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bottom, where on A.L.E.I. should have been written 17%8-A.L. Y (or.I.)E. (El Yah), or 7138_A.L.OU.E. (Eloh), etc. The next occurs on page 109, line 6 from bottom, where millions should read thousands.

I have only now to frankly admit that during the last few years my views as regards the theories of ultimate causation and the future state have undergone some modification ; that consequently I now regard the line of argument adopted in support of the theory of a future state of consciousness un pages 5 & 6 of my above named work as a false one and the conclusions arrived at as consequently false also ; and that respecting the existence of a ruling power in the universe, I neither affirm nor deny such a condition, being contented with the knowledge that I neither know ncr apparently can ever know anything at all about the matter, and recognizing, with Moleschott, the incontrovertible truth that “ there is nothing in our intellect which has not entered by the gate of the senses.”

H. J. H. Purton Lodge, Sheffield.

January 1887.


MAN–WHENCE AND WHITHER ?- Nebular Hypothesis-For-
mation of Earth's crust-Fossil remains in stratified rocks-Pedigree
of Man-Palæolithic and Neolithic Ages--Spontaneous evolution of
life-Theories of existence and ultimate causation-Man's future state.

MAN'S ANTIQUITY.-Cave explorations-British and continental
discoveries-Glacial periods— Tertiary upheaval and submergance in
Europe-Tertiary fauna and flora—Pleistocene ice age--Paleolithic
age-Tropical origin of Man-Neolithic age-Shell-mounds and re-
mains of lake-dwellings-Bronze and Iron ages-Aryan invasion of
Europe-Historic era.

EVOLUTION OF MIND.-Universal life or motion-Protoplasmic
life-Cell life--Origin of organs of sense-Embryonic development-
Dawn of infantine intellect-Intellectual and emotional evolution in the
individual-Corresponding development in the race-Animals reflective
and emotional --Language in man and animals.


EVOLUTION OF THE GOD IDEA-Dawn of intellect--Earliest
conception of Deity_Sun worship-First human tribes-Aryan myth-
ology-_ Vedic system-Brahmanism-Hindu virgin and child-saviour
-Boodhism, Western Aryan mythology—Zeus, Apollo, Prometheus,
Hercules, Dionysos, & Yao–Central Aryan mythology-Mazdeism—
Mithra-Egyptian mythology-Osiris, Isis & Horus—Amen-Ra, Mises
-Chinese mythology-Semitic mythology-Akkadian and Chaldean
myths-Adonis, El, Yahouh-Jewish origin— Bible gods-Confucian.

cession of equinoxes—Deification of zodiacal signs and other celestial bodies—Savior-sun-god dramas-Sacred numbers & symbols—Ancient and modern phallic worship-Dionysia, Adonia & Agapæ.

INTELLECTUAL PROGRESS IN EUROPE.—Egypto-Greek or classic era—Alexander the Great—The Alexandrian Ptolemies—Essenian revivalism-Destruction of the Serapion-Murder of HypatiaChristian annihilation of science-Birth of Mohammed—The KoranSaracen learning-Tenth century scare—Crusades-Averroism– Annihilation of Saracen power—Establishment of Inquisition-Discovery of America-Martin Luther—The Reformation-Copernicus-Revival of Arianism-Murder of Servetus—Index Expurgatorius— First newspaper—Murder of Bruno-Kepler's laws—Galileo-Newton's theory of gravitation-Discovery of Oxygen-First locomotive engine and screw steamer—Telegraphy-Christian Church opposed to progress.

THE BIBLE–Origin of Authorised Version-List of Bible books— Description of MSS-Ancient Hebrew language-Invention of vowelpoints — Dates of earliest Hebrew and Greek MSS.

ANNALS OF TACITUS.-Abelard-Arnold of Brescia-Wicliffe's heresy and trials—Papal schism—Jerome of Prague—John HussTriple Popedom—Council of Constance-Search for old MSS--Boggio Bracciolini, Niccolo Niccoli & Lamberteschi—The forgery—Extracts from letters Discovery of " The Annals.” .

CREATION AND FALL.-Faith and reason-Mosaic narratives, Creation opposed to science-Genesis absurd and immoral-Authorship of Pentateuch—Christianity a failure—The real trinity-Religious hypocrites— Morality not Christianity.


Frontispiece-Chimpanzees and gorillas.
Lemur and face of Proboscis Monkey (after Mivart).
Moor Monkey (after Mivart).
Chimpanzee (after Mivarı).
Adult male Orang (after Mivart).
Mafuca and Aidanill (after Mivart), and Swaheli Negro (after Tylor).
Hands of Gorilla and Hammegh man (after Hartmann).
Natives of Tierra del Fuego.
The hairy family of Burmah.
Man- Whence and Whither?
Genealogy of Man.
Soction of Earth's crust.
Tertiary period in Europe.
Eocene seas.
Pleiocene seas.
Pleistocene submergence during temperate inter-glacial epoch.
Pleistocene Europe during post-glacial continental condition.
Skeleton of man.
Skeletons of gorilla and chimpanzee.

Outlines of the skulls of a chimpanzee, the Neanderthal man and a modern European.

Outlines of the skulls of the Neanderthal man, a modern Australian and the Engis man.

Australian, African and European skulls (atter Tylor and Hartmann)
Man's Antiquity.
Evolution of mind in man.
Amoeba and Gasteropoda.
Evolution of Mind.
The Special Senses.

Isis, Horus and fish.
Indranee and Indra ; and Lakshmi and Vishnu.
Devaki and Kristna : and Parvati and Siva.
Amen-Ra (after Drummond).

Crucifixion of Kristna ; Crux Ansata ; Assyrian virgin Ishtar ; Cyprian virgin and child; Isis and Ilorus.

Evolution of the God Idea.
Zodiacal Signs, showing the precession of the equinoxe3.
Bacchanaliau insignia.
Oriental Zodiac (after Sir Wm. Jones).
Egyptian Zodiac (after Sir Wm. Drummond).
Northern signs and extra-zodiacal constellations.
Southern signs and extra-zodiacal constellations.
Zodiacal line, or Ecliptic, showing the precession of the equinoxes.
Boötes, Adam, Joseph-Virgo, Eve, Mary—Cetus, Blasphemy.
Aquarius, John Baptist, Peter-Sagittarius, Joseph, Philip.
God incarnate with man.
Phallic amulet and phallic lamp
Votive offerings to god Priapus
Phallic crux ansata and amulet.
Zodiacal Mythology.
Vedic and IIindu Earths
Greek Earth, and Pomponius Mela’s cosmography.
Eighth and tenth century maps
Fourteenth century maps.
Egyptian and Ptolemaic planetary system.
Planetary systems of Tycho Brahe and Copernicus.
The Iron Virgin—inside view.
Ditto_outside view.
Intellectual Progress in Europe.
Sixth century MS. of Luke xx. 9, 10.
Fragmentary MS. from John's gospel.
The Bibl.

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