The Human Body: An Elementary Text-book of Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene

H. Holt and Company, 1890 - 399 páginas

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Página 398 - Astronomy. By JOHN D. CHAMPLIN, Jr., Editor of Champlin's Young Folks
Página 341 - ... emotions is temporarily enfeebled; the slightly tipsy man laughs and talks loudly, says and does rash things, is enraged or delighted without due cause. If the amount of alcohol be increased, further diminution of will-power is indicated by loss of control over the muscles. Excessive habitual use of alcohol results in permanent over-excitement of the emotional nature and enfeeblement of the Will; the man's highly emotional state exposes him to special...
Página 399 - BESSEY. 400 pp. i6mo. 8oc. net. Martin's The Human Body. See American Science Series. *Merriam's Mammals of the Adirondack Region, Northeastern New York. With an Introductory Chapter treating of the Location and Boundaries of the Region, its Geological History, Topography, Climate, General Features, Botany, and Faunal Position. By Dr. C. HART MERRIAM. 316 pp.
Página 398 - I2mo. 6sc., net. Hall and Bergen's Text-book of Physics. By EDWIN H. HALL, Assistant Professor of Physics in Harvard College, and JOSEPH Y. BERGEN, Jr., Junior Master in the English High School, Boston.
Página 154 - I, supported by bone and called the hard palate, and a posterior, /, containing no bone, and called the soft palate. The two can readily be distinguished by applying the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth and drawing it backwards. The hard palate forms the partition between the mouth_and nose.
Página 363 - The mjiull central dark patch is the yellow spot, the region of most acute vision. fibres radiate. This elevation is quite blind, because it possesses neither rods nor cones. Its blindness may be readily demonstrated. Close the left eye and look steadily with the right at the cross (Fig. 91), holding the page vertically in Fio.
Página 241 - The Cardiac Impulse. — The human heart lies with its apex touching the chest -wall between the fifth and sixth ribs on the left side of the breast-bone. At every beat a sort of tap known as the "cardiac impulse," or "apex beat," may be felt by placing the finger at that point.
Página 397 - Course. 423 pp. 12m0. $1.00 net. 7. General Biology. By Prof. WT SEDGWICK, of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Prof. EB WILSON, of Columbia College. (Revised and enlarged, 1896.) 231 pp.

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