learl Dearb-mark'd love

Prol. ro Romeo and Julier. 967)


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A. S. P. C.L. Debora Thou art an amazon, and fighteft with the sword of Debora i Henry 21 54612, 6 Debys'd.

Tempeft. 3. 2 With all the spots o'the world tax'd and deborh'd

Al's Well. 51 3) 30412 S Debt. Knowing how the debt grows, I will pay it

Comedy of Errors 41 41 1161137 Too little payment for so great a debt

Tam. of the Sbrew. 5 2 27612 26 Who studies, day and night, to answer all the debt he owes to you i Henry iv.

3) 44612150 These debes may be well call'd desperate ones, for a madman owes 'em Tim. of Atb. 3 4 816113 In like manner was I in debt to my importunate business

Ibid. 31 6 817217 - No squire in debt, nor no poor knight

Lear. 31 2 9472114 Debrer. A prison for a debtor that not dares to stride a limit

Cymbeline. 31 3908212 Decay. This muddy vesture of decay

Mer. of Venice. 5 121912142 What comfort to this great decay may come, shall be apply'd

Lear. 5 31 9651220 Deceit. The folded meaning of your word's deceit

Comedy of Errors. 3 2 1102156 What says the, fair one? that the tongues of men are full of deceits Henry v. 512 539140 Who cannot steal a shape that means deceit

2 Henry vi. 31 1 584122 For that is good deceit which mates him first, that first intends deceit Ibid. 31 1 58512140

Ah, that deceit should steal such gentle Ihapes, and with a virtuous vizor hide deep vice

Richard iii. 2 2 645|220 - If that be call'd deceit, I will be honest

Titus Andronicus.13 1 8431 132 O, that deceit should dwell in such a gorgeous palace

Romeo and Jul. 3) 2 9842110 Deceive. What in the world should make me now deceive, since I must lose the use of all deceit

King Jobr. 51 44091259 - With best advantage will deceive the time

Ricbard . 51 34 6662120 - Hector, I take my leave : thou dost thyself and all our Troy deceive Troi. and Cref. 51 38881145 December. Men are April when they woo, December when they wed As You Like It. 4 1 2431 3 He makes a July's day short as December

Winter's Tale. I

2 335/2 44 When we shall hear the rain and wind beat dark December

Cymbeline. 31 31 9082 6 Deceras. I would have some confidence with you that decerns you ncarly M. Ado Ab. Norb. 31 5 13628 Decimarim. By decimation, and a tithed death

Timon of Atbens. 5 Deck. The king was flily finger'd from the deck

3 Henry vi. 5 2628146 Decked the sea with drops full falt

Tempeft. 1 2

312/26 - I thought thy bride-bed to have deck'd, sweet maid

Hamlet. 5) 11056110 Decline. And to decline upon a wretch whose natural gifts were poor to those of mine Ib. 5 1007 1 39 Far more, to you do I decline

Comedy of Errors. 3) 2 All this, and see what now thou art

Ricbard i. 4 4 I'll decline the whole question

Troi. and Creff: 12 3 8691113 Declin'd. Antwer me declin’d, sword against sword

Ant. and Cleop.311 7882110 - What the declin'd is, he shall as soon read in the eyes of others, as feel in his own fall

Troilus and Cressida. 3) 31 875 1160 Decorum. And quite athwart goes all decorum

Meas. for Meal. 41 Decree. There is no power in Venice can alter a decree established Mer. of Venice. 4) 1 216226 Decreed. What is decreed must be, and be this so

Twelfth Night. 1 5 3131127 Decrees. As with a man buried about decrees 1 709127 Decrged. We are decry'd they'll mock us now downright

Love's Labor Loft. 5 2 16912151 Decypher'd. I fear, we should have seen decypherd there more rancorous spight i Hen. vi.

