The Death of Christian Britain: Understanding Secularisation, 1800-2000

Psychology Press, 2001 - 257 páginas

The Death of Christian Britain uses the latest techniques to offer new formulations of religion and secularisation and explores what it has meant to be 'religious' and 'irreligious' during the last 200 years.

By listening to people's voices rather than purely counting heads, it offers a fresh history of de-christianisation, and predicts that the British experience since the 1960s is emblematic of the destiny of the whole of western Christianity.

Challenging the generally held view that secularization has been a long and gradual process beginning with the industrial revolution, it proposes that it has been a catastrophic short term phenomenon starting with the 1960's.

Is Christianity in Britain nearing extinction? Is the decline in Britain emblematic of the fate of western Christianity? Topical and controversial, The Death of Christian Britain is a bold and original work that will bring some uncomfortable truths to light.


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very interesting book and social history. though as in all social history the theory and reasoning is never absolute; what is being said in this book does ring true as it is thought about and the reasons behind secularisation in Britain. Leer comentario completo


The problem with religious decline
The salvation economy
women in discourse and narrative
men in discourse and narrative
Personal testimony and religion 18001950
the statistics
The 1960s and secularisation
The end of a long story
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