Corals and coral islands


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Página 329 - He prayeth well, who loveth well Both man and bird and beast. He prayeth best, who loveth best All things both great and small; For the dear God who loveth us, He made and loveth all.
Página 148 - ... as the east and west forks. These unite in Humboldt County. The valleys of these branches above their confluence are drift-valleys, except a few small exposures of subcarboniferous limestone about five miles above their confluence. These exposures produce several small mill-sites. The valleys vary from a few hundred yards to half a mile in width, and are the finest agricultural lands. In the northern part of Webster County, the character of the main valley is modified by the presence of ledges...
Página 333 - In the more isolated coral islands, the language of the natives indicates their poverty as well as the limited productions and unvarying features of the land. All words like those for mountain, hill, river, and many of the implements of their ancestors, as well as the trees and other vegetation of the land from which they are derived, are lost to them ; and as words are but signs for ideas, they have fallen off in general intelligence. It would be an interesting inquiry for the philosopher, to what...
Página 7 - •Our cruise led us partly along the course followed by Mr. Charles Darwin during the years 1831 to 1836, in the voyage of the Beagle, under Captain Fitzroy; and, where it diverged from his route, it took us over scenes, similar to his, of coral and volcanic islands. Soon after reaching Sydney, Australia, in 1839, a brief statement was found in the papers of Mr. Darwin's theory with respect to the origin of the atoll and barrier forms of reefs.
Página 203 - On the Agency of the Gulf Stream in the Formation of the Peninsula and Keys of Florida...
Página 316 - An occasional log drifts to their shores, and at some of the more isolated atolls, where the natives are ignorant of any land but the spot they inhabit, they are deemed direct gifts from a propitiated deity.
Página 368 - ... still in progress ; the changes indicated are of a contrary character. The results to which we have here been led obviously differ, in many particulars, from the deductions of Mr Darwin. 2. Elevations of modern eras in the Pacific. Since the period of subsidence, the history of which has occupied us in the preceding pages, there has been no equally general elevation. Yet various parts of the ocean bear evidence of changes confined to particular islands or groups of islands.
Página 163 - ... some instances into a continuous line of foliage. Traces may perhaps be still detected of the passage, or passages, over which the sea once communicated with the internal waters, though mostly concealed by the trees and shrubbery which have spread around and completed the belt of verdure. The coral island is now in its most finished state ; the lake rests quietly within its circle of palms, hardly ruffled by the storms that madden the surrounding ocean.
Página 97 - In many instances the lichen-like Nullipore grows at the same rate with the rate of death in the zoophyte, and keeps itself up to the very limit of the living part. The dead trunk of the forest becomes covered with lichens and fungi, or, in tropical climes, with other foliage and various foreign flowers : so, among the coral productions of the sea, there are forms of life which replace the dying polyp. The process of wear is thus entirely prevented. The older polyps, before death, often increase...
Página 179 - It is seldom discolored beyond four or five inches, and but little of it to this extent; there is no proper vegetable mould, but only a mixture of darker particles with the white grains of coral sand. It is often rather a coral gravel, and below a foot or two, it is usually cemented together into a more or less compact coral sand-rock.

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