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A. S. P. C.L. Charnecs. And here, neighbour, here's a cup of charneco

2 Henry vi.121 31 5312 43 Cbarnel-bcujes. If charnel-houses, and our graves must ferd those that we bury back, our monuments thall be the maws of kites

Macb.tb.314 376,119 Or hide me nightly in a charnel-house

Rom. and Julo 4 1 990217 Cbaron. Oh, be thou my Charon

Troil, and Csejf31 3 872 2 39 Charter. If you deny it, let the danger light upon your charter and your cities freedom

Mer. of Venice. 4 215 713 I must have liberty withal, as large a charter as the wind, to blow on whom I pleare

As You Like It.271 232 2 44 Our substitutes at home Mall have blank charters

Richard u. 1

4 419,2 25 Take Hereford's right away, and take from time, his charter and his customary rights

Ibid.2 1 421 2127 - And let me find a charter in your voice

Orbelis. 131049 226 Chartreux. A monk o' the chartreux

Henry viii. 1 1 674 145 Cbaryidis. Thus when I thun Scylla, your father, I fall into Charybdis your mother

Mer. of Venice. 3 5 213'260 Cbase. By this kind of chase I should hate him

As You Like I. I

3) 227'2161 You see this chafe is hotly follow'd

Henry v. 2 41 518, 2158 Cbafer. Then began a stop i' the chaser, a retire

Cymbeline. 51 3 921126 Cbafte. With trial-fire touch me his finger end : If he be chaste, the flame will back defcend

M-rry Wives of Windsor. 5 5

72 720 - as is the bud ere it be blown

Much Ado About Norbing. 4 1 137,2 42 I thought her chaste as unsunn'd snow

Cymbeline. 2 51 906 111 Chaftisement doth therefore hide his head

Julius Cæfar. 41 31 75919 Ctuftitg. Upon whose grave thou vow'dit pure chastity

2 Gent. of Verona. 4 3 40 11 12 I will find you twenty lascivious turtles ere one chatte man Merry W. of Windy r.21 More than our brother is our chastity

Meas. for Meas.!2 41 87 21 8 There is not chastity enough in language without offence to uitter them

Much Ado About Norbing. 41 1 1381123 The moon methinks looks with a wat'ry eye, lamenting fome enforced chastity

Mid. Nigbt's Dream. 31 1185 111 My chastity's the jewel of our house

All's Well. 4 2 296 2 27 And Roman Lucrece for her chastity

Taming of the Sbrew. 2

1 262 233 Ice of chastity

As You Like It.3 41 239 226 Cold, cold, my girl? even like thy chastity

Othello. 5 2 1078,2 54 Grafiiy. In fine, delivers me to fill the time, herself most chastly absent All's Well. 31 7 294 2160 Cbar. Oh, how I long to have some chat with her

Taming of the Shrew. 2

1 261219 Cbatbam, Clerk of. D. P.

2 Henry vi. 571 Cbarilion, Ambassador. D. P.

King John. 3871 Cbaunt. The birds chaunt melody on every bush

Tirus Andronicus. 2 31 8381126 Cbeap. Man's life is cheap as beasts

Lear.12 4 945;2114 Cbeaply. By these I see so great a day as this is cheaply bought

Macbeth. 517 386 2 11 Cbeajfide. And in Cheapfide shall my palfry go to grass

2 Henry vi. 41 2 5932 4 Clear. Your looks are sad, your chear appallid

i Henry vi. 1 2 545 2156 Cleariy. But lufty, young and chearly drawing breath

Ricbard i. 31 4162152 - to sea


2 51712116 Wise men ne'er fit and wail their loss, but chearly seck how to redress their harms

3 Henry vi. 5 41 6292 48 - In God's name, chearly on, courageous friends

Richard iii. s 2 665211 Cbeater. I will be cheater to them both

Merry W. of Windscr. 1 3 49211 He's no swaggerer, hostess; a tame cheater, he

2 Henry iv.21 41 4841215 I will bar no honeft man my house, nor no cheater

41 484 2 21 Thou abominable damn’d cheater, art thou not asham'd to be call'd-captain Ibid. 21 41 485119 - I play'd the cheater for thy father's hand

