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Página 271 - Now, landsmen all, whoever you may be, If you want to rise to the top of the tree, If your soul isn't fettered to an office stool, Be careful to be guided by this golden rule: Stick close to your desks, and never go to sea, And you all may be Rulers of the Queen's Navee!
Página 286 - For he might have been a Roosian, A French or Turk or Proosian, Or perhaps Itali-an. But in spite of all temptations To belong to other nations, He remains an Englishman.
Página 242 - Oh ! my name is John Wellington Wells. I'ma dealer in magic and spells, In blessings and curses, And ever-filled purses, In prophecies, witches, and knells. If you want a proud foe to
Página 303 - Oh ! is there not one maiden breast Which does not feel the moral beauty Of making worldly interest Subordinate to sense of duty ? Who would not give up willingly All matrimonial ambition, To rescue such a one as I From his unfortunate position ? All. Alas ! there's not one maiden breast Which seems to feel the moral beauty Of making worldly interest Subordinate to sense of duty.
Página 337 - The Art of Amusing : A Collection of Graceful Arts, Games, Tricks, Puzzles, and Charades. By FRANK BELLEW.
Página 332 - In Honour Bound. Queen of the Meadow. In Pastures Green. The Flower of the Forest. A Heart's Problem. The Braes of Yarrow. The Golden Shaft.
Página 274 - I am poor in the essence of happiness, lady — rich only in never-ending unrest. In me there meet a combination of antithetical elements which are at eternal war with one another. Driven hither by objective influences — thither by subjective emotions — wafted one moment into blazing day, by mocking hope — plunged the next into the Cimmerian darkness of tangible despair, I am but a living ganglion of irreconcilable antagonisms.
Página 278 - He never should bow down to a domineering frown, Or the tang of a tyrant tongue. His foot should stamp and his throat should growl, His hair should twirl and his face should scowl ; His eyes should flash and his breast protrude. And this should be his customary attitude — (pose).
Página 271 - I grew so rich that I was sent By a pocket borough into Parliament. I always voted at my party's call, And I never thought of thinking for myself at all.
Página 308 - I'm more wary at, And when I know precisely what is meant by Commissariat, When I have learnt what progress has been made in modern gunnery, When I know more of tactics than a novice in a nunnery, In short when I've a smattering...

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