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Monday, December 4, 1815.

pointed a Senator by the Legislature of the State The first session of the Fourteenth Congress, of Tennessee, for the term of two years, in place conformably to the Constitution of the United of George W. Campbell, resigned; BENJAMIN States, commenced this day at the City of Wash- Ruggles, appointed a Senator by the Legislature ington; and the Senate assembled.

of tbe State of Ohio, for the term of six years,

commencing on the 4th day of March last; rePRESENT:

spectively produced their credentials, which were Joseph B. VARNUM, from the State of Massa- read, and ihe oath prescribed by law was adminchusetts.

istered to them, and they took their seats in the William HUNTER and JEREMIAH B. HOWELL, Senate. from Rhode Island.

The oath was also administered to Messrs. DUDLEY CHACE and Isaac TICHENOR, from HUNTER, ROBERTS, and HORSEY ; their credenVermont.

tials having been read and filed during the last David DAGGETT, from Connecticut.

session. NATHAN SANFORD, from New York.

Ordered, That the Secretary acquaint the JAMES J. Wilson, from New Jersey. House of Representatives that a quorum of the

ABNER Lacock and Jonathan ROBERTS, from Senate is assembled, and ready to proceed to Pennsylvania.

business. OUTERBRIDGE HORSEY, from Delaware. Messrs. VARNUM and HUNTER were appointed JAMES BARBOUR, from Virginia.

a committee on the part of the Senate, together John GAILLARD, from South Carolina. with such committee as may be appointed by the CHARLES Tait, from Georgia.

House of Representatives, on their part, to wait GEORGE W. CAMPBELL and JOHN WILLIAMS, on the President of the United States, and notify from Tennessee.

him, that a quorum of the two Houses is assemBENJAMIN RUGGLES, from Ohio.

bled and ready to receive any communications James Brown and Élegius Fromentin, from that he may be pleased to make to them; and the Louisiana.

Secretary was directed to notify the House of JOHN GAILLARD, President pro tempore, re- Representatives accordingly. sumed the Chair.

The PRESIDENT communicated a letter from the Isaac TICHENOR, appointed a Senator by the committee in behalf of the gentlemen concerned Legislature of the State of Vermont, for the term in erecting the new building on the Capitol Hill of six years, commencing on the 4th day of for the accommodation of Congress, offering the March last; NATHAN SANFORD, appointed a Sen- same to Congress until the Capitol may be ready ator by the Legislature of the State of New for their reception; which was read. York for the term of six years, commencing on Whereupon, on motion, by Mr. HORSEY, the 4th day of March last; James J. Wilson, Resolved, That a committee be appointed on appointed a Senator by the Legislature of the the part of the Senate, to join such committee as State of New Jersey, for the term of six years, may be appointed on the part of the House of commencing on the 4th day of March last; Representatives, to inquire and report upon the JAMES BARBOUR, appointed a Senator by the Le- state of the new building on Capitol Hill offered gislature of the State of Virginia, for the term of to Congress by letter addressed to the President six years, commencing on the 4th day of March of the Senate of this day, by a committee on last; GEORGE W. CAMPBELL, appointed a Sena- their part of the gentlemen concerned in erecting tor by the Legislature of the Siate of Tennes- the same, and that the said joint committee be see, for the term of six years, commencing on instructed to inquire and ascertain upon what the 4th day of March last; John Williams, ap- terms and conditions the use of the said building

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President's Message.


for the accommodation of Congress may be ob- A message from the House of Representa tained, until the Capitol may be ready for their informed the Senate, that a quorum of the H reception.

of Representatives is assembled, and have el Resolved, That Messrs. HORSEY, Lacock, and HENRY CLAY, one of the Representatives fo FROMENTIN, be the committee on the part of the State of Kentucky, their Speaker, and Ta Senate.

