Rudimentary Treatise on the Drainage of Towns and Buildings ...


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Página 121 - ... which passes over the top of the cap and forms a gradual slope down to the railing on each side of the pyramid. " The wire cables, which are the main support of the structure, are suspended next to the trunk, one on each side. Each of these two cables is exactly 7 inches in diameter, perfectly solid and compact, and constructed in one piece from shore to shore...
Página 4 - This is much more than it is necessary to add to an acre of land in order to obtain, with the assistance of the nitrogen absorbed from the atmosphere, the richest possible crop every year.
Página 140 - The available power in this case is found to decrease in proportion to the extent to which it is employed, and the loss by friction in the leather hose reduces the delivery, and, consequently, the height or force of the jet, 2^ per cent for every 40 lineal feet of hose through which the water passes.
Página 36 - ... the fertilizing fluid over the land in such manner and proportions as may be best adapted to the various kinds of field and garden cultivation.
Página 41 - Report of the Commissioners of Inquiry into the State of Large Towns and Populous Districts.] THOMAS HAWKSLEY, Esq., CE, Nottingham, examined.
Página 83 - ... consists of a series of brooms suspended from a light frame of wrought iron, hung behind a common cart, the body of which is placed near the ground for greater facility in loading. As the cart-wheels revolve, the brooms successively sweep the surface of the ground, and carry the soil up an incline or carrier-plate, at the top of which it falls into the body of the cart.
Página 145 - THE several operations carried on within a building devoted to manufacturing purposes should afford the data upon which to determine the extent of drainage required, but the most ready way of estimating the amount of refuse waters produced will be reached by assuming this to equal the supply of water rendered to the building. The application of the same rule to domestic buildings or dwellings admits of a more exact calculation as to the capacity of drains required, but these must all alike be governed...
Página 42 - ... commenced, in order to ascertain what velocity could be obtained in the sewers; and it appeared that deposit might be removed by the means of dams placed in certain situations to collect heads of water, at less expense, than by the usual method. Another series of experiments were made for the purpose of endeavouring to ascertain the proportion of decomposed animal and vegetable matter, and detritus from the roads, carried through the sewers to the river Thames by the common run of water. Several...

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