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the Trinity. Several doubts resolved about believ-

ing in the Holy Ghost. Of giving the Spirit. His

operations. Whether love to God, or faith in





Christ go first ; exactly answered. (And conse-

quently whether faith or repentance be first.) Of

the Spirit in Christ and the apostles. Of sufficient

grace. How Faith procureth the Spirit. Whether

desires of grace



CHAP. IV. How to live by Faith as to God's commands.

The admirable goodness of God's laws. Whether

the promise and reward be the end of obedience, or

obedience the end of the promise and reward. Of

Scripture examples

V. How to live by Faith on God's promises. What

will of God it is, according to which they must ask

who will receive. Of a particular Faith in prayer.

Is the same degree of grace conditionally promised

to all? Directions for understanding the promises.

The true nature of Faith or Trust in God's pro-

mises, opened at large. Affiance is in the under-

standing, will and vital power. Whether Faith be

obedience, or how related to it. Ten acts of the

understanding essential to the Christian Faith in

the promises. Several acts of the will essential to

Faith. And in the vital power, whether all true

Faith hath a subjective certainty of the truth of the

word. Choice and venturing or forsaking all, is

the sign of real trust. Promises collected for the

help of Faith, 1. Of pardon. 2. Of salvation.

3. Of reconciliation and adoption. 4. Of pardon

of new sins after conversion. 5. Of sanctification.

6. Promises to them that desire and seek. 7. To

prayer. 8. To groans that want expression. 9.

Promises of all that we want and that is good for

10. To the use of God's word and sacraments.

11. To the humble, meek and lowly. 12. To the

peaceable. 13. To the diligent. 14. To the pa-

tient. 15. To obedience. 16. To the love of God.

17. To them that love the godly, and are merciful

in good works. 18. To the poor. 19. To the op-

pressed. 20. To the persecuted. 21. In dangers.

22. Against temptations. 23. To them that over-

come and persevere. 24. In sickness, and at death.

25. Of resurrection, final justification and glory.

26. For children of the godly. 27. To the church


which must be taken altogether. Of the parts
that make up the new creature. 1. The intellec-
tual order; or a method, or scheme of the heads
of Divinity. 2. The order of intention and affec-
tion. 3. The order of practice. Of the various
degrees of means to man's ultimate end. Of the
grace necessary to concur with these various means.
The circular motion by Divine communication to
our receiving graces, and so by our returning
graces, unto God again. The frame of the present
means of grace, and of our returning duties. Rules
about the order of Christian practice (which shew
that, and how the best is to be preferred, and
which is best), in fifty-three propositions. How
man's laws bind conscience (and many other cases)
resolved. A lamentation for the great want of or-
der, and method, and harmony in the understand-
ings, wills and lives of Christians. Many instances
of inen's partiality as to truths, graces, duties, sins,
&c. Twenty reasons why few Christians are com-
plete and entire, but lame and partial in their reli-


gion. Ten consectaries. Whether all



equal in habit. Religion not so perfect in us as in the

Scriptures; which therefore are the rule to us, &c. 363

CHAP. XII. How to use Faith against particular sins... 405

XIII. What sins the best are most in danger of, and

should most carefully avoid. And wherein the in-

firmities of the upright differ from mortal sins 409

XIV. How to live by Faith in prosperity. The way

by which Faith doth save us from the world. Ge-

neral Directions against the danger of prosperity.

Twenty marks of worldliness. The pretences of

worldly minds. The greatness of the sin. The ill



XV. How to be poor in spirit. And 1. How to es-

cape the pride of prosperous men. The cloaks of

pride. The signs of pride and of lowliness. The

sinfulness of it. Particular remedies .......... 433

XVI. How to escape the sin of fulness, gulosity or

gluttony, by Faith. The mischiefs of serving the

appetite. Particular remedies


XVII. How Faith must conquer sloth and idleness.

Who are guilty of this sin. Cases resolved. The

evil of idleness. The remedies....


XVIII. Unmercifulness to the poor, to be conquered

by Faith.
The remedies ....


XIX. How to live by Faith in adversity ..


XX. How to live by Faith in trouble of conscience,

and doubts of our salvation. The difference be.

tween true and false repentance. How to apply

the universal grace to our comfort. The danger of

casting our part on Christ ; and of ascribing all

inelancholy disturbances and thoughts to the Spirit.

Of the trying the spirits; and of the witness of

the Spirit


XXI. How to live by Faith in the public worshipping

of God. Overvalue not your own manner of wor-

ship, and overvilify not other men's. Of commu-

nion with others.....


XXII. How to pray in Faith


XXIII. How to live by Faith towards children and

other relations


XXIV. How by Faith to order our affections to pub-

lic societies, and to the unconverted world


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