Tit. Andronicus. s 1 8511 50 Cbeck. Nay, you might keep that check for it, 'till you meet your wife's wit going to your neighbour's bed

As You Like It. 41 1 2431 24 Or to devote to Aristotle's checks

Taming of the Shrew.1 1 255 1 37 With what wing the stannyel checks at it

Twelfth Night. 21 5 31812 38 the world

King John.21 5911234 - and disasters grow in the veins of actions highest rear'd

Troi. ard Cref.11 31 861245 O, this life is nobler than attending for a check


ie. 3) 3 9081 42

3 Old fools are babes again; and must be us'd with checks as fiatteries when they are seen abus'd

Lear. 1 31 934 131 I am desperate of my fortunes, if they check me here

Orbello.lzl 310581117


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A Cbeck’d. Be check'd for filence, but never tax'd for speech

All's Well. like a bondman

Yulius Cafar.4 Checking. If he be now return'd-as checking at his voyage

Hamler. 14 Cheeks. The air hath starv'd the roles in her cheeks

2 Gent. of Verona. 4 Virgin if you be, as those cheek-roses proclaim you are no less Meal for Meals/1 5 The old ornament of his cheek

Much Ado About Notb. 3
Why is your cheek so pale? How chance the roses there do fade so fast
His yellow cownip cheeks are gone

Midf. Nigbe's

Ibid. 5 of cream

As You Like It. 37-51 Thy cheeks confess it one to the other

All's Well. I 3 His left cheek is a cheek of two pile and a half, but his right cheek is worn bare lbid. /4/ 5/ 3 You can behold such lights, and keep the natural ruby of your check, whén mine is black'd with fear

Macbetb. 3) 4) 37 To save unscratch'd your city's threaten'd cheeks

King Jobr. 2

1 392 Look ye, how they change their cheeks are paper

Henry v. 2 Mean time your cheeks do counterfeit our roles; for pale they look with fear i Hen. vi. 2 4 553) Thy cheeks blush for pure shame, to counterfeit our roses

Ibid. 2 41 553 No man in the presence, but the red colour hath forsook his cheeks Richard 2 644/2 Bid the cheek be ready with a blush

Troi. and Crd 31 863/2 Till thy sphered bias cheek out-swell the cholic of puff d Aquilon

Ibid. 4) 5) 8811 My mother's blood runs on the dexter cheek, and this finister bounds in my father's

Ibid. 41 51 882)2 Had I this cheek to bathe my lips upon

Cymbeline./?/ 7 goo/1/23 You must forget the rarest treasure of your cheek

Ibid. 3 41 91012152 The brightness of her cheek would mame those stars, as day-light doth a lamp

Romeo and Juliet. (2 2 975/2/19 Cbeek by jowl. I'll go with thee, cheek by jowl

Mid. Nigbt's Dream. 3)

2) 188)1/28 Cbeer. I have good cheer at home

Merry Wives of Wind. 3/ 2 Besides your cheer, you shall have sport

Ibid. 3

59/2/47 Pray God, our cheer may answer my good will and your good welcome here

Comedy of Errors. 3 1 10911131 Small cheer, and great welcome, makes a merry feast

Ibid.) 3) 1) 109]1/41 Here is neither cheer, sir, nor welcome

Ibid. 31 1 All fancy-fick she is, and pale of cheer

Mid. Night's Dream. 3) 2) 1861) 8 Be of good cheer; for, truly, I think you are damn'd

Mer. of Venice. 3/ 5/ 213/2/47 My royal father, cheer these noble lords, and hearten those that fight in your defence

3 Henry vi. 2) 2) 612/1/16 And all the madness is, he cheers them up too

Tim. of Aibens. f)

21 807(1124 Though chance of war hath wrought this change of cheer, thou com 'st not to be made a scorn in Rome

