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Página 224 - A particle of oxygen is ever a particle of oxygen — nothing can in the least wear it. If it enters into combination and disappears as oxygen, — if it pass through a thousand combinations, animal, vegetable, mineral, — if it lie hid for a thousand years and then be evolved, it is oxygen with its first qualities, neither more nor less.
Página 206 - Medical Guide ; containing Essays on the Physical, Moral, and Educational Development of Females, and the Homoeopathic Treatment of their Diseases in all Periods of Life ; together with Directions for the Remedial Use of Water and Gymnastics, by JH Pulte, MD 12mo, pp.
Página 221 - That the quantity of heat produced by the friction of bodies, whether solid or liquid, is always proportional to the quantity of force [by force Joule means energy] expended.
Página 220 - Among the practical conclusions which may be drawn from the convertibility of heat and mechanical power into one another, according to the above absolute numerical relations, I will content myself with selecting two of the more important. The former of these is in reference to the duty of steam-engines; the latter, to the practicability of employing electro-magnetism as an economical motive force.
Página 220 - In 1840 he published the important result that 'when a current of voltaic electricity is propagated along a metallic conductor, the heat evolved in a given time is proportional to the resistance of the conductor multiplied by the square of the electric intensity.
Página 11 - The action of belladonna in febrile diseases is frequently attended with results which are not only unexpected, but exactly the opposite of what is observed in health. Thus it may happen, if we give a full dose of atropia to a patient with a pulse of 120 and higher, a dry and hard tongue, and pupils measuring...
Página 222 - I have submitted to them, that no force can, strictly speaking, be initial, as there must be some anterior force which produced it : we cannot create force or motion any more than we can create matter. Thus, to take an example previously noticed, and recede backwards ; the spark of light is produced by electricity, electricity by motion, and motion is produced by something else, say a steamengine — that is, by heat.
Página 186 - REVIEW has, by an increase in the number of its pages and alterations in its type, doubled in size. Each number consists of 64 pages, making a volume of 768 pages a year.
Página 282 - There is scarcely a remedy that has such marked symptoms of glossitis as Apis. In one case of poisoning the inflammatory swelling was not the result of a sting in the lining membrane, or of the introduction of the poison into the stomach, so that the inflammation might be accounted for upon the ground of local action; but the inflammation occurred after a sting in the temple, showing that the virus has a specific effect upon the tongue.

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