Rudimentary Treatise on the Drainage of Towns & Buildings ...

Virtue, 1867 - 245 páginas

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Página 244 - VITRUVIUS'S ARCHITECTURE, translated by J. Gwilt, with Plates. 5s. 130. GRECIAN ARCHITECTURE, Principles of Beauty in, by the Earl of Aberdeen. Is. 132. ERECTION OF DWELLING-HOUSES, with Specifications, Quantities of Materials, &c., by SH Brooks, 27 Plates. 2s.
Página 246 - Burnell. 3s. 121. RIVERS AND TORRENTS, and a Treatise on NAVIGABLE CANALS AND RIVERS THAT CARRY SAND AND MUD, from the Italian of Paul Frisi. 2s. 6d. 125. COMBUSTION OF COAL, AND THE PREVENTION OF SMOKE, by C.
Página 40 - Commissioners of Inquiry into the state of large towns and populous districts.
Página 246 - SHIP-BUILDING AND NAVIGATION. 51. NAVAL ARCHITECTURE, by J. Peake. 3s. 53*. SHIPS FOR OCEAN AND RIVER SERVICE, Construction of, by Captain HA Sommerfeldt. Is. 53**.
Página 241 - THE ENTIRE SERIES IS FREELY ILLUSTRATED ON WOOD AND STONE WHERE REQUISITE. The Public are respectfully informed that the whole of the late MR.

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