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Agile. Swifter than his tongue, his agile arm beats down their fatal points
Agincourt. The very casques that did affright the air at


0.1 bl 509) Number of the killed and prisoners at the battle of Agincourt

Henry 81 53611 Agitation. Now I speak my agitation of the matter

Mer. of Venice./3/ 5/ 213 Aglei. An aglet very vilely cut

Much Ado About Notbing:13)
Agles-baby. Give him gold enough and marry him to a puppet or an aglet-baby
Agnize. I do agnize a natural and prompt alacrity, I find in hardness

Taming of the Shrew.l1/ 2/ 258/1/27

Orbello. Il 31049 29 Agone. O he's drunk, Sir Toby, above an hour agone

Twelftb Nigbt. 5) 1 330 2:41 Agony. Charm ach with air, and agony with words Mucb Ado About Norbing. 151141145 Agrippa. D. P.

Ant. and Cleup.

7671 Agrippa. Menenius. D. P.

Ague. My wind, cooling my broth, would blow me to an ague
Here let them lie, till famine and the ague eat them up

Merch. of Venice. 1 1 197 2 2

Macbetb. 5) 41 385124 As dim and meagre as an ague's fit Presuming on an ague's privilege

K. Jobn.31 4. 4002153

Richard i. 2 1 421 1 2 This ague-fit of fear is over-blown Home without boots and in foul weather too! how 'scapes he agues

Ibid. 3 2 4281133 Worse than the sun in March this praise doth nourish agues

i Henry iv.3) 457 225

Ibid. 4) 1 46511 A untimely ague stay'd me a prisoner in my chamber

Henry vii. 1 1 67122 Cæsar was ne'er so much your enemy, as that same ague which hath made you lean And danger, like an ague, subtly taints, even then when we fit idly in the sun

Julius Casar. 2) 2 752 1/2

Troilus and Crefida. 31 3 876 2:4 Ague-cbeek. Sir Andrew. D. P.

Twelftb Night.

3071 Ague-proof. I am not ague-proof

Lear. 41 6 957 28 Agued-fear.

Coriolanus, 11 41 708, Ajax. This love is as mad as Ajax

Love's Labor Luft.4) 3

160 2 And now, like Ajax Telamonius, on sheep and oxen could I spend my fury

2 Henry vi.5) 1 599,1 The seven-fold Thield of Ajax cannot keep the battery from my heart

Ant. and Cleap.412 795,1 The Greeks, upon advice, did bury Ajax that few himself Titus Andronicus. 1 2 835,1 Ajax. D.P.

Troilus and Cressida.

8571 characteriz'd to Cressida by her servant The unknown Ajax, heavens, what a man is there! a very horse; that has he knows not what

Ibid. 3 3.8752 Thersites' body is as good as Ajax, when neither are alive

Cymbelinc. 41 2 917,5 None of these rogues, and cowards, but Ajax is their fool

Lear. 2 2 9412 Aid. And aid thee in this doubtful tock of arms

Ricbard iii. 5 3 And never seek for aid out of himself

Henry viii. 1 2 675,2 And you shall find a conqueror, that will pray in aid for kindness, where he for grace is kneel'd to

Ant. and Cleop. 5 2 798 Aidant. Be aidant, and remediate, in the good man's distress

Lear. 41 41 955, Aidless came off

Coriolanus. 21 21 715 Aiery. Our aiery buildeth in the cedar's top

Richard iii. 1 3 640, Your aiery buildeth in our aiery's nest

Ibid. 1 3 640 An aiery of children, little eyases

Hamlet. 221013 Aile. Do gud service, or aile ligge i' the grund for it

Henry v.3) 2 521 Aim. Fearing left my jealous aim might err

2 Gent. of Verona. 3 1 To these viulent proceedings all my neighbours fall cry aim Merry W. of Windfor. 312 My food, my fortune, and my sweet hopes aim

Comedy of Errors. 3 2 ill manifest

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33 59 IN1

Much Ado About Nothing. 3 2 133

hat I nou

A. S. P. C. L. dir. In the spiced Indian air

Mid. Nigbt's Dream. 21 21 180234 Move the still-piercing air, that sings with piercing

All's Well.3 2 291215 The air nimbly and sweetly recommends itself unto our gentle senses