DOUGHERTY, their Clerk, and are ready to On motion, by Mr. VARNUM,

ceed to business. They have appointed a Resolved, That each Senator be supplied, dur- mittee on their part, to join the committe ing the present session, with three such newspa- pointed on the part of the Senate, to wait or pers, printed in any of the States, as he may President of the United States, and inform choose; provided the same be furnished at the that a quorum of the two Houses is assem usual rate for the annual charge of such papers; and ready to receive any communication: and provided, also, that if any Senator shall may be pleased to make to them. They coul choose to take any newspapers other than daily in ihe resolution of the Senate for the app papers; he shall be supplied with as many such mept of a joint committee on the arrangem papers, as shall not exceed the price of three for the library, and have appointed a comm daily papers.

on their part. They also concur in the res On motion, by Mr. Lacock, a committee was tion of the Senate for the appointment of a j appointed agreeably to the forty-second rule for committee, to inquire and report of the stat conducting business in the Senate; and Messrs. the new building on Capitol Hill, offered for LACOCK, HOWELL, and DAGGETT, were appointed accommodation of Congress, and have appoin the committee.

a committee on their part. On motion, by Mr. FROMENTIN, a committee Mr. VARNUM reported, from the joint com was appointed agreeably to the twenty-second tee, that they had waited on the President of rule for conducting business in the Senate; and United States, and that the President infora Messrs. FROMENTIN, SANFORD, and TICHENOR, the committee, that he would make a commu were appointed the committee.

cation to the two Houses this day at 12 o'cloc Mr. FROMENTIN submitted the following motion for consideration, which was read, and or

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE. dered to the second reading :

The following Message was received from Resolved, That a committee of three members be PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED States: appointed, who, with three members of the House of Fellow-citizens of the Senate Representatives, to be appointed by that House, shall and House of Representatives : have the direction of the money appropriated to the I have the satisfaction, on our present meeting purchase of books and maps, for the use of the two being able to communicate to you the successful tori Houses of Congress.

nation of the war which had been commenced agai On motion, by Mr. Lacock, it was read a sec- the United States by the Regency of Algiers. I ond time by unanimous consent, and considered squadron in advance on that service, under Comn as in Committee of the Whole, and no amend dore Decatur, lost not a moment after its arrival in t medt having been proposed, the President re- Mediterranean, in seeking the naval force of the ener ported it to the House accordingly; and on the then cruising in that sea, and succeeded in capturi question, "Shall this resolution be engrossed and two of his ships, one of them the principal ship, co read a third time?” it was determined in the affir- manded by the Algerine Admiral. The high charact mative. It was then read a third time by unani- of the American commander was brilliantly sustain mous consent, and passed; and Messrs. FROMÉN-action with that of his adversary, as was the accu

on the occasion, which brought his own ship into clo TIN, HUNTER, and GOLDSBOROUGH, were ap- tomed gallantry of all the officers and men actual pointed the committee. Mr. Howell submitted a motion for the ap- stration of American skill and prowess, he hastened

engaged. Having prepared the way by this demo pointment of two Chaplains, of different denomi- the port of Algiers, where peace was promptly yielde nations, to Congress, during the present session, to his victorious force. In the terms stipulated, th one by each House, who shall interchange week- rights and honor of the United States were particularl ly; which was read, and passed to the second consulted, by a perpetual relinquishment, on the par reading:

of the Dey, of all pretensions to tribute from then Mr. Lacock submitted the following motion The impressions which have thus been made, strength for consideration, which was read:

ened as they will have been, by subsequent transac Resolved, That Mountjoy Bayly, Doorkeeper and tions with the Regencies of Tunis and of Tripoli, b Sergeant-at-Arms to the Senate, be, and he hereby is, the appearance of the larger force which followed un authorized to employ one assistant and two horses, for der Commodore Bainbridge, the chief in command o the purpose of performing such services as are usually the expedition, and by the judicious precautionary ar required by the Doorkeeper of the Senate ; which ex. rangements left by him in that quarter, afford a rea pense shall be paid out of the contingent fund. sonable prospect of future security, for the valuable Ordered, That it pass to the second reading. portion of our commerce which passes within reach

of the Barbary cruisers.

It is another source of satisfaction that the Treaty of TUESDAY, December 5.

Peace with Great Britain bas been succeeded by a William W. BIBB, from the State of Georgia, Convention on the subject of commerce, concluded by took his seat in the Senate.

the Plenipotentiaries of the two countries. In this

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