The Voyage of the Vega Round Asia and Europe: With a Historical Review of Previous Journeys Along the North Coast of the Old World, Volumen1

Macmillan, 1881 - 465 páginas
Account of Nordenskiold's expedition through North East Passage in Vega in 1878-1880. Abbreviated translation of Swedish original "Vegas fard Kring Asien och Europa", Stockholm 1880-81.

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Página 63 - Chanceler held on his- course towards that unknowen part of the world, and sailed so farre, that hee came at last to the place where hee found no night at all, but a continuall light and brightnesse of the Sunne shining clearely upon the huge and mightie Sea.
Página 60 - England, the ships' bottoms were sheathed with copper. Sir Hugh Willoughby, with whose melancholy fate most readers are familiar, was, after some debate, appointed Chief Captain ; " both," as we are told, " by reason of his goodly personage, (for he was of tall stature,) as also for his singular skill in the services of warre.
Página 49 - He was a very wealthy man in those possessions in which their wealth consists, that is in wild deer. He had, at the time he came to the king, six hundred unsold tame deer. These deer they call reindeer...
Página 264 - ... justify the truth of it ; and told me moreover, that they had sailed •two degrees beyond the pole. I asked him if they found no land or islands about the pole? He told me — No, there was a free and open sea.
Página 169 - ... as the bredth of our pinnesse, and at his falling down he made such a terrible noise in the water, that a man would greatly have marvelled, except he had known the cause of it ; but, God be thanked, we were quietly delivered of him.
Página 48 - Terfinna land was all waste, except where hunters, fishers, or fowlers had taken up their quarters. The Beormas told him many particulars both of their own land, and of the other lands lying around them; but he knew not what was true, because he did not see it himself; it seemed to him that the Fins and the Beormas spoke nearly one language.
Página 263 - ... in a Greenland ship that summer) told him, that their ship went not out to fish that summer, but only to take in the lading of the whole fleet, to bring it to an early market, But, said he, before the fleet had caught fish enough to lade us, we, by order of the Greenland Company, sailed unto the north pole and came back again.
Página 61 - ... out at the windowes of the Court, and the rest ranne up to the toppes of the towers : the shippes hereupon discharge their Ordinance, and shoot off their pieces after the manner of warre, and of the sea, insomuch that the tops of the hilles sounded therewith, the valleys and the waters gave an Eccho, and the Mariners, they shouted in such sort, that the skie rang againe with the noyse thereof.
Página 156 - ... the same direction. If one of them seeks to take a different course from that of his comrades in misfortune his line must be cut off, otherwise the boat capsizes. When the walruses get exhausted by their exertions and by loss of blood, the hunters begin to haul in the lines. One animal after another is drawn to the stem of the boat, and there they commonly first get a blow on the head with the flat of a lance, and when they turn to guard against it a lance is thrust into the...
Página 48 - Then he proceeded in his course due north, as far as he could sail within another three days; then the land there inclined due east, or the sea into the land, he knew not which, but he knew that he there waited for a west wind, or a little north, and sailed thence eastward along that land as far as he could sail in four days...

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