Macbetb. 1 6 3612 7 Still, methinks, there is an air comes from her

Winter's Tale. 5 3 362138 they made themselves--air, into which they vanish'd

Macberb. 1 5 366,2 29 When he speaks, the air, a charter'd libertine, is still

Henry v. il 1 5102 S And dead men's cries to fill the empty air

2 Henry vi. 5 2 601150 Whistling to the air; which, but for vacancy had gone to gaze on Cleopatra too, and made a gap in nature

Ant. and Clepo 12 2] 776 2 7 We must all part into this sea of air

Timon of Arb.14 2 8191 41 What, think it that the bleak air, thy boisterous chamberlain, will put thy thirt on warm?

Ibid.41 31 822 1 37 - Bond of air (strong as the axle-tree on which heav'n rides) Troil. and Crefjida. 31 862 1 48 Where air comes out, air comes in

Cymbeline. 1 3 895 2 25 I beg but leave to air this jewel

Ibid. 2

41 9051135 Nor know not what air's from home

Ibid. 3) 3) 90811150 For it is as the air, invulnerable, and our vain blows malicious mockery Hamlet. I 11001 124 The air bites threwdly-It is a nipping and an eager air

Ibid. 1 411005|234 (mufic] The goddess on whom these airs attend

Tempeft. 11

61 43 Air-braving rowers. Who in a moment, even with the earth, shall lay your stately and air-braving towers

i Henry vi. 42] 561 2112 Aired. It is fifteen years, since I saw my country; though I have, for the most part, been aired abroad

Winter's Tale. 4 1 3481 9 Airy. Having his ear full of his airy fame

Troilus and Creffida. I


8631115 Airy word. Three civil brawls bred of an airy word

Romeo and Juliet. I

1 968 2125 Aké. My wounds ake at you

Timon of Arbens. 31 5 817|123 Alabafter. Why should a man, whose blood is warm within, fit like his grandfire cut in alabaster

Merch. of Venice. I 1 1981 44 Girdling one another in their alabaster innocent arms

Richard iii. 4) 31 6582135 And smooth as monumental alabaster

Othello. 5) 2/10752137 Alack sbe day.

Romeo and Juliet.3 984121 Alacrity. You may know by my size that I have a kind of alacrity in finking

Merry Wives of Windjor. 3 51 631 59 Alarbus. D. P.

Titus Andronicus, Alarms. Lord Marshal command our officers at arms be ready to direct these home alarms

Ricbard ii. 1 11 415210 Alarum. When the speaks, is 't not an alarum to love?

Orbello. 2 3105511 Alorum-bell. Ring the alarum-bell:

Macbetb.23371148 Alarum'd. But when he saw my best alarum'd spirits

Lear.2) 1 9392 16 Albans St. Stolen from my host of St. Albans

1 Herry iv. 4 2 465227 Mayor of. D. P.

2 Henry vi. 571 St. Albans battle

Ibid. 2 2 601 148 Battle

3 Henry vi. 21 Albany Duke. D.P.


929) Albeit I'll swear that I do know your tongue

Merch. of Venice. 26 2061 5 - you have deserv'd high commendation, true applause, and love As You Like It.1 21 22711156 - unused to the melting mood

Orbello. 5 2 10792129 Albin. Nook-shotten ise of Albion

Henry v. 3 5 5231 - Then shall the realm of Albion come to great confusion

Lear. 3 2 947 2 19 Alcibiades. D. P.

Timon of Aikens. 803) Alcides. Now he goes with no less presence, but with much more love than young Alcides

Mer. of Ver. 3 2 2100 37 Yea, leave that labour to great Hercules; and let it be more than Alcides' twelve

Taming of tbe Sbrew. 2592 39 So is Alcides beaten by his page

Mer. of Venice. 2 2021 56 As great Alcides' shoes upon an ass

K. Jobn.2

1 391 2 58 Where is the great Alcides of the field, valiant Lord Talbot

1 Henry vi. 5 1 5692125 Teach me, Alcides, thou mine ancestor, thy rage

Ant. and Cleop. 41 1 79412 Nor great Aicides

Titus And.4 2 8471 37 Alchymist. To solemnize this day, the glorious fun stays in his course and plays the Alchymist

K. John.31 3962150 Hence! you are an alchymist, make gold of that

Tim. of Athens. 5 2 826 2 40 Alcbymy, that, which should appear offence in us, his countenance, like richest alchymy, will change to virtue and to worthiness

Julius Cæfar.l: 3) 746 2139 4 A4






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Alder-liefeft. With you mine alder-liefest sovereign

A.S. P. C.L. Alderman. D. P.

