A Handbook of London Bankers: With Some Account of Their Predecessors the Early Goldsmiths; Together with Lists of Bankers from 1670, Including the Earliest Printed in 1677, to that of the London Post Office Directory of 1890 ...

Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Company, 1891 - 454 páginas

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Great source of historically valuable information, it should be available to everyone. It is unobtainable elsewhere. Pity Google have been prevented from showing the whole text as I am sure they would have liked.
Romilly Turton

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Página 124 - There is not a gem, a coin, a book thrown aside on his chimney-piece, his sofa, his table, that does not bespeak an almost fastidious elegance in the possessor.
Página 6 - It is payable at twenty days — when the days are out, we will pay you;" and those that are not so, they make tell over their money, and make their bags false, on purpose to give cause to retell it, and so spend time.
Página 27 - Sea ; and they were accordingly incorporated under the title of " the Governor and Company of Merchants of Great Britain trading to the South Seas, and other parts of America, and for encouraging the Fifliery,
Página 124 - I am absolutely undone and broken-hearted. I shall negotiate for the Plays successfully in the course of a week, when all shall be returned.
Página 167 - An Appeal to Caesar: wherein Gold and Silver Is Proved to be the KINGS MAJESTIES ROYAL COMMODITY.
Página 67 - II., in the 12th of his reign, confirmed a messuage, sometime belonging to Robert Turke, abutting on Lombard Street toward the south, and toward Cornhill on the north, for the merchants of Florence, which proveth that street to have had the name of Lombard Street before the reign of Edward II.
Página 143 - Wealthy Shopkeeper," we read : — " Then to Lloyd's Coffee House he never fails, To read the letters and attend the sales.
Página 157 - Guildhall in Thames street in place aforesaid by the said Cosin lane. Their hall is large, built of stone, with three arched gates towards the street, the middlemost whereof is far bigger than the other, and is seldom opened, the other two be mured up ; the same is now called the old hall.

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