Sessional Papers, Volumen38,Parte1


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Página 6 - That it is expedient that the supply of water to the metropolis should be placed under the control of some public body, which shall represent the interests and command the confidence of the water consumers.
Página 1 - By one authority ; or (6) by several authorities : and if so, what should be such authority or authorities; to what extent physical severance of the works and other property and sources of supply of the several companies and the division thereof between different local authorities within the limits of supply...
Página 145 - Company," or some of them, are respectively incorporated under the authority of parliament, for the purpose of supplying several districts of the metropolis with gas; and the said companies, instead of supplying gas by several mains in the same district, have agreed, as far as possible, each one to confine its supply to a separate district, in order to economise capital and avoid the too frequent opening of the public streets...
Página 137 - ... divided into shares of such amount as will conveniently allow the same to be apportioned among the then shareholders in proportion to the existing shares held by them respectively ; and such new shares shall be offered to the then shareholders in the proportion aforesaid ; and such offer shall be made by letter under the hand of the secretary given to or sent by post, addressed to each shareholder according to his address in the shareholders' address book, or left at his usual or last place of...
Página 139 - Act, to raise the additional sum so authorized to be borrowed, or any part thereof, by creating new shares of the company, instead of borrowing the same, or, having borrowed the same, to continue at interest only a part of such additional sum, and to raise part thereof by creating new shares ; but no such augmentation of capital as aforesaid shall take place without the previous authority of a general meeting of the company.

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