St. George and St. Michael, Volumen3

Henry S. King, 1876

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Página 134 - I grow confident, that in this you will now show your magnanimity, and by it the greatest testimony of affection, that you can possibly afford me ; and am also confident, that you know me so well, that I need not tell you how clear I am, and void of fear, the only effect of a good conscience ; and that I am guilty of nothing, that may testify one thought of disloyalty to his Majesty, or of what may stain the honour of the family I come of, or set a brand upon my future posterity.
Página 75 - I am as new a made lord as any of them all, but I was never called knave or rogue so much in all my life as I have been since I received this last honour: and why should they not bear their shares?
Página 67 - My lord, I may very well answer you again : I have not found so great faith in Israel ; for no man would trust me with so much money as you have done.
Página 257 - He closed his eyes, and his face grew so still that, notwithstanding the labour of bis breathing, he would have seemed asleep, but that his lips moved a little now and then, giving a flutter of shape to the eternal prayer within him. Again he opened his eyes, and saw sir Toby, who had reentered silent as a ghost, and said, feebly holding out his hand, 'I am dying, sir Toby: where will this swollen hulk of mine be hid?' 'That, my lord,' returned sir Toby, 'hath been already spoken of in parliament,...
Página 71 - Why, here is set down how Aristotle brought up and instructed Alexander the Great in all the rudiments and principles belonging to a prince.
Página 136 - And albeit I have too just cause, for the clearing of my honour, to command (as I have done) to prosecute Glamorgan in a legal way ; yet I will have you suspend the execution of any sentence against him, until you inform me fully of all the proceedings. For I believe it was his misguided zeal, more than any malice, which brought this great misfortune on him and on...
Página 136 - Earl of Glamorgan is not passed the Great Seal here, so as he is no Peer of this kingdom, notwithstanding he styles himself, and hath treated with the rebels in Ireland, by the name of...
Página 73 - Sir, if you could read my heart, it may be you would find it there ; or if your Majesty please to get it by heart, I will lend you my book ; " which latter proffer the King accepted of, and did borrow it. " Nay," said the Marquis, " I will lend it to your Majesty upon these conditions : first, that you read it ; secondly, that you make use of it.
Página 74 - Of alle tho that God hath wrought. And by that skill it semeth nought, He saith, that any erthly thing May be so mighty as a King. A King may spille, a King may save, A King may make of lorde a knave And of a knave a lord also, The power of a King stant so, That he the lawes overpasseth.
Página 88 - My Lord, said I, there is one comfort yet, that as the king is brought low, so are his demands, and, like his army, are come down, from thousands to hundreds ; and from paying the soldiers...

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