4561148 That you are both decypher'd, that's the news

Titus Andronicus. 4 2 8461158 Dedicate. Prayers from fasting maids whose minds are dedicate to nothing temporal

Measure for Measure. 2 2
I dedicate myself to your sweet pleasure

Cymbeline. 1 71 900 3 8 - To the face of peril myself I'll dedicate

Ibid. 5 1 920149 Dedicated. A dedicated beggar to the air

Timon of Aib. 41 21 81929 Dedication. All his in dedication

Twelfth Night. 51 1 3291217 - A course more promising than a wild dedication of yourselves to unpath'd waters, undream'd shores

Winter's Tale. 41 31 3551127 Deeds. My deeds upon my head

Mercb. of Venice. 4) 1 2162113 One good deed, dying tongueless, Naughters a thousand

Winter's Tale. 1 2 335/16 To do this deed promotion follows

2 337 231 If the deed were ill, be you contented, wearing now the garland, to have a son fer your decrees at nought

2 Henry iv. 5 2 5031 3 Thy deed inhuman and uonatural, provokes this deluge most unnatural Ricb.iii. 1 26352160 He that sets you on to do this deed, will hate you for the deed

Ibid. 1 41 6432/24 'Tis a kind of good deed, to say well: and yet words are no deeds Henry viii. 13

2 690119 And with his deed did crown his word upon you

Ibid. 3 2 6901|1I The deeds of Coriolanus should not be utter'd feebly

Ceriolanus.]21 21 78512120


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Ibid. 3

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Ibid. 5) 5




A. S. P. C. Le Deeds. Rewards his deeds with doing them

Coriolanus.1 21 21 7161119 If he tells us of his noble deeds, we must also tell him of our noble acceptance of them

Ibid. 2
Let deeds express what's like to be their words
Thou hast done a deed, whereat valour will weep

Ibid. 51 51 739126 He looks quite through the deeds of men

Julius Cæsar.1 Not in deed, madam, for I can do nothing

Ant. and 5 7722 35 And strange it is that nature must compel us to lament our most perfifted deeds Ibid. 51 And whate'er praises itself but in the deed, devours the deed i'the praise Tr. and Cr.2 31 870 | 9 Speaking in deeds, and deedless in his tongue

Ibid. 41 51 882 130 Ill endeavour deeds to match these words

Ibid.41 5 88312 31 Deed-archieving. By deed-atchieving honour newly nam’d—what is it, Coriolanus? Cor. 2

71312/24 Deem. You shall deem yourself lodg'd in my heart

Love's L. Lift. 2 Would you not deem, it breath'd, and that those veins did very bear blood Wo's Tale. 51 3 362120 Now know I what the world may deem of me

2 Henry vi. 31 2 5872 9 What wicked deem is this

Trsi, and Cred: 4 4 880146 Deep Thames, and great indignities

Comedy of Errors. 5 1 119 118 If you had but said so, 'twere as deep with me

Cymbeline. 12 31 9032 11 Nature's of such deep trust, we shall much need

Lear.2 1940135 Deep-drawing barks

Prol. to Troi. and Crelli 857 112 Deep-fet groans

2 Heary vi. 212 582 2114 Deep-revolving. The deep-revolving witty Buckingham no more Mall be the neighbour to my counsels

Richard i. 4 2 6572146 Deep-wow. Young master

Measure for Measure. 4 3

9512/21 Deer. Art thou there, my deer, my male deer

Merry Woof Windfor. 515 7112 2 When night-dogs run, all sorts of deer are chac'd

7312140 Too unruly deer, he breaks the pale, and feeds from home Comedy of Errors. 2 Now seek to spill the poor deer's blood

Love's Labor Loft. 41 157 1144 Jaques's moralization on a wounded deer

As You Like It.2 122912 The noble ft deer hath them [horns] as huge as the rascal

