A Handbook for Travellers in Egypt: Including Descriptions of the Course of the Nile Through Egypt and Nubia, Alexandria, Cairo, the Pyramids and Thebes, the Suez Canal, the Peninsula of Mount Sinai, the Oases, the Fyoom, Etc

J. Murray, 1875 - 505 páginas

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Página 84 - these writings of the Greeks agree with the " book of God, they are useless and need not " be preserved : if they disagree, they are per" nicious and ought to be destroyed.
Página 143 - I have given bread to the hungry, water to the thirsty, clothes to the naked, and a shelter to the stranger.
Página 82 - His temple,40 which rivalled the pride and magnificence of the Capitol, was erected on the spacious summit of an artificial mount, raised one hundred steps above the level of the adjacent parts of the city; and the interior cavity was strongly supported by arches, and distributed into vaults and subterraneous apartments. The consecrated buildings were surrounded by a quadrangular portico; the stately halls and exquisite statues displayed the triumph of the arts; and the treasures of ancient learning...
Página 197 - ... bottom ; the first and second, brilliant white or yellow limestone, smooth from top to bottom, instead of those rude disjointed masses which their stripped sides now present ; the third, all glowing with the red granite from the first cataract. As it is they have the barbarous look of Stonehenge ; but then they must have shone with the polish of an age already rich with civilization, and that the more remarkable when it is remembered that these granite blocks which furnish the outside of the...
Página 213 - Despise me not in comparison with the stone pyramids; for I surpass them all, as much as Zeus surpasses the other gods. A pole was plunged into a lake, and the mud which clave thereto was gathered; and bricks were made of the mud, and so I was formed.
Página 194 - Yet what must it have been when on its head there was the royal helmet of Egypt ; on its chin the royal beard ; when the stone pavement, by which men approached the Pyramids, ran up between its paws ; when immediately under its breast an altar stood, from which the smoke went up into the gigantic nostrils of that nose, now vanished from the face, never to be conceived again...
Página 434 - The female hysena alone remains, and rises to defend her young ; but most of the dogs are represented in pursuit of the gazelles, or in the act of seizing those they have overtaken in the plain.
Página 387 - ... arranged in lines for some purpose. They are of granite, porphyry, and other primitive substances, which are only found in the interior of the opposite eastern desert ; and if not brought by man, they must have been carried across the present bed of the river and up the slope of the western desert, by a rush of water coming from the valley which opens upon Keneh, and which, rising in the primitive ranges, has cut its way through the secondary hills that border the valley of the Nile. They are...
Página 433 - Gush," or Ethiopia. In the second line black "chiefs of Cush" bring presents of gold rings, copper, skins, fans, or umbrellas of feather-work, and an ox, bearing on its horns an artificial garden and a lake of fish. Having placed their offerings they prostrate themselves before the Egyptian monarch. A continuation of these presents follows in the third line, where, besides rings of gold, and bags of precious stones or gold-dust, are the camelopard, panthers' skins, and long-horned cattle, whose heads...
Página 55 - MARTIN-KUFENACHT. rpHIS splendid Establishment, constructed on a grand scale, is situated on one of the most beautiful spots on the shore of the Lake of Geneva, surrounded by an English Park and Garden. It is near the Steamboat Landing and the English Church.

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