Spanish and Portuguese South America During the Colonial Period, Volumen2

Trübner & Company, 1884

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Página 85 - CRY aloud, spare not, Lift up thy voice like a trumpet, And shew my people their transgression, And the house of Jacob their sins.
Página 306 - III. There shall be on both sides a mutual restitution of prisoners, including not only those which have been taken since the arrival of the troops under Lieutenant-General Whitelocke, but also all those his Britannic Majesty's subjects captured in South America since the commencement of the war. "IV. That for the promptest dispatch of the vessels and troops of his Britannic Majesty, there shall be no impediment thrown in the way of the supplies of provisions which may be requested for Montevideo.
Página 293 - Video, which had been committed to his charge, and which, at the period of the treaty and abandonment, was well and sufficiently garrisoned and provided against attack, and which was not, at such period, in a state of blockade or siege...
Página 307 - Video, which shall take place at the end of the two months fixed in the second article, the delivery will be made in the terms it was found, and with the artillery it had when it was taken.
Página 299 - Plata, intimating, at the same time, from the exasperated state of the populace, he could not answer for the safety of the prisoners, if I persisted in offensive measures.
Página 292 - Whitelocke in making such an offensive and unusual demand, tending to exasperate the inhabitants of Buenos Ayres, to produce and encourage a spirit of resistance to his Majesty's arms, to exclude the hope of amicable accommodation, and to increase the difficulties of the service with which he was intrusted, acted in a manner unbecoming his duty as an officer, prejudicial to military discipline, and contrary to the Articles of War.
Página 296 - Army, and the circumstances of the town and suburbs being divided into squares of one hundred and forty yards each side, together with the knowledge that the Enemy meant to occupy the flat roofs of the houses, gave rise to the following plan of attack. Brigadier-General Sir...
Página 298 - ... tenable, was shortly obliged to surrender, whilst the remaining part, after enduring a dreadful fire with the greatest intrepidity, Lieutenant-Colonel Pack, its Commander, being wounded, retired upon the right division, commanded by Brigadier-General Craufurd himself. This division having passed quite through to the River Plata, turned also to the left to approach the Great Square and Fort from the northeast bastion, of which it was distant about four hundred yards, when Brigadier-General Craufurd,...
Página 296 - Regiments were each divided into wings ; and each wing ordered to penetrate into the street directly in its front. The Light Battalion divided into wings, and each followed by a wing of the 95th Regiment, and a...
Página 306 - There shall be from this time a cessation of hostilities on both sides of the River Plata. II. The troops of his Britannic! majesty shall retain, for the period of two months, the fortress and place of...

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