The American Journal of Science and Arts

S. Converse, 1858

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Página 145 - ... blood is found to be required. Dr. Daubeny suggested that this reagent might be advantageously resorted to not only in the purification of sugar, but also in other processes of the laboratory, when the removal of foreign matters, intimately mixed with the solution of a definite component, becomes a necessary preliminary in its further examination.
Página 145 - ... uncoagulated animal matter, together with certain salts, is left in the juice in the ordinary process of refining, which impairs its purity and promotes its fermentation — thus occasioning a certain loss of saccharine matter to result. Nothing of the kind happens when the superphosphate is substituted, and so much more perfect a purification of the feculent matters, under such circumstances takes place, that several varieties of native sugar, which, from being very highly charged with feculent...
Página 86 - ... in a Greenland ship that summer) told him, that their ship went not out to fish that summer, but only to take in the lading of the whole fleet, to bring it to an early market.
Página 62 - Soon after the music commenced, I observed that the flame of the last-mentioned burner exhibited pulsations in height which were exactly synchronous with the audible beats. This phenomenon was very striking to every one in the room, and especially so when the strong notes of the violoncello came in. It was exceedingly interesting to observe how perfectly even the trills of this instrument were reflected on the sheet of flame. A deaf man might have seen the harmony.
Página 204 - And though I know those who hold it to be very unscientific to believe that thinking is not something inherent in matter, and that there is an essential difference between inorganic and living and thinking beings, I shall not be prevented by any such pretensions of a false philosophy from expressing my conviction, that, as long as it cannot be shown that matter or physical forces do actually reason, I shall consider any manifestation of thought as evidence of the existence of a thinking being as...
Página 374 - The character of the decomposition which takes place is somewhat curious and unexpected. At first I supposed that the decomposition resulted in the formation of equal volumes of NO, Cl, and N; but it appears that such is not the case, and that all but a very small portion of the ammonia, with its equivalent of nitric acid, is converted into NO, the liberated hydrochloric acid mixing with the excess of nitric acid. A little of the sal ammoniac and nitric acid does undergo the decomposition first supposed,...
Página 180 - The third leading modification of the Mammalian cerebrum is such an increase in its relative size, that it extends over more or less of the cerebellum; and generally more or less over the olfactory lobes. Save in very few exceptional cases of the smaller and inferior forms of Quadrumana (fig. 6), the superficies is folded into more or less numerous gyri or convolutions (fig. 7),—whence the name GYRENCEPHALA, which I propose for the third subclass of Mammalia 8 . Fig.
Página 106 - ... perpendicular to it at every point. If, however, the earth were stripped of all its seas and oceans, the surface would present considerable inequalities. From what is now known regarding the depth of the ocean, the continents would appear as plateaus elevated above the oceanic depressions to an amount which, although small compared to the earth's radius, would be considerable when compared to its outswelling at the equator, and its flattening towards the poles. The surface thus presented would...
Página 12 - ... generate a single set of teeth ; and the diphyodonts^, or those that generate two sets of teeth. But this dental character is not so associated with other organic characters as to indicate natural or equivalent subclasses. In the Mammalian orders with two sets of teeth, these organs acquire fixed individual characters, receive special denominations, and can be determined from species to species. This individualization of the teeth is eminently significative of the high grade of organization of...
Página 122 - ... grams of nitre. The greater part had been dissolved out of the superficial soil. Some specimens of forest-soil, in a state of nature, furnished no indication of nitrates : others gave 0-7 and 3-27 grams of nitre to the cubic metre. The soil of meadows and pastures afforded from 1 to 11 grams of nitre to the cubic metre. Nineteen specimens of good cultivated land gave, four of them none; others from 0'8 to...

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