Titus 2 834/1/21 Cbeereft. How cheer'st thou

Mercb. of Venice. 3 5 214 215 Cheerless, dark and deadly

Lear.15/ 3/ 965/2/10 Cheerly. Thou look'st cheerly

As You Like It. (21 6 282 1146 Cheese. My cheese, my digestion

Trci. and Crep That ftale old mouse-eaten dry cheese, Nestor

Ibid. 51 41 888/2/27 Cheese-paring. Like a man made after supper of a cheese-paring

2 Henry iv. 3) 2 4912 49 Cbequered made

Titus Andronicus. 2/ 3/ 83811/39 Cherries. Thy lips, those kissing cherries, tempting grow Mid. Night's Dream.31 21 186158 Cberry. So we grew together, like to a double cherry, seeming parted

Ibid. 3/ 2] 1871| 7 'Tis as like you, as cherry is to cherry

Herry viii. s 1 69811155 Cherry-pit

. 'Tis not for gravity to play at cherry-pit with Satan Tw. Nigbt. 3) 4) 323|2|39 Cberijey. Come, now, to Chertsey with your holy load

3 Henry vilt 2 635/2/26




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A. S. P. C.L.

Macbeth. Coelnut. A failor's wife had chesnuts in her lap, and mouncht

31 364121 2 Chess playing between Ferdinand and Miranda

Tempeft. Cbeft. Come stretch thy chest

Troi. and Cref: 41 5881145 Cbetas.

Prol. to Ibid.

857)1116 Cbeverel. O, here's a wit of cheverel, that stretches from an inch narrow to an ell broad

Romeo and Juliet. 2 41 979116 Cbeveril. A sentence is but a cheveril glove to a good wit

Twelfth Nigbl. 31 1 32011 4 Your soft cheveril conscience would receive, if you might please to stretch it H. viii. 2) 3) 682238 Cbew. Heaven is in my mouth, as if I did but only chew its name Meas. for Meas: 2 41

Julius Cafar. 1 74312 41 Cbewet.

1 Henry iv. 5 1 46712 59 Chickens. What, all my pretty chickens and their dam, at one fell (woop Macberb. 41 31 382 2 33

She's e'en setting on water to scald such chickens as you are Tim. of Athens. 2 2 810 2151 Forthwith, they fy chickens, the way which they stoop'd eagles

Cymbeline. 5) 3 92110128 Cbid. He chid the sisters when first they put the name of king upon me Macbeth.

1 3731151 Thou wilt be horribly chid to-morrow

1 Henry iv. 2

4 455 118

Orbello. He might have chid me so; for, in good faith, I am a child to chiding


2/10712.16 Cbidden. And fly like chidden Mercury from Jove

Irci.and Cred: 2

2 86711/20 Cbide. You chide at him offending twice as much

Love's Labour Loft.4) 3 16112 49 · I had rather hear you chide, than this man woo

As You Like It. 3) 51 24012145 me, dear Stone; that I may say, indeed, thou art Hermione, or rather thou art me, in thy not chiding

Winter's Tale. 5) 31 36112 37 - For, God before, we'll chide this Dauphin at his father's door

Henry v. 1 2) 513/2148 That caves and womby vaultages of France Mall chide your trespass

Ibid. 21 41 51912120 As good to chide the waves as speak them fair

3 Henry vils41 630 117 - To chide away this shame

Romeo and Juliet. 41 1 9901162 Cbiders. I love no chiders, fir

Tam, of the Shrew. 1 2 2591214 Cbiding. Never did I hear such a gallant chiding

Mid. Nigbt's Dream. 1 1902 30 Call you this chiding

As You Like It.

