From Colombo to Almora: Being a Record of the Swami Vivekananda's Return to India After His Mission to the West : Including Reports of Seventeen Lectures

Vyjayanti Press, 1897 - 276 páginas

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Página 195 - We must go out, we must conquer the world through our spirituality and philosophy. There is no other alternative, we must do it or die. The only condition of national life, of awakened and vigorous national life, is the conquest of the world by Indian thought.
Página 140 - First, feel from the heart. What is in the intellect or reason? It goes a few steps and there it stops. But through the heart comes inspiration. Love opens the most impossible gates ; love is the gate to all the secrets of the universe.
Página 117 - To the Hindu, then, the whole world of religions is only a travelling, a coming up, of different men and women, through various conditions and circumstances, to the same goal.
Página 106 - Our aristocratic; ancestors went on treading the common masses of our country under foot, till they became helpless, till under this torment the poor, poor people nearly forgot that they were human beings. They have been compelled to be merely hewers of wood and drawers of water...
Página 194 - Where arc the men ready to go out to every country in the world with the messages of the great sages of India ? Where are the men who are ready to sacrifice everything so that this message shall reach every corner of the world ? Such heroic souls are wanted to help the spread of truth.
Página 193 - Asoka, as the conquest of religion and of spirituality. Once more the world must be conquered by India. This is the dream of my life...
Página 189 - The first manifest effect of life is expansion. You must expand if you want to live. The moment you have ceased to expand, death is upon you, danger is ahead.
Página 203 - Here first sprang up inquiries into the nature of man and into the internal world. Here first arose the doctrines of the immortality of the soul, the existence of a supervising God, an immanent God in nature and in man, and here the highest ideals of religion and philosophy have attained their culminating points.
Página 191 - Like the gentle dew that falls unseen and unheard, and yet brings into blossom the fairest of roses, has been the contribution of India to the thought of the world.
Página 135 - In one nation political power is its vitality, as in England. Artistic life in another, and so on. In India, religious life forms the centre, the keynote of the whole music of national life...

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