Leaves from the Journal of a Subaltern During the Campaign in the Punjaub, Sept. 1848 to March 1849

William Blackwood, 1849 - 227 páginas

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Página 156 - ... from the vengeance of our men were, I fear, killed afterwards. But, after all, it is a war of extermination. The most heart-rending sight of the day was one I witnessed in a tent I entered. There, on the ground, bleeding to death, lay a young mother; her leg had been carried off by a round shot, and the jagged stump protruded in a ghastly manner through the mangled flesh. She held a baby to her breast, and as she bent over it with maternal anxiety, all her thoughts seemed to be of her child....
Página 152 - ... man's head close to me, and spattered his brains in my face — the bullets whizzing about like hail — and as we came nearer, grape was poured into us, but not a man wavered for a second. " Officers to the front—- Lead on your men !" shouted the major ; and we sprang forward amidst a shower of balls, dashed across a deep nullah, gave one rattling volley, and poured into the village at every point.
Página 154 - Cavalry charged in among them, and the Horse Artillery rattled on at a gallop, mowing them down in heaps, while we took possession of their guns and camp, leaving the Cavalry to deal with the fugitives ; and awful execution they did amongst them, as we heard afterwards.
Página 152 - Our men, who had been held down all the time, started up with a cheer. It was the last some of them gave, poor fellows ! A round shot took off a man's head close to me, and spattered his brains in my face, the bullets whizzing about like hail, and, as we came nearer, grape was poured into us ; but not a man wavered for a second. ' Officers to the front — lead on your men...
Página 103 - H the roll of musketry increasing every moment. On we went at a rapid double, dashing through the bushes and bounding over every impediment ; faster rolled the musketry — crash upon crash the cannon poured forth its deadly contents. On swept our brigade, and, gaining an open space in the jungle, the whole of the enemy's line burst on our view.
Página 190 - Singh's veterans. One old fellow I noticed, in particular, he stood for a long time looking wistfully at his arms, and the pile before him, and evidently could not make up his mind to give them up. At last, the officer on duty came...

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