3 244 149 Chief. Are most select, and generous, chief in that

Hamlet. 1 3 1005 1 7 Cbild. She's quick; the child brags in her belly already

Love's L. L. 51 21 1722138 stolen for the queen of the fairies from an Indian king Mid. Night's Dream. 2 Il 17911127

The child was prisoner to the womb; and is by law and process of great nature, thence freed, and enfranchis'd

Winter's Tale. 21 21 3411215 My child ? take it hence, and see it instantly confum'd with fire

Ibid. 2) 3) 34311 5 - I heard the Mepherd say he found the child


2 360|1|11 I am with child, ye bloody homicides: murder not then the fruit within my womb

i Henry vi. 5 5 5681137 If ever he have a child, abortive be it

Richard iii. 21 6351-118 Let me have a child at fifty

Antony and 2176812140 Be a child o' the time

Ibid. 271 7811141 Rowland to the dark tower came


31 4 9492135 Cbild-bed privilege deny'd

Winter's Talc. 312 345 | 5 Child-cbarg'd. The untun’d and jarring senses, 0, wind up of this child-changed father

Lear. 41 7960119 Cbildbood innocence

Midy. Night's Dream. 3 2 186262 I have stain'd the childhood of our joy

Romeo and Juliet. 3) 3 9861114 Childing. The childing autumn

Midf. Night's Dream. 2


Winter's Tale. 41 31 3531215 Cbildips. And again does nothing but what he did being childish Cbildifo-foolish. I am too childim-foolish for this world

Richard i:. 1 3 639129 Cbildness. His varying childness cures in me thoughts that would thick my blood

Winter's Tale. 1 2 335 2146 Children. 'Tis not good that children should know wickedness Merry Wives of Wind. 2 55127

Never mole, hair-lip, nor scar, nor mark prodigious, such as are despised in nativity
Tall upon their children be

Mid. Night's Dream. 5) 1 1961 27 The danger is in ftanding to't ; that's the loss of men, though it be the getting of children

Ail's Well. 31 2 29012155 - You have no children, butchers

3 Henry vi. 51 51 6311/29 Then, belike, my children shall have no-names

Ant. and Clerp. 1 2 7682130 Chill not let go, zir, without vurther 'casion

9591144 Cl’ill be plain with you


14 9591151 Chime. And when he speaks 'tis like a chime a mending

Troilus and Cref:. 31 8631130 We have heard the chimes at midnight

2 Henry iv). 31 2 49111 Chimney. I'll creep up into the chimney

M. Wives of Wind.l4l 2]





Lear. 4




21 86011141




A. S. P. C.L. Chimney-sweepers. To look like her, are chimney-sweepers black Love's Labour Loft.14 3 16311129 Cbins. Stroke your chins, and swear by your beards that I am a knave As You Like It. 1

2 22512133 And his chin new reap'd thew'd like a stubble land at harvest-home i Henry iv. 1

31 44-51210 He has not past three or four hairs on his chin

Troilus and Crelli 2 85911 8 Alas, poor chin! many a wart is richer

Ibid. 1

28601 58 Quoth ihe, here's but one and fifty hairs on your chin, and one of them is white Chine. Let me never hope to see a chine again; and that I would not for a cow H. viii. 5 3 701115 Chirk. Talk through the chink of a wall

Midf. Night's Dream. 3) 1 1832 28 He that can lay hold of her Thall have the chink

Romeo and Juliet. 51 974 218

Hamlet.12 2.10141230 Chioppini. By the attitude of a chioppine Chiron. D. P.

Titus Andronicus. Cbirurgeonly.

Tempel. 2 Chivalrous. Or chivalrous design of knightly trial

Ricbard ii. 1 1414/2 7

Ibid. 1 Chivalry. You shall see Justice decide the victor's chivalry

1 415/2 9 For christian service and true chivalry

Ibid. 2 Il 4201" 43 I have a truant been to chivalry

i Henry iv. 5 1 46812 And by his light, did all the chivalry of England move to do brave acts 2 Henry iv. 2 3 483 1120 As, in this glorious and well-foughten field, we kept together in our chivalry H.v.46 5332119 Now thou art seal’d the son of chivalry

i Henry vi. 41 6 563/1/27 Thou hast llain the flower of Europe for his chivalry

3 Henry vi. 2

Il 6101/22 Brave Troilus! the prince of chivalry

Troilus and Crelli 2 86111118 The glory of our Troy doth this day lie on his fair worth and single chivalry loid. 4 4 8811126 I am to day i'the vein of chivalry