2 Henry vi. 1 572103 I could have crept into an alderman's thumb-ring

2 Hen. vi.


i Hen. iv. 21 41 454123= In shape no bigger than an agat stone on the fore-finger of an alderman

Romeo and Julier. 4 972 212 Ale. A quart of ale is a dish for a king

Winter's Tale. 4 2 3481213 can sodden water a drench for sur-reyn'd jades, their barley broth, decoct their

а cold blood to such valiant heat Ale and cakes. You look for ale and cakes

Henry v.3) 51 5231

Henry viii. 51 370025 Ale-boufe. If thou wilt go with me to the ale-house, so; if not thou art an Hebrew, a Jew, and not worth the name of a Christian

2 Gent. of Verona.

5 32 12 Ale-beuses. You are to call at the ale-houses and bid them that are drunk get them to bed

Much Ado About Nothing. Ale-boufe. Ye ale-house painted signs

3) 134119

Titus Andronicus. 4 2 847115 Ale-wasbid. Ale-wash'd wits

Henry v.36 524113 Alec7o. Rouse up revenge from ebon den with fell. Alecto's snake

2 Hen. iv. 5 5 5061 Alençon Duke

Love's Labor Loft.21 1 1522 Duke. D. P.

i Henry vi. 543 Alexander. The parim curate presents Alexander

Love's L. Loft. 5 2

1711 - Great Alexander left his to the worthiett; fo his succession was like to be the best

Winter's Tale. 5) 1 3580 - Fathers, that, like so many Alexanders, have in these parts, from morn till even fought

Henry v. 3 1 52011 What call you the town's name where Alexander the pig was born

Ibid. 41 71 533|2| and Henry 5th compared

Ibid. 4) 71 5341 He fits in his state, as a thing made for Alexander

Coriolanus. 51 41 73711 Great Media, Parthia, and Armenia, he gave to Alexander Ant, and Cleop. 3 67842 Crefida's servant. D. P.

Troilus and Creffida.

857 Dott thou think Alexander look'd o' this fashion i' the earth

Hamlet. 51 110352 Why may not imagination trace the noble duft of Alt xander, till he find it stopping a bung-hole

Ibid. 51 I 10352 Alexas. D. P.

Ant. and Cleop.

767 Alice, D. P.

Henry v.

509 Alien. And art almoft an alien to the hearts of all the court and princes of my blood

i Henry iv.3) 2 4601 Aliena. No longer Celia, but Aliena

As You Like I..I

3/ 22812 Measure for Measure. 2 41

8512 All. With him his bondman, all as mad as he

Comedy of Errors.151 1

1181 Thou art all my child

All's Well. 3

2910 Our argument is all too heavy to admit much talk

2 Henry iv. 5 2 Why, or for what the nobles are committed is all unknown to me Ricbard iii. 24 647 More than my all is nothing

Henry viii. 2


277 Alloy. To whose feeling sorrows I might be some allay

Winter's Tale. 4

6801 - And allay those tongues that durft disperse it

Henry viii. 2 with the mifchief of your person it would scarcely allay

Lear. 1

2 9341 Allayment. The like allayment would I give my grief

Trei. and Cressid. 4 4 879 bllayments. And apply allayments to their act

Cymbeline. Allegant terms

Merry W. of Windjor. 2 Allegiance. I charge thee on thy allegiance

Mucb Ado Abi.

Ibid. 3 3 134 If they should have any allegiance in them

4071 Swearing allegiance, and the love of soul to stranger blood, to foreign royalty K.Jobrio 5

460 That I did pluck allegiance from men's hearts

i Henry iv. 3

515 As if allegiance in their bosom sat, crowned with faith and constant loyalty Her.v.2 Then swear allegiance to his majesty

i Henry vie 5 5 569 Cold hearts freeze allegiance in them


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Henry viii. 1


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A.S. P. C. L.
Alliance. Good lord, for alliance

Mucb Ado Abt. Notb.12 1 1281126
Is this the alliance that he seeks with France

3 Henry vi. 31 31 621_1 17
Allicbelly. She is given to allicholly and musing

Merry W. of Windsor. 14 51215
Alligater. An alligator Ituff'd, and other skins of ill-shap'd fiches Rom. and Juliet. 5 1994 138
All-bilond eve.

