Legislative Documents, Volumen2

Contains the reports of state departments and officials for the preceding fiscal biennium.

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Página 28 - Administration shall be subject to review, on appeal, by such administrator. "SEC. 3. All property the title of which now stands in the name of the Board of Managers of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers is hereby transferred to and the title thereof vested in the United States.
Página 158 - IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the great seal of the United States.
Página 28 - Wisconsin ; to rescue from" oblivion the memory of its early pioneers, to obtain and preserve narratives of their exploits, perils and hardy adventures ; to secure facts and statements relative to the history, genius, progress, or decay of our Indian tribes; to exhibit faithfully the antiquities, and the past and present resources of...
Página 158 - ... of the day's demonstration. Let the national flag float over every schoolhouse in the country and the exercises be such as shall impress upon our youth the patriotic duties of American citizenship.
Página 158 - The system of universal education is in our age the most prominent and salutary feature of the spirit of enlightenment, and it is peculiarly appropriate that the schools be made by the people the centre of the day's demonstration.
Página 48 - ... maternal lips and that weary and withered age may behold it and be solaced by the recollections which it suggests. We wish that labor may look up here and be proud in the midst of its toil.
Página 27 - That one-half of any sum or sums retained by State homes on account of pensions received from inmates shall be deducted from the aid herein provided for. That no...
Página 159 - World they were te work together with a mighty harmony. It was for Columbus, propelled by this fresh life, to reveal the land where these new forces were to be given space for development, and where the awaited trial of the new civilization was to be made.
Página 160 - As no prophet among our fathers on the three hundredth anniversary of America could have pictured what the new century would do, so no man can this day reach out and grasp the hundred years upon which the nation is now entering. On the victorious results of the completed centuries the principles of Americanism will build our fifth century. Its material progress is beyond our conception, but we may be sure that in the social relations of men with men the most triumphant gains are to be expected. America's...
Página 34 - ... in the sum of ten thousand dollars to be approved by the commission. § 17. Duties of division engineers. — Each division engineer shall devote his entire time to the performance of his duties.

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