Ibid. 31 31 239114 'Tis thought your deer does hold you at a bay

Tam. of the Sbrew.15 2 2752 37 Death hath not struck 10 fat a deer to-day

i Henry iv. 51 4 47112131 A little herd of England's timorous deer, maz’d with a yelping kennel of French curs

i Henry vi. 41 2 56112 47 Sell every man his life as dear as mine, and they fall find dear deer of us Ibid. 4 2 5612155 · For I myself must hunt this deer to death

2 Henry viis 2 6012 5 Culling the principal of all the deer

3 Henry vi. 3 1 616 1 39 Here's a deer whose skin's a keeper's fee

Ibid. 31 1 616160 How like a deer, ftrucken by many princes, dost thou here lie Julius Cæjar. 3/ 1 7541123 To be unbent, when thou hast ta'cn thy stand, the elected deer before thee Cymb.31 41 950148 Mice and rats, and such finall deer

Lear. 3 4 949 1134 Why let the stricken deer go weep

Hamler. 3 210211151 Deface. Pay him fix thousand, and deface the bond

Mer. of V:n. 312 212 157 Defacer. That foul defacer of God's handy work

Ricbard iä. 41 41 659 2 34 Defacers of a public peace

Henry viii. 52 699 150 Default. That I may say in the default, he is a man I know

All's Well. 21 31 2881 And Talbot perisheth by your default

i Henry vi. 41 41 562 235 Defeat. And made defeat of her virginity

Mucb Ado About Norb. 41 1 1372129 My honour's at the stake; which to defeat, I must produce my power All's Well.2 3 287 1129 Defeat thy favour with an usurped beard

Otbello. I 3110501225 His unkindness may deteat my life, but never taint my love

Ibid.41 2/10721 14 Defeated. With a defeated joy

Hamler. 1

21001 2116 Defeatures. Then is he the ground of my defeatures

Comedy of Errors. 2 Careful hours, with time's deformed hand hath written strange defeatures in my face 16.5 I

119219 Defeareft. Thou strik'st not me, 'tis Cæfar thou defeat'st

Ant. and Cleo. 4 12 795210 Defeci. Saying thus--or to the same defect

Mid. Night's Dream. 3 1 1831154 This is the very defect of the matter

Mer. of Venice. 2 22032155 Being unprepar'd, our will became the servant to defect


1 369 126 Tiiat she did make defect, perfection

Ant. and Cleop. 2 27761225 And our detects prove our commodities

1 953119 Defence. That defence thou hast, betake thee to't

Twelfth Nigbr. 341 3242136 Nor tempt the danger of my true defence

King Jobr. 41 31 406143 In cases of defence, 'tis beit to weigh the enemy more mighty than he seems Her.v.2 41 578231 Put on thy defences

Ant, and Cleop:14) 41 7911126



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A.S. P. C. L. Defence. And thou, dismember'd with thine own defence

Romeo and Julier.31 31 9864157 And gave you such a masterly report, for arts and exercise in your defence Hamlet. 41 7 10321132 Unless the drown'd herself in her own defence

Ibid. 51 11033137 Defend. God defend that the late should be like the case

Much Ado Ab. Noth.21 1

126 1143 But yet I dare defend my innocent life against an emperor

K. John. 41 31 40611154 Heaven defend your good souls

Orbello. 1 310492148 Defendant. With men of courage, and with means defendant

Henry v. 24 51811151 Defenders. Have the power still to banish your defenders

Coriolanus. 3 31 7261 Defenhble. Where nothing but the found of Hotspur's name did seem defenfible 2 H.iv./2 31 4831139 Defiance. Take my defiance

Meal. for Meal, 31 1

8812138 Then take my king's defiance from my mouth

King Jr. 1 387129 I have thrown a brave defiance in king Henry's teeth

i Henry iv. 512 461 46 Let him greet England with our sharp defiance

Henry v.3 5 52311124 To this add defiance: and tell him, for conclusion he hath betray'd his followers 16.3 65241242 When I meet you arm'd as black defiance