Mcaf. for Meafure. 2

All-licens 'd fool.

Lear.1 41 936 1 49
Allct. Five days we do allot thee for provision to shield thee from disasters of the

Lear. 1 1 93111131
Ailettery. Give me the poor allottery my father left me by testament: with that I

As You Like It. 1 1 223 133
will go buy my fortunes
Ally. That will allow me very worth his service

Twelftb Nigbt. 2 308/28
· If your sweet sway allow obedience

Lear.12 41 94412145
Allowance. But bastards and syllables, of no allowance, to your bosom's truth

Cor.31 2 723219
His pilot of very expert and approv'd allowance

Othello.2 1105112157
Alimu'd. Generally allow'd, for your many war-like, court-like and learned prepara-

Merry W. of Windsor. (2) 2 561115
Go, you are allow'd

Love's Labor Loft. 5 2 1701239
with absolute power

Timon of Arbens. 51 3) 827 1/47
All-leer. That high all-seer whom I dally'd with hath turn'd my feigned prayer on

Ricbard i. 5 1665 1125
AN-Jouls. All-soul's day is my body's dooms’-day

Ibid. 51 1 665117
All-wortby Lord !-all-worthy villain

Cymbeline. 3 5 9121134
Aliyebelly. Methinks you're allycholly

2 Gent. of Verona.

41 2 38 243 Almanack. Here comes an almanack of mine own date

Comedy of Errors. 1 2 1051125
- a calendar, a calendar, look in the almanack

Midsummer Nigbt's Dream. 3 1 1832 17
They are greater ftorms and tempests than almanacks can report Ant. and Cleop. 1 2 76912158
Aims. And it were an alms to hang him

Mucb Ado About Notbing. 2 3 13012120
As with a man by his own alms impoison'd

Coriolanus. s. 5737 2 61
One bred of alms and fofter'd with cold dishes

Cymbeline. 21 31 90312 37
Let your ftudy be, to content your lord; who hath receiv'd you at fortune's alms

Lear. 1 1932 143
Alm's-basket. They have lived long on the alm's-basket of words Love's Lab. Loft. 51 1 165-17
Ålm-deed. Murder is thy alms-deed; petitioner for blood thou ne'er putt'ft back

3 Henry vi. 51 51 6311151
Alms-drink. They have made him drink alms-drink

Ant. and Cleop. 21 77801137
Alms-men's gown. My gay apparel, for an alms-man's gown

Ricb. ii. 3) 31 429 2149
Aloft. Her chamber is aloft

2 Gent. of Verona. 31 1
But now I breathe again, aloft the flood

K. Jobr.412 404,149
Alone. I am alone the villain of the earth

Ant. and Cleop. 461792213
Alonso king of Naples. D. P.

Alaf. One, aloof, stand sentinel

Mid. Night's Dream. 21 31 1812 43
Stand all aloof

Mercb. of Venice. 31 2
Stand you a while aloof

Twelftb Night. 1 41 310 132
You, his false hopes, the trust of England's honour, keep off aloof with worthlefs

1 Hen. vi. 41 41 562 2128
Stand'ft thou aloof upon comparison

Ibid. 51 51 369 11 6
Hence, and stand aloof

Romeo and Juliet. 51 31 994|2|63
Whate'er thou hear'ft or see'st stand all aloof

Ibid. 51 31 995 1131
And bid me stand aloof, and so I did

Ibid. 51 31 997 238
Alpbabet. But I of these, will wrest an alphabet, and by fill practice, learn to know
the meaning

Titus Andronicus. 3 2 8441218
Alps. And talking of the Alps and Apennines, the Pyrenean and the river Po

K. Jobr. 1

Il 3892 24
- And meet him were i ty'd to run a foot, even to the frozen ridges of the Alps