Ibid. 51 3 887234 Cbizzel. What fine chizzel could ever yet cut breath

Winter's Tale. 51 3 3621 38 Cboak. Just as much as you may take upon a knife's point, and choak a daw withal

Much Ado About Norb. 2 31 1312/25 As two spent swimmers, that do cling together, and choak their art Macbeth. 1 2 363216 - Leaving their carthly parts to choak your climc

Henry v. 41 3 5321 9 I trust, ere long, to choak thee with thine own, and make thee curse the harvest of that corn

i Henry vi. 31 2 557144 Cboak'd. What have I choak'd you with my argofy

Tam. of the Sbrew. 2 1 2631210 Choice. A leaven'd and prepared choice

Mial. for Meas. 1


761138 In terms of choice I am not solely led by nice direction of a maiden's eyes

Mercb. of Venice. 2

1 202 133 hour

Henry viii. I

2676110 The choice and master spirits of this age

Julius Cæfar. 3) 1753239 And choice, being mutual act of all our souls, makes merit her election Trourd Crej. 1 31 864/2153 Most choice, forsaken

Lear. I 1 932 111 Cbake. But when to my lord I prove untrue, I'll choke myself

Cymbeline. | 6898260 Cboler. Throw cold water on thy choler

Merry Wives of Wind. 2 3

571233 --, my lord, if rightly taken.-No, if rightly taken, halter

i Henry iv. 21 4 4542123 Let's purge this choler without letting blood

Ricbard ii. 1 11 415112 Digest your angry choler on your enemies

i Herry vi. 4 11 561 1127 For boiling choler choaks the hollow pallage of my poison d voice

Ibid. 51.5 56812137 My choler being over-blown, with walking once about the quadrangle 2 Henry vi. 11 31 576218 Let your reason with your choler question what 'tis you go about Henry viii.

1 6731152 And something spoke in choler, ill, and hasty

Ibid. 21 16791147 Putting him to rage, you thould have ta’en advantage of his choler Coriclanus. 2 3 7181 47 Must I give way and room to your rash choler

Julius Cæfar. 4 3 759135 does kill me that thou art alive

Timon of A: bers. 3 8232 23 Kent banish'd thus! and France in choler parted

Lrar. 1 2 93212152 I mean, as we be in choler, we'll draw

Romeo and Juliet. 1 967123 Cholerick. That in the captain's but a cholerick word, which in the soldier's flat blafphemy

Measure for Measure. 2 Leít it make you cholericks

Comedy of Errors. 2 2 Since of ourselves ourselves are cholerick

Taming of ibe Shrew. 41

I 268 256 Go thew your Naves hou cholerick you are, and make your bondmen tremble Y.Ca). 41 3 759140 Cbclic. If you chance to be pinc'i'd with the cholic, you make faces like mummers Cor.12 11 712226 Chooje to fight, when I cannot choose

Lear. 141 93511 7 Chup logick.

Rumeo and Julie:. 3 5 98812139 Choppid. Within these three days his head is to be chopp'd off Meas. for Meal. 77132 Chepping. The chopping French we do not understand

Richard 15 3 43811111 Chops. You will, chops ?

1 Heary iv. 21 444 1 56 Come on, you whoreson chops

2 Henry iv./21 41 4861117



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A. S. P. C. L. Cip: --ands. Clapp'd their chopt hands

Julius Cæfar.11 21 744 Cherus. D.P.

Henry v.

sog For the which supply, admit me Chorus to this history

Ibid. Ich 50912116 - D. P.

Romeo and Juliet.

