Narrative of the Second Seikh War, in 1848-49

R. Bentley, 1851 - 370 páginas

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Página 324 - The engineer department had been ordered to examine the country before us, and the quartermaster-general was in the act of taking up ground for the encampment, when the enemy advanced some horse artillery, and opened a fire on the skirmishers in front of the village.
Página 324 - Shah-Ke-Chuck, and his left on the furrowed hills before described. The day being so far advanced, I decided upon taking up a position in rear of the village, in order to reconnoitre my front, finding that I could not turn the enemy's flanks, which rested upon a dense jungle extending nearly to Hailah, which...
Página 367 - Finally, the army of the State and the whole Sikh people, joined by many of the Sirdars in the Punjaub who signed the treaties, and led by a member of the regency itself, have risen in arms against us, and have waged a fierce and bloody war for the proclaimed purpose of destroying the British and their power.
Página 347 - The ranks of the enemy broken ; their position carried ; their guns, ammunition, camp equipage, and baggage, captured : their flying masses driven before the victorious pursuers from mid-day to dusk, receiving most severe punishment in their flight ; and, my Lord, with gratitude to a merciful Providence, I have the satisfaction of adding that, notwithstanding the obstinate resistance of the enemy, this triumphant success, this brilliant victory, has been achieved with comparatively little loss on...
Página 319 - ... Lieutenant-Colonel -C. Grant, poured in upon them a most destructive fire, which soon silenced all their guns and frustrated all their operations, with very severe loss upon their side ; but the exhausted state both of man and horse induced the major-general to postpone the attack upon their flank and rear, as he was directed, until the following morning, the day having nearly closed when the cannonade ceased.
Página 316 - It has pleased Almighty God to vouchsafe to the British arms the most successful issue to the extensive combinations rendered necessary for the purpose of effecting the passage of the Chenab...
Página 317 - Tremenhere, in co-operation with the quartermaster-general's department, to ascertain (under the difficulties before noticed) the practicability of the several fords reported to exist on both my flanks, while I had batteries erected and made demonstrations so as to draw the attention of the enemy to the main ford in my front, and with the view, if my batteries could silence their guns, to act simultaneously with the force I proposed to detach under an officer of much experience in India, Major-General...
Página 367 - The Government of India formerly declared that it desired no further conquest, and it proved by its acts the sincerity of its professions. The Government of India has no desire for conquest now ; but it is bound, in its duty, to provide fully for its own security, and to guard the interests of those committed to its charge.
Página 338 - ... daylight remained, I deemed it safer to remain in my position than attempt to drive back an enemy so strongly posted on their right and centre, with the prospect of having to attack their entrenched position afterwards. From this position the Sikhs began to retire at about 12 o'clock at night, as was afterwards ascertained , and as was conjectured by the barking of the dogs in their rear.
Página 368 - Hindoo, or Sikh, the free exercise of their own religions : but it will not permit any man to interfere with others in the observance of such forms and customs as their respective religions may either enjoin or permit.

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