Richard i. I 1 414 145
Whofe low vassal feat the Alps doth spit and void his rheum upon Henry v. 3 5 52311145
Altars. To whose ingrate and unauspicious altars my soul the faithfull it offerings
hath breath'd out

Twelfth Nigbr. 51 3291252
- And to his hand when I deliver her think it an altar

Troilus and Crefsid. 41 31 879|2 33
Alter. There is no power in the tongue of man to alter me Mercb. of Venice. 41 ? 216 2152
Alteration. How chances mock, and changes fill the cup of alteration with divers li-

2 Henry iv. 3 1 488 1147
He's full of alteration, and self-reproving

Lear. 5. 1961 120
That the affrighted globe thould yawn at alteration

Orbello. 2107612156


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Alibec. Away, you rascally Althea's dream, away

A.S. P. dream'd the was deliver'd of a fire-brand, and therefore I call him her dream

2 Henry iv. 21 21 4821 As did the fatal brand Althea burnt, unto the princes heart of Calydon 2 Hen. vi. 1 1 573

Ibid. 2 2 4821 Altitude. And to be partly proud, which he is even to the altitude of his virtue

Coriolanus. 1 1 703 Ten masts at each make not the altitude, which thou hast perpendicularly fallen

Lear. 41 6 957 Amain. From Ireland am I come, amain

2 Henry vi. 31 | 58€ Therefore hence, amain - Doth march amain to London

3 Henry vi. 25 61

Ibid. 4) 81 62 They hither march amain

Titus Andronicus. 4 4 84 Amaimon sounds well

Merry Woof Windsor. 2 2 5 That gave Amaimon the bastinado, and made Lucifer cuckold i Henry iv, 241 4 Amaze. You amaze me, ladies

As You Like I. 1 21 22 Amazed. I am amaz'd with matter

Cymbeline. 4319 Amazedly. I shall reply amazedly half 'Neep, half waking Mid.Night's Dream. 41 I speak amazedly; and it becomes my marvel and my message

Winter's Tale. 5) Amazedness. We two in great amazedness will fly

Merry W. of Wind. 4.4 Amazement. No more amazement

Tempeft. 1 2 Flamed amazement

Ibid. i) 2 - Put not yourself into amazement, how these things should be Meas. for Miaf412

And wild amazement hurries up and down, the little number of your doubtful friends'

K. Jobr. 5 Amazon. The bouncing amazon, your buskin'd mistress, and your warrior love

Mid. Night's Dream. 2 Your own ladies and pale-visag'd maids, like Amazons, come tripping after drums

K. Sobr. 5 Thou art an Amazon, and fightest with the sword of Debora

i Henry vi. 1 - belike, the minds to play the Amazon

3 Henry vi. 4 Amazonian. How ill-beseeming is it in thy sex, to triumph like an amazonian trull

Ibid. 14 Amazonian cbin. When with his amazonian chin, he drove the bristled lips before him

Coriolanus. 2 Ambassadors to the king of England. D. P.

Henry v. The lord Ambassador sent from a sort of tinkers to the king

2 Henry vi. 3 Is it therefore the ambassador is filenc'd

Henry viii. 1 And hither make, as great ambassadors from foreign princes

Ibid. 1 Ambassadors. D. P.

Ant. and Cleop. Ambasadar. D.P.

Hamler. Amber. Her amber hair for foul hath amber coted

Love's L. Lf.4 bracelet.

Taming of the Shrew. 4 Ambiguities. Out of questions too, and ambiguities

Henry v. 5 - "Till we can clear these ambiguities

Romeo and Julier.15

Hamler. I Ambiguous. Or such ambiguous giving out Ambition cannot pierce a wink beyond

Tempeft. 2 This is the period of my ambition

Merry W. of Wind. 3 Art not without ambition, but without the illness Thould attend it Macbeth. I

Ibid. 1 - I have no spur to prick the sides of my intent, but only vaulting ambition

Ibid. 2 Thriftless ambition that will ravin up, thine own life's means Il-wear'd ambition, how much art thou Mrunk

1 Henry iv. 5 Go forward and be choak'd with thy ambition

i Henry vi. 2

Ibid. 2 Choak'd with ambition of the meaner fort

Richard iii. 3 Tongue-ty'd ambition Thy ambition, thou scarlet fin, robb'd this bewailing land of noble Buckingham



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