Germany, Present and Past, Volumen1

C. K. Paul & Company, 1879

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Página 36 - I pray you, speak not ; he grows worse and worse; Question enrages him : at once, good night : — Stand not upon the order of your going, But go at once.
Página 146 - Then shall they again loose their hands; and the man shall give unto the woman a ring, laying the same upon the book with the accustomed duty to the Priest and Clerk. And the Priest, taking the ring, shall deliver it unto the man, to put it upon the fourth finger of the woman's left hand. And the man holding the ring there, and taught by the Priest, shall say, WITH this ring I thee wed, with my body I thee worship...
Página 186 - Chilperic, on returning from the chase and in the act of dismounting, was struck two mortal blows by a man who took to rapid flight, and a cry was raised all around of, " Treason! 'tis the hand of the Austrasian Childebert...
Página 303 - It is to tempt candidates to no special preparation and effort, but to be such as 'a scholar of fair ability and proper diligence may at the end of his school course come to with a quiet mind, and without a painful preparatory effort tending to relaxation and torpor as soon as the effort is over.
Página 302 - ... so averse are they to cram; so clearly do they perceive that what forms a youth, and what he should in all ways be induced to acquire, is the orderly development of his faculties under good and trained teaching.
Página 56 - ... per cent., paid in addition to the 4 per cent, interest on the debenture, would extinguish the capital.
Página 286 - For the education of the young sufficient provision is to be made by means of public schools. ' Every one is free to impart instruction, and to found and conduct establishments for instruction, when he has proved to the satisfaction of the proper State authorities that he has the moral, scientific, and technical qualifications requisite. ' All public and private establishments are under the supervision of authorities named by the State.
Página 258 - ... foreign countries to teach or to study, providing for their legal status and for that of foreign professors who come temporarily to Italy for the purpose of teaching. The Italian professors who, by the arrangement of the office and with the approval of the proper ministry, go to foreign countries, are divided into three classes according to the length of time they are to be absent from the kingdom : for less than one year, for more than one year and less than five, or for more than five years....
Página 185 - Fredegonde was the daughter of poor peasants in the neighborhood of Montdidier in Picardy, and at an early age joined the train of Queen Audovere, the first wife of King Chilperic. She was beautiful, dexterous, ambitious, and bold ; and she attracted the attention, and before long awakened the passion of the king. She pursued with ardor and without scruple her unexpected fortune. Queen Audovere was her first obstacle and her first victim ; and on the pretext of a spirtual relationship which rendered...
Página 5 - Havenots, and she stuck to the former : and now-a-days, Master Don Quixote, people are more inclined to feel the pulse of Have than of Know.

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