Ircilus and Cred):141 8771248 Defiles. When falle opinion, whose wrong thought defiles thee

Lear. 13

9511141 Definement. His definement suffers no perdition in you

Hamler. 5 2.103812 12 Definite. Idiots, in this case of favour, would be widely definite

71 89912 5 Deficwered. Flower as she was, deflowered now by him

Romeo and Juliet.14 5 992 2 40 Deform'd, by being lov’d

Two Gent. of Verona. 2

271256 He hath been a vile thief these seven years

Much Ado Ab. Norb. 3 31 135117 None can be call'd deform’d, but the unkind

Twelftb Night. 41 326130 Deformity passing

Two Gent. of Verona. 12

28110 Proper deformity seems not in the fiend so horrid as in woman

Lear. 14

9542121 Deftly. Come, high, or low; thyself and office, defily show

Macbeth.14 3781219 Defy. All ftudies here I folemnly defy

i Henry iv. 1 31 44711138 Then I defy you, stars

Romeo and Juliet. 5

19941116 Degenerate. Farewel, faint-hearted and degenerate king

3 Henry vi. 60512

I Deign my lines

Two Gent. of Verona. 1 Nor would we deign him burial of his men

Macoetb. 1 2 364142 Since thou dost deign to woo her

i Henry vi. 51 41 567141 And all those friends that deign to follow me

3 Henry vi. 41 71 6261231 Thy palate then did deign the roughest bury on the rudeft hedge

Ant. and Cleopola 41 7721045 Degree. Quite from the answer of his degree

Henry v. 4/7 5351116 Looks in the clouds, scorning the base degrees by which he did ascend Julius Cæfar.2 7471111 · No, nor Hector is not Troilus, in some degrees

Troi. and Credit 21 859224 Being vizarded, the unworthiest News as fairly in the mark

Ibid. 1 3 86211 9 - Ill effects of the want of observance of degrees

Ibid. 1 3 862 229 Deiry. Nor can there be that deity in my nature of here and every where Tw. Nigba. 51 331 126

Humbly complaining to her deity, got my Lord Chamberlain his liberty Rich. ii.! 1 6341219 Delations. They are close delations working from the heart

Orbell. 31 3110601237 Delay. Fine baited delay

Merry W.of Wird.2 I 5221.1 Who of my people hold him in delay

Twelf.b Nizca. 5 311 2 3 · Leave off delays, and let us raise the fiege

i Hinry vi.

54612154 - In delay there lies no plenty

Twelfth Nigbr. 31 31412151 Defer no time, delays have dangerous ends

i Henry vi. 3 2 55711125 - Fearful commenting is leaden servitor to dull delay

Richard ii. 141 31 659.125 Delay leads impotent and snail-pac'd beggary

Ibid.4 31 65911126 That you pot delay the present

Coriolanus. 1 70912138 - What they do delay, they not deny

Ant. and Clenp.12 77311143 Whiles we are suitors to their throne, delay's the thing we sue for

loid. 2 773144 · He doth me wrong, to feed me with delays

Titus Andronicus. 41 31 84811158 In delay we waste our lights in vain; like lamps by day

Romeo and Juliet." 41 9721219 Delay'd, but not alter'd: what I was I am

Winter's Tale. 41 31 354 1130 Ddicate fiend

Cymbeline. 5! 5 92439 When the mind's free, the body's delicate

Lear.131 41 948115 Deligbs. Hast thou delight to see a wretched man do outrage and displeasure to himself

Comedy of Errors. 41 41 116 1130 His delights were dolphin-like

Ant. and Cleop. 52 - Read o'er the volume of young Paris' face, and find delight writ there with beauty's pen

Romeo and Juliet. (1 31 97112 38 These violent delights have violent ends

Ibid. 2

6 98128 Deligbred. If virtue no delighted beauty lack, your son-in-lawis far more fair than black! 3110501124




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