9671 You are as good as a chorus

Hamler. 3 21021120 Cicugh of deep chat

Tempe/.21 Russet-paced choughs, many in sort, rising and cawing at the gun's report, sever themselves, and madly sweep the sky

Much Ado About Nothing 3 2 1851138 language, gabbie enough, and good enough

All's Heil.41 1 295142 And scar'd my choughs from the chaff, I had not left a purse alive in the whole army

Winter's Tale. 41 31 3531227

Macbetb. 31 41 3702 20 The crows and choughs that wing the midway air, Thew scarce so gross as beetles Lear. 41 695612126 'Tis a ciough; but, as I say, spacious in the poffeffion of dirt

Hamlet. 5 211037132 Cbrisem. 'A made a fine end, and went away, an it had been any chrisom child Hen. v. 2 3 517 2.36 Ctrift. And his pure soul unto his captain Christ, under whose colours he had fought so long

Richard ii. 41 Did they not some time cry, All hail, to me? so Judas did to Christ


43311/20 Over whose acres walk'd those blessed feet, which, fourteen hundred years ago, were nail'd, for our advantage on the bitter cross

i Henry iv. 1 442113 CŁriften. The empress sends it thee, thy stamp, thy seal, and bids thee, christen it with thy dagger's point

Titus Andronicus. 4 2 847110 Cbrifter:d9%. By my christendom

King Jcbr. 4 | 402 111 With a world of pretty fond adoptious christendoms

All's Well. 1 1 2701116 Chriften'd. There was no thought of pleasing you when the was christend Asrwu Like I1.3 2 237 1 10 Cbrifening. O’my christian conscience, this one christening will beget a thousand H. viii. 5 3 701 126 Chriftian. I hate him for he is a Christian

Mercbant of Venice. I 3

2002140 What these Christians are, whose own hard dealings teaches them to suspect the thoughts of others

Merchant of Venice. 3 20112 46 I shall be saved by my husband; he hath made me a Christian

Ibid. 31 5 21411 This making of Christians will raise the price of hogs

Ibid. 31 5) 214.15 Streaming the enlign of the Christian Cross, against black Pagans, Turks, and Saracens

Richard 1.41

4322 - If like a Christian, thou hadît truly borne betwixt our armies true intelligence 1 H.iv. 5 51 4722 11

He had him from me, Christian; and see, if the fat villain have not transformed him ape

2 Henry iv. 12 21 4812160 But those that fought it, I could wish more Christians

Henry viii. 2

16791234 Cbriftian service. For christian service, and true chivalry

Richard 11.20 11 4201143 Cbrifmas. To dash it like a Christmas comedy

Love's Labor LN. 51 2

17012118 The influence of that sacred time

Hamlet. 1 1 10011138 Cbristmas gambol. Is not a commonty a Christmas gambol, or a tumbling trick

Induc. to Taming of the Shrew.

21 2542143 Chronicle of day by day

Tempel. 51

2012144 Spoke your deserving like a chronicle

i Henry iv. 51 246912 ? And make your chronicle as rich with praise, as is the Ouze and bottom of the sea with funken wreck

512127 Which neither know my faculties, nor person, yet will be the chronicles of my doing

Honry viii. 1 2 675131 I and my sword will earn my chronicle

Ani, and Cleop. 3111 790019 Let me embrace thee, good old chronicle

Troil, and Crej 41 5 883026 They (players) are the abstract or brief chronicles of the time

Hamlet. 2

210152129 To suckle fools, and chronicle small beer

Othello. 2

110531117 Cbroniclers. The foolish chroniclers of that age found it was, Hero of Sestos As Y. Like It. 41

242 2/20 Corysdite. Had the been true, if heaven would make me such another world of one entire and perfect chrysolite, I'd not sold her for it

Orbello. 2 1077 1150 Cbacks. Sweet chucks, beat not the bones of the buried

Love's Labor L . 51 2172 2123 Be innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck, 'till thou applaud the deed Macbeth.13 2 37412 40 Pray, chuck, come hither

Oikell.. 4 21107012 12 Chuffs. Are you undone ? No, ye fat chuffs

i Henry iv. 2 Courch. I am of the church, and will be glad to do my benevolence Merry Windhu 461

Il 6 I can see a church by day-light

Mu. Ado Abs. Norb. 2 1 126 129
Should i go to church, and see the holy edifice of None, and not bethink me straight
of dangerous rocks

Merchant of Venice. I
I'll see the church o' your back

Tem. of the Shrew.



Hen. v. 1





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