A Biography of John Randolph, of Roanoke: With a Selection from His Speeches

W. Robinson, 1844 - 132 páginas

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Página 108 - Full little knowest thou that hast not tried, What hell it is in suing long to bide: To lose good days that might be better spent; To waste long nights in pensive discontent; To speed to-day, to be put back to-morrow ; To feed on hope, to pine with fear and sorrow; To have thy prince's grace, yet want her peers...
Página 12 - His gigantic grasp embraces with one hand the shores of Lake Erie, and with the other stretches to the Bay of Mobile. Millions of acres are easily digested by such stomachs. Goaded by avarice, they buy only to sell, and sell only to buy. The retail trade of fraud and imposture yields too small and slow a profit to gratify their cupidity. They buy and sell corruption in the gross, and a few millions of acres, more or less, is hardly felt in the account.
Página 110 - Sir, there is honor among thieves ! Shall it be wanting then among the chief captains of our administration ? I hope not, sir. Let Judas have his thirty pieces of silver, whatever disposition he may choose to make of them : whether they shall go to buy a Potter's field, in which to inter this miserable constitution of ours, crucified between two gentlemen, suffering for conscience...
Página 12 - I will pin myself upon this text, and preach upon it as long as I have life. If no other reason could be adduced, but for a regard for our own fame — if it were only to rescue ourselves from this foul imputation — this weak and dishonorable compromise ought to receive a prompt and decisive rejection. Is the voice of patriotism lulled to rest, that we no longer hear the cry against an overbearing majority, determined to put down the Constitution, and deaf to every proposition of compromise 1 Such...
Página 59 - Randolph, presented herself for the first time in a visible and tangible shape. She comes into this House not in forma pauperis, but claiming to be one of the co-sovereignties of this confederated Government, and presents to you her vote, by receiving or rejecting which the election of your Chief Magistrate will be lawful or unlawful. He did not mean by the vote of Missouri, but by the votes of all the States. Now comes the question whether we will not merely repel her, but repel her with scorn and...
Página 10 - ... of corruption. When this abomination is to be practised we go into conclave. Do we apply to the press? That potent engine, the dread of tyrants, and of villains, but the shield of freedom and of worth:— No, Sir, the press is gagged. On this subject we have a virtual sedition law— not with a specious title, but irresistible in its operation, which in the language of a gentleman from Connecticut ( Mr.
Página 99 - ... humble mediocrity, leave the field of wealth and ambition open to more active, perhaps more guilty, competitors. Nothing can be more respectable than the independence that grows out of self-denial. The man who, by abridging his wants, can find time to devote to the cultivation of his mind, or the aid of his fellow-creatures, is a being far above the plodding sons of industry and gain. His is a spirit of the noblest order. But what shall we say to the drone, whom society is eager to 'shake from...
Página 66 - This empire, he was obliged to say, for the term republic had gone out of fashion. He would warn, not this House, for they stood in no need of it, but the good, easy, susceptible people of this country, against the empiricism in politics, against the delusion that because a government is representative, equally representative, if you will, it must therefore be free. Government, to be safe and to be free, must consist of representatives having a common interest and common feeling with the represented.
Página 110 - After twenty-six hours' exertion, it was time to give in. I was defeated, horse, foot, and dragoons — cut up and clean broke down — by the coalition of Blifil and Black George — by the combination, unheard of till then, of the Puritan with the blackleg.
Página 5 - At the very outset, in the very first page, I believe, there is a complete abandonment of the principle in dispute. Has any gentleman got the work? (It was handed by one of the members.) The first position taken, is the broad principle of the unlimited freedom of trade, between nations at peace, which the writer endeavors to extend to the trade between a neutral and...

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